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Hoe Tips: Makeup Ed.

1. BUY YOUR SKIN TONE. Whether you have pink undertones or yellow, buy the product that balances your undertones and evens out your facial color.
2. Never highlight in the center of your forehead; instead, highlight just above your brow to ensure your forehead doesnt like like a four-and-a-half head.
3. Follow your natural eyebrow shape. Not every brow has to look ig fleaky. Also, when filling in, draw your hairs in fine, controlled movements in the direction of hair growth.
4. Always always always moisturize and prime before putting on makeup to make it last, and to protect your skin.
5. When doing eyeshadow, always do your transition shade first, then your crease, and then your lid color.
6. When doing a cut crease look, apply and blend your transition shade and crease. Then, trace ONLY your physical lid with concealer. Pat the concealer to blend, and before applying any shadow to your lid, APPLY TRANSLUCENT POWDER TO THE LID. This will make your color stick and last longer.
7. Wait a few minutes for your foundation to dry before applying any concealer or powder. This ensures a smoother finish, and makes the look last longer.
8. There are 2 types of concealers you need: one with an illuminating finish, for highlighting, and one with a matte finish, for coverage. Use the illuminating one on your T Zone, and use the matte one on undereye bags and blemishes.
9. Apply setting spray between doing your brows, face, and eyes instead of just one spray at the end. Itll make your face last a lot longer.
10. To avoid fallout, and to guide your eyeliner wing and creater a sharper look, apply a line of translucent powder at the outer corner of your eye in the direction of where you want your shadow or wing to go before you apply any eye makeup.
11. Curl your lashes before mascara.
12. Have a separate blending brush for your eyeshadow. This keeps colors from being overly pigmented and makes for a cleaner blend. I recommend ths BH Cosmetics eyeshadow brush kit ($9.99 on their site).
13. Wait until your mascara is completely dry before applying a separate coat to avoid any clumping or spider lashes.
14. Applying a thin layer of transluceny powdet between coats of lipstick helps to keep it on and pigmented (it also makes any lipstick look matte).
15. Use a colored eyeshadow as your inner corner highlight if you want a subtle colored look.
16. Let your face breathe; makeup is lit and I love wearing a full face, but you need to let your skin relax and regroup to avoid clogging your pores.
17. Applying a small amount of petroleum jelly or moisturizer to your cheekbones before adding highlight will give you a fuckin blinding glo✨
18. Never ever ever sleep with makeup on 19. If you want a more natural finish, or you want to lighten the shade of your foundation, mix your foundation with some moisturizer before applying.
20. Always use a slightly lighter contour shade on your jawline than on your cheeks/nose/forehead. If your jawline is contoured too dark, it can make your face look extremely unnatural.
21. Always wet your beauty blender before using it for an easier blend.
22. Always blend your foundation into your neck and your ears to make the shade look more uniform and natural.
23. The whole concealer vs. foundation comes first debate is still a thing, but what works best for me is this order: color correcting and spot treatment concealer (for dark spots, undereye circles, pimples, etc), then foundation, then highlighting concealer.
24. If you use eyeliner on your lower waterline, apply some black eyeshadow with an eyeliner brush onto your waterline after applying pencil to make it last longer.
25. If you’re ever in a pinch, or want a monochromatic look, use a pink/red toned eyeshadow as your blush.
26. Sort of the same as number 25, but you can also use a light, shimmery eyeshadow as a highlight.
27. Everyone’s face is different; theres a look for everyone. Experiment with different shades and shapes to find the look that you think suits you best.
28. Remember, practice makes perfect!!

Have fun with your beat faces, y'all❤


8 gifs per episode | criminal minds; 1.15 unfinished business

      “It is those we live with and love and should know who elude us.”


Eiza Gonzalez attends the European Premiere of Sony Pictures “Baby Driver” on June 21, 2017 in London, England.


It’s a little vague but I hope this helps a bit?? ; v ; this is a little late, sorry!! 

  • I use ‘multiply’ a lot to adjust colours and add shadows, although Lance does have a more yellow undertone compared to the warmer/red base I use. 
  • Also, the skintones will look lighter or darker depending on your background (light colours or dark colours) so if you’re using a dark background it will make your skintones seem lighter so you can tweak it accordingly  ❤
Fragile (Stark!Reader x Steve Rogers) 1

Summary: You come home after being assaulted, only to see Steve awake and takes care of you.

Warning(s): Mentions of rape / sexual assault, swearing, flashbacks of rape (in italics), heavy HEAVY angst

Requests are OPEN

Part 1 | 2

A/N: Hi guys! this is my first ever fic on this account! And who doesn’t love crying to some good ol’ angst at 2am? However im really sorry for how dark this is and I know it can be really triggering for some, but sometimes I feel as if I can really bring out my writing skill by writing dark themes? Idk, sorry! I’m willing to write literally anything from smut, fluff or anything dark.. so I’d really appreciate it if you sent requests because I am AWFUL at coming up with imagine ideas! Italics = flashback or whatnot!

The rain down poured onto your heavy shoulders, soaking your messed clothing. Your arms were traced in trembling goosebumps from the previous fear you had experienced as you tugged on your jacket to cover the bruises that traced your neck and arms, possibly other parts of your skin too.

Even though you were in fact a Stark and being in your mid 20′s, you had what seemed to be a normal life. You grew up in a regular school, attended college and you even had your own friends. That’s what your plans were for the night, going to attend a high school reunion after oh so many years and reunite with old friends and classmates but it turns out them plans had shattered due to a cruel man with a passion for forcing lust upon others.

