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*inhale* still fresh it’s 3am here Heheh uh.. I hope their pose is not awkward. Tell me if it looks weird Blame wttm I never expect it’ll be a pair skate (and sensual) gdi Seeing my old wttm drawings make me sad but also happy. Can’t believe yuri is actually skate his exhibition with beka. Never have a thought about that Beka not even won a medal This mixed feelings..

fic editsThree French Hems (ao3) by @100percentsassy & @gloriaandrews ​ - M, 19k

In which Louis is a designer at Burberry and Harry spends December wearing Lanvin… and Lanvin… and Lanvin.

lots of people refer to chirrut and baze as the “space dads” of rogue one so it just seemed obvious to take that to the next step and make REBELLION DAYCARE. jyn is yelling because she didn’t want to go to stupid daycare she just wants her dad. cassian’s in a mood because he’s been coming to daycare for AGES and he didn’t cry ONCE, he thinks jyn is just fussing and being a baby. he also might have thrown kay-too at her and is now grumpy because chirrut took his favourite robot away. bodhi (who is possibly the cutest kid I have ever drawn in my whole life????) is v anxious about jyn’s yelling but its okay, when baze calms her down, and she and cassian apologise to each other, they’re all going to go to the beach and get ice cream (∪ ◡ ∪)

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  • i love the roses everywhere it feels so springy and wonderful
  • ransom and holster fighting makes me emotional
    • he s a coral r e e f remember your words dammit
      • idk what im doing either bud its ok
  • I kinda want to make… money?
    • same
      • soft same
        • me: hard same
  • lardo looks like a hacker that hasn’t digested anything other than leftover pizza and orange soda in days
    • help her
  • n e w m a n a g e r!!!
  • the trio. nursey dex and chowder… i love my sons
  • wow i love her 
    • dex throwing the papers in the back
    • will nurseys chill-ness ever not hurt him?
  • tag yourself im the girl that doesnt even go here!
    • I’m a fr-freshman….. free him :(
    • y e s maam
  • I want to hang out with my best friend in boston for another year
    • :’( im not crying you’re crying
    • bros bein bros
  • tearing up,,, bros
  • big and emotional is an alternative title of check please, to be honest
  • in conclusion: i love my children, someone help lardo, and can we please get the new manager to yell at me to get my life together?

When you’re playing a game and the dialogue options are just ‘be an asshole’ or ‘be a bigger asshole’

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/ i apologise in advance im gonna type this Properly some time when im not so tired. but there’s something about keith re: how he perceives others i just can’t stop thinking about it so i’m gonna drop it all here before sleeping:

The thing is, Keith likes to deal with two things predominantly: the present and the facts. He’s a creature of the now and the moment, he doesn’t linger in the past or indulge the future that much. focusing on the task at hand, or what’s going on is what counts. I could write an essay on keith + conditionals and the future itself but that’s another topic entirely. So anyway back to the topic here: eliminating the chances of there being a threat in a person is important, as we see him do with the Arusian (he could be dangerous) (im not taking any chances!). 

BUT here’s the thing. Keith doesn’t really actively make a judgement on people, he lets their actions do the talking to determine who they are. Like i said in my second lubos meta about keith + not judging Lubos because it’s not his place to but he kNOWS from the behaviour of Lubos enough to declare he’s NO KING and is resolved to bring him back to the Olkari so he can face his mistakes and they get the chance to make their own choices.

The thing is, several times in canon we see that once keith has evaluated the actions of a person/people, he doesn’t really think to re-question it UNLESS he’s presented with information that conflicts with it - like with the revelation of Ulaz and there being galra that aren’t working with zarkon. That makes Keith question are all Galra are truly bad? and he makes it abundantly clear that now he has seen Galra fighting against the Empire it changes things (It means something to me. It means some of them are actually willing to help. And we could use all the help we can get! It just seems crazy to lump everyone together.)

And ofc the weblum Galra affirms this: We’re Paladins of Voltron. We can’t just leave people to die even if they are Galra.

Keith is not really ever shown to JUDGE people based on his own personal feelings. Jumping back a moment, whilst admitting he is wary in S2E3 “Shiro, are you sure you can trust this? I mean, after all the Galra have done to you. They - They took your arm.” (we need to talk about Keith re: shiro bc that is important and it’s where inconsistencies can creep in for many reasons) and “You know I trust you, Shiro, but this doesn’t feel right.” 

- he’s not making judgements on Ulaz or bringing Ulaz himself directly into it. He’s assessing the situation objectively and expressing his concerns because from what they know and have seen the Galra have done nothing positive for the team or even the Universe. But he trusts Shiro. Once it’s clear they’re being tracked he accuses Ulaz “If Zarkon knows we’re here, it’s because you ratted us out.” because of Ulaz’s actions which have led him to believe that’s the truth in a pressing situation where people and Voltron are now in DANGER.

