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Are you seriously it going to talk about the fact that Ashely Burnham did yellow face and appropriated black culture??? I mean??? Just because some one promotes equal rights doesn't mean that they don't do shit that we shouldn't call out. Yes she is great and we should appreciate her but we can't ignore this.

we have no idea what you’re referring to? we’ll look it up asap


“Yellow Face” follows the misadventures of an Asian American playwright named DHH who leads the protest against the yellow face casting, only to mistakenly cast a Caucasian actor in an Asian role in his own play. The film is based on David Henry Hwang’s play of the same name for which he received his third Obie Award in Playwriting and made him a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize for Drama. Hwang is an acclaimed playwright whose works include “FOB”, “Golden Child”, “Aida”, “Chinglish” and “M. Butterfly” for which he won the Tony Award.

“Yellow Face” is directed by Jeff Liu, Literary Manager at East West Players, and features a cast with experience in film, TV, theater and YouTube including Ryun Yu, Christopher Gorham, Linda Park, Sab Shimono, Emily Kuroda, Ki Hong Lee and Justin James Hughes.

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