yellow zine


The Brief Foray Into Japanese Psych Music Playlist

Track list:

1. Cherry Blossom - Susumu Yokota

2. Kodomotachi - Susumu Yokota

3. 1000 Knives - Yellow Magic Orchestra

4. Pink Lady Lemonade - Acid Mothers Temple

5. Star - Boredoms

6. Heart - Boredoms

7. Flood 3 15:00 - Boris

8. People Can Choose - Les Rallizes Denudes

9. Between 7-03-7-15 PM - Taj Mahal Travellers

Keep forgetting to post this here for months lol

This was for the @chasingrainbowszine but unfortunately it did not happen. But that is okay! It was still fun to put together and the experience was great. Hope to do it again soon. Thank you guys for the fun and I wish you all well!!!


A zine I made with @sidneyssketches a while ago but I just got around to take some nice photos of it. It’s a zine inspired on some really weird poetry and the title means ‘weird’, ‘bizarre’ or ‘strange’ in Dutch. You can buy it here!

My favorite Yellow Rangers for @morphingrid‘s Yellow Ranger Zine!

Katie from Time Force being my absolute fave followed by Summer from RPM, Trini from MMPR and Kira from Dino Thunder!

While working on this, realizing that Yellow might just be my fave ranger color if I generalize. Cause again, as much as I ADORE the hell out of Katie..I still kept going “oh but man I wanna draw ALL of these others too.” With Pink, I really only hesitated with one other choice and when I did Red, there were ZERO. Yup. It’s decided. I dig yellows. 

More Yellow Zine 7 stuff! Baby Silvio relates. The closest I’ll ever get to political cartoons, which is pretty far, eh?

No preorders and kickstarters, printing 100 copies only, you can probably get it from me at ICON and maybe at my signings for Bladders when the book finally comes out.