Usage of German tenses

So as most of you German learners might know, German has 6 tenses. But like English and various other languages, the scope of time each tense expresses doesn’t always match the tense itself - e.g. the present tense can describe future events in both German in English. This guide will give you an overview into tense usage!


i) Used to show future events.
> e.g. Petra geht morgen ins Theater (Petra is going to the theatre tomorrow).

ii) Used to show presently-occurring events.
> e.g. Petra kommt ins Zimmer (Petra is coming into the room).

iii) Used for general, time-independent events/facts that last a while.
> e.g. Petra hat seit dem Frühjahr ein eigenes Haus (Petra’s had her own house since spring).
> e.g. Eis ist gefrorenes Wasser (Ice is frozen water).

iv) Used in a ‘historical present tense’ to dramatise/re-narrate literary works.
> e.g. Da liege ich doch gestern auf der Couch und lese ein Buch… (So there I was yesterday laying on the couch and reading a book…).
> e.g. 1492: Christoph Kolombus entdeckt Amerika (1492: Christopher Colombus discovers America).


This is really mainly used in (formal-er) writing as an alternative to Perfekt, and with a handful of verbs.

i) Used in lengthy narrations, mainly to emphasis development.
> e.g. Nach dem Dienst ging ich zur Kasse, um mein Gehalt abzuholen. Es standen sehr viele Leute am Auszahlungsschalter, und ich wartete eine halbe Stunde, reichte meinen Scheck hinen und sah, wie der Kassierer ihn einem Mädchen mit gelber Bluse gab.
(After my shift I went to cash desk to collect my salary. There were a lot of people standing at the cashier’s counter, and I waited half an hour, handed over my check, and saw the cashier give it to a girl with a yellow blouse.)

ii) Used in media to show objectivity.
> e.g. Gestern traf der Präsident in Bonn ein (The president arrived in Bonn yesterday).


i) Used for completed events whose effects are still relevant.
> e.g. Die Blüten der Orchidee sind aufgegangen [und können jetzt von allen bewundert werden].
(The Orchid blossoms have come out [and can now by marvelled by all].)

ii) Used for completed events which still affect the narrator/listener.
> e.g. Da habt ihr mich aber schön erschrocken (You really startled me there)!

iii) Used for time-independent, completed events.
> e.g. Wer einmal Schwimmen gelernt hat, verlernt es sein ganzes Leben nicht mehr.
(Whoever has learnt to swim will never forget it for the rest of his life.)

iv) Used for [an expection about] facts which are still impending.
> e.g. Bis morgen Abend hat der Mechaniker den Motor repariert.
(By tomorrow evening the mechanic will have repaired the engine.)

v) Used for completed events in the past.
> e.g. Kolombus hat Amerika entdeckt (Colombus discovered America).

vi) Used to show a sequence of completed events, like a narration.
> e.g. e.g. Nach dem Dienst bin ich zur Kasse gegangen, um mein Gehalt abzuholen.
(After my shift I went to the cash desk to collect my salary.)


i) Used to show one event before another in past, usually combined with Präterium and usually written.
> e.g. Er lebte dort schon viele Jahre. Er hatte aber keine Freunde gefunden.

Futur I

i) Used to show future events.
> e.g. Ich werde dir bestimmt helfen (I’ll definitely help you)!

ii) Used to show an assumption/educated guess/expectation about a future event.
> e.g. Bald wird es Suzi schon wider besser gehen (Soon Suzi will probably be fine again).

iii) Used to show an assumption/educated guess/expectation about a presently occurring event.
> e.g. Der Vater wird noch im Büro sein (The dad is probably still at the office).

iv) Used for time-independent events.
> e.g. Wer Wind sät, wird Sturm ernten (“Sow the wind and reap the whirlwind”).

v) Used for a demand.
> e.g. Du wird jetzt sofort verschwinden (Go away right now)!

Futur II

i) Used to show something that will be completed in the future.
> e.g. Morgen wird der Mond um diese Zeit schon untergegangen sein.
(Tomorrow the moon will have passed by at this time.)

ii) Used for an expection about facts which are still impending.
> e.g. Der Mechaniker wird den Motor wohl endlich repariert haben.
(The mechanic will probably have finally repaired the engine.)

iii) Used for an expectation about something whose effects are still ongoing.
> e.g. Der Mechaniker wird den Motor wohl schon repariert haben.
(The mechanic will probably have be repaired the engine.)

iv) Used for an expectation about something that has been completed.
> e.g. Der Mechaniker wird den Motor schon gestern repariert haben.
(The mechanic probably finished repairing the engine yesterday.)

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PLL THEORY: Katherine Daly is Bethany Young

Ever since Emma Dumont was announced back in August 2016 to play a character named Katherine Daly, the PLL fandom blew up with theories believing she was going to play a younger Mary and that the name “Katherine Daly” was a lie to cover it up. As we now know, her character IS called Katherine. It wouldn’t make sense anyway to make a fake name to hide the fact she’d play a “younger Mary”.

Everyone started to believe she could be playing a younger Mary when Emma Dumont posted this picture on Instagram with the caption, “Asylum chick vibes.

First of all, she is wearing the RADLEY gown patients always wore, as well as slippers. Her hair is BLONDE and she resembles (well, to me) Bethany from 6x10 (”Game Over, Charles”).

When we first see Katherine in 7x11 (”Playtime”), she greets Hanna after Mona got in contact with her so she could see Hanna’s clothing designs (Katherine is a fashionista of some sort). Where do they first meet? THE RADLEY.