“Keep quiet, girly..” The middle aged drunk grunted, pinning your fragile wrists into the puddles of rain that rippled below.

Quivering sobs slipped from your lips, feeling your dignity being ripped away by each thrust which was forced by the unknown male. Everything felt numb. Tears pooled down your bruised cheek from the violent punch that was given to you after your attempt of defending yourself from the disgusting creature that was now panting above you in lust and need. One of the hands slipped from your wrists and covered your mouth and nose in a violent manner, gripping your vulnerable skin and stopping your breathing as a warning to keep quiet.

You flinched at the nightmare of a memory that haunted you quickly, the events already taking a toll upon your mindset from a few minutes ago. You pulled up your damp jeans and shakily pulled yourself up from the alleyway concrete ground.

Reality was hitting you like little needles piercing past your pride.

You, (Y/N) Stark had just been raped in a dark alleyway, something you’d have to carry with you for the rest of your time on earth.

You picked up your scattered insides from your leather handbag, picking up soaked dollars and your now broken phone from water damage. Your fingertips flinching and twitching towards your objects as you slowly began to collect your stuff together and your mindset.

“Oh shit, you feel so fucking tight.. Yeah, you fucking love it, don’t you? Pretty little slut..” 

He nibbled at the lobe of your ear, now having both hands on your hips- digging his filthy nails into your skin and creating red scratches due to the harsh pressure.

You were too weak and terrified to move an inch, let alone fight back. It seemed as if the only way out of this was to not struggle and let it be over with as quick as it could. You bit down on your lip- making it swell as blood welled up against your teeth in order to not let this sick bastard hear one of your sweet sounds out of this sickening act.

“No matter how much you deny that you don’t like it, you seem to be receiving pleasure- aren’t you? My dick is fucking coated in your steaming juice..”

His vile words only stung and created mental scars for you to let linger in your brain- causing more tears to mix in with the rain which poured on your face. Yet you didn’t retort back a witty comment like you usually would, you just wanted this over and done with as quick as possible. 

There was no way out of this for you any other way.

Your hand fell limp against the pavement and you closed your eyes to keep your tears trapped as well as any other sign of pleasure for this monster.

These thoughts danced through your mind as you limped your way back to your home, the Stark tower. How could someone just emotionally and physically destroy another person and leave them to rot in their own puddle of trauma?

Luckily for you, no one would most likely be home at the Stark Tower and anyone that was- would be asleep at the late time of night. Your father being out of town for meetings and the rest of the avengers having their own missions and lives to attend to.

So you thought.

After reaching your much so desired destination, you take a ride in the elevator that lead you up the tower. The ride seemed like hours of sorrow even though it only took roughly 30 seconds. 

Eventually, the doors open and you see the empty floor of your home before you. Your bare feet trot against the marble ground, your black heels in your shaky grip. All of your eye makeup was smudged down your face and your lipstick was swiped to one side from the forced kisses you had been given. Your leather jacket was stuck to your damp and damaged skin, your well put together outfit was now torn in places and was disorganised.

The lights flickered on automatically at the sense of movement, the Kitchen lights already being on- which was unknown to your mind. You walk through- about to take the stairs up to the floor of bedrooms until your movement is cut off by a soft voice.

“(Y/N)? What are you doing home so early?” 

You stop, not wanting to look back but without even seeing who had spoken, it was obvious by the gentle tone of the voice that it was Steve who had seen you.

“Aren’t you supposed to be at a high school reunion?”

You slowly look over your shoulder, seeing Steve emerge from the kitchen in a white tank top and comfy sweats and mis matched american socks and his hair messed up from perhaps sleeping. Your voice trembled, failing to find an answer for the first avenger.

Steve’s eyes widened for a second, shocked to see you in such a state from just seeing the back of your clothing and your face which had a black and blue bruise with yellow undertones coating your left cheek, foundation rubbed off in certain places and hickeys pulsing at your neck.

“Woah, woah.. (Y/N) what happened?!” Steve spoke in a worried tone and quickly paced over to you.

Once he was close enough, you collapsed into his broad chest. Your fist weakly gripping the white fabric on his chest as he held you in a protective embrace.

“I..I didn’t want it, Steve..”

20 minutes had passed, you were sat on the living room sofa with blankets wrapped around your damaged body as Steve had dressed and bathed you himself. You wore a pair of his own sweats and one of his shirts which were both very much so oversized for you form.

Steve walked over, holding a large mug of hot chocolate carefully- handing it over to you carefully and sitting down next to you. 

From what Steve had gathered from your fragile state and disfigured mental state, you had been raped. From seeing your body once he had bathed you, he saw scratches in places that shouldn’t have marks on such perfect skin, bruises and more sinful  wounds. After seeing your limp, he devoted himself to carry you around for the night and after giving him permission, he had dressed and cared for you. Steve didn’t want to pressure you into telling him about how everything happened.

He didn’t want to reopen fresh wounds.

“Thankyou, Steve..” You croaked, your voice hoarse and broken from within.

Steve offered a sad smile, watching you take sips of the sweet, steamed liquid which eased your sore throat slightly and made your damaged insides slowly heat up the cold actions that had swarmed inside your body.

“No need to thank me, doll.”

It was your turn to offer the sad smile to your fathers teammate, even your own friend. Your eyes were dry due to crying out all of the moisture left in your eyes. The smile fell from your chapped and swollen lips.

“Sorry, i-i..I didn’t call because my phones broke and all.. I-I should’ve been more careful, fuck- my dad’s gonna kill me.. I’m always breaking phones and you know how annoyed he gets, you know, you’d think maybe a 24 year old would be more careful..”