BUT. BUT once Ulaz’s actions prove he’s on their side and it’s clear, Keith seldom can keep quiet about it (Sorry we doubted Ulaz, Shiro. He saved all our lives). honestly he actively defends Ulaz’s name and his intentions to Allura when before he had been questioning Ulaz because he now has the facts at his disposal (Yeah! Maybe Zarkon found out about this place on his own. He’s probably been searching for the Blade of Marmora.)

And god is he passionate about making sure people understand that Ulaz sacrificed himself FOR THEM. i’ve written somewhere before about this point. The way he speaks about Ulaz and Thace really is something to touch upon for another time in depth. In fact, the meeting of Ulaz, Thace and the Mystery Galra is so interesting and important to understanding how Keith perceives people tbh.

he’s actually very open minded despite being so logical and keen to eliminate the risks. Like okay we’re gonna hop forwards to the galra in the weblum for a sec. Keith KNOWS what that symbol means it’s the symbol of the empire. So he takes a precaution to eliminate the risk. Once the galra helps him and their ACTIONS are clear, Keith lets them keep their weapon. they have a job to get on with and that’s the priority here. but the thing is he even goes as far to shield them from the blasts multiple times. 

and then - he even tURNS HIS BACK to the armed galra to collect the materials up??? i m just. KEITH.

It’s not trust exactly. And it’s not carelessness either because Keith has reasons to believe that he is able to do this. he has rationally decided this Galra is not the threat at the moment. “So you’re just like the rest of them” demonstrates that Keith gave them the benefit of the doubt, despite having the opportunity to just lump everyone togetherbased on how they had behaved and interacted with him - regardless of the symbol on the pod and the fact they’re Galra. 

Now their actions have proven to Keith something different. 

In general, he believes no matter who you were your actions determine who you are NOW and he’s made the choice based on the actions of that galra to believe that as they have a common enemy working together is going to be feasible. 

Even when he’s wary of the Arusian on Arus once allura tells him to back off he begrudgingly does because he does understand what it means to be a paladin, i’ve said this in a few metas before he really does think like a paladin of voltron and he is so devoted to this cause and to the mission and the greater good. it’s juST.

Anyway with the Arusians. they get to the village and he lets one of them hug him, he could just easily shake them off or make a scene, i mean he’s walking away from the scene at the time. He’s clearly uncomfortable and openly admits to not really being the kind of person to hug strangers. But he kind of pats the arusian anyway and lets them be, and even is seen talking to the same on at the party later???? And then his face when he sees the Arusian village being burnt down. He’s such a good honestly like. He REALLY IS.

but that whole scene in particular with the Galra in the weblum SHOWS exactly what I fear and is potentially a weakness of Keith - which is that actually Keith can be so incredibly open and in quite an alarming way  - which i don’t even think Keith himself is aware of. because he doesn't necessarily judge people he just leaves their actions to do the talking and then makes a decision on how to react. 

he is shown to make sure that people face the repercussions of their mistakes and bad choices because if you commit yourself to a choice you see it through no matter what or else that choice was nothing and your actions have spoken. 

furthermore, Keith is not afraid to call people up on things no matter who they are or their stature (lubos/allura). He’s also insistent that people get credit and respect when they’re due no matter who they are or their stature (ulaz/thace/hunk). 

TLDR: Because of all this, because of how he operates it is very possible keith can and could be betrayed.

Unpopular opinion: I don’t get Ford/Lardo?? Like as a graduating senior I wouldn’t date a freshman because my life is in a totally different place and our needs wouldn’t really intersect at all. I really really really want more Lardo mentoring Ford and helping her balance manager stuff and having a life of her own, but I DO NOT like them in a romantic or sexual relationship because it feels really wrong to me. I doubly hate Ford/Lardo/Shitty because that suddenly feels like an older couple being predatory towards someone who’s vulnerable. Part of this feeling is because I want to see where ngozi is going to take the story, but part of it is because I’ve seen what dating older people did to me and my friends. It makes me uncomfortable on such a deep level I can’t even articulate it.

  • Oscar: So, Ruby, do you come here often?
  • Professor Ozpin: (What are you doing?)
  • Oscar: (She's cute, I was going to ask her out.)
  • Professor Ozpin: (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!)
  • Ruby: Not really, this is my first time visiting Mistral. What about you?
  • Oscar: Shut up and stop yelling at me! You can't stop me from living my life!
  • Ruby: Huh?
  • Oscar: Oh! Err nothing! I haven't been here either, maybe we could go on a walk and explore the place a bit?
  • *Qrow suddenly grabs Oscar's bar stool and drags it to the far end of the room, furthest from Ruby, before glaring at him*
  • Qrow: You're gonna wanna do what Oz tells you, shrimpy, because while we're both around, you're not going anywhere alone with my niece, kapeesh?
  • Professor Ozpin: (I told you.)