• Foiled
  • Yellow Swans
  • Going Places

“Foiled” // Yellow Swans // Going Places

I have a thing for album openers. Many of the tracks I upload are the first track off their respective album. They are pretty crucial though; they have to make a good initial impression otherwise your interest for the album can take a nosedive. So here’s another opening track. Powerful stuff by Yellow Swans.

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Yellow Swans

Leakage from an oil drum coats the land with murky scope. Eventually, beautiful noise filters through and thumps us in the face with an insightful political viewpoint. Layer upon transcendent layer of sine-waves lead us to the North West where Yellow Swans dwell.


Limited Space by Yellow Swans

I wish my ambient was as good as this…

  • Reintegration
  • Yellow Swans
  • Deterioration

Reintegration by Yellow Swans, on their album Deterioration. Just picked this CD up last night. Yellow Swans are a pretty good noise/drone/experimental band from Portland, Oregon.

My eyes were drawn toward the interesting album cover, and I was pleased to find that it was by a band I had heard of–they were featured in the documentary People Who Do Noise.


Burnt Dub by Yellow Swans, on the album Deterioration. I don’t know why it’s set to anime, but give it a listen anyway! They’re a fantastic noise duo, and make some of the most interesting, beautiful, and layered soundscapes I’ve heard.