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      “It is those we live with and love and should know who elude us.”

Dear White People.....

Y’all, really have been trying me lately, so with inspiration from the movie and Netflix show and all shit that has been happening lately, here is a list of things to not do or say to POCs


Dear white people

-I am not a petting zoo. When my hair is curly, don’t randomly come up to me and start touching my hair without asking me. It’s rude and disgusting.

Dear white people

-If I see you with cornrolls, don’t tell that it’s a “style and that anyome can wear”. NO! Having braids isn’t just a style to us, it is our culture and there is a reason for why we get out hair braided.

Dear white people

-Don’t you ever fucking say “well its culture appropiation if you straighten your hair” because now you sound dumb. Here’s a fun fact, POCs can have naturally straight hair too.

Dear white people

-If you support Miley Cyrus on her “transitioning” back to her old self, don’t talk to me, don’t follow, unfollow, I don’t care. I will NEVER support a person who culture appropiated and then talks about is it was just a phase and that she doesn’t do that kind of stuff. It pissed me the fuck of that she could just sit here and “rap”. To us, rap isn’t just entertainment but it is an outlet for us to  give out messages on all of the this we go. She really just disrespectedall that we have done, made it into a shit show to get ratings, and tossed it away like it’s nothing.

Dear white people

-Stop telling me “you talk proper for being black.” EVERYONE TALKS A DIFFERENT WAY SO SHUT THE FUCK UP!

Dear white people


Frankly, I don’t even know if Mexico considers it as a holiday, but we should not be sitting here, “celebrating” anothers country’s victory, from a battle they had to fight,

How would you feel if other countries went out and “celebrated” Memorial Day by partying, getting drunk, wearing Trump shirts, talking with country accent, while listening to Taylor Swift.

Yeah, now y’all quiet.

Dear white people


Dear white people


Dear white people

-I’m allergic to watermelon and kool-aid is disgusting.

Dear white people

-My braids do not indicate that I smoke weed. I actually have asthma, so even if I did want to, I’d die.

Dear white people

-”I’m not trying to be racist, but….” THEN DON’T FUCKING SAY IT!!!!! SIMPLE AS THAT!!!!!!!!

Dear white people

-Once you get done asking me “is there anything I can help you find” and I answer with “no thank you”, leave me the fuck alone and go help Debbie in the panty department! I don’t want to see your face while I am in the juniors department, I don’t see you while I’m at the makeup counter, I don’t want to see while I’m at the shoe section. I’m not stealing shit so leave me that fuck alone!

Dear white people (makeup companies)

-I’m pretty sure that there are other names for darker foundations than just food

-Nude colors do not just stop at the pale pinks.

-Please make fondations with yellow undertones, because I am so tired of looking like Trump, when the foundation has an orange/red undertone.

-How hard it to find a POC, to do swatches on them!?!? Like come on! I want to know how it will look like on my skin tone, before buy it!

-I’m going to need y’all to go back to school and you know what Rich, Deep, and Dark look like.

Dear white people

-My race is NOT a fetish, stop it with the ra.ce pl.ay shit!

Dear white people



-My race is NOT UP FOR DISCUSION! I am black, native american and caribbean. Don’t tell me what I am because of my skin tone. That goes for all other races and ethnicity.

So is what I have dealt with, within the last month and all my life. I hope you guys take something out of this.

Also to POCs, if there is anything you want to add, feel free to.


It’s a little vague but I hope this helps a bit?? ; v ; this is a little late, sorry!! 

  • I use ‘multiply’ a lot to adjust colours and add shadows, although Lance does have a more yellow undertone compared to the warmer/red base I use. 
  • Also, the skintones will look lighter or darker depending on your background (light colours or dark colours) so if you’re using a dark background it will make your skintones seem lighter so you can tweak it accordingly  ❤

okay a couple of people asked me how i made my most recent gifset (x), so i thought i’d attempt a tutorial. sorry in advance if i’m bad at explaining it, and if you have any extra questions, feel free to drop me an ask and i’d be more than happy to clarify things. again, i do make my gifs in 536px bc there’s a lil glitch with my ps which means that i have to double the size, but i’ve posted them at 268px here for the sake of the tutorial. 

