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Be My Valentine

Part 3 to my Feysand fic and considering there was no feysand in the last one I hope you like this one. 

Note that this is my first time ever writing smut so comments and feedback are appreciated. Thank you!!

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“Elain, you don’t understand what Nesta has done,” I exclaimed at my older sister. I had been unsuccessfully trying to get in contact with her for days and she had finally contacted me back.

Damage Control. That is what I was doing, trying to rectify the problem that was Nesta. Trying to fix the fact that she may have ruined my life.

“Feyre. Listen to me!” my sister yelled at me over the phone. “I am not an idiot. I know what Nesta was doing and I know why she was doing it. But I’m my own person Feyre. I know exactly what I want and why I want it. I’m just like you and Nesta in that regard.”

I knew Elain could be strong if she wanted to be but in the last couple of years, she had never had an inclination to take the spotlight from me or Nesta in what we were doing. There was nothing wrong with that but I had always thought if Nesta didn’t become queen than Elain would finally, become who we knew she was.

“I know, I know that you are strong. And you have the ability to do anything but, this is not on me. I never wanted this. I have planned my life out and this was never a factor Elain. Please, you have to understand where I’m coming from because I like where I am now and I don’t want you to renounce your title just yet. Please, just talk to me before you do anything. And don’t listen to Nesta!” I was almost in tears but I couldn’t help myself. If Nesta had achieved her goal then I was to be shipped off to England, living a life that had never, once appealed to me.

“Feyre. Everything is going to be fine. I’m going to get married and our mother is going to live a long healthy life as the Queen of England. Nothing is going to change now. And even if it did, let me tell you something Feyre.”

Her voice was growing more and more as she spoke.

“I am no longer going to live the sedentary lifestyle that I have always taken part of. I refuse to sit back and watch everyone around me change the world. I refuse to let my sisters over shine who I am because we are equals. As soon as you and Nesta left, I learned what it was to help the people around me. To no longer want or need the staff that has coddled me for my entire life. I don’t feel the need to stay in your shadows because I feel that I can make a difference on my own. We traveled the world Feyre and yet I felt as though I’ve never left England. I’m going to change that. I want to see how the world is doing not from my television but by touching and smelling and feeling and interacting with the world I have stayed so far away from.” Her voice held more power like she had finally realized that one day, she could become queen and she was finally taking the steps to embrace the title with open arms.

“I am not renouncing my title like Nesta did. Mother has accepted Lucien and he passed all her trials so I will not be leaving my position out of love because I am tired of being selfish.” I knew she had just insulted Nesta, and me but I was glad Elain was finally developing a backbone.

“Wow…. I never knew you felt this way. I’m sorry, Elain if I had known…” I whispered because the gallery I was in suddenly went very quiet as the guest of honor was about to make his speech. I wasn’t sure what I would have done if I had known that Elain felt this way.

“Look, don’t worry Feyre. About anything. I’m your older sister and I want to do right by you so cast the thought of returning to this dreary country from your mind and focus on school and all the passions that life in America is giving you.” She said and I knew that over these last couple of months, something had changed. She was no longer speaking like a princess, instead, she was speaking like a queen.

“I have to go, I’m at a gallery and the artist is about to speak but I will talk to you later and please talk to Nesta and ask her to back off my case,” I replied to my sister as I said goodbye and hung up.

I had waited for this night for months. Before Rhys had told me he loved me he had bought me tickets to the opening of Giovanna Olmo’s new gallery. I had briefly spoken to Elain and I wanted our conversation to continue but I knew that I couldn’t miss her speech.

I was looking around for Rhys as the artist walked onto the stage and I was getting slightly worried he wouldn’t be able to listen to this wonderful creator speak about the subject I held so close to my heart. I finally spotted Rhys approaching me from the left side of the room holding two champagne flutes.

I smiled at him as he approached and again I was shocked at how well he dressed up. When I first met him, only occasionally did he wear dress shirts, it was usually black t-shirts and pants but now. In a black and blue tux, he looked very, very sexy.

He handed me the glass and I took it gratefully as I smiled at him. Giovanna Olmo started talking and so I didn’t miss anything she said, I quickly kissed Rhys on the cheek and looked towards the front of the gallery.

