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So, if White Diamond was the corrupted gem found in the pyramid according to you, then why is her absence not reflected in the current Homeworld logo?

So this is I think the main question I come back to, both for this and Blue Fusion theory- why continue to represent Blue and White?

I mean, the thing is, Yellow has a vested interest in misrepresenting the Diamonds if she can. The Diamonds are the governing body of Homeworld. There’s a lot of focus and loyalty on the individual Diamonds themselves- pretty much every Gem we’ve seen thinks their Diamond is the Absolute Best, and respects the others, but doesn’t have quite that same driving loyalty to the others.

Presenting the Diamonds as powerful and eternal, and also present and able to help you, is a smart move to preserve faith in the system. Which is important, because Homeworld is in some very desperate straits. It would basically be kind of a thematic callback to Political Power- Dewey was scared and didn’t know what to do, but he’s good at faking “everything is fine! It’ll all be good, I’m your mayor, you trust me when I say reassuring things!” except in YD’s case it’s “of course the other Diamonds are right here” rather than “of course the power will be back on by tonight”

(it also has a different thematic analogue in Steven’s response in Steven The Swordfighter to Pearl being unexpectedly gone for a long period of time- he tried, ineffectively, to replace her with someone else that looked like her)

But this raises the question, of course, of why Blue and White, but not Pink, and that I don’t think we have an answer for. Is it that Pink’s death was publicized far and wide while somehow Blue and White’s respective final moments were not, or is it that Pink’s death was so… dramatic and finite? Because if I’m correct about my theories of what happened to them, then Blue Diamond simply disappeared- no shards, no confirmed death, and if she did have a double covering up her movements, then it would suggest that not even that disappearance was noted by anyone “out of the know”, so that would be really easy to maintain her.

With White, there’s a bigger question, because White sure made an exit. The pyramid was a major, formal sending off. Which makes me wonder if Yellow might have staged a phony “rescue mission” when as far as she knows, White is never coming back.

Yellow’s trying to get everyone- including herself- to stop grieving. The grief over losing Pink is unbearable enough- if Homeworld was mourning two Diamonds I think she’d absolutely have the motivation to do something like that- just because she’s desperate to make people move on somehow. People like Eyeball who personally watched Pink Diamond be murdered wouldn’t believe she was back- there’d be no way to convince them- but if there’s enough wiggle room of “well, we never did find the gem” she might be able to fake it there.

So as a result, going by the Steven The Swordfighter analogue, Yellow’s current stress is that her replacements are convincing… but they’re not the original people. They have different personalities. The Blue we see in The Answer is incredibly sure of herself, proud and reserved in a way that doesn’t take well to being questioned. The Blue that appears in Bomb 5 does not have that sense of certainty- doesn’t even use quite the same turns of phrase as the Blue in The Answer. Bomb 5 Blue has a more hesitant manner of speaking, even when stating something with certainty - “you know, I really shouldn’t be here”, “But you don’t deserve that, do you?” compared to “This is not what you predicted, Sapphire.”

So basically there’s nothing really wrong with the new Blue except that YD is trying to make her fill the role of a very different person, and it creates frustration that drags YD back to facing her own grief.

That said, this is all basically hypothesis at this point rooted in mostly thematic assumptions- the problem is, harder evidence is something I’ll have to wait on until we see more of Homeworld, and more of the Diamonds- and, I suppose, until we can prove it wasn’t just a fluke that Bomb 5 Blue Diamond didn’t recognize our Ruby and Sapphire. 

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Oh god mary and sam alone having that 'he has yellow eyes' moment and then mary and sam together fighting and defeating a yellow eyed demon I was screaming. That first moment though when dean had rushed off to see cas and Mary had to tell sam about the eyes and their FACES it was just so delicate and fragile but ENORMOUS at the same time and one of my favorite moments from the ep hands down

SAME. In case there’s not enough screeching about that on my blog today as I finally sort through my asks (honestly some of which came after 12x13 - are we all just fixated on 12x12 still? :P)

I am so here for all this Sam and Mary vs Yellow Eyes stuff though… It’s going riiight back to all the unresolved stuff from season 1… Oh god, do you think Sam would ever be able to talk to Mary and bring up her apology as a ghost in 1x09?