Bethany, obviously, was in Radley as we all know. Katherine Daly has a creepy vibe to me. She greets Hanna and mentions that she is the daughter of Senator Daly, and is running a fundraiser for her dad. I believe Katherine had a disturbing past and was, indeed, Bethany Young in Radley. Perhaps this was an alias so no one would discover she was the senator’s daughter, or maybe Bethany is her real name.

Katherine notes how she likes designs, and we all know how much Bethany loved to draw…

Most characters that are related with “A” (Bethany knew Charlotte/Charles) or are “A” are fashionistas. Mona and Charlotte were, and we first met Charlotte when she mentioned she was a stylist in a boutique. We knew from the very beginning Mona was into fashion after she stopped being “Loser Mona”.

I am assuming that Katherine is from New York because Hanna said she voted for her dad whilst in New York. Why would she come all the way to Rosewood just to look at some clothing designs? Perhaps she’s always been here and is working with A.D. Maybe Bethany/Katherine moved to New York after being in Radley.

As for the night Bethany died, I’ve always believed that no one actually died that night. We all know how Charlotte had access to medical cadavers, as mentioned by Marlene in an interview when she revealed a cadaver was in the barrel from S5. Maybe Charlotte put a cadaver in the grave and put Katherine’s/Bethany’s DNA on it so it’d be identified as her, along with a blonde wig and yellow blouse. Maybe there is a reason to why she did this. If not, maybe she really was hit by Mona and buried alive by Melissa, but she was pulled out. She wants revenge on them all for what happened as she’s mentally insane! Don’t forget, Bethany supposedly killed Toby’s mother Marion.

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How could I forget Allison and Catherine from The Pierces and in the Secret music video (PLL’s theme song)? Even though Allison was the brunette and Catherine was the blonde (the lead singers from The Pierces), and they’re spelt differently from Alison and Katherine in the show, maybe they’re bringing this to PLL itself. Catherine killed Allison in the music video for exposing her secret! Could we see Alison vs Katherine in PLL?

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There isn’t much else to go by, but I will definitely keep my eye on Katherine as her next appearance will be in 7x13 (”Hold Your Piece”). 

Thanks for reading!

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Could you do 81 with Sherlolly? (For the prompt ask thing. :)

Thank you, dearest Nonny! I hope you enjoy it! I had plenty of fun writing it. ;D


“I need you to fake date me.“ she sat down next to him.

“Nice to meet you too,“ Sherlock responded, putting down the book he had been reading,

“What was your name again?“

“Molly. Molly Hooper.“ she fumbled with the sleeve buttons of her yellow blouse.

“So that boy over there,-“ he pointed towards a guy searching the book shelf in front of him “is your Ex.“ Sherlock prompted and furrowed a brow at her.

Molly scoffed “Don’t ask.“

Sherlock couldn’t help but smirk, “I’m Sherlock by the way. Would be a shame if our cover blew off because you didn’t know my name.“

She stared at him, surprised by his decision, “So you’re in?“

He reached out for her hands, “Yes, seems like I don’t have another choice. He’s coming over. It’s now or never, Hooper,” he whispered so only she could hear him.

“Molly?”, she felt someone tapping on her shoulder. She let go one of Sherlock’s hands and turned around.

“Tom?” Molly asked with a faked surprised tone in her voice.

“Hey, it’s so nice to see you again! It’s been a while,” Tom exclaimed, while his gaze went over to Sherlock.“So who is this?” he furrowed a brow at Molly. Hurt and jealousy in his eyes.

“That’s Sherlock,” she softly brushed her fingers against his at the mention of his name.

“Nice to meet you, Tom.” Sherlock said as friendly as possible.

Tom simply nodded and eyed Molly again, “I was wondering if you’d like to get a coffee.”

“Oh. I’m sorry, Tom. But I was actually planning on spending the afternoon with Molly today,” Sherlock interrupted.

Molly turned around, giving him a confused look.

“It was supposed to be a surprise, Darling,” Sherlock smiled and placed kiss on her cheek.

“Play along,” he whispered into her ear, sending shivers down her spine.

She hummed, “That’s so thoughtful of you, Sweetheart.”

Their faces were only a few inches apart. Sherlock maintained eye contact and Molly felt her cheeks flushing.

“I know.” he answered with a honeyed voice and completely overwhelmed her by pressing a short kiss to her lips.

“Uhm, I think I should go now,” Tom mumbled and left as fast as possible.

“He’s gone.” Sherlock broke the kiss.

Molly opened her eyes and gave him an angry glare, “That was totally unnecessary!” she hissed.

“You liked it,” he smirked.

“I didn’t,” Molly stuttered and bit her lip.

“Well, then we should practice, you know, to make our relationship more plausible,” he leaned in for another kiss. stealing her breath.

Chamber of Secrets - Part 2

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Pairing: Bucky x Reader (eventually)

Summary: After the Avenger’s falling out, you were put in charge of putting Bucky together. Under King T’Challa’s orders, you were given a month’s time to create a new arm while simultaneously figure out how to get the triggering memories of his past out of his mind. As the time goes by, you found yourself confiding in him, despite his frozen state.

A/N: I’m literally in tears of joy seeing the response from the first part, I never thought so many people would read it, let alone enjoy it! Ah, you guys make me so happy, I love you guys so much it’s insane! 


