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I had no idea you lived in Canada! Do you mind me asking what province? (I'm curious as I am Canadian too and love other Canadian dorks). Also, I adore your kitty designs! They're too cute, and the passion you have shows in your work. Have you ever considered doing a LittleKuriboh cat? Lol it might be funny! Thanks, and have a great day!

Thank you! I can be located in the tall grass between the mountains and the plains of Alberta.

you know, I actually don’t know diddly squat about LittleKuriboh aside from watching the YGOTAS episodes and Leather Pants. what does this person even look like. are they a person or are they just a cryptid, like a Kuriboh hovering in front of a laptop somewhere in a far corner of the shadow realm. is this person even real or are they some sort of mythical internet creature from 2008.

I’m just going to go off of what I think I saw as their icon 10,000 years ago??

I think they have a hat with some yellow trim or something??? anyway i gave up trying to remember and now it says butts. this is terrible. good thing they’re never going to see this.


Historic Diamonds~ Dissecting Blue’s Pattern~

So before we rush in with making, like Yellow Diamond’s trim, we need to look at the design and pick it apart and figure how best to do it ^^

Bekka has a little experience with embroidery and plans to embroid most of the larger designs, whilst Soph who is skilled with painting will be painting the fidly bits in between ^^

Soon as Bekka had finished drawing this up, the first of her samples also arrived which looks great for the sleeve/ veil cloak/ bottom of the dress but we will wait and see how it matches up against the other samples when they arrive ^^

Blue Diamond design and artwork belongs to @romans-art, used with permission! ^^


Yellow Diamond Shirt~ Part 2~

It’s absolutely baking here in the UK, so nothing better then hiding inside and sewing! :P

The bottom part of the shirt/jacket is made from the same cotton material as the sleeves! :D The trim and it’s detail have been built up in layers consisting of yellow dimantes and pearls… see what we did there? ;)

This same trim will also be used for boots and gloves too when we get round to them! :D

All that’s left to do here is finally embroid the last 4 diamonds to go on the back and then finally sew the two halves together! :D

Artwork designed and belongs to @romans-art
Yellow Diamond belongs to Steven Universe
Cosplay made by us! @lemonandgingercosplay

Diamond in the Rough

Beautiful artwork is done by @slugette. I still cannot thank you enough!

Chapter 28

Pairing: Cullen x Trevelyan

Rating: SFW

Tags: Romance, Emotional Hurt/Comfort

Link: AO3

In Regency Era Thedas, Orlais and Ferelden are at war. As an officer in Ferelden’s army, Cullen is entrusted with an important document, one that he must keep secret and deliver it to the right hands at any cost. He is betrayed, someone leaking his position and he and his men are set upon by Orlesian soldiers. Grievously wounded, Cullen flees into the Orlesian countryside. Elya saves his life, healing his wounds and keeping him hidden.  Her manners give her away as more than just a typical country girl. As he grows stronger and they grow closer, he becomes more and more intrigued by the quiet woman and her secrets. Cullen knows that he cannot stay, his duties calling him away.

A world of Thedas retelling of Aladdin, in a Regency Era setting!

The next few days were easily the happiest days of Cullen’s life. The crew was in good spirits from the wedding, seeing Elya and Cullen as passengers who brought adventure and fun. Scamper they accepted with open arms, having a good time pitting the two Mabaris together in races and tug-of-wars. During the day, Cullen would work with the crew on his fighting skills, giving lessons and rebuilding his strength. Elya would work on Scamper’s limp, arthritis the cause. She packed herbs around his elbows, bandaging them in place. She thought for sure the dog would chew them off, but he perfectly understood her warning that if he did, he would get no table scraps for a week. The amusement in his black eyes told her he saw through her lie, but he obeyed her anyways.

They took their meals in the mess room with the crew, but their dinners in the Captain’s cabin, their unexpected friendships growing deeper. Cole would join them sometimes, disappearing and reappearing at random. He still made everyone jump with surprise every time he did, but they had all accepted him. Every now and then Cullen would see him speaking to one of the crew, and the person always seemed to look better afterwards. Whatever the spirit boy was doing, he was living up to what he claimed he was.

Cullen and Elya were never far from each other’s sides, and sometimes slipped away to their cabin in the middle of the day. At night, they held each other as they slept. It was Cullen’s daydream, but on a ship instead of his home estate. He still couldn’t believe his luck, double checking to see that Elya was still there, was still real. Sometimes he would wake and fear it had all been a dream, only to find that his wife was curled into him, her easy breathing calming his frantic pulse. He would kiss her softly on her forehead or shoulder and fall asleep with a relieved sigh.

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Time Travel

Summary: Y/N somehow finds herself in Hamiltime and decides to break into the wrong house.

Pairing: eventual Philip x reader

Warnings: language, unedited

Word count: 1,733 words

A/N: I literally have been thinking about this for the past two weeks and have finally decided to write it. I wrote this in a little over two hours and it’s a little rough but at least it’s written. I will be doing more parts to this eventually. Also, I am actually doing research for this and the house I’m describing is the Hamilton’s actual house, called the Hamilton Grange.

“The worst part is that he apologized to his mother for forgetting what she taught him. She taught him how to count. He thought he miscounted his steps!”

“Mhmm,” your friend said, not looking away from her phone.

“Dude, I know you don’t like Hamilton, but can you at least pretend listen to me when I rant? I just have a lot of feelings and you’re my only friend.”

“Sorry,” [Y/F/N] muttered, putting her phone in her back pocket. “But that is sad. He blamed himself when I guess it wasn’t his fault.”

“It wasn’t! If George Eacker hadn’t fucking cheated, Philip might have lived. He might have gotten to grow up and do great things, and now we’ll never know!”