so in this tutorial, i’ll be showing you how to go from this:

to this:

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anonymous asked:

hi! so i've heard that the boys are going to collab-ing with VT cosmetics to release the essence sun pact; i was wondering if you knew any reviews about VT cosmetics/is it worth buying? the spf 50+ is enticing me though ;-;

wow this is the first time i’ve heard about this thank you for letting me know! i’m really happy they finally have a collaboration with beauty company, i’ve been waiting for this since forever.

i must admit i know nothing about this brand (i think they were previously known as ‘vant 36.5’ not ‘vt’) and apparently some of their products were featured on ‘get it beauty’. sadly there aren’t enough reviews in english for their products. i looked up some reviews on naver, seems like the essence sun pact is something between sunscreen and hydrating primer, but in a pact form. it claims to be moisturizing yet lightweight. it has dewy finish and the coverage is on the sheer side. it only comes in 1 shade, which is white-based and it has blue tint on it. 

the packaging is very sleek and elegant. their instagram is sooo aesthetically pleasing, i love it. and i think they sponsored hoseok’s sister. good move, vt.

some ingredients you might want to pay attention to

  • ethylhexyl palmitate (aka palm oil. it’s no.2 in the ingredients list after water but it’s highly comedogenic. if you have acne-prone skin you might want to stay away from this) 
  • physical sunscreens e.g. zinc oxide (no.5 in the list, may leave white cast) and titanium dioxide 
  • chemical sunscreens e.g. octinoxate and octocrylene 
  • peptides 
  • plant extracts: tea tree, evening primrose, lavender
  • dimethicone
  • brightening agents e.g. licorice, sodium ascorbyl phospate (vit.c)

price: the original essence sun pact is ₩33000 (around $30) but the price might differ for the bts edition since it also comes with a photocard 

is it worth it? well if you ask me, i personally won’t buy it.

why? because my skin doesnt react well to plant extracts / essential oils (in this case: lavender). another reason why i won’t buy it is that blue pigment. i’m wary it will look ashy on poc who has medium skin tone with strong yellow undertone (read: me) : / and if i have $30 to invest on sunscreen, i’d rather buy shiseido or anthelios xl.

should you buy it? if you: 1) have the budget for it 2) have normal-to-dry skin 3) have a rather light/fair skin tone with pink undertone and 4) have absolutely no problems with the ingredients then you might want to purchase this.

official shopping link (google translate for ingredients list and short reviews)


stop! drawing! characters!!! yellow!!!!!!!! skin has blood underneath it!!! literally nobody is an actual yellow color unless they arent human or have a blood disease!! even ppl with yellow undertones will have warmth to their skin bc of bloodflow and how skin is translucent, ppl with yellow undertones are not literally yellow and its rly gross when i see artists on tumblr draw specifically east asian characters with yellow skin its just straight up racism(:

i love going into stores and seeing colors like bright orange, sunshine yellow, cherry red, hot pink, and vibrant purple! these colors look soooooo good on woc ♡ when i see girls with dark and/or brown skin serving some neon, they ALWAYS look beautiful! And of course neon always looks good on girls with jet black hair and compliments yellow undertones so well :)))) i’m so over boring white flowy dresses and beige elle fanning pastels.


Brown is not boring.

Brown skin can be ranges of light tan to dark as night. It catches the light and the person glows. With red undertones it’s warm and inviting. With blue undertones it’s visually striking and gorgeous. With yellow undertones it’s visions of home and friendliness.

Brown eyes can be deep, piercing, stunning, and immensely different from one another.

Brown hair can catch the light and show you a world of colors. Blonde you didn’t know existed. Red that you inherited. White from experience and a lighter brown as a natural highlight.

Brown is the color of the earth we dig up to plant something green.

Brown is the color of comfort and peace, be it food, a blanket, your favorite sweater, or autumn.

Brown is the wake up you need or the relaxer at the end of the day.

Brown protects the trees around you so you can breathe.

It’s sand on the beach. It’s the bottom of a lake. Its plants and animals and and leaves from a few years ago. It’s trails in the woods and rocks near waterfalls.