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Bucky/Darcy, Bodyswap

for @pieannamay

1. Bodyswap

Bucky blinked.  Repeatedly.  The lights, they were definitely in a different position than they had been before.  Had he moved?  He didn’t remember moving.  He’d only felt heat and then he’d fallen over.  

He flexed his arm, trying to get a reading on any temperature shifts.  And that’s when he realized. He glanced down at his arm.  Not metal.  Just flesh.  And not nearly as much of it as he was used to.  

He glanced down at his chest.  Those, he definitely recognized.  He recognized the yellow blouse, the freckle that just peeked out of the top of her blouse.  On the left.  The one he liked to kiss.  



He sat up, head spinning a bit, but he could have sworn he’d just heard himself say ‘Holy shitballs’.  And if that was true, it meant…

“What fresh hell?  Buck?  Are you here?”  

“I’m here, Darcy.  I’m…you?”

It felt strange.  His words, her voice.  

He just stared at her – himself –  her in his body.  “What do we do?” he asked. 

“First things first, you should probably teach me how to use this thing.” She gestured towards the arm.  “I’d hate to rip your tender parts off when I have to take a whizz.”  


Sylvie + outfits

Vintage Nancy Drew [x]

On a rainy spring day, the only logical thing to do is curl up with a blanket and a yellow hardback Nancy Drew book. While the rain may be falling outdoors, the bright yellow spines bring a little bit on vintage sunshine indoors. To create a vintage inspired look inspired by the books and their bright covers, pair a cream blouse with yellow jeans, a straw hat, yellow and cream t-bar pumps, a satchel bag, and a gold polka dotted phone case. Book page earrings, a magnifying glass necklace, floral and pearl bracelets, a skeleton key ring, and a key hole ring complete the look.

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Someone thinking they're sick with nerves but it turns out they've got a stomach bug

“Wow who’s the lucky lady?” Max teased as he walked downstairs. Porter was standing in the living room, half dressed. He had on a dress shirt which was half buttoned and was standing in his boxers ironing his pants.

“Shut up,” Porter said back, holding up a hand, “I don’t have time for you to be mean.”

Max raised his brows, surprised at Porter’s response, but slightly amused as well.

“You’re a catch,” he said, walking into the kitchen.

Ozzy was on the couch, flipping through channels.

“Her name is Becca,” he said, and Porter shot him a glare.

Ozzy rolled his eyes, unphased.
“She works with me at the store. I told her they should go out,” Ozzy said, smiling as if he were proud of himself.

“Wow, playing Cupid. Dangerous games, my friend,” Max said, taking a bite of a slice of pizza.

Porter’s stomach turned uncomfortably at the smell. He shook his head, trying to shake it off.

“I’ve got like… forty minutes?!” He said, checking his watch.

“Ozzy! I told you to warn me at an hour!” He said, pulling the pants, still hot, off the ironing board and jumping frantically as he tried to pull them on.

“Sorry, jeez. Porter you should calm down! Becca is great. You’ll have fun,” Ozzy said.

Porter ignored him, fastening his pants and tucking in his shirt. He hurried into the downstairs bathroom and messed with his hair, rubbing pomade into it and desperately hoping it cooperated.

As he stood in the rest room, his stomach groaned. He grimaced.

Porter had been known to have a bit of a nervous stomach. He usually had to be extremely nervous, but when he was, his stomach would surely let him know.

He laid a hand over it, the contents shifting inside. He let out a burp and felt acid turning in his belly. He hurried into the kitchen and rummaged through the medicine cabinet, sighing as he found the antacids.

“Feeling alright?” Max asked, sitting on the bar stool. Ozzy peeked into the kitchen.

“Just nerves… my stomach is feeling kind of torn up,” he answered, chewing the tablets. He grabbed a glass of water and drank it, catching himself with a gross-tasting burp as he finished.

“You shouldn’t be so nervous,” Ozzy said. “You’ll have fun. I really think you and Becca will hit it off. She’s really laid back.”

Porter nodded. He was being ridiculous.

“But you do have like… twenty minutes to get there,” Ozzy said, glancing at his phone.

Porter kicked back into a bit of a panic, heading upstairs to grab shoes. He hopped dangerously down the stairs, trying to pull them on as he did so.

He headed to the door, shouting a quick goodbye to his friends.

Less than ten seconds later, the door reopened and Porter hurried in to grab his phone, keys, and wallet.

“The essentials,” Ozzy said.

Porter rolled his eyes.

Porter thought his stomach would have started feeling better by the time he got to the movie theater, but he was still tense, and his stomach was still feeling upset.

He hopped out of the car after parking and headed inside to wait. He decided maybe having something to eat would help him, so he’d decided to get popcorn when Becca arrived.

He waited for a couple moments, nervously tapping his foot.

“Hey, excuse me? Are you Porter?” A voice asked from behind him. He turned around and saw the most beautiful girl in front of

Her black hair was long and silky and she had a sweet smile. She wore jeans and a yellow blouse. She looked so pretty.

Porter couldn’t help but be intimidated, as sweet as she seemed, he felt she was just a bit out of his league.

“Um, yes! Yeah, are you Becca?” He asked, and then quickly retracted.
“Well, obviously you’re Becca since you were looking for me…” he said, his cheeks turning a bit red.
The girl furrowed her brows, looking confused.

“Uh… no… I’m Emily… I was just going to tell you your shoe is untied,” she said, and Porter’s heart sank. He looked down at his untied shoe. His stomach felt a bit sick now.

