We Intertwined: Scientia Family Headcanons
  • When the light returns to the kingdom and Insomnia is resurrected, Ignis relocates the family to live just outside the Citadel. It’s the home he’d always dreamed of with the family he never thought he’d be able to have.
  • Raine keeps her grandmother’s house, but it becomes more like a summer getaway home. She loves their house in Insomnia, but always feels most at home back in Lestallum.
  • Raine learns Braille alongside Ignis. She always packs a lunch for him (her cooking has markedly improved) and leaves him little love notes in Braille attached to cans of Ebony.
  • Raine also teaches Braille to her children and they make him “I love you Daddy” notes and cards out of macaroni glued to paper.
  • Lucas had always shown artistic prowess as a young child. As he got older, he started getting more into relief sculptures, and took to carving images out of linoleum blocks. Raine was worried at first that Lucas was going to hurt himself with the sharp tools, but Ignis reminded her that she still took to whittling in her free time and it shut her up pretty quickly.
  • Aurora took to cooking just like her father. She’s small for her age, but she loves helping out in the kitchen. Her speciality is grilled cheese, and Raine gets her a stool so that she can reach the stove (with her supervision, of course).
  • Aurora also loves saying Ignis’ catch phrase, “I’ve come up with a new recipe!” But it’s in that excited way that kids get where they can’t talk and breathe at the same time.
  • Raine lets her hair grow back out, some of the blue still lingering on the ends, though she doesn’t dye it anymore. Ignis likes to braid her hair in different ways before bed because he likes how the strands feel as he weaves them through his fingers.
  • Ignis often employs the phrase “If I don’t see it, it isn’t there”. For example, this applies to when his kids are trying to get away with something, or when he’s leaving lingering kisses on Raine’s neck with one of their children in a five foot radius.
  • Raine kisses Ignis’ facial scars every morning. She likes to tell him that he’s beautiful because it always makes him blush.
  • Lucas and Aurora often like to surprise their parents with breakfast in bed. It’s always too much food for them to eat, but the grilled cheese is always perfect and the Ebony is brewed to perfection.
  • Sometimes though, breakfast in bed backfires when Ignis and Raine get a little frisky in the morning. Lucas is no fool––when he hears the telltale moans floating from their room, he shudders and leads Aurora away to watch cartoons downstairs until his parents are done. But he does suppose that it’s better that his parents are in love. He just doesn’t want to hear it. He asks Uncle Prompto for noise-cancelling headphones for Christmas.
  • Lucas finds out that he needs glasses when he’s seven years old. He gets similar frames to Ignis’ old ones. When he wears them, Raine is always stunned by how her son looks like Ignis’ carbon copy. Sometimes she sees them adjusting their spectacles at the same time in the same manner and she can’t help but smile.
  • Neither of the kids have Ignis’ accent, but sometimes they like to mimic it. Aurora will specifically do it while she’s helping in the kitchen, and Lucas will do it when he delivers a pun or a sarcastic quip. Raine always comments that he’s Ignis’ clone, and it makes Ignis smile because at least he knows what he looked like when he was Lucas’ age.
  • Aurora’s favourite bedtime story is the one of how Raine and Ignis fell in love. She always asks for it and asks both her parents to retell it. She’s heard it so many times that she finishes their sentences for them, her sea foam eyes twinkling with the biggest smile on her face.
  • Raine keeps a framed photo of Clara in the front hallway of the house with other pictures of the family. Lucas always says goodbye to her before he leaves for school, and Aurora blows her kisses before heading upstairs for bed.

I will probably add more to this eventually!