Steve gently cut off your rambling, “(Y/N), it’s not your fault for what happened.. Tony won’t even care once he find out what has happened, you know he has to know- (Y/N)…”

You look up from your mug, both hands enclosed on the pottery. 

“Don’t tell him, Steve..”


“Not now, not tonight..” Your voice cracked, holding back a sniffle. “I just want to be here with you, I-i don’t want to deal with telling him just yet..”

Steve looked into your (E/C) eyes, he could only imagine what monstrous things you had seen and felt in the span of a few hours. He couldn’t make you more upset, not after what had happened.

“Alright, yeah.. okay.”

You slightly scooted over, ignoring the pain that burned between your legs from the harsh actions that scraped between them earlier. Placing the empty mug down on the coffee table and resting your head against Steve’s chest, his heartbeat soothing your broken state. Nothing was more healing for you than having Steve here to take care of you in such a depressing time for you. 

You both stayed like this for a while, Steve rubbing small circles against your aching ribs and your eyes slowly fell shut, exhaustion taking over you.




Member: Kang Daniel

Genre: Soulmate!AU

Word Count: 1200+

Description: You lost the ability to see color at the young age of 5. Now, you’re a sophomore in college but you still haven’t met your soulmate. Will you ever see color again?

A/N: This wasn’t requested but I really like soulmate AUs, haha. I haven’t written in a while so sorry about that! I have a couple requests right now and I’ll get started on them ASAP. I’ll be traveling soon, so I won’t be working on requests during that time frame, please forgive me! Enjoy this Daniel scenario!

By the way, I still can’t believe he has female cats named Peter and Rooney.

You never really understood the concept of soulmates, never really became interested in them. Everyone around you were infatuated with the idea of meeting their soulmates and were utterly determined to meet their soulmate.

Your mother and father were soulmates, their soulmate bond was with the concept of matching tattoos. Growing up, your parents always told you these mystical stories of soulmates and how the bonds work.

There was the matching tattoos, where a couple would be born with the same tattoos at the same exact spot on their body. One of your closest friends, Somi, had this bond. She met her soulmate during her third year of high school. The two of you were at the convince store, buying snacks for your sleepover later that night. Somi was reaching out to grab an ice cream bar when suddenly a male grabbed it too. On both of their wrists were their tattoos. A small infinity sign on the front of their wrist.

Another bond you heard of had to do with the sense of smell. This particular bond was quite an interesting concept, due to the fact that once you are in a relatively close distance with your soulmate, you can smell their scent. For example, your sister, Jisoo, had this type of bond. One Monday morning, you trailed along her side to get a fresh cup of coffee. The cafe smelled completely of coffee and bread, and yet she kept mentioning that it smelled like fresh laundry. She mentioned that it was very faint, until she went to the cashier to order. When she reached the counter, the scent of fresh laundry was tremendous. Thus, just like that, she had met her soulmate (according to your sister’s soulmate, she smells like strawberries to him).

At the age of 5, your world of color stopped. It ceased to exist. On your 5th birthday, you asked your parents why everything suddenly became dark, why everything became grey. 

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Watercolour Skin Tones

Hi there! Thanks for your question. I don’t have these down to an exact science, but there are just a few colours I tend to use for skin tones with different ratios for each. I’ve tried to break it down according to how I think about them - I’ll first figure out whether the person is cool or warm-based. Cooler skintones have more blues in their undertone, and warmer have pink/yellow undertones, and there’s also the occasional neutral skin tone that almost reads as a green (sometimes found in olive-skin types). I always start with a very, VERY light wash of a colour, and this could be either a pale version of their final skintone or the undertone - usually a blue, yellow, or red. Afterwards I’ll start layering colours on top of that, to finally reach the darkness of colour I want. The colours used for the images below are lemon yellow (cool yellow), new gamboge (warmer yellow), quinacridone red (warmer red), quinacridone magenta (cool red), phthalo blue, and burnt umber in Daniel Smith watercolours. Sorry for the wonky face drawings, but here we go:

A very, very watered down mix for those who pretty much burn if they go out in the sun, new gamboge & quin. red. These types are very pale and tend to be bright pink-based. I’d say you could get away with the skin base being the white of the paper and just use straight-up watered down red for the very porcelain.

A darker version of above - starting to use more yellows in the mix. New gamboge & quin red. Still pink-based.

Starting to use more yellows here, with lemon yellow coming into the mix alongside new gamboge & quin red.

This is the same exact mix as above, except I layered down lemon yellow first, and then the mix of new gamboge and quin red on top of it later. It’s similar but reads more yellow.

Getting into the more olive-skinned territory with the addition of phthalo blue.

More blue, with new gamboge and quin red, and darker make a tanner skin tone.

Started using burnt umber into the mix for a richer colour, leaning red here with new gamboge and quin red.

A darker almost brick-coloured skin tone, with new gamboge, quin red, phthalo blue, and quin magenta coming into the mix.

Reddish undertone with new gamboge, quin red & magenta, phthalo blue.

Gold-based undertone - this one’s just new gamboge and burnt umber.

More neutral undertone with new gamboge, burnt umber, and phthalo blue.

Dark skin with blue undertones - burnt umber and phthalo blue with the smallest smidge of quin magenta.

I’ll usually put a bit more saturation into the skin tone mix for blush and lips, and some blue into the shadows. Again, definitely start light and layer layer layer until you find the colours you like. Experiment with what you have and see what works for you. Hope this helps!

