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Twelfth Night Google searches
  • Viola: what do i do when my crush thinks i'm a guy
  • Olivia: how to tell your boyfriend you think his sister's hot
  • Sebastian: why doesn't my best friend want to meet my girlfriend
  • Antonio: what to do when your crush wants you to meet his girlfriend
  • Orsino: what are the stages of a gay crisis
  • Malvolio: where to buy yellow tube socks
  • Feste: why are rich people so stupid
E.V.O.L - Chapter 2 (Trixya) - VicThirteen

A/N: Hello! I meant to submit this earlier, but I prefer to post the chapters only when I have the next one ready, so it took a minute. Also, I’m a believer in building antici-

…pation to make every moment that little more special. Thank you so much for the comments, it makes my heart glow with joy <3

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Minions literally put the worst kind of rage in my heart, I dont need this, but there is their goddamn yellow tube ass face staring at me, and now theyre being put with Middle Aged White Mom Quotes, this has gone too fucking far, Im blowing up every fucking thing on the earth to prevent this from continuing any longer, yes we will all die, but we will all finally be fucking free

Red Hot Chili Pepper videos - a summary

True Men Don’t Kill Coyotes - Neon body paint. Anthony takes a dust bath.

Catholic School Girls Rule - Schoolgirl fetish. Toilet stall blowjobs. Crucified Anthony.

Higher Ground - Colorful. Stuffed animal pants.

Give it Away - Silver. Dope mirror pants. Crotch grabbing. Baton and ribbon twirling.

Under the Bridge - LA streets. Slow motion marathon running.

Warped - Black vinyl fetish wear. Chains. Brief, hot make out scene.

Love Rollercoaster - Beavis and Butthead.

Californication - Video game. Shirtless Chili Peppers on rotating platforms. Rad white falcon guitar.

Otherside - Some sick Cabinet of Dr. Caligari shit. Chili Peppers go goth/German Expressionism.

Scar Tissue - Bruised, bloody hobos driving around.

The Zephyr Song - Psychedelic kaleidoscope! Sexy go-go dancer. Random hula hoop.

Can’t Stop - Erwin Wurm. Modern art museum walk through. Yellow tubes and packing peanuts.

Dani California - Cool costumes. 1960s-2006. Shitty bass Flea has to play during ‘goth’.

Hump de Bump - Block party. Fun dancing and mattress jumping. Chris Rock.

Look Around - Rooms of a house with random objects. Anthony holds a big-ass dog.

Rain Dance Maggie - Venice Beach. Hipsters.

Dark Necessities - Skateboarding. Metaphoric cuts and bruises. Chad is slapped.

Go Robot - Who the fuck knows?


RHCP videos from By The Way, Stadium Arcadium, I’m With You and The Getaway albums with funny descriptions by foreverdosed.

  • The Zephyr Song - Psychedelic kaleidoscope! Sexy go-go dancer. Random hula hoop. 
  • Can’t Stop - Erwin Wurm. Modern art museum walk through. Yellow tubes and packing peanuts.
  • Dani California - Cool costumes. 1960s-2006. Shitty bass Flea has to play during ‘goth’.
  • Hump de Bump - Block party. Fun dancing and mattress jumping. Chris Rock.
  • Look Around - Rooms of a house with random objects. Anthony holds a big-ass dog.
  • Rain Dance Maggie - Venice Beach. Hipsters.
  • Dark Necessities - Skateboarding. Metaphoric cuts and bruises. Chad is slapped.

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Seungcheol and 57 plz!

57. You’re not even a boyfriend, you’re kind of like a dog.

Your mouth started to water and you had to try your best not letting the drool drip out of your mouth and over your chin. You swallowed thickly, your heart was beating so fast you were afraid it’d jump out of your chest and you started breathing heavily and superficial. You licked your lips in anticipation as you didn’t know how much more you were able to take, you couldn’t wait any longer, you had to have it. Now.

As you pulled open the door, a sigh of relief left your moist lips.

‘You’re so beautiful. We’re finally together.’

The loud ‘Ping’ of the microwave sounded like music in your ears and you finally freed your beloved Mac’n Cheese. You would’ve clenched it against your chest if it wasn’t white hot and simmering.

You hummed as you sat down on the couch and put on the TV, looking at your precious pasta with loving eyes.

You browsed through netflix to find the newest episode of Game Of Thrones and made yourself comfortable. The macaroni was perfectly cooked, the cheese on top rich and oozing and sticking heavenly to the yellow, tube-shaped pasta. You were just about to take a bite from your delicious, self-made, favourite dish until an unexpected voice startled you and almost made you drop your whole plate.

‘What is that?’

You grumbled in annoyance, still having to recuperate from the shock a little.

‘What does it look like Seungcheol? I’m eating my Mac’n Cheese.’

‘Ooooh nice! Can i have some?’


Your boyfriend looked shocked and offended as he pouted at you when he came to sit beside you.

‘Why not?’

‘Because i made this myself and i need this. It’s mine. There’s plenty of other food in the fridge.’

‘But i want macaroni too!’, he started complaining, pouting even more to the point where it just got ridiculous. He knew his aegyo didn’t have any effect on you because he always overdid it.

‘Seungcheol no! Go away! Let me eat my pasta and watch my show in peace.’

He frowned indignantly and crossed his arms over his chest, refusing to budge.

‘Is that a way to speak to your boyfriend?’

‘My boyfriend is right here.’, you said as you stuffed your mouth with a big spoon of your macaroni while still looking Seungcheol in the eyes as your own fluttered closed in delight and you moaned at the delicious explosion on your taste buds. 

‘Mmmm…Taste so good baby.’, you mumbled with your mouth full, shaking your head as you relished in it.

