Strange Land is Yellow Ostrich’s second full-length album, and they definitely avoided the dreaded “sophomore slump.” They sound a little bit like “Menomena Jr.” but I mean that in a completely positive way because I love Menomena (and they’re on the same label, so it kind of makes sense.) The vocal melodies and harmonies are total jamz, and the lyrics always have a sort of dreamy quality to them. They do a lot of nice stuff with vocal sampling (exhibited very nicely and in full effect on their early EP, Fade Cave). ANYWAY, I like it a lot and the lyrics above are from the song “The Shakedown.” Video embedded below.

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#12: TS & The Past Haunts — Gone & Goner
#11: Tim Fite — Ain’t Ain’t Ain’t
#10: Ramona Falls — Prophet

I Got No Time For You
  • I Got No Time For You
  • Yellow Ostrich
  • Strange Land

I Got No Time For You - Yellow Ostrich

Although I usually stick to posting music that’s been released in the last week or so, every now and then I have to bring up a band that doesn’t get enough recognition. Yellow Ostrich you may or may have no heard of by now, but if you haven’t this is what this post is for. They’ve put out some really great albums, including the one they put out this year called Strange Land. They have something that’s so simple yet so special at the same time. They bring indie rock that has a personality to it, making it unlike others in their genre. This particular song is a bit more tame, but it’s a favorite of mine so I hope you love it as much as I do. If you haven’t fallen under the Ostrich spell yet, get on it!