One And Only

A/n: Hey, long time no post right? Anyways this is something I wrote while I was at school today. I know I’ve never posted AHS before but all the fanfiction I find for this fandom is lame so I made my own. I’m trying to ease back into writing by doing shit that I want to so hope you guys understand and enjoy. Also, don’t @ me about romanticism or whatever bc I literally don’t fucking care and I write what I want to bye XX

To say we were different was an understatement. She was beautiful and pure, like daisies a meadow. But I was dark and aggressive, like the storm that came to wash away the sanctuary. I loved her, I longed for her, she was all that I wanted in life. She wasn’t like any other girl that walked the halls of this shit-hole of a high school. Y/n was always so nice to everyone. She was popular, but down to earth at the same time. The fact that she ever gave me the time of day blew my mind.

We’d lock eyes while walking down the hall. She’d smile at me and wave as she walked with her friends. I’d always smile and look down at my feet, unable to look her in the eyes for too long. It went on like that for weeks until I finally got the courage to talk to her. She was standing at her locker, pulling a book out of her backpack. I walked up to her slowly, tapping her shoulder gently. She turned around to face me, eyes lighting up as she realized who she was looking at.

“Tate,” She spoke softly. Her red coated lips were contorted into a smile. “What’s up?” She asked. I swallowed hard, feeling my cheeks flare up as a wave of anxiety flushed over me.

“I, um, well,” I stuttered, rubbing the back of my head as I tried to find the words I needed. “Would you like to go out with me?” I blurted out. She raised her brow slightly which didn’t ease my panic.

“Awe, of course, I would.” She was so cheery, which was the exact opposite of what I had intended.

“Holy shit. Alright. I’ll pick you up tomorrow night at seven.” I said while exhaling a laugh. She smiled and nodded before kicking her locker closed.

“It’s a date.”


Months went by and we did everything that normal couples did. We’d go on dates, we’d make out in the movie theater, we’d even go on midnight drives on Saturdays. The only thing we hadn’t done, was fuck. Which I was cool with, I didn’t want to rush her, but I would be lying if I said I didn’t want her. I thought about it every time we were together, but she never said anything, so neither did I.

Then one day it was like a switch was flipped inside of her. She walked up to me in the library. She had my Nirvana t-shirt on with a blue flannel and jeans. She looks so good, I bit my lip just thinking about skipping class to take her home.

“Tate.” She said in a tone of voice I’d never heard from her. She closed the book I was reading before looking around to see if anyone was around. She leaned in and cupped her hand around my ear before speaking. “Meet me in here during sixth period. Don’t be late.” She sunk her teeth into my earlobe briefly, but it still sent chills down my spine. I just watched her, dumbstruck as she walked away. By the time I realized my jaw was hanging open, she was gone.

A few hours went by and it was finally time for me to meet up with her. I walked into the library which was dark now. It wasn’t unusual seeing as how the library always closed early on Friday. Y/n was the only volunteer for this period so I knew she was around here somewhere.

“Y/n!” I called out.

“Over here!” She said. I could tell she was over in the poetry section. She always sat over there to read and rearrange the Emily Dickinson books. I walked up to the aisle, squatting down when I got to her. She placed the book in her hands into its correct space before turning to me. “I’m ready for you Tate.” She was so straightforward, it took me off guard. Even with minimal context, I knew what she meant. I just didn’t know why.

“B-but Y/n,” I started, trying to laugh off my surprise. “Why here why now? I mean don’t get me wrong… I think about it a lot, like maybe too much. But I’m confused…” I trailed, furring my brows slightly before looking down at her. She just smiled. As if a smile was all it took to answer my questions.

“Because I love this place, Tate… but not as much as I love you. I always feel so… safe in here!” She said, throwing up her arms to gesture to the towering bookcases that shielded us from the rest of the room. “I always feel so safe with you. I trust you.” She said while reaching to grab my hand.

Those words made heart drop into the pit of my stomach, but I held her hand anyway. I was gonna give her what she wanted. “I’ll be gentle, I promise.” I murmured while leaning in to place my chapped pink lips over her soft red coated ones. She hummed softly as I slithered my tongue between her lips, rolling it over hers slowly. My hand slid up her back until my fingers were intertwined with her beautiful hair. I tugged it gently, just the way she liked. She let out a soft moan as my lips pecked hers before migrating towards her neck. I left butterfly kisses down to her soft spot. I always knew when I was there because she’d clutch my arm and bite her lip.

“T-Tate.” She groaned softly as I wrapped my lips around her warm flesh. I hummed softly before starting to suck on the area. “Fuck.” She whimpered, obviously trying to control her voice. My hands moved up to her shoulders, pushing the flannel down her arms and onto the floor. I sunk my teeth into her neck, causing her to hiss. Her hands were not on my belt buckle, struggle to pull it open. She was more eager than I’d anticipated, but I liked it. Pulled away while licking my lips, gazing at my artwork on the canvas that was her neck. A deep purple and blue bruise with slight yellow and blue undertones. It was like some galaxy bullshit you’d see in a science textbook.

She reached down to pull her top from her body, dropping it on the floor next to her flannel. She didn’t have a bra on and I couldn’t stop myself from looking at her chest. “Touch me, Tate.” She whispered while grabbing my wrist. Y/n brought my hand to her breast, letting my squeeze and bounce as she watched my expressions.

“Fuck, Y/n. You’re perfect.” I mumbled under my breath before meeting eyes with her again. She giggled slightly before leaning in to place her lips on my neck. I shuttered upon contact, letting my eyes flutter shut moments later. She left hot open mouthed kisses up to my jaw, snaking her hand into the bottom on my t-shirt as she did so. “Holy shit,” I groaned, placing my hand on the small of her back to bring her closer.