This was absolute bliss. Every word, syllable, letter was carefully chosen to suit the medium of work she was explaining. It was incredibly inspirational listening to her speech but once she stopped speaking, I was glad for the time to stroll through the artwork, admiring not only the painting but the man standing by my side.

“You look absolutely delicious today Feyre darling,” he whispered in my ear making me blush as I turned to him and gave him a wink. I reached out and fixed his bow tie as I said. “You don’t look too bad yourself darling.”

He leaned down and kissed my bare shoulder as I tilted my neck allowing him more access. I knew we couldn’t be seen like this. If anyone here knew who I was, that would definitely be a public relations nightmare. As I thought this I pushed Rhys away and took his hand guiding him to the bar that was to the far left of the room.

“Are you enjoying yourself?” he asked and I couldn’t believe it. That he didn’t know how much this night had meant to me.

“You have no idea,” I replied as I finished off my drink. “I spoke to Elain and she said that I didn’t have to worry. That she wanted it and that Nesta didn’t change her mind.” It was a relief to know that the next few weeks or months or maybe even years, my time with Rhys was not going to be interrupted.

Rhys beamed at me as I said this he leaned down to give me a brief kiss on my forehead as he said, “So what does this mean.’

I smirked at him for being so innocent. What did this mean? It meant everything. It meant that Rhys and I were young, together and there was nothing stopping us from doing whatever we wanted.

I softly took his chin in my hand and spoke firmly, “It means, Rhysand darling, that we have all the time to do whatever we want, wherever we want. This is good for us. Really good. I d-don’t think that we really have anything to worry about when it comes to my family.” I was so sure that Elain would stick to what she said. That Rhys and I were home free. After all these months. Months and months of banter and flirting and many many signs, we were finally together and it felt as euphoric as I thought it would.

Rhys leaned it again and this time I met him with my lips as we kissed. My hands went to cup his face and thread in his hair as I pulled him closer. Even wearing heels, he was still taller than me but in moments like these, I didn’t mind one bit. His hands were on my hips slowing moving lower tracing the outline of my dress causing goosebumps to rise on my skin.  

He broke the kiss which startled me but then he asked. “Do you want to know what I want?” All the noise and lights drained away as I looked into his startling eyes.

“What?” I replied lost in my own bliss to pay attention to anything but his voice.  

His hand ran along the zipper of my dress and I shivered as his hands went lower and lower. He bent down so his lips were almost touching my ears. His breath warming my frozen body.

“I want this off,” as he traced the outline of my body. He tugged at my hair which I had done up meticulously with bobby pins. “I want this down.” His breath was thawing my body as I felt the heat travel to my core.

He pressed my body into the bench so his body was flush against mine. I was gripping the bench for support because I knew if he stepped away I would collapse. What was this man doing to me? I was in so deep.

“I want you screaming my name so that this whole gallery knows who the true queen is.” Funny this. As soon as my conversation with Nesta that Rhys had unfortunately witnessed, he had started referring to me as a queen instead of a princess. I had insisted he stop but unfortunately, he continued, to my regret.

Casting this thought from my mind I grabbed Rhys hands and placed them on his chest and said. “Let’s go.”

I knew Feyre wanted the same things as me at the gallery and I’m glad she dragged me away as I thought I may have just taken her there against the bar not caring who saw. She truly did look ravishing in that dress but I honestly did prefer what was under it.

She unlocked the door to her house and removed her heels and her coat as I did the same. She turned to look at me with a huge smile on her beautiful mouth and I couldn’t have stopped myself if I had wanted to. I took the two steps toward her and cupped her face in my hands and kissed her.

It obliterated me. Every time she came near me. Every time she touched me or looked at me I felt as though my heart would beat right out of my chest. And every damn time I kissed her, it was like I had never done anything before. Like I was discovering air or water, or any essential thing that I needed to live.

Cause that is what she was to me. She was essential to me if I wanted to live.

She slid her fingers into my hair and I groaned against her as she was tugging my head back. She looked at me with her swollen lips and took my hand to guide me up to her bedroom.

