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{There is a white, trans masculine person standing up. They are wearing a blue sweatshirt with a yellow rain jacket and playing with a tangle toy in their hands. They have short, straight black hair and have black circle frame glasses. They are stimming by rocking, swaying and bouncing, they are smiling as well.}

The girl from the park (Bucky Barnes x reader)

Request: Can you write a Bucky Barnes x Reader? Where the reader is having also a prothesis or something like that? :b

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Fluff

Originally posted by moon-saph

It started pretty simple: A normal Sunday morning as Bucky decided to go for a run around the park to clear his head from all of his nightmares as he saw you lying on a blanket that was spread over the grass, your laptop in front of you taking pictures of the flowers that were growing around you. 

He saw you only from far away but for some reason that was enough to captivate him and let him stare at you for 5 whole minutes as you turned around and looked at him that caused him to come back to reality, immediately continuing to jog and not realizing that you had a smile playing on your lips. 

It happened every single Sunday. Even on the rainy days you would walk around the park, your camera in your hand wearing one of those yellow rain jackets with matching boots that made you look absolutely adorable. Not only you realized that a certain super soldier seemed to have an interest in you but also his best friend who noticed that Bucky would sneak out of the tower without saying anything and coming back with the biggest grin on his face Steve had ever seen. 

“You wanna tell me what´s her name or should I follow you the next time you sneak out like a teenager?” Steve asked one morning while Bucky was holding a cup of tea in his hands starring at it and trying to hide the blush that was turning his cheeks into a peachy color. 

“I uhm..I don´t know what´s her name.” 

“You´ve been doing this for one month and haven´t even introduced yourself? And you always call me the shy one.” Steve placed a hand on his best friends shoulder as he walked outside leaving him with the thought of actually asking you out. Well why not? You knew that Bucky existed and the way you smiled at him could probably mean that you had also an interest right?

And so Bucky stood up from his chair and walked outside the Avengers tower directly to the park where he was already picturing you on a blanket again with a book in your hands or maybe walking around with the dog you once had with you or even taking pictures of the flowers of the trees but as soon as Bucky arrived and looked for you he could not see you anywhere. 

It was a strange feeling in his stomach that he could not describe but instead of going back he sat down a bench, his hands folded in his lap, looking around and watching people walk by. He asked himself a lot of questions in his head: Where were you living, what type of job were you doing, would you even date someone looking as weird as him with a metal arm? Maybe this was the reason why you were not in the park anymore because the last time Bucky was here it was the first time he wore a t-shirt showing his arm to everyone. 

So much questions and no time to think for an answer because he suddenly felt a tap on his shoulders and turned around to see you standing there, smiling at him with your typical cute smile. “Hey! I´ve been seeing you a lot in the park and..I´ve never really was brave enough to say hello or something but after yesterday..when I saw your arm it took some of my insecurities away.” 

Bucky looked at you in confusion as you walked in front of him and he saw that you were wearing a sundress but not only that. Your right leg was missing and replaced with a prothesis and for some reason Bucky´s heart skipped a beat as soon as he realized that the girl he had formed some type of crush was just as nervous as he was about a missing body part. 

“May I?” She pointed towards the bench as he nodded and she sat down, her hands folded in her lap and her legs swinging as she was silent for a few seconds before she started to speak again. 

“I´m Y/N by the way.” She stretched her hand out and without even thinking Bucky stretched out his metal arm out, shaking her hand and looking at her in awe.

“Bucky..Bucky Barnes. It´s really great to finally get to know you.”

Should I make a second part? Send me an ask if you want to see the story continue :)

Anxiety Witch Bottle

Lately, I’ve been having the strangest pit-of-your-stomach anxiety about nothing (truthfully it almost felt like what I normally experience when I feel particularly guilty) 

This was what I cam up with in response. Hope you like! Some of the stuff in here isn’t exactly common or everyday, but I happen to find a lot of dead yellow jackets in my apartment, so I’ve been keeping them in a bottle in my work area…

Witches Bottle of Anxiety

The purpose of this witch bottle is to create a vessel to capture and bind unnecessary and unwanted anxiety, nervousness, and fear.


