Yellow Ostrich

I have only seen this song one place on the internet. So I am blessing the world of Tumblr with this beautiful little work of art.

Yellow Ostrich has released a lot of songs for such an obscure, slightly undiscovered band. They recently unleashed their newest masterpiece, Cosmos, which is a great album and you may have seen it on iTunes or something. But they have sooooo many EPs and lesser known albums out there with amazing songs that deserve more than what they get. This is my personal favorite, “Tumbledown,” from their self-titled album. A rather simple piece of beauty that I’ve decided to upload to bless your ears.

Enjoy. And definitely check out Yellow Ostrich. They’re super cool. And search the interwebz for them because they have a lot more than what you can find on iTunes and other music sites. Yeah. <3


Yellow Ostrich

I like to call this my Black and Shadow series of Yellow Ostrich. 

Before I begin editing a photo, I analyze it and my first thoughts are:
Does the photo merit the keeping of its colors?
Do the colors help the emotion within the photo stand out?

I saw that the colors within these photos took away from the emotion, distracted the viewer, so I stripped them of their color revealing the rawness underneath.

I had high expectations to live up to with these photos. A fellow Tumblr friend made me realize that my photos should always exemplify the passion the artists perform with and I hope that I have done so not only in these photos, but in every photo I’ve ever taken or edited. I used to do this purely for my own intentions, to have memories of the night, but it has become so much more. It’s about those moments where the musician is pouring their heart out on stage with that one incredible note played or sung and whether or not I was quick enough to capture it, because that perfect moment may never return again. It’s about learning how to edit in a way that represents who the artist is and not relying purely on the capture of the photo, but the production of it as well. It’s about my future, my life. To say music is my life would be a cliche, but to say music has influenced many aspects in my life would be truth. 

And I continue to thank every one of you that has ever showed me support in my photography. I do this so I can share it with all of you and I hope to one day be asked to share it by the artists themselves. I’m waiting for that day, but until then, I’ll continue what I’m doing, grow in my photography, grow in my editing, and be grateful for all of you who encourage me.