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- Brienne, A Feast For Crows

sk37chyz  asked:

I've been seeing your art around a lot and I have a question: why does Ornstein have scales on the back of his head? I'm curious about that little detail. Also, I love all your ink, it looks amazing.

well i have my own crappy soul meta hc-s which includes transforming slightly or picking up features from the owners of great souls you consume if you’re human so ornstein who kills a lot of dragons gets dragonlike features. he also has yellow reptile eyes and extendable claws for nails. this is half based on him picking up smough things if you kill smough first. also thank you i’m glad you like it B^)

Remember that one stray thought in the gemtaur au

  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: Heather Duke has a jeep, why did Macnamara have to ride the bus? Sure Duke was an ass, but did she really make her friend ride the bus? Unless she didn't have her license, but in that case, did she also ride the bus? I mean I don't think that would fly with her, right? She would bitch at her parents to give her some other way. But would she really still make her so called friend still ride the bus? Why does Macnamara not ask for a ride? Is she afraid of Duke? I mean it would make sense if she was because Duke has the ability to ruin her like Chandler used to be able to, but why is Duke more popular than Macnamara, is it because she's bitchier? Maybe it's because she's meaner in general? Or she's just louder? Either way, Macnamara was the more liked of the surviving Heathers, so wouldn't she "inherit" the throne? Or maybe Duke was the only one who wanted it. But in all of Duke's popularity did she really have to make her friend ride the bus? Would no one else give Macnamara a ride?

💛 I love that Rin, who felt so unsure of herself as a school idol, ended up inspiring Hanamaru to become one!  Girls inspiring girls is one of my favorite aspects of Love Live!! 💛


Happy Pride Month!
Bisexual/Pansexual flag colored waffles!