  • iron nails
  • white twine
  • iron powder
  • rose powder
  • salt 
  • lemon balm 
  • thyme 
  • a dead wasp (I used a yellow jacket) 
  • rain water
  • day-old wine

Bind iron nails with white twine while intoning your intent. Place the nails into a bottle or jar with iron powder, rose powder, salt, thyme, lemon balm, and a dead wasp. To this add rain water and red wine that has sat too long. If you wish, a drop of your own blood can also be added. Cap the bottle and wrap it in burlap, bound by red thread. Keep the jar hidden in your home to capture excessive anxiety. 

Forgiven: 707/MC

based on a prompt someone on AO3 gave me where Seven and MC get into their first big fight

Summary: Saeyoung says something incredibly stupid in a fit of rage, now he has to redeem himself.

Words: 2740

Rating: T (some swearing)

This was bad. He was allowed to hate himself, for many years he did just that, the reality of it never really bothered him but this … no this was too much to take in. It started with a snide comment, one of his own regrettably, that was spoken out of jealousy and worry. She had returned late, as she had done more frequently as of late, and Saeyoung was beside himself with desperation. Even though she’d told him that day’s meeting would be at one of the benefactors private cottages out in the countryside, meaning no chance to peep on security feeds, Saeyoung had tried anyways. All day he spent trying to worm his way into personal home security feeds, or the cameras installed in the chauffeur vehicles she’d be riding in to no avail. In fact he’d ignored his own work completely in an attempt to track her down; he was unaccustomed to not seeing her for long periods of time. Not to mention that her cellphone was seemingly out of battery or she were in a no-service zone for she’d neglected to respond to any of his text messages. In truth he was beside himself and as each minute passed his aggravation and irrational frustration swelled.  Saeran, who was almost entirely normalized to his brother’s oddly possessive behaviour was even slightly taken aback. When he came in to tell him he’d be going out with Yoosung and Zen in a while Saeyoung barely paid him any heed.

“Oi, did you hear what I just said-” Saeran grumbled, eyeing his brother as his fingers worked speedily at his keyboard.

“Be quiet for a moment would ya?” Saeyoung grunted in response, waving his hand in a dismissive gesture, screen glare reflected in his lenses.

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Dogs Don’t Wear Clothes (reimagined)

A/N: so i got a request to write a story with the same prompt a few months ago. i wrote it and published it, but was never really happy with the way it turned out. i was still trying to recover from writer’s block, and my mental stability was not great at the time. i’ve been beating myself up about the bad fic for a couple months now, and began to have this idea this morning. i decided that i’d whined to myself enough and it was time to rework the fic with a different plot. i’m much happier with this version, i must say. confession: the idea for this fic wasn’t originally newt. the basic premise for the plot was imagined with racetrack higgins in mind. (he’s a character from newsies, which is like my favorite thing is this world.) it works for newt too, though.

warnings: deja vu?

word count: 1,704 (a record on this account, yay)

You had basically walked into a trap that night. You knew Newt was a big animal lover and that he had spent his childhood surrounded by pets. He even worked at a zoo so he could be around the animals. You actually found it quite surprising that your boyfriend had waited so long to bring up the idea of pets.

It was late on a Wednesday and the two of you were curled up together on the couch, the movie you’d been watching already finished but you were still enjoying the last of your popcorn. Newt was telling you a story about his old dog and the time she had escaped and Newt had stayed up all night looking for her.

“Imagine if we had a dog!” Newt laughed. “As if our house isn’t crazy enough already!”

“I don’t know…” you mumbled, playing with a curl that had been tickling your face. “I’ve always wanted to have a dog. My dad was allergic, so we didn’t really have pets when I was younger.”

You weren’t really serious about getting a dog. You and Newt’s lives were too busy at the moment to deal with an animal. You had recently been promoted, which meant you made more money, but also that your office hours increased. You barely had time to hang out with your boyfriend, much less take care of a pet.

Newt apparently didn’t release that you weren’t serious. “Let’s do it!” He sat up so quickly that you nearly tipped off the couch. You let out a grunt of complaint, but Newt wasn’t paying attention. “Let’s get a dog!”

