today was a good day
  • hung out with my blockmates after lunch
  • dared realandmakebelieve to switch lollipops with me after we had already started on ours. She did. =))
  • yellowisnotaflavor shared her knowledge on sexual innuendos. Will never look at a lollipop the same way again.
  • Afterward, had an adventure in Katipunan with blockmates! :D
  • Ate at McDo
  • A bunch of Ateneans were there, they rented out the party room and had a “kiddie” party there
  • fangirled over Grimace <3
  • discussed the Anthropology of all the Mcdo mascots
  • took a picture with Grimace…and Birdie

  • went to National Bookstore after
  • FINALLY BOUGHT ‘This Is Not What it Looks Like’ by Pseudonymous Bosch!!!!!!
  • cousin drove me home