It’s moons and planets far far away that people call beautiful. So why wouldn’t brown be as amazing as everything that is brown?

Brown is a boring WORD. But brown is by no means a boring color.

A Vulnerable's Comfort

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Member(s): Jaebum
Word Count: 2957
Genre: Angst-ish
Summary: It’s a long lost love story. It only began and ended because of a dare. But was there really something more that you couldn’t forget? Was it really just all because of a dare?

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ok so i’ve seen this happen a few times in the mp100 fandom but you guys need to be aware of racist caricatures because seeing any of the cast depicted with yellow skin once is far too many times. yellow skin is a racist depiction of mostly east asian people and people should start learning the difference between yellow undertones and just flat out yellow. there are many resources online to learn about drawing different ethnicities and of course many models you can learn from yourself if you can’t find any resources.

anonymous asked:

Why do you think there's so much anti-blackness and erasure of Nursey's Blackness in the CP fandom? Especially since the creator is a Black woman?

*cracks knuckles* here we go.

I personally don’t see a lot of this on my feed but I do see it in the fandom, so some of it is a matter of who you follow. but there are also some things to take into consideration when thinking about this.

  • hockey is a white sport. ngozi literally said nursey uses music as a way to explore his blackness and navigate the whiteness of hockey. it’s white. this is reflected in the demographic of the players, viewers, and, in all actuality, the comic itself, because as of bitty’s first year besides headcanons, ransom is the only person of color.
  • fandom in general is actually… pretty white oriented? like, overall. and so much of our society (i’m talking western society) is euro- or ameri-centric which is. white. white is seen as the default.
  • nursey’s lightskinned.we’re the same colour. he’s yellowboned, which, where i’m from, means lightskinned with yellow undertones (it means different things in different places lmao). he’s also mixed. a lot of black people see lightskin men as feminine or less manly because they view lightskin women as more desireable because they’re… closer to white. it’s not just in brasil where we think that, it’s a lot of black people. lightskin=whiter for some reason.
  • people also see mixed people as “more approachable” minorities or some type of watered down version of their respective ethnicities, which just ain’t true, of course. (common phrases: “oh, you’re not like other black people, you’re a cool black person!” I have, in fact, heard this.)
  • people can’t, like, seem to fathom that nursey could be black and rich and well educated (because for all of andover’s flaws, it’s a damn good education) without being at least part white??? why. we aren’t all dancing along the poverty line living in section 8 housing. y’all can fucking relax. black people don’t need white help to succeed. we don’t need a white saviour.
  • people don’t like black people!!! that’s it!!! y’all don’t like us!!!! we offend people’s “““sensibilities””” and media and the world around you conditions ou into being anti-black. it isn’t really someone’s “fault” at this point for unconciously accept the images that your media presents you, but you might have to take some responsibility for not educating yourself out of it.
  • a lot of mixed people are pretty racially ambigious! i’ve heard people call me anything from dominican to chinese to puerto rican to whatever you call people from madagascar. a lot of people are really eager to claim nursey as middle eastern, hispanic, black, native american, southeast asian, anything. he’s hot, he’s funny, he’s talented and likeable. if we take ngozi jokingly talking about how much she “doesn’t” ship the frogs, as well as the last issue of huddle, nursey is. definitely queer.
  • definitely.
  • that’s the kind of representation people want.
  • and there’s like, no reasonable opportunity for him to be killed off at random. also a plus.

Now, on the topic of antiblackness while the creator is in fact a black person:

  • we don’t really see ngozi. she’s the invisible hand, actually, that feeds us content.
  • a lot of racist sexist ass white boys like scifi and superhero stories! created by women, championed by poc (particular woc) and other minorities.
  • y’all know how much people love captain america. and they say shit like “don’t make him into an sjw!!!1!!11!!” while he was a) first featured with his cover punching hitler, b) created by two jewish men in a time where most americans were anti-semetic themselves aka of the opinion that we should remain within our isolationist ideals or join germany japan and italy because they “looked like they might win” and c) grew up in a queer jewish neighbourhood who’s best friend was a queer jewish man (not bucky barnes, though captain america’s best friend was eventually retconned or just completely erased I believe???
  • you don’t have to care about the creator to consume and enjoy the content.
  • anyways, all i’m saying is that it isn’t that uncommon. a lot of racists voted for obama. white people inherit racism the way I inherited a giant ass. it’s a thing.
  • casual racism, also? people who aren’t overtly racist but quietly allow it to happen or shoot down poc by devaluing or “debunking” their ideals.

at the end of the day, here are the cold, hard facts.

