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stop! drawing! characters!!! yellow!!!!!!!! skin has blood underneath it!!! literally nobody is an actual yellow color unless they arent human or have a blood disease!! even ppl with yellow undertones will have warmth to their skin bc of bloodflow and how skin is translucent, ppl with yellow undertones are not literally yellow and its rly gross when i see artists on tumblr draw specifically east asian characters with yellow skin its just straight up racism(:

Hi my name is John Jack “Cornbread” Morrison and I have short cowlicked blond hair (the color of corn) with yellow streaks and brown undertones that sticks off my head and dark blue eyes like the Indiana sky and a lot of people tell me I look like Luke Bryan (AN: if u don’t know who he is get da hell out of here!). I’m not related to John Mellancamp but I wish I was because he’s a major fucking hottie. I’m a soldier but my hair style isn’t regulation. I have pale white skin. I’m also a super soldier, and go to a super secret soldier program called SEP where I’m a rookie (I’m eighteen). I’m a farmer (in case you couldn’t tell) and I wear mostly plaid. I love Tractor Supply Co and I buy all my clothes from there. For example today I was wearing a red and white plaid shirt and a pair of high-rise blue jeans, rubber boots, and a baseball cap. I was walking around SEP. It was snowing and raining so there was no sun which I was very happy about because I have a terrible farmer’s tan. A lot of soldiers stared at me. I said “oh hey there!” to them.

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I really love your gifs and especially your coloring is exceptional!!! ♥ I was just wondering if it is in your eyes problematic if someone colors for example Magnus or Isabelle too dark? I recently saw some gifs that weren't dark as a whole but the characters skin tones were too dark. Would you say that's the same as making them "white"? I'm genuinely curious, so please do educate me since I don't want to step on anyone's toes. :-)

Ah thank you!! I wouldn’t say it’s the same, but it’s a bit awkward? I’ll refer more to Magnus here since I share his skin tone, but yeah, I’ve seen people go way too orange/brown for Magnus/Harry, and while I appreciate the effort, he’s a fairly light-skinned East Asian. Plus, in general East Asians are not literally orange/yellow. We just have a bit of a yellow/brown undertone.

(I’ve also seen people jump on editors for making him more cool-toned when it’s just fine. A cooler-toned image does not automatically mean whitewashing, although it is riskier so don’t do it if you’re uncertain of your coloring abilities.)

Here’s a good rule of thumb: If you’re making him brighter, add more of a warm undertone. If you’re making him darker, add more of a cool undertone to neutralize.

Some examples of (natural) colorings for Magnus that are fine to me:

These would be way too yellow/orange:

You can see what I mean about neutralizing the yellow with cooler tones if you make the gif darker, but offsetting the brightness with warmer undertones if you make it much brighter. Like, in the very first example up top, if that had been a cool-toned (i.e. more blue) coloring, it would fall onto making him too pale. But, adding warmth into his skin tone neutralizes that problem.

Anyway, as I’ve always said, coloring is a bit tricky. But, do try to familiarize yourself with what the natural skin tone of a character is and definitely be familiar with coloring natural skin tones before you move onto more stylized colorings.


Okay so maybe i’m just being nitpicky here, but i was taking some screenshots to compare eyes in the Schnee family when i noticed Whitley’s skin tone is way different from the rest of the Schnee’s. While the other Schnee’s have pale, pinkish skin, Whitley has pale skin with yellow undertones. And it’s abundantly obvious the second we meet him. 

However he does still have the iconic blue eyes and white hair. If anything, he looks the spitting image of his father, with the only difference being skin tone. This leads me to believe Whitley is actually an illegitimate child, maybe papa schnee had some form of affair, or maybe he was married to someone else before. 

Whitley’s hair colour also struck me, as while Weiss and Winter’s hair are an extremely pale greyish blue (which appears natural) Whitley has strikingly white hair, (which appears unnatural), as though he’s dyed it. Which strangely enough would fit my theory, as a portrait of a younger Jacques Schnee shows he doesn’t have natural white hair, so it would make sense that his son wouldn’t either, possibly causing him to have to dye his hair to make it match the iconic schnee style.

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Is it just me or has pearl been getting...Whiter? Like in the earlier seasons her skin tone was more of an off-white with yellow undertones and now they literally draw her skin stark titanium white

i actually did notice this! i was wondering if it was just me noticing they were literally using #FFFFFF for her or nah. she does look at least a little eggshell-y in the earlier seasons, and imo its definitely enough to make the difference noticeable


Dark skin girls are beautiful.
Brown skin girls are beautiful.
Light skin girls are beautiful.
Black girls with red undertones are beautiful.
Black girls with yellow undertones are beautiful.
Black girls who are extremely dark or light are beautiful.
The tone of your shade DOES NOT define your beauty.
Stop making jokes upon a black girls skin color. Stop insulting the melanin of a black girl. Stop the mentality of whose is better. The black community is full of so many beautiful shades. Why df can’t all of them be admired? And at the end of the mf'ing day, Were. All. Black. Sick of this bull shit man.

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Hii, I want to dye my hair, and ive always wanted some sort of blonde but idk if it'll suit me? I have green/hazel eyes and am slightly tanned with a yellow undertone๐Ÿ’•

Go for it!!!

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I feel u on the yellow undertone thing. I'm a quarter mixed Asian and I didn't realize how yellow my skin was until I compared it w my completely white friend's and she was white/pink/red and I was white and yellow. Mine isn't close to green but like....yah I get u on the undertones lol

i honestly am amazed by how red white people are lmao


Average looking body, a tendency to lean towards plumpness in later life. Usually tall. Straight or wavy hair. Yellow undertones in skin. Round face. High forehead. Thin eyebrows. Eyes wide and slightly spaced out, rounded. Smooth but slightly protruding nose. Big lips. Long neck. Long, elegant limbs. Wise expression.