“Oh, um… I’m sorry,” he stammered and then the girl broke a smile.

“No, aw, I’m just kidding! I am Becca. It’s nice to meet you,” she said, reaching her hand out. He shook it, sighing. She was funny. She was cool.
He could relax a bit.

He bent down to tie his shoe, and then they joined the line for concessions.

“I can catch skittles in my mouth virtually under any circumstances,” Porter told her, and she gave him a skeptical look.

“Like what?”

“Like… while driving… or from across the room,” he said. She smirked.
“I’ll have to see it for myself.”

Porter scoffed, “Not until at least the third date.”
They both laughed, and Porter was feeling confident. So why did his stomach still feel so awful? It groaned under his shirt and he was surprised she hadn’t heard it. He winced at the sick, churning feeling, briefly. She didn’t see.

Soon it was their turn in line and Porter ordered a popcorn and a ginger ale, hoping to put an end to his stomach troubles.

They headed into the theater after handing over tickets.

They sat in a row which was otherwise empty. They were almost the only ones in the theater. They sat and talked while they waited for the movie to start.
Porter sipped on his ginger ale and took timid bites of popcorn, hoping his stomach would settle.
But by the time the lights went down for the film, Porter’s poor belly was worse for wear. The carbonated soda had done little to help, and, actually, probably more to bother him. It churned and bubbled in his stomach, the greasy popcorn not helping either. He relinquished the popcorn bucket to Becca after a moment, needing his hands. He rested them on his belly, trying to seem casual.

But his stomach felt terrible. He felt crampy and queasy and quite miserably bloated. He could feel the contents of his stomach sloshing underneath his hand.

The movie was getting to the plot when Porter started taking a turn for the worse.

His stomach let out a deep, audible, groan and he hurriedly coughed into his fist, trying to cover the sound.

If Becca noticed anything was off, she didn’t let Porter know. He wanted to keep it that way. She continued to watch the film, captivated by the screen.

But Porter’s stomach was only getting worse. He felt like he was at sea, the contents sloshing back and forth as he swayed. But he was sitting still.

He let out a burp, unwittingly. He hadn’t meant to, but he couldn’t help it. Thankfully it was masked during a particularly loud scene in the movie.

Porter knew what came next. He had to make a run for it.

His mouth filled with watery spit, and he swallowed quickly. As soon as he did, however, he felt something else rise up his throat. He clamped a hand over his mouth and jumped up, sprinting out of the theater without a word, leaving a stunned Becca behind.

He landed in front of a toilet in the men’s restroom, hardly making it in time. Vomit readily flew from his throat as soon as he fell in front of the toilet.

He burped, and more followed. Porter heaved several more waves of sick up, afraid he’d never stop. His stomach felt so upset, like he needed to purge everything inside and start over. At least, that’s what his body seemed to think.

Surely it wasn’t nerves still? He wasn’t nervous anymore. He was embarrassed!

He let out a shaky breath and reached up, wiping sweat from his forehead. He was freezing and upon touching his forehead, he realized why. It wasn’t nerves. He was burning up. He was sick.

He groaned into the toilet, realizing this was only the beginning.

The beginning of being sick, but surely the ending of his brief affair with Becca.

He was mortified. He had really liked her. Every time Porter felt like something was going right, he screwed it up.

Moments passed and Porter threw up a few more mouthfuls of sick before deciding he was done at least for now. He pushed himself up from the ground and flushed the toilet. He moved towards the sinks and washed his face off. He headed out of the bathroom.

Becca was standing there, by the wall.

“Oh… Becca, I’m so sorry,” he said, holding a hand on his queasy belly.

She looked surprised and a bit upset. He was afraid of what she’d say.

“You’re sorry? You’re sick! You poor thing,” she said, moving towards him.

“Were you feeling bad before?” She asked.
He shrugged, a bit embarrassed to admit the truth.

“Well I thought I was… just nervous,” he said, stifling a burp into his fist.

She grinned.

“Oh, flattery will get you nowhere,” she smiled.

“Can you drive? Maybe I should drive you home? You can probably leave your car here until later,” she offered.

Porter was about to refuse, when a sharp and sudden heave cut him off before he could start. It was ultimately unproductive, but made both him and Becca jump.

That decided his answer for him.

“Come on, I’ll take you home!” She smiled, taking his arm.

After leaving the door, though, Porter’s stomach clenched and he lurched for an unsuspecting trashcan near the exit. He gagged up another mouthful of semi-digested food and grimaced. He was humiliated. He wiped at his mouth and nose with a napkin Becca handed him. She rubbed his back comfortingly.

When he felt as though he was done, he stood straight up.

“I can’t believe this happened. I’m so embarrassed,” he said.

Becca shook her head,
“It’s fine, Porter, you’re sick, you can’t help it. I just feel bad you feel so sick,” she said.

Porter sighed.

She got Porter to her car and helped him inside. She closed his door for him and climbed in herself. Porter was exhausted and still feeling sick.

“How can I make this up to you?” He asked.

“We can try again another time once you’re better, that’ll make up for it,” she smiled.

Then she reached in her bag, pulling out a pack of skittles.

“Can you catch them under this circumstance?” She asked, laughing.

Porter closed his eyes tightly and held the back of his hand over his mouth, disgusted by the concept of eating.

Becca laughed at him and Porter felt good.

As sick as he was, Porter felt for the first time in a long time, that something was about to be really good.

