Magickal Uses for Galangal

Planetary Association: Mars
Gender: Masculine

Magickal uses of Galangal Root include winning in court, doubling money, and hex breaking. Burn as incense to remove evil spells. Carry for protection, to improve psychic abilities and to bring good health.

Worn or carried, it protects and draws good luck. Place it in a leather mojo bag with silver, to draw money.

Powdered galangal is burned to break spells and curses. It is also carried or sprinkled around the home to promote lust. Worn as a talisman, galangal aids psychic development and guards the wearer’s health.

Galangal has come to be known as Low John in Hoodoo practices, where it is often carried in a mojo bag or otherwise used in spiritual ritual and spells to find aid in winning court cases, increasing your wealth, and protection from curses. Less commonly, it can also be found used in spells seeking to increase psychic potency or those rituals and spells involving sexual magic.

Galangal nurtures the fire within. It burns away the wishy-washy thoughts of every day affairs and is thus an excellent concentration aid that will help the practitioner to focus his or her intentions. It promotes clarity of vision and helps focusing visualizations.

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