Sherlock shooting at the Yellow Face is fellatio innuendo

Sherlock is relaxed on a chair.

Then he shoots at the Yellow Face.

  • Yellow Face = John’s face (Same coloring)
  • Gun = Stock phallic symbol
  • Shooting = Stock metaphor for ejaculation

Shooting a gun on the Yellow Face = Ejaculating on John’s face.


I haven’t felt this personally pissed off in a while. BS like this is why I will always be critical of non-asian (but specifically white) “koreaboos”.

Anyone is allowed to be a fan of kpop. Anyone is allowed to appreciate East Asian fashion and media. Liking BTS and Got7 is fine but you have to respect who that media is made for.

Korean idols are for Korean people. Korean icons of beauty are there for Korean people. Korean fashion and makeup trends are for Korean people. As a Korean-American, do you think I see representation of people who look like me in American media? When I lived in a predominantly white neighborhood I always felt alien for my puffy eyes and rounded nose. My first label was always “Asian”. It didn’t matter the accomplishments I achieved I was always Asian first, the rest secondary. I hated my face and language because of the way it tinted everything as ‘exotic’ and ‘other’ to the people I knew. It was only by embracing Korean music and culture as well as Korean standards of beauty and makeup that I learned to love my distinctly Asian features.

Liking our music is fine. Having crushes on our celebrities is fine. I even think your broken Korean is cute as long as you’ll let me laugh with you and correct your pronunciation. But makeup is crossing a line. Trying to make yourself look like another race is absolutely offensive and it ignores all the people who are born with those features and their experiences with them. There are other (better) ways of showing your love for your favorite celebrities without stepping out of your place as an international fan.

I won’t even touch on the blatant white supremacy coming from the twitter user themself because I’m crossing my fingers and praying that this account is a troll. But I wanted to make a psa that making yourself up to be a “white ulzzang” is contributive of white supremacy. Stealing our features with no regard to our upbringing and history is white supremacy. 

(This twitter also does touch on Japanese cultural appropriation as well but I don’t feel like it’s my place to comment on that)

When Yellow Diamond finally invades Earth

*Yellow Diamond’s ship lands in the middle of Beach City*

Crystal Gems: *pull out their weapons* Everybody stay back!

Mayor Dewey: Let me through! This is a “take me to your leader” sitatuation isn’t this?

Pearl: Wha?

*Yellow Diamond walks out with her Pearl*

Yellow Diamond: Who is this foolish human?

Mayor Dewey: I am… ehem… I am William Dewey VII, and as the leader of this little piece of Earth, I am here to give you this. *he hands YD a bunch of papers*

Yellow Pearl: What is this?

Mayor Dewey: Parking tickets. For 30 offenses of double parking. I mean, c’mon, your ship is huge!

*Yellow Diamond makes the face* (you know the one)

Yellow Pearl: My Diamond, this human is insulting you? What shall we do?

Mayor Dewey: “My diamond?”, what are you, her slave? You can’t do that! This is America. You’re on American soil, you can’t just own slaves here!

Yellow Pearl: You can’t?

Mayor Dewey: Noooo! My great-great grandpappy didn’t single-handedly win the battle of Beach City just so a bunch of magic ladies could come waltzing to America and bring back slavery.

Yellow Pearl: Well, you heard the human. I’m out of here! *Yellow Pearl gets off the ship and flips YD off on her way down*

Yellow Pearl: Where can a gem have a vacation around here?

Mayor Dewey: Here, I’ll show you!

Mayor Dewey: And don’t forget about the tickets, big piss-colored lady!

*Yellow Pearl and Mayor Dewey walk away hand in hand*

Yellow Diamond: What the hell just happened?!

Garnet: *wipes tear* democracy… *Star Spangled Banner plays in the background*

My school is doing Anything Goes as the spring musical. Anyone who knows the show knows that it’s loaded with anti-Asian racism. It’s worse in my school because even more white people are yellowfacing than written into the play and using offensive “Chinese” accents because my school is 99% white, think Breakfast at Tiffany’s. So all this is bad enough but I didn’t say anything to any of the theatre kids because I didn’t want to start drama but apparently people are spreading rumors that I said I’m boycotting it and that I’m complaining about it???? I literally haven’t said a single word and people are putting words in my mouth. They’re not wrong that I hate it because it’s racist but I literally didn’t say ANYTHING.
-Mod Y