Once we were there, Feyre locked the bedroom door and walked towards me and brought my head down to hers. This was different. Almost as if Feyre knew exactly how I felt. That I was just as essential to her as she was to me. I reached for the zipper on the back of the dress and dragged it down. I finally was able to pull at her dress until it slipped up and what I saw shocked me to my core.

Black and blue lace. Everywhere. I instantly hardened as I thought about those legs wrapped around my body. She was wearing a garter belt and I couldn’t believe my eyes. I didn’t know where to start. Where to worship first because I knew that tonight, this beautiful selfless queen in front of me would be worshiped.

She started to take off my shirt, being careful of the buttons as she removed it. She then was about to get on her knees when I grabbed her forearm and pushed her lightly onto the bed behind her.

“Rhys,” she moaned as I dragged my teeth up from her toes to the bottom of her scandalous outfit.

“I want this off,” I spoke into her skin.

“Then take it off,” she remarked and after a few tries, I finally found the buckles keeping the material into place.

“I am going to take my time with you Feyre dear,” I whispered into her ear as I started to kiss down her body. I took her breast in my mouth swirling my mouth around her nipple savoring the sound of my name on her lips. I continued down her body until I hit the bundle of nerves between her legs and inserted two fingers and I was shocked to find her so wet for me. As I continued to pump my fingers in and out of her, I added my tongue stroking her as she gripped my hair and gasped my name as if I was the only tether left for her.

I could feel her climax approaching as she tensed around my finger and when she finally did, I brought the finger to my mouth and sucked on her glorious juices. Feyre smiled at this and whispered, “Come here.“

Feyre looked flushed but she was hurried to get my pants off. I got off the bed and stared at her savoring the look of pure bliss that was on her beautiful face. I knew what was coming next as I took off my pants and my member sprang out.

“Please, Rhys,” she moaned as I stood there watching her. I finally moved on top of her and nudged my way into her entrance. Once I was in partway, I slammed into her and I could hear her gasp at the intrusion but she was soon begging me to go faster. And I obliged her as I went faster, thrusting into her as fast as I could.

I brought my head down to her breast and sucked until I could feel my own climax approaching. I would hold out for her, though. For this wonderful, breathtakingly intelligent creative woman who had let me into her life without a thought of the consequences of being with me.

She completely undid me as she whispered “I love you,” into my ear and we both climaxed at the same time.

“I love you too,” I said as I placed a kiss on her forehead. I pulled out of her and fell to the side staring into the blue-gray eyes of the woman of my dreams.

“Is that what you wanted?” she asked as I wrapped her in my arms for the night. I chuckled at this. She had the capacity to give me more than anything I could have ever dreamed and she had no idea.

“You gave me more than what I wanted,” I said as I winked at her.

its so funny and weird to me how like my whole life my mum has been like i know what you’re up to im always watching.. my dad: i follow u w my car everywhere u go i know everything…. My parents now: yell at me for wasting my life but essentially don’t care what i do…. Duality of man?

I have to hand it to Holland. She is so strong. I mean, the fact that she can withstand 6 years of filming 95 percent of her scenes with Dylan without leaving the studio emotionally wrecked is a major accomplishment to me. That’s 6 years of Dylan staring into her soul with nothing but love and affection on his face. 6 years of having Dylan come to her character’s rescue. They’ve kissed- more than once. He’s said he loves her in the most achingly beautiful way. Even their hugs radiate intimate affection. I can’t even handle Dylan and his acting from my TV screen in my room thousands of miles away from anything even remotely Dylan O'brien or Teen Wolf related. Holland is my queen.

Title: Paradoxical 

Fandom: Bleach 

Pairings: Ichiruki

Rating: Teen

Warnings: None

Summary: Across spacetime, across multiple universes, against all odds and scientific theorems, their bond is– 

The small astrophysics major curls into her classic lit major boyfriend’s side. His cardigan is kind of scratchy, but he is warm and the night is cold. He doesn’t acknowledge her presence, but shifts his position so that he can continue reading his copy of King Lear over her head. The astrophysics major lets out a content sigh.

“Did you know, Ichigo, we learned about parallel universes today.”

Ichigo doesn’t bat an eyelid. “Did you.”