Let Him Make You Smile (Taehyung x Reader)

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“Ugh! I totally need this!” Taehyung exclaimed from his spot next to you. You were currently engrossed in your phone scrolling down your twitter feed and laughing out loud at the foolery. “Y/N!” His tone suddenly turned whiny and made you stop what u were doing.

“What Tae?”

“I want this!” He insisted and shoved his own phone in your face. On the screen brightly displayed was a brand new state of the art $500 looking bike.

“Looks nice,” you acknowledged and went back to watching the shenanigans on your phone.

“It does! And a certain someone would like you to consider something like this next time gift exchange comes around,” he said and scooted even closer to show you the gallery of pictures.

“Ohhhh, Taehyung,” you said. He had your full attention. No he was not asking you to buy something with his filthy rich behind. “I’m not buying you anything that expensive. Some of us are still just maybe well to do, not ball life like yourself,” you checked him up.

You couldn’t let him run away with that ideal. You might be hard on him sometimes, but you hated to deal with a disappointed Tae. And he needed no one but himself to get hyped up, be it a dance, an idea or whatever. The boy could be a one man show no problem. Vaguely in the back you could hear the snickering of Kook being extra. Fortunately, Tae was oblivious and was serving you his best blank stare.

“But-” “No buts Tae. You make enough money to save up and buy yourself a fancy new bike. Especially because you already have one.” You attempted to return to your phone but he had other plans.

“Yah Y/N don’t be like that.” He threw an arm around your shoulders and leaned in closer, sticking his face right in yours. You couldn’t deny that Taehyung was very attractive but you never shied away when he got close. That would give the boy power and you weren’t having it.

“Like what?” You replied sassily, turning to meet his gaze with an eyebrow high.

“Ooooo,” he breathed out and leaned back slightly. He kept his arm around you but refused to keep pushing the topic. He could see that maybe just maybe you’d square up on him and set him straight if he kept at it. He liked your sauciness but knew when to not push it. After all it was Wednesday and you’d obliged them with coming over after work. In fact, you were still dressed in your business attire. You’d left your heels at the door to curl up on their huge sectional and loosened the bun at the back of your neck for a sloppy ponytail instead. You wore a yellow blouse, sheer by the looks of it and a cami peeked out from behind the top three buttons your left undone. Your slacks didn’t look comfortable, but you did, now slumped against the side of the couch.

“Kook!” You suddenly yelled.

“I’m coming!” He replied and you sat back satisfied. You’d actually arrived 15 minutes ago, and had been bribed with the offer of meat lovers pizza, a shoulder massage and rounds of entertaining Mario Kart. Not one member had yet to fulfill these promises though. Just a handsome Tae had come to keep you company as Kook was in the shower, Joon still at the studio, Jimin on the phone, and Hoseok and Jin on the pizza run. It was Yoongi’s nap time so no one dared wake him.

You turned to Tae in boredom and found him in the position you’d been in several minutes ago before he’d interrupted you, busily scrolling. This time you decided to bother him. You crawled over to his side of the sectional and pounced, landing half in his lap. He didn’t flinch though. You decided to start playing with his hand that was laying on his thigh and traced the veins idly.

“One of you owes me that massage,” you spoke quietly, not stopping your ministrations. He glanced up then, mouth in a small pout, almost as if he was asking silently if you wanted his attention. You refused to meet his eyes though and moved further up to his wrist.

“Here,” he said and pulled up his long legs to sit cross legged. He patted the newly created space in front of him and you happily acquiesced filling the spot. Hoseok or Jimin usually fulfilled this role, but Tae wasn’t half bad. In fact, he was a little rougher but in a good way. He was working out that one stubborn knot and you gave way to a little moan. He chuckled behind you and you couldn’t even be embarrassed. This was a need, not a want.

“Y/N I’m done,” Kook spoke up, coming into your peripheral view. “Wah hyung, you’re giving her a massage. You never give us any.” Kook noted, flopping onto the other side of the sectional.

“’m special,” you got out and bit down on your tongue to keep another moan from coming out. You didn’t want them to think you were depraved. “Mhm,” Kook humored you and fired up the Nintendo. Just then Hoseok and Jin came back in, noisily banging open the door to the dorm. Namjoon trailed behind them. A chorus of greetings sounded, although you sounded half coherent on account of Tae still working wonders, now on your neck.

“We got meat lovers,” Hoseok announced grinning broadly in your direction. You gave two thumbs up and a big grin. Tae wined down and finally finished, Mario Kart now roaring on the TV. You hoped Yoongi wouldn’t jump up ready to fight from the noise level. You turned to face Tae and graced him with one of your hugs, wrapping your arms tight around his neck. He instantly hugged you back, arms going around your waist and a contented “hmmm” sounding against your ear. You knew he loved hugs and appreciated being appreciated.

You pulled back and made your way to the kitchen, rustling Kook’s hair on the way. You pinched Namjoon’s side as he was simply looking lost in the entrance having toed off his shoes. He snapped back to life and grinned before moving into the dorm to get settled. Hoseok spread his arms for a hug and you happily obliged him. He was warm and always had a great hug to give. You turned then to Seokjin and helped him assemble cups and liters of pop on the counter. Two boxes of pizza were open with two more under them. When you first began to hang out with them, you thought four boxes was a bit excessive, but soon found that each member could easily put the smackdown on four slices anytime of day.