“Fuck me, Tate.” She mumbled against my skin. I nodded my head rapidly reaching down to pull my shirt off. I tossed it on top of hers before laying down on the floor, using my elbows for support. She crawled onto my lap, straddling me as I placed my hands on her waist. She smiled as she hiked her mini skirt up, pulling her panties down hastily. I bit my lip watching as she placed them on top of m shirt.  

“Did you mean it when you said you felt safe around me?” I asked as she tugged my jeans down with my boxer. She nodded her head before looking down at me.

“Of course I do. I know you’d never hurt me.” She said so confidently. I smiled at her. She was so sweet and naive, but that’s what I loved about her. The ignorance of innocence. “That’s why I want you to be my first…”

“I wanna be your only, Y/n,” I said seriously. She bit her lip and nodded her head. I knew she knew what I meant by that. I leaned back against the bookcase as she took my dick in her hands. She gave it a few half-hearted pumps before raising her hip upward. I help her skirt up with one hand so we could see what she was doing. She slowly slid down, face contorted in a mixture of pain and pleasure. I knew the only reason she took the whole thing at once was cause she was eager to please me. I placed my spare hand on her hip for guidance. “F-fuck, you’re doing great baby.” I groaned, trying to keep my composure as best as I could.

She placed both her hands on my shoulders, slowly starting to roll her hips against mine. Her lips were parted as she let her eyes flutter shut. She let her head fall back slightly as all the remaining pain turned to ecstasy. “Tate, oh my god.” She cried out, starting to pick up the pace a bit. “H-hold my hand.” She stuttered while holding her hand up. I took her hand in my own, squeezing it tightly.

“Don’t stop, baby. You’re taking my dick so well.” I said, trying to encourage her. I knew by the way she groaned that she was into my dirty talk. “My little slut, yeah? Not so innocent after all.” I said under my breath.

“Jesus Christ!” She squealed, rolling her hips faster. I couldn’t help but buck my hips up to meet hers. She gasped rapidly, closing her eyes tightly.

“Ohh you like that?” I asked, bucking my hips up harder. “Like when I fuck your tight little cunt like that? I know you do princess.” I growled. She shivered against my body, doing her best to keep up with my rhythm. “I’ve wanted to do this for so long, Y/n. You don’t even fucking know!” I grunted, bucking my hips harder with each word.

“Tate!” She screamed. “I can’t, I’m-” I hushed her abruptly.

“I know Y/n, me too. Just wait a second. Wait till I say.” I ordered her. She nodded her head waiting for my say so. I knew she burning up inside, her face gave her away. I bucked my hips a few more times before clenching my eyes shut. “Fuck! Now now now!” I chanted, cumming hard inside of her. She whimpered softly cumming just as harshly as I did. I was breathless. All I could feel was my heart pounding out of my chest and her fingertips tracing hearts into my pale shoulders. “That was amazing, Y/n.”

“I love you so much, Tate.” She mumbled.

“I love you too.”

That next Monday rolled around and I just couldn’t take it anymore. Nobody truly knows what it’s like until they’re in that position. Walking down the halls, taking out everyone that ever tried to take you out. Shooting them in the back with perfect aim as if they had targets on their backs. My boots squeaked against the tile floor as the fluorescent lights flickered overhead. I roamed the halls looking for my next victim, already had taken my vendetta out on the people who I hated the most. Now I wanted to have fun. I reloaded my gun before kicking open the door of the library. One by one I took out kids who begged for their lives. Begged for their lives after raising hell in mine. A cheerleader, a bad boy, a nerd, a jock, a goth. But even after killing them, I knew someone else was here. The grand prize target. My love. My life. Y/n.

“Don’t hide from me, my love,” I said while reloading. “What happened to trusting me? Don’t you still trust me, Y/n?” I asked while pacing towards the poetry section. She screamed and backed herself against the wall, covering her face with her hands. “Tate! Please! Please don’t do this. You don’t have to do this! I love you, Tate!”

I tilted my head as if I were a confused puppy. “I love you too Y/n. But you don’t understand. I can’t let anyone else hurt you. I can’t let anyone have you. So I’m gonna make sure that I’m your only, okay?” I said while raising the gun to her.

“Tate please!” She screamed out, pulling her hands away from her face to look me in the eyes. Her eyes were so full of fear. I didn’t see any love anymore. I shook my head slightly before shooting her in the stomach. She gasped as the shock overcame the pain. The placed her hands over the bloody wound. I knelt down in front of her, dropping the gun as I tucked her hair behind her ear.

“I’ll see you soon beautiful.” I murmured before pecking her lips softly. “My one and only.”

okay a couple of people asked me how i made my most recent gifset (x), so i thought i’d attempt a tutorial. sorry in advance if i’m bad at explaining it, and if you have any extra questions, feel free to drop me an ask and i’d be more than happy to clarify things. again, i do make my gifs in 536px bc there’s a lil glitch with my ps which means that i have to double the size, but i’ve posted them at 268px here for the sake of the tutorial. 

so in this tutorial, i’ll be showing you how to go from this:

to this:

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Day 14.

I am beginning to miss home. I thought I would adjust easily to the changes, but that is not the case. Where the muted pink-dusk tones of my planet should be, there is only bright yellow and harsh undertones. This planet feels rough on my skin and under my nails. I do not belong here.

The family I have chosen to become a part of has taken the change well. In fact, it went so smoothly that they are convinced they raised me themselves. All of my training prepared me to help the family transition easily, but none of it even began to explain how I would feel. I don’t know if anyone else can relate, but it is very hard to be fighting through so much change without anyone to talk to about it.