“We can’t actually get a dog, Newt,” you sighed.

“Why not?” He asked stubbornly.

“First of all, we don’t have the time to care of one. Who would make sure he had enough food during the day, and who would take him on walks? We both have full time jobs. Secondly, the apartment has a strict no-pet policy. I think the only creature we could get away with having is a fish.”

Newt deflated for a moment at your words. He’d been too caught up in the fantasy to think about your living conditions. “We could move?” He suggested hesitantly, knowing even before the words left his mouth what your answer would be.

“Move?!” You laughed. “You think we should move, just so you can get a dog?”

“I mean, yeah.” Newt began to warm to the idea. “I’m sure we could find a relatively cheap apartment that allows pets. Besides, you just got a raise and I think I might be promoted soon.”

“Stop talking nonsense. We can’t get a dog.” You stood up yawning. “I’m going to bed.”

“Think about it!” Newt called, before getting up and following you into the room you two shared.


It started off subtle at first. Newt began to work slightly longer hours. You still worked longer, so it took you a while to notice that he didn’t have as much free time as he used to. When you confronted him about it, he explained the promotion he was hoping to get. He’d been spending extra hours in hopes of making an impression.

You didn’t immediately connect that with the dog. It wasn’t until Newt came home with a huge smile on his face, and announced he got the promotion.

“That’s great!” You cheered, hugging him tightly. “You deserve it.”

“And now we can afford to look at different apartments!” He said excitedly.

“Different apartments?” You asked slowly, before you realized what he meant. “Was this whole thing about getting a dog?” He didn’t have to answer; the look on his face said it all. “I can’t believe you!”

“There are tons of pet friendly apartments in New York!” he pleaded. “And I’m sure there’s a unit at a reasonable price.”

You just rolled your eyes, and returned to the book you had been reading. You weren’t going to give in so easily.

The emails started next. Newt sent you listing after listing of pet friendly apartments that he had found for a reasonable price. Along with the link, he always left notes on the things he knew would interest you most. Close to your work. Small patio. Two bath. You still thought his idea was silly, but it didn’t stop you from checking out every single house he sent you.

If he asked, you’d deny it and say you deleted them without opening them. He was pretty convinced you were lying. Newt had started refer to his attempts as the Dog Movement. Soon, all your friends had heard about the debate and Newt had recruited most of them to his side. Queenie was your only friend who was neutral in the discussion, though she did add in that she loved dogs.

As the weeks passed, Newt became increasingly more obvious. One afternoon, you came home to find a bag of dog food sitting on your kitchen table. With a sigh, you moved it down onto the floor and continued about your business.

The next morning, the container of food was waiting for you in the shower. You picked up the heavy bag, stormed into your room, and dropped the bag onto Newt’s sleeping form. He let out a groan at the weight that suddenly covered his body.Despite all your attempts to shut him down, Newt still remained driven and convinced that he could turn you to his side.

You came home from week on Friday night, about two months since you’d first had the conversation about pets. Newt hadn’t mentioned anything about getting a dog in the past week, and you were tentatively hoping that he had dropped the matter.

It wasn’t that you didn’t want a dog, it was just that the idea was so overwhelming at this time in your life. Your job had been stressing you out, and you were worried that you wouldn’t be able to handle the added duties of having a dog.

The apartment was dark when you pulled the front door open. There was no sign of Newt in the hallway or in the kitchen. “Newt?” You called in confusion.

“In here!” Newt’s voice sounded from inside your room.

You pulled the door open, and the sight your eyes found made you freeze. Newt was sitting casually on the bed, holding a tiny red sweater and a small yellow rain jacket. You realized with a start that they were meant for a dog. It must be part of his plan to convince you that you needed a dog.

“Aren’t they cute?” He held them up for you to get a better look.

You shook off your shock and burst into laughter. You were practically hunched over, grabbing your aching stomach as you giggled. Finally you had composed yourself enough to face him. “Dogs don’t wear clothes!”
“Sure, they do.” Newt defended. “At least, spoiled dogs do.”

