yellow volkswagen

Hufflepuff Gothic

I, a Hufflepuff, try to do homework. I want to work hard. But no matter how hard I try, flowers keep appearing on my book. I wipe them off, they reappear. I look down at my shoes, there are flowers in them. My leg itches. I scratch my head in confusion, a flower crown is there. Everything is yellow. I am suddenly in a yellow Volkswagen bus on the Californian coast, my friends and I sticking our heads out the windows, our hair blowing. I do not know how I got here. The sun never sets. It’s always sunny. I just wanted to do my homework.

Me: So you’re also interested in true crime?

Person who claims to know everything about serial killers, school shooters etc…: Yes! My favorite mass murderer was Jeffery Bundy. The one who shooted in his school with his friend Dylan Rooph! Omg, he was so hot with his dark long curly hair and those damn cheekbones… Sadly he was gay cause if he was straight we could date at Blackjacks pizza and listen to Rammstein in his cute yellow Volkswagen Kever! I wish Sue Harris was my mom too cause she’s such a strong person and i would nickname Jeffery as my little Sunshine dorito even though he was a satanist.


Some of my film shots of an abandoned VW bug in Chincoteague VA that is pretty much the greatest thing I’ve ever come across while urbexing. 

(Last photo of me was taken by theurbexingdiaries