Before I left home, I took many, many pictures. They hang on my wall now, strung out on a bit of twin with clips. If I stare at them long enough, until the purple hue fills my eyes, I can begin to believe that I’m back home with my growing plants and softly glowing paintings.

I miss the way my pillows at home felt beneath my arm, and how the wind would faintly whisper if I let my window stay open. There is none of that here: only uncomfortably hot blankets, and the occasional fire siren outside my room. I also find it hard to sleep without the faint calming music of my growing plants. Apparently succulents do not sing here.

I do miss my music, since they don’t have my kind of songs here. But I don’t miss music in general, because this planet has plenty to choose from. Most of it is beautifully written, although a great deal of it significantly lacks creativity. I have found some peace in the smaller songs, though. The ones that are a little less popular, a little less heard, but mean a whole lot more to someone. It’s hard to pick past all the nonsense and meaningless jumble, but once you do, it turns out most humans are far more talented then you’d expect.

Speaking of picking past the meaningless, I have found that the human race has an odd obsession with covering up what they are trying to say. On my planet, what must be said is said. There are no “maybes” or fake smiles. That is another thing: no one here is as happy as they seem.

I am beginning to see that the emotions of the human race are far more complex than something I can record on my research sheets. There are the basics, such as love, fear, joy, and loss. But there is more. Emotions I have never felt. Coping mechanisms to survive in such a harsh world.

I am far from home, but there are a few things that bring me comfort. The smell of lavender. It smells of my home planet: warm, consuming, elegant, and safe. There is also music. There is an odd sort of magic in music. For somehow, it has the unique ability to bond all living things, no matter what social barriers separate them. Terarriums, tanks, and the creatures who live there. They comfort me. I love seeing their little shining planets, nestled onto bookshelves or on top of desks. They make me feel less alone.

I will write again soon. Hopefully by then I will have deciphered the complex action of a human’s face. Maybe that will help me communicate better.

Until next time,

Color reference for Bill in my Superpower AU.  I spent way too long figuring out what the local colors are.  Color is so fickle D,:

The trick to his color scheme: the dark/black areas are usually blue.  Flesh tones and hair are closer to red, although his skin has a yellow-ish/gold undertone.  Clothing, accessories, and armor are usually yellow.

stop! drawing! characters!!! yellow!!!!!!!! skin has blood underneath it!!! literally nobody is an actual yellow color unless they arent human or have a blood disease!! even ppl with yellow undertones will have warmth to their skin bc of bloodflow and how skin is translucent, ppl with yellow undertones are not literally yellow and its rly gross when i see artists on tumblr draw specifically east asian characters with yellow skin its just straight up racism(:

Mandalorian color theory in art - Pt. 3 - Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I (1907) and the Portrait of Ursa Wren

In Part 3 of this series, I will be focusing on the portrait of Ursa Wren, inspired by Gustav Klimt’s first portrait of Adele Bloch Bauer. As with the previous post, I’ll be referring to two posts from @izzyovercoffee​​ when referring to Mandalorian color theory. They can be found here [post 1] and here [post 2]. You can also find more posts about in-universe Star Wars art history in my tag [here].

If you have not caught up on Star Wars Rebels (as of s4e8) then this post may contain spoilers.

Anyway, I was fortunate to find the concept art version (?) version (I’m not sure what the actual name is) of the Ursa Wren portrait. Here, there are four most prominent colors: Blue/green/teal, gold, the color of Ursa’s skin, and black. Her skin tone falls between the primary colors of yellow and red, with more yellow undertones and red to highlight her lips. As with the piece Ursa’s portrait is inspired by, namely Gustav Klimt’s Portrait of Adele Bloch Bauer, Ursa’s actual figure is largely vague in shape, the only parts of her that the audience can really see are her forearms, and the body that lays above the clavicle.

The portrait of Bauer is the highlight of Klimt’s golden phase. It’s reminicent of religious inconography, in that gold leaf is used to create halos and highlights. Gold is precious, and though it’s more common to see gold jewelry now, its preciousness is associated with rareness and holiness. If we look at the portrait of Bauer, we will notice that even Bauer has a halo of sorts wreathing her head: It’s made of spirals, of different colors, than the rest of her form. It’s suggested that in this portrait, Klimt “remove[s] Adele Bloch-Bauer from the earthly plane, transform[s] the flesh and blood into an apparition from a dream of sensuality and self-indulgence.” (On the note of indulgence: Bauer was Klimt’s mistress, and even The Kiss by Klimt (1908) has been suggested to be an idealized portrait of both Klimt and Bauer. Since the point of this post is not about who Klimt had affairs with, we’ll move past his sexuality.)

Now, returning back to the Portrait of Ursa Wren. Besides her figure, there are shapes that make up the portrait. Namely, spirals, blocks, and ellipses. Spirals are a popular motif in art, as well as in nature. The Golden Spiral is a popular one, and many flora grow in spirals. Even galaxies may be shaped into spirals. Spirals are connected with what is natural. Anything with sharp angles, such as the rectangles in the portrait, are the opposite. Angles suggest manmade structure, and her dress is compose largely of these structures. Even the gold highlights throughout the piece are made of rectangles. Yet the way her dress flows, the major shapes in the background that separate spirals from checkered boxes from her, are very natural as well.

When we look at Clan Wren’s armor (besides Sabine’s) we see two major colors: gray and gold “Genet,” the Mandalorian word for gray, refers to mourning, though we aren’t exactly told who they mourn. Yet considering that “Ve'vut” refers or implies vengence, we can understand that the Wrens have been wronged, and seek to right those wrongs.