“Was this the best way you could think to convince me?” you asked.

“Well, nothing else was working!”

“Maybe I just don’t want a dog,” you shrugged.

“That’s not true! That’s the part I don’t understand. You told me that you had always wanted a dog, and now I’m trying to make it happen, and you suddenly change your mind! I don’t get it.”

“It’s-It’s just that I don’t want to do it wrong.” Newt’s face made it clear that you needed to elaborate. “I’ve wanted a dog ever since I could first walk. Every year, I asked for a dog for my birthday. I never got one. Even when I was old enough to understand about my dad’s allergy, it was always a dream of mine. I used to fantasize that we would wake up one day and his allergy would be gone. He would load us up in the car, and we’d go out and get a dog.”

“What’s stopping you now?”
“I don’t want to mess this up. I’ve wanted to have a dog for so long, that I can’t imagine getting one and then not being able to give him proper attention. We both have to work most of the day, and we do need to get at least some sleep. I don’t want to ruin this childhood dream I had because I couldn’t wait for a less hectic time to get a dog.”

Newt contemplated what you said for a few minutes. You felt like it was the first time he was actually listening to your opinion about getting a dog. You sat on the bed next to him, and his arm wrapped around your torso, pulling you even closer to him.

“What if I promised you we would find a way to make sure the dog got all the attention he needed? I’ll find a way to make this work out. The main reason I worked so hard on the idea of getting a dog was for you. I want to make this like your childhood dreams. I want you to have all you ever wanted.”

“Can we just try and figure things out first?” You asked. “Come up with a plan on how we’d even take care of a dog?”
“Of course.” Newt agreed immediately.


“Pickett!” You called pulling on the leash behind you. “This way!”

You followed your boyfriend as he led you and your new dog into your apartment. You had moved about a month ago, so you could be in a pet friendly place, and you had to admit you liked your new apartment better than your old one.

You shut the door behind you, and Newt unclipped the leash from Pickett’s collar. The little puppy yelped excitedly and immediately started sniffing around the rooms. You grinned as you watched him, and Newt pulled you in for a hug.

“Thank you,” you whispered into his chest. “Thank you so much.”

“Thank you,” he murmured back. “Now, I think Pickett needs some attention.” At the sound of his name, your new dog let out another bark and launched himself towards the two of you. You giggled as the long-anticipated puppy finally made his way into your arms. You looked from your boyfriend to the dog in your arms. Who could ask for more?

Requested: Once... / Chris Evans x Reader

Request: 24 or 25 pleaseee 

Requests? Open - (ask here!)

Here’s my two prompt lists if you want to request one from there: Prompt One / Prompt Two  - My Masterlist Chris Evans / Steve Rogers Masterlist 

Warnings? Angsty! 

People: Chris / You 


“Why does everything turn into a fight with you! God damn it! I never said anything, and you fuckin’ believe those pieces of crap lying out there over me?”

Reaching the door you turned around to a green-eyed Chris. Breathless, not just from the yelling but also the ten flights of stairs you flew up as you were yelling at Chris behind you.

“I’m just sayin’ that your never givin’ me a clear, fuckin’ answer! It’s so fuckin’ simple! Why is it so hard to say your not fucking another guy behind my back?”

Not believing the words that flew out of his mouth, you let the coldness seep into your stare and opened up the door to the loft you both shared, for two years. Two years together and he still did not trust you to not stray and fuck another guy while he’d be out of the town, city, or country.

You slammed the door to your Boston apartment, letting Chris just barely slide through the slit left open before it rang out a loud bang into your silent home.

Shrugging off your heavy yellow rain jacket onto the floor, not caring where it landed.Chris knew you were always like this. He never when the steam came rolling off your head, you wouldn’t be giving a fuck about where anything landed.

“How long will it take for you to trust me? Huh? Is there some fuckin’ ex-girlfriend issue I need to know about? Because this is getting ridiculous! There was no pictures! It was some bullshit headline you stupidly fell for, like you do. Every. Single. Time!” As hot tears hit your cheeks, you could see the steam blowing out of Chris’ ears, as his jawline tightened up to the point of pain.