“Mmhm. Made me think, there are theoretical universes out there where we didn’t get together. Doesn’t that feel weird?”

Ichigo half-sighs, half-laughs and puts his book down. “Were you going somewhere with this, Rukia?”

“Well, it’s kind of sad, isn’t it? I mean, we’re together in this universe, but the scientific fact is that, in some other universe, we’re not together—”

He shuts her up with a kiss to her head. “Have you been worrying about this all day? Awwww. That’s uncharacteristically sweet of you—”

“Don’t think I miss that sarcasm there, mister, and uncharacteristically? I’ll have you know I’m the darling of the astrophysics department—”

“Rukia.” Ichigo pulls her onto his lap, Shakespeare momentarily forgotten. “You know, science can logic out theorems for days on end about how parallel universes are a thing, and therefore theoretically every single possibility out there must exist somewhere, but I like to believe that some bonds are unbreakable across spacetime. Science can’t account for everything in our lives, you know.”

Rukia does not answer him immediately. “You’re saying you think our bond is one of those things.”

He smirks. “Your literary analysis skills never fail to astound me.”

She laughs and whacks him with a pillow. “Shut up, you unscientific, sentimental, sappy literature major.”

“Hey, you agreed to date this unscientific, sentimental, sappy literature major. What’re you going to call that?”

The smile that curls her lips then is soft, much softer than the challenging one she usually wears for him. “I’d call that unbreakable.”

Ichigo returns her smile in kind. “Yeah, me too.”

In a different universe, they’re saying goodbye with tears in their eyes, black shihakushous fluttering in the wind, and all that’s left between them are the broken shards of something that once seemed unbreakable.

  • DID in media: alters kidnapping people, alters murdering people, alters changing clothes and being dramatic, alters keeping secret weapons, alters having secret jobs
  • DID in my shitpost of a life: alter yells at dad, alter dumps half a carton of cream in my normally black coffee, alter has no idea how to work air conditioning, alter walks away in the middle of conversation because they weren't aware they were being spoken to, one alter ordering a sandwich and another alter taking half the toppings off in disgust, alter gets lost in own house

My mom just liked this link on Facebook 

and has yelled at me my entire life for doing all three of these things so I just want to be like DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME NOW MOM



So I met Daveed Diggs today. I awkwardly said hi and he said hi back but he was setting up and carrying things into the venue and I thought it’d be rude to ask for a photo so instead, I walked around the block three times because i was freaking out. Nonetheless, Clipping was amazing as always, I’ve never yelled song lyrics so loudly in my life, and I left smelling like sweat and just a little hint weed. Photo cred for the top right photo: @alyssadeloyola on Instagram

Y'all I’m telling you Magnus is so extra especially when it comes to Alec like he’ll literally run into the Institute and yell dramatically, “WHERE IS ALEXANDER? WHERE IS THE LOVE OF MY LIFE?” and Jace and Isabelle are alarmed and worried based on Magnus’ tone and run to him and Magnus takes Jace and Isabelle by the hands and says, “Isabelle and Jace, my good and wonderful friends, wherefore art thou brother? I request his presence immediately.” And Alec suddenly appears and Magnus’ eyes light up and he smiles and pushes past Jace and Isabelle theatrically and plants his feet firmly and calls out, “MY LOVE!” And before Alec can even utter “Hi” Magnus sprints towards him and does one of those slides on the floor until he’s at Alec’s feet, his arms out towards Alec, who is blushing. Magnus seizes Alec’s hands and proclaims, “Alexander, the love of my life, the most perfect man on this Earth, the most beautiful star in the universe, Adonis, my heaven, my angel, my happiness, my existence….” and everyone literally is excitedly expecting Magnus to propose or ask Alec to run away with him or something incredibly romantic after this wonderful and beautiful presentation but Magnus just lets go of Alec’s hands, snaps his fingers, and offers him a coffee cup while still on his knees. “Here is the latte you requested, darling.” And stands up and pecks a shocked, flushed, and laughing Alec on the lips, wrapping an arm around his waist and walking away with him (leaving Isabelle and Jace standing there, gawking) as if he hadn’t just made the most dramatic entrance of all time.