When we look through the episodes that take place on Krownest and learn the story, we learn that Sabine has been accused of wronging all Mandalorians, of creating a weapon that targets bes'kar and the bes'kar alloy in Mandalorian armor. We even see that weapon in action. It’s possible that Clan Wren’s colors refer to Sabine’s creation and defection from the Empire. It’s possible that Clan Wren’s colors used to be something else, maybe even something closer to what Sabine wears currently (warmer tones of red, violet, orange) and they changed their colors to Genet and Ve'vut after Sabine’s actions. Still, for now let us end the speculation and turn our focus back to the portrait.

Blues and greens create a teal. Blue, as we’ve stated, refers to reliablity and consistence. Green, duty. Teal, the combination of the two, creates an emphasis on duty: Duty is important, duty is everything.

Why these colors? I think that it ties in to the speculation of why Clan Wren’s colors are gray and gold. We know that Clan Wren became less trustworthy in the eyes of other Mandalorians after Sabine’s handiwork in the Empire. We know that Clan Wren has done everything they could to appease the other clans, to ensure that yes, they are Mandalorians, not aruetiise. With that in mind, Ursa’s portrait, focused on the colors that represent duty and reliability, is a reflection of this. 

Ursa was doing everything she could to prove that her clan is Mandalorian, and that included the message this portrait provides.


Brown is not boring.

Brown skin can be ranges of light tan to dark as night. It catches the light and the person glows. With red undertones it’s warm and inviting. With blue undertones it’s visually striking and gorgeous. With yellow undertones it’s visions of home and friendliness.

Brown eyes can be deep, piercing, stunning, and immensely different from one another.

Brown hair can catch the light and show you a world of colors. Blonde you didn’t know existed. Red that you inherited. White from experience and a lighter brown as a natural highlight.

Brown is the color of the earth we dig up to plant something green.

Brown is the color of comfort and peace, be it food, a blanket, your favorite sweater, or autumn.

Brown is the wake up you need or the relaxer at the end of the day.

Brown protects the trees around you so you can breathe.

It’s sand on the beach. It’s the bottom of a lake. Its plants and animals and and leaves from a few years ago. It’s trails in the woods and rocks near waterfalls.

It’s moons and planets far far away that people call beautiful. So why wouldn’t brown be as amazing as everything that is brown?

Brown is a boring WORD. But brown is by no means a boring color.

Hair Color Descriptors (For Writers)

Tired of using the same two words for a hair color? I have the masterpost for you!

All non-italicized terms are adjectives or actual color names. All italicized terms are nouns with comparable traits.

Brown (from light to dark)

  • nutmeg
  • bister (brown, strong yellow undertones)
  • filemot (color of dead leaves)
  • mousy (grey brown)
  • earthy (grey brown or light brown)
  • fawn

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RP connections thingy

Full Name: Sasha Elizabeth Rochester
Race: Midlander Hyur
Sex: Female
Occupation: Scholar, Researcher, Alchemist, Independent Mage.

Personality type (laid back, militant, high strung, etc):

Equipped with smooth words, a disarming smile, and a keen eye for what she can use to her benefit, she sees the world as her playground for lies and deception. Her demeanor is pleasant and charming, always keeping a friendly though somewhat distant disposition. Seductive, provocative and perhaps a little cheeky, she takes pleasure from keeping others off-balance.

To those she can benefit from, this mask will be kept almost permanently plastered on her face, always willing to please and seduce. Analytical to the core, she will inspect and morph into what she believes others expect her to be, from the foolish, harmless damsel in distress, to the cunning archmage. Give her a stage she desires and she will put on a show. To her, all truths are malleable and easily bent, words are nothing but child’s play. People she considers fools or threatening will see another side of her, however. And they will soon discover that the coy smile bears sharp teeth and a sharper tongue. While she doesn’t seek to harm, her patience is often limited towards those she deems incompetent, and her sweet words will turn into bitter sarcasm and condescending arrogance.

Due to a distaste towards violence, she has a strong inclination towards battles of wit when facing conflict. Sasha also implements under-handed tactics, and more than anything, persuasion. She sees fists and blades as the arms of savages, and will frown upon those who see them as their first resort.

Despite her seemingly refined demeanor, she can be quite reckless and childish in her pursuit of magical power, having an absolute fascination for aetherial phenomena. She doesn’t care that aether harms her. So long as she can feel the rush of magic surging through her veins, she will always be motivated to look for more. Due to her aetherial sensitivity, her obsession with magic has proven many times to be highly detrimental to her condition. She stubbornly insists on continuing to push herself further and further, caring not for the consequences.

Manipulative, self-destructive, scheming, secretive, and distrustful, it’s easy to portray her under a negative light when people discover that part of her nature, but in her eyes, her tactics are nothing but a shell that protects her from a harsh, ruthless world. With few enemies and even fewer friends, she feels deep affection and loyalty towards those who choose to stand by her side, even after witnessing the best and worst of her.

What does your character look like?:

Sasha has a very pale, clear complexion. She has a white birth mark on her left cheekbone, but no blemishes besides that. In a way, she looks like a porcelain doll. Her eyes are large, framed by thick, dark eyelashes. Colour-wise, they are what one would call a ‘forest green’, Green with a yellower undertone than blue. Her features could be described as delicate and femenine, with a thin nose, rounded, high cheekbones, and plump lips. Her face is relatively long, with a small chin and jaw. I would say her face is heart-shaped, and yes, her hairline does have a small widow’s peak. 