This is such a brilliant storyline and I’m eating up all these details and screaming about them :D 

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Yellow is so pretty and makes me happy and i absolutely adore your blog color theme and also how your dan wears the yellow jumper!

!!!! yeah yellow has been a favorite of mine for a long time and i like to draw dan in it as it’s a happy color and looks really nice on him. :)

Downtown chillin’

Fave trio tbh.



I am honestly living for interactions between dodie and Phil 💛


everyone in harry potter is a poc: hannah abbot (x)

A pink faced girl with a white headscarf stumbled out of the line, put on the hat, which fell right down over her eyes, and sat down. ‘HUFFLEPUFF!’ shouted the hat. The table on the right cheered and clapped as Hannah went to sit down at the Hufflepuff table; the ghost of the Fat Friar waving merrily at her.

so um,.., Steven Universe thought

So the Pearl’s?  Their Gems kinda match right? 

Like, same placement on their chest and *cough* 

pretty much being symmetrical *cough*

and like cause the pearl’s skin tone and gem placement matches that of their diamonds

so then their’s Pearl

Beauty.  And with white skin and gem.  and oh, where is it that her gem is?  On her forehead. white. on her forehead. like where white diamond’s is. huh.

just saying.  I love Pearl and I wan tot know her past and this shit seems pretty probable.  

Okay, so hear me out here..

Yellow Diamond’s song, “What’s the Use in Feeling Blue” was all about the loss of Pink Diamond, who both she and Blue Diamond admit to have loved. Her song, unless she was singing it to herself or has sung it before, was completely impromptu and based on her own feelings, much like how most of the CGs sing.

Meanwhile, she orders Yellow Pearl and Blue Pearl to sing with her, and they do so without a moment of hesitation, knowing every word by heart. Perhaps Yellow Pearl would have heard, if Yellow Diamond sung it to herself, but Blue Pearl would not have.

So how do they know what to sing? How do they know what Yellow Diamond would be thinking? In the place of Pink Diamond, who could they possibly miss just as much?

Why not our very own Renegade Pearl?

During the episode Steven’s Dream, Pearl mentions a time when she was ‘under’ a Diamond, but cuts herself off. She never does like to mention that part of her past- The past before Rose.

We don’t have to look closely for the first piece of evidence- The position of her gem. Both Yellow Pearl and Blue Pearl share the gem position of their Diamonds, leading many to assume that Pearl once belonged to White Diamond, who we have yet to see on screen.

If that is the case, surely Pearl would know BP and YP to some extent. After all, the two seem very familiar with each other in “That Will Be All.”

The hopeful glance and smile.

The unfaltering trust.

Now we can look back to the two other points where other Pearls have been brought up to our Pearl. In “Message Received,” she recognizes the Diamond communicator immediately. She knows what it is for, and she knows who will be there to receive it initially. Like the other Crystal Gems, when it starts up, she hides from view. Even though she clearly knows that Yellow Diamond will not be the first to pick up, she still hides, because she knows who will.

Now we can look back to Steven’s Dream, when Garnet and Steven argue. Garnet outright says that Steven is making Pearl very upset, but why? Why, of all the CGs, does the presence of Blue Diamond distress Pearl the most?

Perhaps it isn’t Blue Diamond that distresses her- Perhaps instead, it’s the one who follows her without question. The thought of whom would definitely upset Pearl if they had known each other before. After all, as far back as “Space Race,” Pearl has been yearning to see what “has been going on without her.”

As a Pearl, how would she know, if not for the other two Pearls who are still out there? The two Pearls who, if she had truly belonged to White Diamond, she would have definitely known?

Blue Pearl and Yellow Pearl know exactly what lyrics to sing with Yellow Diamond, because they feel it, too. As Pearls, they are slaves, meant only to quietly serve. After their dear friend disappeared, they held out hope for some time, as shown by Blue Pearl’s reaction to Sapphire announcing the end of the rebellion, but it has been thousands of years since then. Thousands of years in which they have had to remain stoic around their masters, the Diamonds, or risk being shattered.

To them, Pearl is gone forever, and her shards will be scattered across space by the Cluster. To them, there is no hope, so what’s the point of feeling?