Part 2 of my favorite tumblr blogs!

askgiegueandcrew (I don’t actually keep up with anything on this blog as well as I should, but still, cool/cute art and stuff!)

catwithahoodie (alternate version here)

ouroporos (I didn’t know what colors to use, so I just made it black and white.)


ya-ssui (Zipper is super cool!)

yellowfur (I was going to draw the pokesona, but I couldn’t get the hair right for the life of me, so I just went with the standard bird. :x)

Yellowfur broke me with how cute her Fauxi critters were… When I saw she allowed us to make our own I completely blocked out that my hand/thumb was crippled today and drew regardless.

I COULDN’T RESIST, my hand hurts a lot now, but so worth it! This is my little cheery Fauxi, Amber! She’s so cute I might die. <3