Peter O'Toole

in his yellow tent, used to keep warm during the filming of the movie ‘Venus’
in London. 2006
(photo by Nicola Dove)

Venus (2006)
directed by Roger Michell

Peter O'Toole
as Maurice


At his(O'Toole) request a one-man shelter resembling one of those manhole marquees used by telephone engineers travelled with him from set to set, with a chair and a Calor-gas heater inside to keep him warm between takes.
- Peter O'Toole: The Definitive Biography -

Little Things.

I remember going to the circus as a child. I must have been seven or eight, watching the acrobats, getting to ride a baby elephant, and laughing at the clowns. I remember the little things, too. The dirt in my cotton candy, and the dry sun bleaching my blonde hair, but above all the sadness of it all. The circus is one of the few things I remember from a distant childhood. The tall red and yellow tents were put up on the outskirts of town, not far from my house. I watched the nights as the lights lit up the field, and the carnival music played on the merry-go-round. I would sneak into the tents to watch the clowns become human, and the acrobats slouch in lawn chairs smoking cigarettes. It was the little things that they talked about. How much they hated the travel, how little they were paid, and how they wished it would end. I remember going to the circus as a child, and realizing the people that brought so much joy, were too miserable to keep up the lie inside.