  • nursey is black.
  • nursey is mixed.
  • half black does not mean less black.
  • he’s an attractive, well-spoken, intelligent man of color and no one can take that away.

and if anyone wants to argue with any of these, they can take this tweet:

….and shove it up their fucking asses.

So I decided to buy the Benefit Hello Flawless foundation. I’ve always used the Maybelline Fit Me liquid foundation or foundation stick, but lately I’ve noticed its too pink for my skin. I needed something with a yellow undertone, so this one was perfect. I’m in the lightest shade “I’m pure 4 sure” Ivory. I haven’t actually worn it out yet, but for just trying a little on, I like it!

RP connections thingy

Full Name: Sasha Elizabeth Rochester
Race: Midlander Hyur
Sex: Female
Occupation: Scholar, Researcher, Alchemist, Independent Mage.

Personality type (laid back, militant, high strung, etc):

quipped with smooth words, a disarming smile, and a keen eye for what she can use to her benefit, she sees the world as her playground for lies and deception. Her demeanor is pleasant and charming, always keeping a friendly though somewhat distant disposition. Seductive, provocative and perhaps a little cheeky, she takes pleasure from keeping others off-balance.

To those she can benefit from, this mask will be kept almost permanently plastered on her face, always willing to please and seduce. Analytical to the core, she will inspect and morph into what she believes others expect her to be, from the foolish, harmless damsel in distress, to the cunning archmage. Give her a stage she desires and she will put on a show. To her, all truths are malleable and easily bent, words are nothing but child’s play. People she considers fools or threatening will see another side of her, however. And they will soon discover that the coy smile bears sharp teeth and a sharper tongue. While she doesn’t seek to harm, her patience is often limited towards those she deems incompetent, and her sweet words will turn into bitter sarcasm and condescending arrogance.

Due to a distaste towards violence, she has a strong inclination towards battles of wit when facing conflict. Sasha also implements under-handed tactics, and more than anything, persuasion. She sees fists and blades as the arms of savages, and will frown upon those who see them as their first resort.

Despite her seemingly refined demeanor, she can be quite reckless and childish in her pursuit of magical power, having an absolute fascination for aetherial phenomena. She doesn’t care that aether harms her. So long as she can feel the rush of magic surging through her veins, she will always be motivated to look for more. Due to her aetherial sensitivity, her obsession with magic has proven many times to be highly detrimental to her condition. She stubbornly insists on continuing to push herself further and further, caring not for the consequences.

Manipulative, self-destructive, scheming, secretive, and distrustful, it’s easy to portray her under a negative light when people discover that part of her nature, but in her eyes, her tactics are nothing but a shell that protects her from a harsh, ruthless world. With few enemies and even fewer friends, she feels deep affection and loyalty towards those who choose to stand by her side, even after witnessing the best and worst of her.

What does your character look like?:

Sasha has a very pale, clear complexion. She has a white birth mark on her left cheekbone, but no blemishes besides that. In a way, she looks like a porcelain doll. Her eyes are large, framed by thick, dark eyelashes. Colour-wise, they are what one would call a ‘forest green’, Green with a yellower undertone than blue. Her features could be described as delicate and femenine, with a thin nose, rounded, high cheekbones, and plump lips. Her face is relatively long, with a small chin and jaw. I would say her face is heart-shaped, and yes, her hairline does have a small widow’s peak. 

Her body, much like her face, is diligently cared for. Her waistline would be like the classical femenine hourglass. She’s considered somewhat busty, but not as much as some of her friends. Her hips are proportional to this. She’s fairly slender, but lacks any good muscle definition save for her lower torso and legs. Her arms are likely a lost cause. I’d say her frame is medium to small. She also has the ‘dimples of venus’ on her lower back. 

