yellow fingers


The Bee Miraculous Holder design

-Her gloves go halfway up her biceps, and in the promo art on the bottom is looks as if the top part of her suit is furry, like an actual bee

(Edit: The gloves are also “fingerless” and the fingers are yellow)

-The top part of her suit has three black lines pointing downwards, the top one covering her chest

-The bottom of her suit has two black lines pointing downwards, starting about mid-thigh

-Her boots are pitch black and end where the lines end, still following that same design

-There also seems to be some type of rope(?) splitting the top part and bottom part of her suit. I’m not sure if it’s her weapon, but it seems to be(e) the most logical assumption at this point :)

-We haven’t seen the bangs of the bee holder yet, but we do know she is a blond (duh) and her hair curls at the ends. Personally I think she may be wearing a headband of some sort in the first picture, but it’s up to how you interpret it. The mask color has yet to be determined.


Spent a night wandering Coney Island, spun around the Wonder Wheel under a crescent moon. Empty haunted houses, mechanical fortune tellers running yellowing fingers over tarot cards, thoughts of Dreamland and Luna Park over a century ago.



So, I started planning to put things together for a Spark Cosplay because I am weak for adorable dorks.

I’ll probably add a cosplay sketch idea later on? Because there are some things I’d need to change about some of the items (Example; Jacket).

Here are the Items;

Changes to be Made;

  • Sew on Yellow Shoulder Patches & Linings on Jacket.
  • Cut & Hem sleeves off from Shirt.
  • Cut & Hem fingers off of Gloves.
    Sew on Black Lining to the fingers.
  • Sew Yellow Stripe onto Sweatbands.


Too quiet. 

The sounds of pens tapping on shining metal surfaces lined with papers decorated in scratchy writings appeared to echo over the dull soft hum of machines shut down to hibernate. Ginger breaths seemed to tear through the air like bullets shattering through glass with shards cracking on the floors loud enough that neighbors for miles could hear it. Louder still, the heavy beating downpour of rain marking the 8th straight day in a row this relentless water dumped from the sky with reckless abandon. Shoes scuffed and jackets fluttered, lights turned off and dimmed, bodies floating aimless towards one singular room built reinforced in titanium ready for the event something was to go wrong. Could go wrong. 

Out of everyone in this room who looked to be in some varying degree of mild panic was the Royal Scientist, calm and collected if not slightly annoyed as always, drinking a chai tea latte his direct assistant had brought him. Soy and vanilla, dash of cinnamon, he had one every day at the same exact time like clockwork. Tight gripped yellow fingers held onto his hand with a refusal to let go, wouldn’t let go, nothing could make her as she lead him through the peering and despondent crowd of fellow co-workers who were not quite ready to accept this just yet. In some regards, it was too much to expect of his assistants to stomach in the first place but try as he might, they refused to leave his side through this. After all, he had always been good to them even against the direct orders of their King, so returning the same level of commitment back was something the collective felt they needed to do.

He couldn’t argue with that.

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This is my robot oc Mato. He likes to make all kinds of jokes from friendly to offensive, he takes any opportunity he can to make a joke. he never thinks twice before making a joke wich gets him into a lot of trouble. Instead of confronting the people he offends he just runs away without learning a lesson. Despite being made of metal he’s very bendy and cartoony with his movement and posture. He can change the color of his light at will, but prefers to keep it yellow. His hands and fingers can be positioned any way he wants wether like hands or not. He likes to use paint for some of his jokes or whenever a situation requires it, but no one knows where he actually gets his paint. His antennas can be positioned to express emotion or posture.

anonymous asked:

So I know what a ring finger is, and what a long finger is, but what is a yellow finger? Did you get mustard on your hand?

✧ ░ “It’s simple! I just took my title from how most people called me — literally, ‘that one yellow Finger!’