For some reason, those last words were what pushed him over the edge. 

Stupidly fell for it. Every. Single. Time.

“No, it fuckin’ not! It’s you and your fuckin’ flirting with every guy. What the hell is wrong with you! Don’t you see? What is it, you can’t keep it in your pants? Is that too much to ask of you?” 

Your whole body stopped in motion while searching for the remote controller, to cool down with some Netflix.

Those words though, they stung like he’d poured lemon juice over an opened wound on yours. Was that really what he thought of me?

“Are you calling me a slut?” Your voice came out as a whimper. Like you’d become some wounded animal. That’s how you felt though, to be honest. 

He’d just opened a jar of salt and spread it all over your open, wounded heart.

It was the way he never even replied. He just gave a loud sigh and you knew, even with your back to him that he was rubbing his face in frustration.

Your voice was crackling like a fire but you had to set out the plan for your departure.

“I’ll be out by tonight.”

Tonight. Out. Leaving? Why was Chris’s head just finally starting to process the actions his words caused. How painful they must’ve felt, not just the words but the intentions he had with them.

Surely enough, Chris was rushing to follow the wet boots that flew off your soaked feet when you slammed the door in his face. Sinking down against the other side of your bedroom door, you felt tears well up. Your tears made dirty rivers of mascara run down your face, and your eyes turn pink as the sunset you both use to watch together in every chance you got. Once got.

You didn’t even feel you body move, or grab the suitcase on the top shelf inside your shared closet. This luggage bag use to mean a fun travel of adventure for you and Chris. A new adventure to tell your children one day, or a new country to discover a passionate love for.

Now this luggage bag was just yours. Yours to travel with, alone. Have new adventure with, alone. You kept a mantra in your head while tears spilt on your white duvet, whilst you shoved clothes into the expansive luggage case you couldn’t believe was all you had to leave with. That- and your dignity, what little you had left of that is.

‘One day, this will pass. One day you’ll live like you once did. One day, you’ll be okay.’

The suitcase was packed within an hour. Making it approximately four o’clock. You didn’t leave the bedroom though, until eight. When your tears we’re finally dry. Your flight scheduled, your parents notice to be aware that you’d be arriving home a few weeks earlier than planned, alone, for Thanksgiving.

A cold washcloth to your face and one final look around the memory filled room you wish you could stay in forever. Pretend that this fight was all a dream. That the silence that broke you was never unspoken. That at least something was said to you. You could pretend all you wanted that this room was still your sanctuary, but that would be foolish. You could only call this your sanctuary now in your wildest dreams.


One final word, that’s all you could give. The final statement you’d want Chris to live with for the rest of his life. It was the words that would help your heart’s door to close up, and the sewing up of your wound. It was all held within your final words to him.

Staring into those blue, deep and sorrowful blue eyes, you held your fort up, and let the words roll off your robotic tongue. You we’re dead inside. You’d just lost the love of your life from the one thing you’d always believed would never tear you two apart.

“One day, when you look back… will you regret this?”  

Then a slam of a door and a sound of your luggage rolling away. Your suitcase stuffed with two years of your lives spent together.

A sad, quiet groan was heard in the silent Boston apartment you once had lived together in.

Once lived in. Once had. He use to have it all, and now? He had nothing but despair of what once was- and what once could have been.

How had this happened so quickly? Could one you loved with all your heart leave that quickly, and you don’t do a damn thing about it? 

Why didn’t I fight? Yell! Bang on that damn door and tell her I was sorry and I trusted you? Sorry i ever doubted someone as lovely as you. 

Sorry, unfortunately, wouldn’t fix your ashes of a relationship now.

All he had left was this burning inside his heart. A regret that he was going to live with until he forgot the beauty of what once was.

Will he regret this, one day? No…

“I already do…” 

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Imagine Rafael’s is sick so he brings his 2 year old to work with him. 