You and Jin served yourselves first before going to settle in the living room. You settled in Tae’s spot as he’d excitedly gotten up when the announcement was made for food. The other five aware members crowded into the kitchen, Jimin having ended his call. He came to join you on the couch and sat close, giving you a huge eyesmile and asking about your day. You both conversed very easily whenever you saw each other.

He was in the middle of telling you about a move he’d perfected when Tae returned with his plate loaded high. You stuck your tongue out at him and ignored him standing over you. You should’ve known better. He put his plate down on the floor and grabbed you up under your arms, being careful not to disturb your plate. He settled behind you, grabbed his plate, then pulled you back onto his lap, tugging you into his chest. You paused in chewing momentarily and then went back to talking to Jimin, who was now engaging Tae as well. He was always good at that.

After eating, it was time to show who was boss. Everyone knew either Kook or Jin would win, the former by pure skills, the latter by sheer love of Mario manifesting itself, but it was still fun to watch when one lost in one of their made up brackets. You offered to take everyone’s plates, mood greatly improved by hot food and a warm Tae chest and on the way you met Yoongi, who was sleepily rubbing at his eyes like a baby. You two were a lot alike and you knew he was still tremendously drowsy. You tossed the plates and promptly started fixing Yoongi one.

By the time he’d finished inspecting the living room activities, you were handing him a plate and a cup of beer. He smiled gratefully and said thank you in that extra raspy voice that you secretly did love. You returned it and went back to the couch. This time you sat up in front of Tae but after several minutes, he tugged you back and rested his chin on your shoulder. You didn’t fight it, because you didn’t have much tolerance for whiny Tae.

After ten minutes, and the last race taking place between Jin and Kook, the former excitedly yelling, Tae turned and asked if you’d like a bowl of ice cream. Problem was the bastard said it right into your ear, and his voice was already deep as all get out. He didn’t mean to unnerve you but he did every time he started doing that thing where he was close and asking if he could do something for you with his velvet voice. You just nodded yes, not even registering if you really wanted ice cream.

He turned to Jimin and asked the question, to which he happily nodded. It looked like he was texting his girlfriend now and the sight of him smiling made you smile. Tae returned with two bowls, after pausing to talk to Joon, now at the table on his laptop and Yoongi who was finishing his food, now looking actually chipper. After handling Jimin his bowl you noticed the one was for both of you to share. At least he’d brought two spoons. Then you noticed the hot fudge on top and low-key lost it.

“Y'all had fudge?!” you exclaimed and actually caught Hoseok’s attention who had been busily screaming at the action on screen. You didn’t mind him though and just excitedly tugged on Taehyung to sit back down so you could eat. He laughed at you and settled down. You turned to face him, no longer caring about him and focused on the bowl between the two of you. When you noticed him taking a much bigger scoop than you, pouting ensued.

“You want more?” he asked and you nodded although your mouth was already full. He got another spoonful and held it in front of your face. You cared not and opened wide for him to stick it all in your face. He laughed harder at your full cheeks and then your pinched expression as you experienced sensitivity from all the cold. You finally swallowed it all but didn’t feel like eating more. You opted to move the bowl and settled against Tae again.

The race had been won by Jin who was fist pumping excessively and another tournament started. This time Yoongi joined in since Joon was still working. You checked your phone and saw you still had another hour before you needed to cut out. You snuggled further back and stretched out your legs alongside Taehyung much longer ones, your trouser sock clad feet looking especially small next to his.

It was your turn again and you were squaring up against Hoseok, having beaten Jimin. You made to lean forward but as a game, Tae kept an arm tight around your waist.

“Yah!” you exclaimed, not daring to look away from the screen to pin him with a glare to get him to stop. You were in second and needed to focus on catching up. You went to rear up again and Tae laughed behind you, holding you tight to his chest. “Taeeeeee,” you whined.

“Nope,” he fired back, and the sounds of his lips popping on the P agitated you. You tried to pull up your legs to tuck under you but even doing that did nothing to loosen his hold on you. You ended up still winning though, sticking it to Hoseok, although he was a close second. The finale ended up being you and Kook and he effectively crushed you making you toss the remote and cross your arms across your chest.

“Awwww, is Y/N mad?” he asked and you stuck your tongue out again before begrudgingly letting your arms drop. They had delivered on all their promises so you couldn’t rightfully be irritated over your loss. “Y/N will be okay,” Tae said in a comforting tone over your shoulder. He’d gotten more and more comfortable, his hand now splayed on your tummy. Since he was so much bigger, you were almost completely encircled against him. It was comfortable, very much so, but it was also almost time to go. You stretched, raising your arms up high before turning to Tae. He looked content, smiling at you.

“It’s time for me to go home,” you announced. His grip slackened allowing you to get up and stretch further. Everyone came to say bye and you handed out hugs to all, even Yoongi.

“I’ll take you home,” Tae said, having walked with you to the door.

“No, its okay,” you protested. “You’re already in your casual clothes, I’ll just text you when I get home.” He smirked before stepping closer.

“Wheres your jacket?” You pointed to the rack and he found it behind several others before he motioned for you to let him slide it on your frame. “Come on,” he said pulling keys from his pocket. Were those there the whole time? You knew better than to argue with him when he actually looked serious and wasn’t being his cute smiling self. Plus not having to take the subway 20 minutes would be nice.

