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Who are your favorite blogs, I see you were waiting for this lol 😂


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The last batch of Maxixe Beryl’s fusions, @gem-flow’s Crystal Trio!!!

•Up first is Maxixe and Aquamarine’s fusion: Hemimorphite. She’s a true giant powerhouse, and likes to play rough, and the only thing scarier than seeing her run towards you, is seeing her fly towards you. She could even give Malachite a run for her money. Voice Actress: Victoria Justice

• Next is Chrome Diopside, which is Maxixe and Topaz. She gets along pretty well when she’s not totally distracted. In fact, this Topaz is one of the only “Off-Color” gems Maxixe gets along with. Voice Actress: Selena

•Last but not least is Spinel, which is made up of a commanding Maxixe and a lawyerly Zircon. Since Zircon follows most of the rules, Maxixe likes her the most, even if she did technically leave Homeworld. Even though she’s small, she can keep even monster gems like Sugilite in line. Voice Actress: Zoey Saldana

Working with Fire

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Working with fire is invigorating. It reminds us that what can live can also be destroyed. A sign of rebirth and power. There is much caution when dealing with fire, if not used properly it can harm you and your environment. I want to make make this note at the very beginning (instead of saying after every bulletin I say) everything that will be said about fire you must use with caution. It is so important that you always have a fireproof bowl or cauldron, that you are in a well ventilated room, and that you don’t leave the fire going when you aren’t present in your home. With that said, enjoy dearies! 

Here are some ways to connect closely to fire: 

  • Make an altar, preferably facing South, and fill it with things related to fire. Dragons, candles, colors of orange/red/yellow, wands, etc. 
  • Make a sigil that means “I connect to flames that fire my soul.” or something along the lines. (Again, I am not a sigil maker but something I would like to include for others who are) Wear the sigil on you as work with your fire altar. 
  • Light candles, preferably red or orange, and watch the flame. Be one with it.  
  • In a fireproof bowl or cauldron place herbs that are related to fire within and set in on fire with matches or a lighter. Let the power of the herbs bring you to the fire realm. 
  • Work with dragons. As with any spirit, be careful. Do your research. A few ways that I have connected with dragons are: 
    • Be confident. I feel that dragons come to those who know who they are and willing to accept all light and darkness of their souls. 
    • Be caring. I feel that dragons just want to be loved but people only see them for their size and that scares most. If you accept them and be open, they will accept you. 
  • Go to an isolated place, a place where you are allowed to have a little bonfire, like your backyard (or when you are home alone go to your fireplace or use your fireproof bowl or cauldron) make a fire and just stare into the flames. Really feel one with everything you see. The wood burning, the flames dancing, the embers lighting the way. NOTE: If you are making a bonfire outside, be mindful. Do not go to places where you are trespassing and will get in trouble. Make sure you know how to contain a fire and know how to put it out. If you don’t know how, then don’t make a bonfire. If you want others to join you, then do so. (Honestly, they don’t need to know if you are a closet with, to others it would be a fun bonfire party) Please don’t be stupid, using and making fires is a privilege not a right, again, if you don’t know what you are doing then don’t make a fire. Safety comes first.
  • You can dance around the fire (if you are having a bonfire) or in front (if you are using a fireproof bowl or cauldron or fireplace). Be very careful. Make sure you are at a safe distance where you won’t knock anything over or burn yourself. 
  • Keep a lighter or match handy on you. If you like to look at flames but can’t make one, then this is an easy way to do so. NOTE: Be careful, be smart. 
  • Work with Salamanders, elementals that represent the fire kingdom. NOTE: With any spirit, be mindful. Do your research. Here are a couple ways I have worked with Salamanders. 
    • Be respectful. They have an ego and much can cause them to have a temper. Watch what you say, think before you speak. 
    • Give them an offering. Matches, volcano ash (if you are lucky enough to find any whether in a shop or else where), fire related crystals, etc. 
    • Mind your manners. They aren’t as pretty and beautiful like other spirit like elementals, so don’t be rude and be accepting. Give them a chance. 
    • Dance for them. I feel that they like entertainment, and if you dance like the flames of the fire then they might just dance with you.  



I was tagged by @nipuni  to do a palette meme for Pahpi (sorry I take forever to do anything!!). The goal is to post gifs with colours you associate with your character.

I associate Pahpi to yellow, red, blue, and purple

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so basically these exactly.

thank you so much for including me nipuni! I really appreciate it!!
and of course, I’m too shy to tag anyone ᶘ ͡°ᴥ͡°ᶅ

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i'm a black girl and i've had purple hair before but your recent praise of black girls in hello is inspiring me to throw away all my clothes and replace them with yellow ones. i just scrolled through pictures of viola davis and kerry washington in yellow dresses on the red carpet and DAMMMMNNNN YOURE SO RIGHT 😱😫

also consider:

  • mashing yellow with blue
  • light pink
  • just constantly combine different bright colors
  • ever thought about orange? sounds weird at first, I know, but think about it. this can easily range from a BRIGHT flashy orange to a soft and earthy tone of orange.
  • yeah, yellow is cool, but I don’t know anyone who can pull off GOLD eyeliner like a dark skinned girl
  • like gold, you won’t catch a white girl pulling off tan like y'all. this goes for black boys especially… HAVE YALL SEEN A DARK SKINNED BOY IN A TAN SUIT? IM WEAK IN THE KNEEEESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!
  • red sounds super cliche, but keep that color in the back of ur mind, I promise it looks good asf!