‘Did you just call a freaking plate of pasta your boyfriend when i’m sitting right here?’, Seungcheol whispered dangerously, squinting his eyes at you.

You swallowed down your first big bite before you spoke again this time.

‘You’re not even a boyfriend, you’re kind of like a dog.’

‘Okay, that’s it lady!’, he growled as he took the plate from your lap and placed it on the coffee table.

‘Hey! What are you doing?! That’s mi-‘

You reached out, helplessly trying to save your poor plate but it was no use. You tried protesting, but Seungcheol pinned you down on the couch, getting on top of you.

‘And you’re mine. Don’t forget that.’, his voice was low and warning as he brushed his nose over your jawline up to your ear. ‘Mmm..What should i do to punish you this time? You should really learn how to be more respectful baby girl…’

You felt your face heating up and you didn’t know whether it was out of anger or arousal. His low, dominant voice was enough to get you to soak your panties and he knew it. He ran his hand up under your shirt, softly brushing the tips of his fingers over the skin right beneath your breasts.

‘Seungcheol…please…’, you breathed superficially, your eyes hooded as he traced the swell of your breasts sticking out of your bra while licking and biting his way up your neck.

‘Mmm?’, he hummed distractedly, his hand going lower until it reached the waistband of your shorts. He started playing with the button just to rile you up.

‘What do you want baby? Tell me what you want…’, he purred in your ear as he dipped his fingers under your waistband.

You whimpered and swallowed hard.

‘I…I want… ‘

‘Yes baby?’

‘I want my macaroni.’

Seungcheol’s hand froze right in its place and he lifted his head up. The look on his face should scare you to death but you were laughing so hard you couldn’t take anything seriously right now.

‘You’re gonna pay for this.’, he snarled at you before getting off of you.
‘I’ll leave, for now. And i’ll take this with me!’

You could only see him running off with your food at the speed of light, a look of pure terror on your face as you tried to get up and run after him, but it was already too late. He locked himself up inside your bedroom and took your precious macaroni hostage. You knew it wouldn’t survive the night with him. You kept banging on his door but he wouldn’t let you in before he devoured your Mac’n Cheese.

‘I will not forget this Choi Seungcheol! NEVER!!!’

A First Time for Everything

Here it is. One of my long awaited Stevidot fanfictions. (There’s some Garnidot bonding in here too). This was a request fic for @professorclue who wanted a Stevidot first kiss fic. I wasn’t able to make this into an accidental kiss like you wanted, but I hope you like it anyways! Thank you again for being so patient. Enjoy everyone~!


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Fun fact: Crystals grow.  I’m not that knowledgeable about mineralogy, but I do know that that’s how crystals and crystalline structures form.  If this yellow tubing is part of a Crystal Heart like the one in the temple, then perhaps major Gem structures are grown from Hearts like these?  We’ve also seen Gem devices like that fort-making pillow, though.  Hrm.

「 October 31, 2016 - 9:24pm 

Charlie sat in the waiting room of the hospital. The more he looked around the rows of chairs, the more he realized he was sitting in the same room…maybe even the same chair that he was in almost three years ago. Shaking the thought from his head, he turned his attention to the sound asleep Winnie the Pooh curled up on the chair next to him. Seeing Emma in her costume made Charlie’s pale blue shorts, yellow collared shirt, tube socks, and red sneakers make a little more sense. It even managed to shed some light on why there were discarded Eeyore and Kanga costumes next to Emma: the annual family Halloween costumes and the Spencers would fit very well in 100 Acres right about now. Charlie wrapped his jacket around his sister before rubbing his hands over his face. 


Two Blocks - Lucaya

plot: New York City was undergoing their worst rain storm in a decade. Sadly for Maya Hart, the sound of rain wasn’t as welcoming to her as it was to others. Terrified of the storm raging above, she distracts herself by bringing a brush to a canvas.
rating: K+
word count: 2.2k 
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Home is Where the Heart is

Characters: Gabriel x Reader

Warnings: Mention of death (Reader’s)

Request: Could you write a one shot where the reader dies and goes to heaven but Gabriel doesn’t know how to get back in after the fall so he’s really sad, but then Cas shows him the entrance and Gabriel finds the reader in her personal heaven which turns out to be the place they first met? Happy ending? :)

A/N: I am so sorry this took so long. These last few days have been ridiculous. Anyways, here is the order of events. Gabe is in heaven helping restore order. Reader dies and goes to heaven. Then “The Fall” occurs and Gabe is locked out without realizing what’s happened to the reader. The moment that the reader describes when she speaks of the time they met is set right after Changing Channels when everyone finds out Gabe is an archangel and not just he trickster. I really liked writing this so I hope you all enjoy it:)


Heaven. It wasn’t what you’d expected. You were ready for fluffy clouds and cherubs with harps floating around but this…this was not even close to your vision. It was better. You had your own personalized little world dedicated to you and the things you love. And the thing you loved the most was Gabriel.

To anyone else this might look a little closer to hell than heaven. They way you met Gabriel wasn’t all rainbows and kittens but it suited the two of you and the love story that would unfurl afterwards. He’d caught your attention instantly. The moment his golden eyes locked on yours, the flames of the holy fire surrounding him burning bright, you were gone even before you had the chance to speak. That was the day you found out he was an archangel, and that was also the day you fell in love with one of God’s most powerful weapons. 

Sam, Dean, and Cas had had their say with him and turned to leave. You’d made up some excuse to stay behind, telling them you still had some questions for the wayward angel. They didn’t argue and left you to your business. You didn’t know why you stayed. You only knew you you had to be near him a little longer.

“Sorry to get you stuck in this mess little lady. Don’t you know you can get yourself in trouble hanging around dumb and dumber over there?”

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