You made your way to the parking garage before he fired up the car and actually opened the door for you to get in. You smiled wide and said thank you. Sometimes he surprised you, though after thinking about it, you hadn’t been in a car with him in months. The ride home was filled with soft jazz playing and you sank into your seat, keeping your eyes on his side profile. He really was very handsome. Sometimes he would turn his head and meet your eyes and smile at you gently. Mostly though he just sang along to the jazz, making up his own lyrics when there were none.

He walked you all the way to your door and hugged you tight. You thought maybe he’d pressed a kiss to the crown of your head too but you couldn’t be too sure, because now you were tired and the day was catching up to you with a vengeance. He waited until he heard you lock the door to walk away and then when you peeped out the curtains, he waved at you before climbing in the car again.

You showered and dressed for bed, careful not to wake your roommate. You lay there, and for the first time, did not think of all the members or the fun time you’d had, but only of Taehyung. It was odd but not necessarily troubling. You decided to hit the off switch and address all that in the next couple days. Now was time to sleep.

Island Escape: Part 6

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JJ Project Series

Warning: Contains smut and violence in some chapters

Teaser  Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10  Part 11  Part 12  Part 13  Part 14  Part 15  Part 16  Part 17

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Home (Alex Gaskarth; Soulmate AU)

A/N: FUCK STUDYING HAVE A SOULMATE IMAGINE. I think I’m gonna do all the ATL guys. 

  • Prompt: Everyone has  a soulmate timer on their wrist. But this new “soulmate dyes hair and your hair changes too” thing was out of hand. 

Everyone had their soulmate clock on their wrist; the timer to countdown how long you had to meet your ultimate match. But this new hair changing deal was something you were totally not down with.

Your hair had been pink, brown, teal, back to brown, and now, on the day before probably the biggest job interview of your life, your soulmate had dyed their hair fucking blue.

Blue; who did that?

You’d tried everything this morning; pulling it back into a bun, to make it less noticeable, to stuffing it under a huge sun hat which just made you look bald. It also didn’t really go with the nice, sunny yellow pinskirt and white blouse you had on, and as your let out a groan and pulled your now blue hair, you flopped onto the bed and closed your eyes in frustration.

You didn’t even know if this soulmate business was even worth it anymore. Raising your hand, you looked at the clock on your wrist, ticking away. It was one of the strangest the doctors had seen; it took huge leaps for time, either increasing or decreasing viciously but it had never fully ran out. Sure, most people’s did that, but you’d been informed only for about a day or two. Yours could sometimes jump up in years, but they swore nothing was wrong with it. Almost all of your friends had found their own soulmates already anyway; to be the last one was so disheartening.

You felt lost; staring at your clock wasn’t helping either.

So you had eventually just stopped looking at it. But this new, bright blue hair, this could not be ignored. You couldn’t even remember what color hair yours was originally, but you knew you’d never dyed it.

Your phone beeped and you jumped up, realizing that you’d be late if you didn’t leave now. You headed to the office building of the prestigious firm you had applied at, and there, in the lobby, was the CEO waiting to interview you. You saw his eyes linger on your hair.

“Soulmate problems?” He asked cheerily, shaking your hand.

“You have no idea,” you laughed, feeling some of your anxiety rush away. This man obviously had experience.

“I met mine before all this hair business, but some scientists are saying now that these particular soulmates are deeper connected than others,” he mused, leading you upstairs. “Well, come on; let’s get started.”

And you felt the interview went well; the gentleman had given you a start date and cheerily waved you off as you left. You hummed, delighted; this was your first big girl job, and you were so excited!

But the blue hair was still a problem.

Sighing, you meandered down the street, trying not to mind the looks of curious passerby. You ducked around a corner onto an artesian street, looking for a bistro or something to get lunch, when you heard it; soft guitar chords resonating through the air, and you couldn’t help this pull to follow it. You weaved through the crowd in your high heels and pushed past a group of teenages only to spot a shock of bright blue navy hair.

The same shade yours was currently.

He was leaning against the arm of a metal bench, eyes closed as he hummed chords and strummed the guitar. At once, you felt your heart rate speed up, and you felt what you had been waiting for your entire life;

Your wrist timer hitting 00:00, and a soft, gentle buzzing hitting your wrist.

Fascinated, you watched as the man was startled out of his playing, looking down at his wrist as it must have vibrated too. He looked up with a sparkle in his eyes, and you supposed it wasn’t hard to miss, what with you and your blue hair. He set his guitar aside and stood up cautiously, eyes never leaving you.

Oh man, he was attractive, even with that blue hair.

He approached you slowly, almost like it was a dream.

“I thought…I thought I’d never meet you,” he breathed, peering at you.

“Yes well,” you said awkwardly, twisting your hands together. “Here I am. I’m (Y/N).”

He stilled your hands and grabbed your wrist, comparing timers, which glowed a brief yellow before vanishing; the sign that yes, this was indeed your soulmate. Your breathing hitched.

“I’m Alex,” he murmured, before a crooked smile overtook his face. “Blue’s a good look for you.”

And like that, the awkwardness was broken, replaced with a sense of odd comfort and familiarity, like you’d known him your whole life. “You should see my senior year picture. Pink… it had to be pink, huh?”

He laughed, slipping his hand into yours. It fit perfectly. “It couldn’t have been that bad.”

You rolled your eyes playfully, liking the warmth from his hand. “My mother thought so. You’ve changed my hair color so many times, I don’t even remember my original color.”

He turned you gently to look at your reflection in the glass, and to your astonishment, there was your original hair color. “It reverts back to normal once we meet each other.”