Favorite hobby:

  • Magic 
  • Alchemy
  • Reading
  • Forming Connections

Motto they live by:

“ Never attempt to win by force what can be won by deception.”

Favorite type of environment:

She is very fond of the night–Particularily near the sea or the ocean. She also enjoys places that she considers lively bastions of civilization, like Ul’dah. Otherwise, give her a warm, starry night, a candle, and some books. 


(I can’t write down all her connections because I will murder my fingers that way. I will name her closest allies, or those she has had for the longest time. Excluding X’elo from this one)

Edda Eglatine (@lodsamone) Edda is someone she finds deightfully entertaining and disarming, despite the fact Edda herself is played as a very awkward, uptight character. Sasha sees a kindred spirit in what she could have been, and seeks to break Edda’s uptight and timid exterior. 
Lorentz Rivers (@andarion) He put up with so much of her shit and still protects her. He also isn’t scared to knock her out when she’s being irrational or violent. I guess he’s O.K. OOC, kind of a loser nerd. 
Issabel Drake (@twelvesavethequeen) There’s a friendly competition between both of them. Sasha genuinely find her company charming and enjoyable, albeit vexxing at times. There are too many things they share in common for her not to constantly compare herself to Issabel. 
Gogonji Gegenji (@gegenji) She cares about this man as much as she admires him. In a way, she sees Gogonji as a mentor. She values his counsel and input more than any other of her allies or friends. 
Miziutte Zuiremand (@themizyin) Though their interactions are limited, she genuinely cares about Miziutte and truly wants to establish a healthy, lasting friendship with her. In a way, despite their different backgrounds, she sees a kindred spirit in academic pursuit. 

Who they admire:

Her grandmother (Caroline Chamberlain), though she admittedly does it because she idolizes her. Sasha admires Caroline as much as she fears and distrusts her. Their relationship is somewhat toxic and abusive, as they both idealize each other to the point of an unhealthy obsession to meet each other’s expectations.

What do they hope to do 10 years from now?:

Take over the world and let there be a dominion of the uncontrollable power of aeth–Okay, no. Just kidding. She hopes to become a renowned and respected archmage and scholar. Her ultimate goal is to be the kind of mage people write legends about, to her, that’s the only way she can truly honor her bloodline. She hates the fact her ancestors are so much greater than her, so she truly hopes she one day will surpass them.

Are they single? If not, who is their spouse/partner/life mate?:

 Happily married to X’elo Maimhov.

What do they look for in friends?:

People she can use. No, seriously. People she can use. 

If they walked into a bar and saw a talking slug, what would their reaction be?:

Be disgusted and fascinated. Would likely observe it for quite a long time. If the talking slug was somewhat intelligent, she may try to carry a conversation, but again, she may be utterly repulsed by the idea.


Usual Playtime: 6-7 p.m. EST

Server: Balmung

FC/Guild: <<Thorn>>

Looking for (friends, ships, hate ships, shady connections, etc.):

EVERYTHING. All of it. You want to stab her? Go ahead. 

RP Hooks:

If you’re from Sharlayan:
Sasha’s grandmother, Caroline Chamberlain, is a well-known professor and scholar who is native to Sharlayan. She doesn’t travel outside the city state much, but she certainly has a lot of connections within. It’s not difficult for me to set something up from this angle.

If you’re from Ul’dah: She does not have a terribly good reputation, but hey! She’s known for being rich! And manipulative. And dishonest. Also, people die around her a lot, especially people who are inconvenient to her. But hey! Money! Also she spends like 90% of her time in Ul’dah. 

If you’re in The Shroud: She travels to the Shroud a lot, mainly for research and alchemical ingredients. Usually goes with a bodyguard, but may go alone if she’s in a bad/incompetent mood. Aether there fucks her up.

If you’re a Mage in any city-state: Sasha loooooves fellow mages. She has a record of academic excellence and is seen as competent in most, if not all forms of magic available to the Eorzean general public. Any magic is a common ground for her.

