Andreas Samaris época 2014/15 pelo Sport Lisboa e Benfica:

Na Liga NOS: 28 jogos, 2239 minutos, 12 amarelos

Na Taça de Portugal: 1 jogo, 29 minutos

Na Taça da Liga: 3 jogos, 165 minutos

Liga dos Campeões: 5 jogos, 243 minutos, 3 amarelos

Andreas Samaris 2014/15 season for Sport Lisboa e Benfica:

In Liga NOS: 28 games, 2239 minutes, 12 yellow cards

In the Portuguese Cup: 1 game, 29 minutes

In the League Cup: 3 games, 165 minutes

In the Champions League: 5 games, 243 minutes, 3 yellow cards

Yellow Minute
  • Yellow Minute
  • Noisecontrollers
  • In Qontrol 2009 - Ctrl.Alt.Delete

When will it be the
second when time breaks
and eternity engulfs it,
and I drown utterly? 

Before the wind walks,
when the leaves turn
up their hands, their pallors.
It is so quiet here.

The yellow minute. 


Noisecontrollers - Yellow Minute

When will it be, the second time breaks.

Big news! We've signed with Common Wall Media to release our upcoming full-length album!

Listen to & download a free version of “Grow Up Tall”, the first single off the album!

You can expect to hear the full album this fall when we release it in a variety of yummy formats! In the meantime, don’t forget to pre-order the split-vinyl we’re doing with our friends in Yellow Minute, made possible by President Gator Records! For $6 you’ll get one of 500 hand-numbered, limited-edition vinyl records containing “Grow Up Tall” by Future Loves Past and “Lights Go Out” by Yellow Minute!

Date Night: A Show at the MIM

Location: 4725 E. Mayo Boulevard Phoenix, AZ 85050
Calendar of Events:

The Musical Instrument Museum in general is a great date night idea in Phoenix because it’s a lesser known museum with a lot of neat information you can’t get anywhere else. One way to make a trip to the MIM even more special is to check out one of their concerts in their theater. Their theater is beautiful and intimate - guaranteed qualities to make it a special show. Tonight, Yellow Minute and Wooden Indian are playing a show at the MIM. If you are into good local music and a great venue then bring your significant other to the MIM tonight. 

For more information on the show tonight, please check it out on the MIM Website.

These are based off of both shared abilities and some are based off of how they look. I included what boss Heartless I think they would be.

Xigbar: Wight Knight, Soldier, Grey Caprice 

Boss: Phantomtail

Xaldin: Wyvern, Emerald Blues, Sky Grappler 

Boss: Windstorm

Vexen: Darkball, Shadow, Blue Rhapsody 

Boss: Blizzard Lord

Lexaeus: Invisible, Defender, Living Bone 

Boss: Behemoth

Zexion: Neoshadow, Bookmaster, Shaman 

Boss: Stealth Sneak

Saix: Invisible, Luna Bandit, Assault Rider 

Boss: Grim Reaper

Axel: Darkball, Crimson Jazz, Scarlet Tango 

Boss: Trickmaster

Demyx: Bubble Beat, Deserter, Turquoise March 

Boss: Wavecrest

Luxord: Angel Star, Black Ballade, Silver Rock, 

Boss: Crimson Prankster

Marluxia: Creeper Plant, Striped Aria, Dire Plant, 

Boss: Leechgrave

Larxene: Darkball, Yellow Opera, Minute Bomb, 

Boss: Illuminator



so naturally there is always hentai pictures of moka in the R+V tag.
& there’s this certain one i’ve seen multiple times in the last 3 yrs
its the one in that icon of which i’ve taken the liberty of censoring
severly buT this one always stuck out to me bc dAMN THAT PONYTaiL.

moka looks ??? rlly good in a ponytail ??? all the other ones have
her hair all over the goddamn place but this one. this one knew
what was up.

Ultimate 365 Day Music Challenge

#142 - Song with the colour yellow in the lyrics  

Counting Crows - Big yellow taxi

“Listen, late last night, I heard the screen door slam

And a big yellow taxi took my girl away”

Iron Maiden - Brighter than a thousand suns

“Yellow sun it’s evil twin

In the black the wings deliver him”

Billy Talent - Love was still around

“Said your soft, yellow crack

When your voice inside your head

Got so quiet, that you’d hear a pen drop”

Mark Owen - 4 minute warning

“Sasha stands in his yellow cafe,

Yes the heart of the city is here,

So he tells me”

iamjustadam asked:

“Just five minutes. Come on, Sammy," he teased.

“With you it’s never five minutes,” the yellow eyed demon scoffed, shaking his head as he closed the file in front of him. He stood and stretched, joints crack- and popping in his old vessel as the chair squeaked against the hardwood flooring of his office. “I have a meeting to get to in ten. That’s all the time you get, got it?”

all-time-jalex-321 asked:


climbing out your window and onto the roof and laying a blanket out there midday and reading for hours, a soft strummed guitar by a campfire, stopping at a yellow light very last minute, spinning around with happiness and excitement, and finally kissing someone you’ve been dying to kiss

send me your name and i’ll respond with what it reminds me of!!