You studied yourself, not used to having such a bland hair color. You touched it cautiously, before shaking your head and hauling Alex off in a different direction.

“Woah, woah!” he cried, managing to snatch his guitar before you dragged him. “Where are we going?”

“There’s a store around the corner,” you chimed, looking back at him with such mirth and joy in your eyes that he found his breath had been snatched from him for a minute. “What do you think about me being a redhead?”

He smirked and stopped you, spinning you close to his body and splaying his free hand across your back, looking down at you with this complete look of comfort and adoration it made your head spin.

“I think we’d make a damn fine shade of purple,” he murmured, pressing a soft kiss against your cheek. “Let’s get started then. I’m pretty good at dying hair.”

“I’d hope so!” you laughed, looping your hands in his belt and tugging him closer, smiling serenely. His arm looped around you again and you rested your forehead on his shoulder.

“I’ve been waiting for you for a long time,” he whispered into your ear, his breath stirring little hairs on your neck. Your eyes slid shut and you turned your head to listen to his heartbeat. “I’m so happy you found me.”

You placed a hand on his heart and murmured, “I’ve finally found my home.” 


A Snowbarry fanfic

Story by: hoffkk

Request by: Anon

Summary: Takes place after season 1.  Iris points out and teases Barry about his obvious feelings for Caitlin, while helping out in the lab along with her father and Cisco.  This makes Barry confused at first, but then he eventually realizes that he is in love with Caitlin and must tell her so asap.


It had been six months. Six months since Eddie had killed himself and unknowingly created a giant wormhole.  Six months since Ronnie had died helping Barry to stop it.  Six months since all the wrongs in Barry’s life had been righted by getting both his parents back, alive and free.  Barry still couldn’t believe it, he had finally accomplished the one thing he had always dreamed of doing, saving his parents, but for the first few weeks, he wasn’t so sure it was worth it.  To Barry, it felt like he just exchanged two innocent lives for those of his parents.  He confided as much to Iris and Caitlin one day at Jitters, where both women were quick to assure him of his stupidity, saying how Eddie and Ronnie were grown men who made their own decisions that night and gave their lives for not only Barry’s parents, but for the whole team and all of Central City. This made sense to Barry and made him feel a little better too, but he still couldn’t help the feelings of guilt that swam around in his chest at the time, eventually though, those feelings did subside.

Now, six months later, things were actually pretty good.  There was some confusion in the aftermath of the wormhole explosion, but the team quickly figured out that only the people with a strong personal connection to Barry knew exactly what had happened that day and could remember Eobard’s presence and all the trouble he had caused.  Meanwhile, everyone else in Central City had no recollection of a wormhole, that Barry’s mom had ever been murdered, or that his dad had been arrested for the crime.  They had no idea why this was so, but were working on figuring it out.  In the meantime, Barry was able to fall back into old patterns as he hung out with the team and solved crimes as both a CSI and The Flash.  The team now officially consisted of Barry, Caitlin, Cisco, Joe, and Iris when need be. Within the past few months, Barry was able to repair his friendship with Iris, becoming best friends with her once more. It was like old times all the time now, and Barry loved it.  He was adamant that he would not screw up things between them again.  So, that meant no more secrets and no more “I love you” slips.  Surprisingly, the latter was a lot easier to comply with than Barry had initially thought it would be, but he couldn’t figure out why.  It was this thought Barry found himself pondering while he ran a facial recognition search for their latest metahuman.  As he tried to figure out why things seemed different this time around with Iris, his gaze caught Caitlin, hovering over her own computer across the room as she did some research for their current case.  She was bent over the front of the desk, holding herself up with one hand, which was splayed on the desktop beside the keyboard, while the other clasped the mouse and scrolled through the web page she was on. Her reddish-brown hair cascaded over the front of her shoulders, looking vibrant against the bright, yellow blouse she was wearing.  As she stared intently at the computer screen, Barry noticed Caitlin biting her lip, something he noted her doing more and more often these days.  She only did so when she was nervous, stressed, or worried, so it made Barry feel nervous, stressed, and worried.  He just really wished she would talk to him about it, he tried a couple of times, but she just brushed it off like it was nothing. Barry knew better, he knew her better, but let it go anyways.  He was still staring at Caitlin when Iris’s voice broke through his thoughts.

“Earth to Barry!” She giggled, waving a hand in front of his face.

“What?  What happened?” Barry asked spinning in his chair to face her.  "Did we get a hit?“  He added, referring to the program he was running as he spared a quick glance at his screen.

"You want a hit? I’ll give you a hit.”  Iris stated matter-of-factly, then punched Barry in the side of the arm playfully.

“Ow!”  Barry yelped.  "For real?“  He queried as he rubbed his arm soothingly.  Though the hit was playful, it was a little too hard for Barry’s liking.

"Yes, for real.”  Iris answered, mimicking his tone.  "I was calling your name for, like, five minutes, and you completely ignored me.“

"Sorry.” Barry apologized.  "I was… distracted.“  He finished vaguely as his eyes flicked back to Caitlin for a brief moment.

"Clearly.” She said with a smile as her gaze followed Barry’s.

Barry just ignored her teasing, since he was more concerned over Caitlin at the moment.  Noticing her leave the room just then, he decided to take advantage of Caitlin’s absence and get some advice from his best friend.

“Has Caitlin said anything to you lately?”  He asked, turning to Iris.

“About what?” She queried. “You?”  Iris quickly added in a more playful tone as she crossed her arms and smiled.

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