The Ladynoir Diaries (for insanitysbloomings)

Sliding a letter opener under the lip of the bulky yellow envelope, Alya tentatively pried the parcel open as though it was a bomb…which for all she knew, it might have been.

She didn’t quite know what to make of the parcel labeled Exclusive Ladyblog Content that she found waiting for her in the mailbox when she got home from school. Her cautious side warned her that this could be a trap set by one of the many (lower quality) Ladybug and Chat Noir fan blogs that had cropped up as the Ladyblog got more and more popular. On the other hand, Alya couldn’t exactly keep the blog going herself. The Ladyblog was a one woman production, and if Alya wanted to keep it the leading source of all Ladybug info, she had to take whatever help she could get.

Still…didn’t hurt to be careful.

After making reasonably sure the package didn’t contain any shifty wires, oil stains, or anthrax, she tipped the contents onto her desk with a raised eyebrow. A small, black flash drive slid across her workstation, followed by a small slip of paper. In neat, flowy cursive that seemed irritatingly familiar, the note read simply: For Our Biggest Fan~


Heart pounding, she fumbled as she tried to jam the flash drive into her laptop as quickly as possible. She bounced up and down in her seat as she opened the folder titled January, fingers trembling as she clicked on the first video simply labeled Hello!


She nearly had a heart attack as Ladybug’s smiling face filled the screen.


Hi there!” Ladybug said, scratching the back of her neck with a sheepish smile. “I know this is probably a surprise, but hopefully it’s a good one?”


Ladybug was standing on a rooftop overlooking a park, pacing as she talked into the camera. “I…well we wanted to put together something to thank you for all the stellar work you’ve done on the Ladyblog. We figured out Chat’s communicator could take videos—probably to record evidence or something—so, naturally, we decided to start shooting a few patrols; one a month for the past year.”


Alya’s heart was in her throat as Ladybug bit her lip, looking away with a small laugh, before turning back to the lens. “We, uh…we got more than we thought we would and wanted to share some of it with you…so, hope you enjoy?”


Ladybug did a little finger wave at the camera, before the feed cut off, leaving Alya staring at a series of folders, each dated and organized so she could easily thumb through at her leisure. She had a pile of homework to do, a test to study for, and sisters to mind. But she supposed clicking on one video couldn’t hurt.

Just one…for now.


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The fight is short and sweet. After fighting off the werewolves, Caden spins, sinks his blade deep into Kalah’s chest…

And instantly the world begins to shift, to fade, to dissolve into blackness and reform itself in the shape of a ratty yellow and white circus tent. The chill air of the magical dimension fades, replaced by Athkathla’s humid heat. And Kalah lies stretched on the ground, bleeding from his chest…a gnome, barely two feet in height, wretched with rage and pain.

His voice is high, piercing, squeaky and grating. He writhes pitifully on the dirty ground, fingers clutching for something he cannot grasp.

His body jerks and he sags back against the ground, the fury in his eyes fading to blankness. There’s a long silence before anyone speaks.

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Tentative release date:
AUGUST 5TH OF 2016 at 10:00 am (EST)

Lenght: 2 weeks of daily activities

-Underale roleplayers only-


After fighting alongside Frisk to defend the world of the UNDERGROUND and the world above, the VIRTUOUS SOULS who had lost their lives at the claws of ASGORE had disappeared, never to be seen again . Some drifted away, some are floating in the void, and some had remade their lives one way or another.

Now, and as thanks for their courageous participation to FIGHT for a better world…

 we present to you CAMP UNDERSOUL, a place where all the PATIENT, BRAVE, INTEGRIOUS, PERSEVERANT, KIND, and JUST SOULS have the chance to rest and, perhaps, have the adventures they were unable to experience in life.

CAMP UNDERSOUL is a Community Event dedicated to all the SOULS blogs within the UNDERTALE ROLEPLAY community.

-All SOULS blogs will be welcome to join in! Even if your Undertale OC does not have a CANON color it can still join given that it posesses the VIRTUOUS SOUL of a human being that fell/lived/lives on the underground.

-This event is for UNDERTALE SOUL RP BLOGS ONLY. The only exception to this rule will be Moderators and other people who will be helping out with the organization of the event.

-This event is for SOULS up to 18 yrs old. It’s for kids predominantly so please keep this in mind! It is also a camp that supersedes the designs of life and death itself, so even if your soul has been dead for, say, 50 years they just need to have been under 18 when they died.

-No NSFW! That includes gore and violence. 

-There also will be no fighting between participants! 

-The LIVE events will occur through a DISCORD server.

-The tag of the event will be #camp undersoul. The tag for mod posts will be #camp undersoul mod.

To join, all participants will need to fill up a form that will be issued through our Camp Administration Sideblog. Please keep your eyes peeled for it!

-Link to the Original CAMP UNDERSOUL Post here-

-Link to the Q&A here-

-Your moderators are:

Mod Seis @seissouls

Mod Solar @sixsmolsouls

Mod Nero @orange-mercyfighter

Questions will be answered by us for the time being. Once the Camp Adminitration Sideblog is up and running, please direct your questions there (you’ll be notified when that happens), thank you~

all the things hagrid manages to fit inside his massive coat
  • harry’s birthday cake
  • a copper kettle
  • a squashy package of sausages
  • a poker
  • a teapot
  • several chipped mugs
  • a bottle of amber liquid
  • (one of) harry’s hogwarts letter(s)
  • a real, live, rather ruffled-looking owl
  • a long quill
  • a roll of parchment
  • a battered pink umbrella
  • a couple of dormice
  • bunches of keys
  • slug pellets
  • mint humbugs
  • teabags
  • a handful of coins
  • what looks like a canary-yellow knitted circus tent
  • a handful of mouldy dog-biscuits
  • the tiny golden key to harry’s vault
  • dumbledore’s letter
  • a grubby little brown paper package (the philosopher’s stone)