If you have connections to the Ul’dahn or Lominsan criminal underground: Sasha’s former husband, Stefan Delumiere, used to have a big influence on the criminal underworld up until he dissappeared. He mainly dealt with the black market for “alternative medicine” (If you know what I mean). He was also known as a lying, scheming, criminal piece of shit. A complete con-man. The chances of him marrying her for the money are high.

If your character is a Noble of any sorts (or stupidly rich): Sasha is a very socially aware character, so if your character comes from a wealthy family like her own, chances are, she has heard about them. There’s also a high possibility that there are pre-existing relations between her family and your character’s own. This can be settled OOC. 

If you’re an Alchemist: She is often found in the Alchemist’s guild, but if not, she is more than open to people who share her love for Alchemy.

If you’re a scholar: Same as Alchemist. She appreciates people she can have a common ground with. 

Sasha should be back in the RP Scene next month, after a 6 month hiatus to Sharlayan. 


Dark skin girls are beautiful.
Brown skin girls are beautiful.
Light skin girls are beautiful.
Black girls with red undertones are beautiful.
Black girls with yellow undertones are beautiful.
Black girls who are extremely dark or light are beautiful.
The tone of your shade DOES NOT define your beauty.
Stop making jokes upon a black girls skin color. Stop insulting the melanin of a black girl. Stop the mentality of whose is better. The black community is full of so many beautiful shades. Why df can’t all of them be admired? And at the end of the mf'ing day, Were. All. Black. Sick of this bull shit man.

mmm, i finally got some cheap, stainless steel rings I can wear all the time without worrying if they’ll rust or turn my finger strange colours. I just wish they had them in bigger sizes. 

Watercolour Skin Tones

Hi there! Thanks for your question. I don’t have these down to an exact science, but there are just a few colours I tend to use for skin tones with different ratios for each. I’ve tried to break it down according to how I think about them - I’ll first figure out whether the person is cool or warm-based. Cooler skintones have more blues in their undertone, and warmer have pink/yellow undertones, and there’s also the occasional neutral skin tone that almost reads as a green (sometimes found in olive-skin types). I always start with a very, VERY light wash of a colour, and this could be either a pale version of their final skintone or the undertone - usually a blue, yellow, or red. Afterwards I’ll start layering colours on top of that, to finally reach the darkness of colour I want. The colours used for the images below are lemon yellow (cool yellow), new gamboge (warmer yellow), quinacridone red (warmer red), quinacridone magenta (cool red), phthalo blue, and burnt umber in Daniel Smith watercolours. Sorry for the wonky face drawings, but here we go:

A very, very watered down mix for those who pretty much burn if they go out in the sun, new gamboge & quin. red. These types are very pale and tend to be bright pink-based. I’d say you could get away with the skin base being the white of the paper and just use straight-up watered down red for the very porcelain.

A darker version of above - starting to use more yellows in the mix. New gamboge & quin red. Still pink-based.

Starting to use more yellows here, with lemon yellow coming into the mix alongside new gamboge & quin red.

This is the same exact mix as above, except I layered down lemon yellow first, and then the mix of new gamboge and quin red on top of it later. It’s similar but reads more yellow.

Getting into the more olive-skinned territory with the addition of phthalo blue.

More blue, with new gamboge and quin red, and darker make a tanner skin tone.

Started using burnt umber into the mix for a richer colour, leaning red here with new gamboge and quin red.

A darker almost brick-coloured skin tone, with new gamboge, quin red, phthalo blue, and quin magenta coming into the mix.

Reddish undertone with new gamboge, quin red & magenta, phthalo blue.

Gold-based undertone - this one’s just new gamboge and burnt umber.

More neutral undertone with new gamboge, burnt umber, and phthalo blue.

Dark skin with blue undertones - burnt umber and phthalo blue with the smallest smidge of quin magenta.

I’ll usually put a bit more saturation into the skin tone mix for blush and lips, and some blue into the shadows. Again, definitely start light and layer layer layer until you find the colours you like. Experiment with what you have and see what works for you. Hope this helps!

Foundation recommendations?

A lot of foundations that I’ve tried all have yellow undertones and it looks weird with my skin color. Anyone know of a good foundation that has cool or peachy undertones?