yellow zine

After a few hours of smalltalk I tuned out of the immediate conversation and listened to the ones beyond my reach. I focused on a cluster and moved closer–its half-formed shape soon dissolved and broke into words and pauses. I thought if I could divorce myself from all conception of language & communication at will I could watch these soundshapes like in one of Ballard’s sonic installations. Well, I couldn’t do that, so I had loads of wine and guacamole (which was excellent) and next day tried to approximate my brief disengagement in vector form.

It will be the opening page of Yellow Zine 5: smalltalk, which you can still preorder for ~20 more hours.

Huge thanks to everyone who contributed to the Kickstarter and/or helped to spread the word!

My favorite Yellow Rangers for @morphingrid‘s Yellow Ranger Zine!

Katie from Time Force being my absolute fave followed by Summer from RPM, Trini from MMPR and Kira from Dino Thunder!

While working on this, realizing that Yellow might just be my fave ranger color if I generalize. Cause again, as much as I ADORE the hell out of Katie..I still kept going “oh but man I wanna draw ALL of these others too.” With Pink, I really only hesitated with one other choice and when I did Red, there were ZERO. Yup. It’s decided. I dig yellows. 

More Yellow Zine 7 stuff! Baby Silvio relates. The closest I’ll ever get to political cartoons, which is pretty far, eh?

No preorders and kickstarters, printing 100 copies only, you can probably get it from me at ICON and maybe at my signings for Bladders when the book finally comes out.

And that’s the only earnest autobio strip in Yellow Zine 5. In case you’re wondering, my encounters with racism aren’t limited to things written on walls, and for that very reason I’d rather obsess over specific wording of bad things rather than the bad things themselves.

YZ5 got funded  today, thanks to everyone who contributed and/or helped to spread the word! Still 23 days to pledge if you want a free drawing and other exciting items.

Here’s a constrained strip: took a 9-word line from a frustrating autobio thing (that I soon abandoned altogether), put it into the first panel of a 9-p grid, deleted a word in each subsequent panel and rearranged the words trying to make up a slightly different phrase each time (sometime compromising grammar, sorry). Then I drew the beloved bird gent to link the resulting phrases into a sort of story. Now that’s proper entertainment.

Anyway, it’s the last strip of YZ3, which I will soon start printing. If you missed my kickstarter, you can get it at TCAF (details later).

From a 6-page ghost story in Yellow Zine 5.

It will be printed in black & white, which allows me to stretch the zine to 24 pages (12 color, 12 b&w) and charge the same modest price of $6. With the shipping costs it’s still far from the 4x that’s supposed to be profitable, but oh well.

You can get the full-color digital version for just $1 (it also comes with all physical orders of course).