• Tumbledown
  • Yellow Ostrich
  • Yellow Ostrich

I have only seen this song one place on the internet. So I am blessing the world of Tumblr with this beautiful little work of art.

Yellow Ostrich has released a lot of songs for such an obscure, slightly undiscovered band. They recently unleashed their newest masterpiece, Cosmos, which is a great album and you may have seen it on iTunes or something. But they have sooooo many EPs and lesser known albums out there with amazing songs that deserve more than what they get. This is my personal favorite, “Tumbledown,” from their self-titled album. A rather simple piece of beauty that I’ve decided to upload to bless your ears.

Enjoy. And definitely check out Yellow Ostrich. They’re super cool. And search the interwebz for them because they have a lot more than what you can find on iTunes and other music sites. Yeah. <3