Her body, much like her face, is diligently cared for. Her waistline would be like the classical femenine hourglass. She’s considered somewhat busty, but not as much as some of her friends. Her hips are proportional to this. She’s fairly slender, but lacks any good muscle definition save for her lower torso and legs. Her arms are likely a lost cause. I’d say her frame is medium to small. She also has the ‘dimples of venus’ on her lower back. 

Favorite hobby:

  • Magic 
  • Alchemy
  • Reading
  • Forming Connections

Motto they live by:

“ Never attempt to win by force what can be won by deception.”

Favorite type of environment:

She is very fond of the night–Particularily near the sea or the ocean. She also enjoys places that she considers lively bastions of civilization, like Ul’dah. Otherwise, give her a warm, starry night, a candle, and some books. 


(I can’t write down all her connections because I will murder my fingers that way. I will name her closest allies, or those she has had for the longest time. Excluding X’elo from this one.)

Edda Eglatine (@lodsamone) Edda is someone she finds deightfully entertaining and disarming, despite the fact Edda herself is played as a very awkward, uptight character. Sasha sees a kindred spirit in what she could have been, and seeks to break Edda’s uptight and timid exterior. 
Lorentz Rivers (@andarion) He put up with so much of her shit and still protects her. He also isn’t scared to knock her out when she’s being irrational or violent. I guess he’s O.K. OOC, kind of a loser nerd. 
Issabel Drake (@twelvesavethequeen) There’s a friendly competition between both of them. Sasha genuinely find her company charming and enjoyable, albeit vexxing at times. There are too many things they share in common for her not to constantly compare herself to Issabel. 
Gogonji Gegenji (@gegenji) She cares about this man as much as she admires him. In a way, she sees Gogonji as a mentor. She values his counsel and input more than any other of her allies or friends. 
Miziutte Zuiremand (@themizyin) Though their interactions are limited, she genuinely cares about Miziutte and truly wants to establish a healthy, lasting friendship with her. In a way, despite their different backgrounds, she sees a kindred spirit in academic pursuit. 

Who they admire:

Her grandmother (Caroline Chamberlain), though she admittedly does it because she idolizes her. Sasha admires Caroline as much as she fears and distrusts her. Their relationship is somewhat toxic and abusive, as they both idealize each other to the point of an unhealthy obsession to meet each other’s expectations.

What do they hope to do 10 years from now?:

Take over the world and let there be a dominion of the uncontrollable power of aeth–Okay, no. Just kidding. She hopes to become a renowned and respected archmage and scholar. Her ultimate goal is to be the kind of mage people write legends about, to her, that’s the only way she can truly honor her bloodline. She hates the fact her ancestors are so much greater than her, so she truly hopes she one day will surpass them.

Are they single? If not, who is their spouse/partner/life mate?:

 Happily married to X’elo Maimhov.

What do they look for in friends?:

People she can use. No, seriously. People she can use. 

If they walked into a bar and saw a talking slug, what would their reaction be?:

Be disgusted and fascinated. Would likely observe it for quite a long time. If the talking slug was somewhat intelligent, she may try to carry a conversation, but again, she may be utterly repulsed by the idea.


Usual Playtime: 6-7 p.m. EST

Server: Balmung

FC/Guild: <<Thorn>>

Looking for (friends, ships, hate ships, shady connections, etc.):

EVERYTHING. All of it. You want to stab her? Go ahead. 

RP Hooks:

If you’re from Sharlayan:
Sasha’s grandmother, Caroline Chamberlain, is a well-known professor and scholar who is native to Sharlayan. She doesn’t travel outside the city state much, but she certainly has a lot of connections within. It’s not difficult for me to set something up from this angle.

If you’re from Ul’dah: She does not have a terribly good reputation, but hey! She’s known for being rich! And manipulative. And dishonest. Also, people die around her a lot, especially people who are inconvenient to her. But hey! Money! Also she spends like 90% of her time in Ul’dah. 

If you’re in The Shroud: She travels to the Shroud a lot, mainly for research and alchemical ingredients. Usually goes with a bodyguard, but may go alone if she’s in a bad/incompetent mood. Aether there fucks her up.

If you’re a Mage in any city-state: Sasha loooooves fellow mages. She has a record of academic excellence and is seen as competent in most, if not all forms of magic available to the Eorzean general public. Any magic is a common ground for her.

If you have connections to the Ul’dahn or Lominsan criminal underground: Sasha’s former husband, Stefan Delumiere, used to have a big influence on the criminal underworld up until he dissappeared. He mainly dealt with the black market for “alternative medicine” (If you know what I mean). He was also known as a lying, scheming, criminal piece of shit. A complete con-man. The chances of him marrying her for the money are high.

If your character is a Noble of any sorts (or stupidly rich): Sasha is a very socially aware character, so if your character comes from a wealthy family like her own, chances are, she has heard about them. There’s also a high possibility that there are pre-existing relations between her family and your character’s own. This can be settled OOC. 

If you’re an Alchemist: She is often found in the Alchemist’s guild, but if not, she is more than open to people who share her love for Alchemy.

If you’re a scholar: Same as Alchemist. She appreciates people she can have a common ground with. 

Sasha should be back in the RP Scene next month, after a 6 month hiatus to Sharlayan. 

A Vulnerable's Comfort

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Member(s): Jaebum
Word Count: 2957
Genre: Angst-ish
Summary: It’s a long lost love story. It only began and ended because of a dare. But was there really something more that you couldn’t forget? Was it really just all because of a dare?

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