Empty glances in a growing city
glowing bright from step-father high-rise hotels
Construction workers pass time in the sound of jungle from their hands,
jacking off to the monetary promise of democracy–
America. Red, white, and blood.
No liberation is deliberate.
Time passing passing cars
travelling with time or assaulted by an NPR war, 
 or otherwise left unturned wondering instead to surveys of passing faces
washed over with their invisible arrow each follows,
summoned by the spell of heartbeat chaperones.
We all end up at the same climax of the pyramids.
The lowbrids make dreams of revelations 
asking for cigarettes or deliverance
corporate bush-heads drive divinely in blue cadillacs 
sucking their grapes of resurrection.
A man I judged too harshly ashes his consumed cigarette back into his pack.
Can we trust all those who respect the earth?
This living creationist hologram breathing perfect machinery
of calculator creation and death destruction.  
The flesh beasts walk in packs
turning into bronze boned statues at every corner, obeying color.
Green. Red. Yellow. Red. White. Blue
Transparent Subconscious Submission.
Society, open your legs wide and smile seductive.
Vacation trap tour buses mock the sinning city of south
and two children plump with vanilla victory holds hand with mother.
If they let go, the atlantic sky nothing sea might swallow them.
I am a story that writes itself 
at an outside cafe table. 
Which face will I carve for the wayfarer?
For the wives of bastards and saints,
the husbands of whores and hail marys,
the children of Earth and underground cellar-beast.
I am writing a story for the eyes of every bleeding prophet,
every bums weaving whistle that captivates a shrewd mood of
living, falling, dying, succumbing, crumbling
rising, growing city, forgetting the reason.
Asheville’s lullaby sings with cataract cat calls on Lexington,
conceited car horns, drifters dancing for a second drink like a jester
third, fourth, myth.
The flesh beasts walk in packs, outnumbered in their own equation.
Close your eyes and kiss the dice,
a new perception follows, flips, para-dime shift
lost in a meditative trance of flip-flop feet sinking behind a shaggy dog.
I still think that everyone is an angel
blessed be the fallen ones
lingering in the purgatory valley
each a hero in the journey trail of cement  tears 
smashed between cracks of sidewalk earthquakes
that could break the beginnings back.
What truth do you seek when you are caught in
that baptismal exchange of being seen by a stranger?
Are you lonely? Do you hate God? Do you know yourself?
Are you juvenile in the world’s detention?
I hope not.
May there be peace among all peoples. 
Ashes to ashes make wishes from cigarette solitude. 
Dust to dust, burned. burned
from the sulfur of our differences.
We’ll all shake hands and kiss the knees of the next 
in the concluded chapter treaty where words do not 
A young boy chews his apple smacking swollen lips 
with a swift wideyed daydream of vengeance.  

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So that torn photo was of kid Rose and her parents? I'd always thought that the child in the photo was Rose's mother, since her hair was yellow instead of red in it, and so figured that the Nordic torn out of the photo was Rose's grandmother. So was Rose blonde as a kid and just went darker when she grew up? That happened to me.

The hair thing will be discussed in Chapter 21 :3

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How can James look so good in red? Wow... I never thought he would look that good in that color. But damn....

The last pic I reblogged of James made me sing Taylor Swift tbh

(everytime I see someone wear red I think ‘LOVING HIM WAS RED’ okay sorry you probably don’t like taylor swift and that was random)

But James has that beautiful tan skin that looks good in anything. I mean he makes the yellow Colombian jersey look good. Not everybody can pull off bright yellow

BUT RED YESSSSSSSS.. the color of love and passion and roses… very fitting. I knew he wore red with Colombia so he’s always just looked good in it

(whoever saved/uploaded this pic on google had the phrase ‘sexy-james’ in the url akdljflsdakjf SAME)

okay work BB

even as a niño

and now Bayern!!! A stunner


so beautiful… because loving him was REEEEEEEEEED

Determination is yellow

(undertale spoilers)

Determination is “the will to keep living… the resolve to change fate.” It’s the power that gives human souls “the strength to persist after death.” It is so powerful that it brought Flowey to life and gave him the power to control the underground’s timeline. 

Because many people believe the red soul represents determination, some players associate determination with the color red. However, determination is found in all human souls, and there is evidence that all of the fallen humans had the power to save, load, and reset. Furthermore, there is a strong link between determination and yellow – the save point.

In Entry Number 5, the word “Determination” is in yellow (and contrary to popular belief, “Determination” is never written in red). The lab entry is written by Alphys, so she would know the color of the determination she extracted from the souls. While it is not the exact same color as the save point, it is extremely close. Closer than the other yellows found in the game, such as the golden flowers. Coincidentally, Flowey is also the same color yellow as the save point. It’s possible he became this brighter yellow after being injected with determination.

However, the most conclusive evidence is from the Undertale Demo’s instruction pages – specifically the TITLE SCREEN page.

The save point is literally “the manifestation of your own DETERMINATION.” While these instructions are not included in the official release of Undertale, the statement makes sense. Determination is the source of the power to SAVE and CONTINUE/LOAD. It also ties in nicely with the facts that the color yellow is used for selection in the main menu and the save menu turns yellow on a successful save.

Ultimately, there is more evidence that determination is the color yellow rather than red.

Important Note: Please keep in mind that the color of determination is separate from the human soul traits and colors. The yellow soul has the trait Justice, and this analysis does not change that. What this analysis provides is a more appropriate color for the physical component found in all souls – determination – and this disregards it as a trait for the red soul. For those interested in what the red soul’s trait is, please read our theory, the red soul.