Examples: Rihanna and Harry Styles both have Jupiter in the first house.

I have returned safely from the Emerald Isle, and holy crap, I don’t even know what to say, but being me, I will now expend a pile of words to say it.

First, there’s the color.

To call Ireland green is to commit glaring sins of omission. It is the sort of green reserved for gods and Pantone swatches. Kelly green, acid green, the greens you see in jars of pure mineral pigment, greens that blow out your photos the way that red roses or blue skies do. Green as primary color.

When I lived in Oregon, I thought it was green, and then I moved to North Carolina and realized that it had been grey-green. North Carolina, I thought, was green. Then I went to Ireland. Now I see how yellow the undertones here are, and how desaturated the greens are by comparison. Fortunately, I am told that the only color that compares to Ireland is in the depths of the rainforest, so it will stay green in my head for a long time.

Also, as with so much of Europe, things are relentlessly old. I stood on the battlements of a ruined castle built at the same time as Blarney Castle and I could see three other ruins from the top. “Oh,” said my friend Carlota, “that’s the NEW ruin, over there…” Eventually it became a running joke–“Oh, that’s the NEW standing stone…”  It became exciting when the new building wasn’t older than my country. Occasionally they predated Europeans in North America at all.

Yes, I’m including the Vikings.

But possibly the most intense thing was simply that it was relentlessly, savagely picturesque. You could point your camera in any direction and come away with a postcard. It was beautiful, and it kept being beautiful, and eventually it got to the point where you would look over the view and start swearing, because it was being beautiful again. Probably with cows.

After awhile, you stopped going “How lovely!” and started going “How do people stand this?”

(I asked Twitter. Residents uttered some variation on “Whiskey” and “You get used to it, but whiskey helps.”)

You just have to figure that sooner or later, living in that kind of beauty would weigh down on you, and you’d either become hard as diamond or break and become a poet. It’s just…intense. I think of people who left there–my ancestors, some of ‘em–to come to America because of poverty or starvation or hope or whatever, and I can get just the smallest glimpse of what that must have been like–enough to know what I can’t really imagine what it was really like. America is beautiful, don’t get me wrong! (I believe there’s a song about it.) But it’s a completely different sort of beauty, a sort that doesn’t much care about the people on it. If we all died tomorrow, I doubt America would even notice much, but Ireland would be sad that the people were gone. It’s the difference between the Rockies and a green field with a black horse grazing surrounded by rooks, under a hill covered in mist. They’re both beautiful, it’s just…scale.

I don’t know. Maybe I’m raving. I am only a tourist and don’t pretend to know anything about what life is really like there. It was just…so visually intense.

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In the screenshots you posted I would be more worried about Jack suddenly losing its yellow undertones than getting lighter because a lot of East Asian people DO have yellowish skin (me!) and changing that to be pink isn't good coloring

This is a much better way to say it yes. Thank you.

I watched the first episode of Iron Fist. Appart from the social issues in the character (which I won’t able to fully understand since I’m not Asian-American) I actually liked it a lot; and I don’t get the hate of the critics (seriously, I just went to RT and watched the score of other shows. After comparing Iron Fist and Emerald City scores with OUAT, Arrow or TVD I can say critics can go away for me, really)

I loved the yellow undertones in the whole episode, the light and even the decoration. You can see how ligths are more yellow than usual, and even Joy’s workplace decoration had yellow tones. It happened too with the other Netflix shows, althrough I noticed it more with the purple in Jessica Jones.

Also how Danny moved. It’s like he is very light, like a feather. It happens the same to me when I see Magnus Bane actor of Shadowhunters in scene, but when I see Danny I imagine a bird, while when I see Magnus I see a feline. It’s just a personal feeling.

About the rest Colleen WAS THE BEST. I love her , and she was only in a few scenes. It’s sad she won’t come back to Star Wars and also it hurts more how badly she was used in Game of Thrones.

About Ward, Joy and Harold, I feel a lot of Malfoy vibe there. Althrough Ward is a jerk, I have the bad feeling that Joy is even worse

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Byzantine, Baroque โœจ๐Ÿ’ซ

Byzantine: Do you prefer gold or silver accessories?

Silver, most definitely. I have yellow and olive undertones in my skin, so yellow gold looks weird and washed-out on me, whereas silver looks nice and vibrant. Plus, silver and steel jewelry has always felt more comfortable and usually doesn’t turn my skin green like cheap gold or gold-plated copper.

That and lunar affinity, but that’s largely second. :)

Baroque: Do you enjoy the finer things in life?

It really depends on your definition of “finer.” My idea of enjoying the finer things is going to a nice restaurant that requires dressing up, or splurging on a stack of books or some specialty cheese or a few bottles of wine.

Other than that, my pleasures are very simple. Comfy durable clothes that are machine washable. Good books that I can read over and over. Music and movies that make me happy. Incense and candles that make my home smell nice. Good food, whether it’s healthy or delightfully bad for me. Cozy blankets on cold nights, open windows on warm days. Cuddles with cats and the husband. Hobby time with my online pals. I’m easy to please.

Past that, I don’t really care for or feel a need for trendy things or expensive trips and whatnot. I’d like to go back to Ireland someday, but that’s about it.


Powerful, strong looking body. Usually tall. Either very curly hair or very straight hair. Yellow/olive undertones in skin. Heart shaped face. Commanding forehead. Large eyebrows. Eyes large yet sharp. Strong nose and lips. Rather short neck. Long, bony limbs. Royal expression.

Example: Brad Pitt and Scarlett Johansson are both Sagittarius with Sun in the first house.