Music tag- 10 songs

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rules: put your music on shuffle (no skipping) and with every song you have to write your favorite lyrics from each one then tag 10 people to do the same!

1. Amaryllis- Shinedown
“All the uninvited tragedies step outside”
2. Duality- Set It Off
“I am good, I am evil, I am silence, I am chaos, I am human, and that’s all I ever wanted to be”
3. Open Water- blessthefall
“Should have known better, but you see through all the lies and then prove I’m not like all of them… If you love is just a dream don’t wake me up, it’s hard enough to face the world alone”
4. Grade 8- Ed Sheeran
“Your body is my ballpoint pen, and your mind is my new best friend, your eyes are the mirror to take me to the edge again”
5. From The Start- Late Nite Reading
“This could be just for tonight, it could be nothing at all, and we could have been falling in love, but I guess the nights still young”
6. Sick- Evanescence
“Embrace the silence, because there’s nothing that can change the way I feel”
7. Remembering Sunday- All Time Low
“Forgive me I’m trying to find my calling in calling at night”
8. I Don’t Care If You’re Contagious- Pierce The Veil
“Would somebody make me go blind for the rest of my life because I’d to anything to hold your hand”
9. Where Did The Party Go- Fall Out Boy
“I don’t believe a word you say but I can’t stop listening”
10. Breathe No More- Evanescence
“All the little pieces falling, shatter/ shards of me to sharp to put back together”

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Day 2: 8 hour layover in Madrid

We came to yellowest airport in existence. It exists in Madrid. That was one the finest trans- Atlantic Flights. Dinner, Pillow, Blankets, multiple inflight movies to pick from, and breakfast. Also, we decided that the Kingsmen was a really bad movie. It’s beautiful in Madrid. We are going to take a tourist train to central city and have lunch. Hoping I can see a beautiful mosque or two.

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Clothes: erratic / delice lingerie – bra / white (maitreya) – Collabor88
Skin: 14. HUD Genesis  Lab IVANKA Skin Cream
Hair: +Spellbound+ Sirena // Chapter I : Earth – Enchantment
Makeup: Genesis Makeup HudSunny 2.0 GROUP GIFT
Body : Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.4
Head: Genesis Head Emily 2.0 Wonder
Eyes: IKON  Vanity Eyes – Starfall
Necklace: =Zenith=vintage pearl necklace with key – Shiny Shabby
Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement
Accessories: [ keke ] star cluster – Collabor88
Acessories: [Black Bantam] Baby Dabbit Hybrid – Yellowest Sun RARE – The Fantasy Gacha
Decor: =Zenith=Vintage frame with dress (Milk) – Shiny Shabby
Decor: floorplan. hanging light / gold – Collabor88

I hope you enjoy my post.
XOXO, Zivaah

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Frogs? and magic kisses (Post-271394)

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Happy Birthday to the most bestest, craziest, chinkiest, loudest, funniest, noodle-headset, supportivest, bubblest,brightest, lovingest, energeticest, kindest, amazingest, snoringest, shortest, smartest, hungriest, intellegentsest,hard-workingest, sassiest, yellowest, coolest, poopingest big sister a guy could ask for! Happy Birthday @sweet_luvely! #23adjectivesforyour23rdbirthday!

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Top 10 Amazing & Unusual Coloured Beaches

Top 10 Amazing & Unusual Coloured Beaches

Have you ever been to a beach and thought it had a nice golden yellow colour to it? Well, you might want to think about spreading your travel wings a little more and visiting, and walking on these ten much more unusual coloured beaches…

Top 10 Amazing & Unusual Coloured Beaches


Yellow Coloured Beach

10 – Yellow

It might look like something from photoshop, but this is Papohaki, Hawaii and it has the yellowest sands you will ever see in your life. Now that is what I call picture perfect.

Grey Coloured Beach

9 – Grey

While the colour grey is not one of my first “must see” beach colours it is nether the less very unusual. Located on the Caribbean island Montserrat its a mix of pure white and black volcanic rock.

Orange Coloured Beach

8 –Orange

While it could be said that a lot of beaches have an orange sort of colour this one located in Porto Ferro, Sardinia is definitely right up there on the orange colour chart.

Brown Coloured Beach

7 – Brown

Located in Pacifica, California it might not have that beautiful colour people were hoping for, but it is said to be called the Chocolate beach by a lot of people. Yummy!

Purple Coloured Beach

6 – Purple

Located in California, USA it gets its purple colour from manganese garnet deposits which are constantly falling down from the eroding hillsides.

White Coloured Beach

5 – White

Located in New South Wales, Australia it holds a Guinness Record for having the whitest sand in the world! In fact, in the summer it is as pure white as snow! Just avoid the yellow sand.

Red Coloured Beach

4 – Red

Located in the Rabida, Galapagos it is red because the sand is made from iron-rich lava. It also has a saltwater lagoon inhabited by flamingos and a bachelor sea lion colony.

Pink Coloured Beach

3 – Pink

Located in Harbour Island, Bahamas is this 3-mile beach full of pretty pink sand! The colour is formed by loose chunks of coral broken down in the ocean and then being washed ashore.

Green Coloured Beach

2 – Green

Located in Kourou, French Guiana this is the world’s only green sand beach and is mostly made from a mineral called olivine, which is formed by lava as it cools when it hits the cold sea.

Black Coloured Beach

1 – Black

Located in Cahuita, Costa Rica it is one of only 2 pure blue water, with black sand beaches in the world. Needless to say it is mostly made up from volcanic rock.

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TATTOO .Identity. Body Shop – First Code [White] @ The Showroom (By Melissa Hindrabar) OUTFIT *MUKA* Athena @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival (TY! Muka Release) *MUKA* Athena – White RARE – Laurel *MUKA* Athena – White RARE – Necklace *MUKA* Athena – White RARE – Dress *MUKA* Athena – White RARE – Bracers EXTRAS [Black Bantam] @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival (By Stasey Oller) [Black Bantam] Baby Dabbit Hybrid – Yellowest Sun RARE

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New @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival (Post-267294)

“New @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival (Post-267294)” @ “[O.L.D.] Old London Docks - Best Second Life Fashion and Lifestyle Blog Feeds!”