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Bts reaction to their child waking them up

Request:  BTS reaction to their child crawling into their bed in the morning waking them up hehe, thanks.

A/n: I love reactions with children. I really do.


“My little girl. Don’t wake up mommy. Wanna go make breakfast? What is the tummy saying? Yes? That’s what Papa wants too. Let’s go.”

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“My super hero. Come hug your dad. Don’t wake mommy. Let’s hug.”

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“What are you? A Beast? Are you sure? Who’s your Beauty? Mommy? No, baby. Mommy is Dad’s Beauty. But you can be a prince.”

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“Come here, Daddy’s princess. Good morning. What is mommy if you are a princess? Mommy is a queen. Dad’s queen. And they together have a princess.”

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“There is a fairy waking me up I see. I can be Peter Pan and you’ll be Tinker Bell. Let’s wake mommy. She’ll be Wendy.”

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“Buddy, good morning. Why are your fingers yellow? You drew? On the wall? Mom will be delighted. We need to clean fast. Together. Let’s go. Abort sleep. We have to clean it before mommy wakes up.”

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“Sometimes I forget you are two. You want what? To wake mommy? We can’t. Let’s go for a walk and buy strawberries instead. We are a happy four member family, right?”

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in a distant galaxy, a couple of gems are having a family argument


Sorry I’ve been so inactive lately! It’s because I’ve been working on making a Sheikah Slate for my nephew, who is going to cosplay as Link.

Still a work in progress, but I thought I’d share what it looks like so far :)

I’ve been following this tutorial (with a couple modifications):