Requested by @ motleynroses 


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sns4life  asked:

I loved your last story about Tomoe ^.^ Mind writing something similar but maybe with Naruto this time? c:

“Did you have fun with Konohamaru yesterday?”,

Naruto asked. It was a chilly autumn day and Naruto was taking a walk with Tomoe on the outskirts of Konoha. It had just stopped raining and most people were indoors. Just to be on the safe side, Tomoe was dressed in her yellow rain jacket, rain pants, rain hat and red rubber boots. 
Naruto felt her tiny hand in his as they walked the graveled path close to the forest. The air was crisp and the only sounds that could be heard were the sounds of the forest and their feet against the pebbles beneath.
It was one of those rare moments where it was just the two of them. Naruto was off duty and Sasuke was at home working on some old documents. 


Tomoe replied without looking up. She was too busy marking the gravel they walked with a small stick, she had picked up earlier on the way. After a moment of silence, she added as an afterthought,

“I’m going to marry him.”

“Really now?

Naruto felt the corners of his lips twitch upwards in amusement.

“Is the groom aware of his luck?”,

he asked to which Tomoe shook her head. Naruto directed his eyes on the road ahead.

“An office romance with my subordinate, hm?”,

he said aloud and chuckled. 

“Sasuke won’t like it.”

“We’re going to have five children.”,

Tomoe continued. Naruto raised his eyebrows and looked at her again. 

“Whoa! That’s a big family. Where are you all going to live?”

“In my room.”,

she answered without missing a beat.

“But will you all fit in your bed?”


Naruto pretended to give it all a thought. 

“Well… I guess if you move out your stuffed animals, you’ll all fit.”

Tomoe stopped in her tracks and for the first time, since finding that stick, she turned her head to look at him. Her eyes were wide as realization hit her. Naruto stopped as well and bit his tongue in order not to laugh at her offended expression.

“You don’t want that?”,

he asked in an innocent voice. Tomoe shook her head, as her lips formed an upside down ‘U’. 

“Well, where else is your family supposed to live?”,

he asked her. Tomoe looked on the ground and thought about it. Finally she seemed to come to a conclusion.

“They can sleep under my bed.”,

she said and started walking again as that problem had been solved.

“Ah, that’s true.”

Naruto’s gaze returned to the road. They had barely started walking before Naruto stopped them again. 


he said, while crouching down to her. Startled by his outburst, Tomoe whirled around to stare at her father. Naruto lowered his voice to a mysterious whisper as he leaned towards her.

“Do you see what I see?”

Tomoe frowned and looked around but couldn’t see anything unusual. Naruto had her full attention now. He pulled his little girl closer and turned her head forward, while pointing at something on the ground.

“Right there! Could that be… a puddle?”

He had barely said the word, when he heard Tomoe’s breath hitch. She snapped her head back to him and excitement was written all over her face. Her eyes seemed to shine and her chest rose as she breathed in and puffed up her cheeks, until she looked like a pufferfish. 

“Don’t forget to breathe.”,

Naruto said with a grin. Tomoe, who was now jumping from one foot to the other, did as she was told and immediately started hyperventilating, while making excited noises. Her big eyes constantly wandered back and forth between her father and the promising puddle ahead, as if waiting for him to give her the starting signal.
Naruto’s grin widened and he felt his chest swell with love for his little girl.

“You wanna go jump in it?”,

he asked to egg her on even further.  Tomoe nodded vigorously and puffed up her cheeks again.  


Naruto said.

“Ready… set… go!”

ask-bea-and-alex  asked:

The skies were a constant gray and it was steadily drizzling at the camp. A tall girl sat outside her tent quietly with one earbud in and a hood over her head. She stared blankly at a photo in her lap.

Cj had swapped her grey and pink hoodie out for a yellow rain jacket, and red rubber books. The rain started to pick up, the wind blowing trees to the side. Cj laughed, along with some other voices as they jumped in the puddles, getting completely soaked and muddy.

anonymous asked:

Went to urban outfitters and saw the cutest yellow rain jacket looked a lot similar to Fionn's iconic yellow jacket and I was gonna buy it but then I thought what the fuck am I gonna do with a rain jacket in southern California lmao

Fashion, baby. It’s fashion. Who needs rain for a rain-coat? ;)) xx