“Okay, you need to stop. I know you love this, but it happened over two hundred years ago and you need to let it go because I want to go to bed and you,” she took the glass of wine out of your hand, “need to stop drinking. You have class in the morning”

“Since when are you the mom friend?” you asked, slightly miffed that [Y/F/N] had cut you off.

“Since you can’t seem to realize that it’s two in the morning and you have an eight AM tomorrow that you can’t miss,” she replied.

You simply muttered a “fine” before slinking off to your bedroom. You didn’t bother with changing into your pajamas and just laid in bed in your clothes from that day, which consisted of an oversized flannel and capri leggings. You didn’t realize how truly tired you were until you remembered you still had to brush your teeth and wash your face but by the time you found enough motivation to get up, you were already falling asleep. Whatever, you thought, I’ll just do it tomorrow.

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Champagne (John Laurens x Reader)

Summary: Reader goes to the mascaraed ball with her husband.

Warnings: Abuse, drinking, swearing.

Word Count: 2041

A/N: First thing I want to say if i do not in any way condole abuse, I myself have been in abusive relationships and it took me a long time to get out, if anyone at all needs to talk I’m always here. Also THIS IS NOT A HAPPY ENDING. I left it like this because A) I had no idea how else to end it and B) because I may write more. I hope someone enjoys it….

A heavy sigh left your trembling lips as your hand grazed the black and blue bruise surrounding your eye as you looked in the mirror of your vanity, with a hiss you flinched when the pain flooded your head, you glanced down at the powdered foundation sitting in front of you. Gently tapping the brush your applied it carefully to your black eye.

After the last few strokes of the brush you set it down and stared at the mask sitting neatly on the vanity. Your scullery maid Natalie tied your hair up loosely, she picked up the navy blue mask with crystal accents.

You usually hated any sort of events but the yearly mascaraed ball would bring a happy distraction this time.

As Natalie finished tying the mask, she undid your hair to hide the silk ribbon and the bruise on your shoulder.

You stayed sitting for a while, staring blankly at the mirror in front of you, the mask covered a well bit of the bruise and the make up covered almost the rest, a rock sat at the pit of your stomach as you thought of the other fresh and old bruises littering your body.

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I have this entire au headcanon of you and the rest of the squad where you and Ashlee are married and you live in a bright yellow house with white trim and flower boxes in the windows and she is pure sunshine and the aunt who would 100% spoil any nieces and nephews and when you get home super tired from a 24-hour shift and she's had a bad day with her teaching you guys just sit on a couch together at peace and cuddle and Dan's low key your big brother and you fight a lot (out of love) 1/?

and Shannon’s Ashlee’s sister and Mina is you and Dan’s super close cousin and you and Shan and Mina and Ashley have super cute movie night hang outs, and sometimes Dan comes over with the Wife (and obviously brings the cat too) and you all have really happy peaceful dinners and it’s really cute and when you and Dan and Mina all hang out as a fam I feel like you guys would play board games but you and Dan would get way too aggressive and poor Mina would just try to diffuse the situation 2/?

And Jess is Grandma and Hannah (ignitesthestars) is probably Great Aunt, and they’re the big matriarchs of the family and most of the fam’s like casually intimidated by their awesomeness but you’re just pure happiness, so you happily interact with both, and you’re secretly Jess’ fave, while Hannah and Dan bond over angst and there’s just so much love 💜💜💜 and you all live super close to each other, so there are no oceans separating anybody 😃 I have more, but this is getting kinda long lol 3/3

I can’t believe you think I’m cool enough to be in the same squad as Jess and Hannah tbh. 

But yes I just want to hang out with @bananannabeth @shanlightyear and @suchastart all the time and fight with Dan because I’m hella competitive and I have no idea how it would end if Dan and I actually play board games together, maybe it would be the end of our friendship, you never know

Darkness with a Lick of Sunshine

Happiness is a black butterfly
with yellow trims; an attractive
delicate paper doily

Happiness is a black butterfly
with yellow trims. It settles
softly, unexpectedly
on tanned skin.

Happiness is a black butterfly
with yellow trims. I long
to rest my cheek alongside
its gentle existence.

Happiness is a black butterfly
with yellow trims; it flies away
free to find you – another gift of nature.

Stand Out

Marinette remembers getting the idea, getting caught up in her anger at Chloe’s selfishness. But now as she stood backstage waiting, she suddenly had second thoughts…

Maybe this was a bad idea? 

Adrienette month is coming to a close, and you know who has been absolutely KILLING IT!?!?! yeah, you know who I’m talking about!! @yunyin has consistently posted the most amazing and gorgeous fanart this month every freak-fracking day!! AND JUST WOW!!! it’s definitely been the highlight of my month!! so thanks to @adrinettemonth​ and yunyin for being awesome ^^ 

THAT BEING SAIIIDDDD… its coming up to our favourite onion artist’s birthday sooon!!!!!! and as an early bday present for yunyin here’s a short drabble to show my appreciation, it falls under day 8th’s prompt, disney AU and is based on this post by yunyin 

**whispers** ***audreys birthday is on March 7… consider sending her all your thanks and well wishes and gifts galore!!!***

(ao3 link)

Marinette peeked out from the rich red expanse of the stage curtain, taking in the entire school sitting down in the auditorium for the annual end of school assembly. Her hands shook, listening, but not really hearing the drone of Principal Damocles as he stood behind the center podium. His words became a mere muffled background rumble, soundtracking Marinette’s unease as her eyes roved over the audience.

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Prompt: Octavia picks up solider!Bellamy from the airport who has finally come home after being deployed, and they go and surprise Clarke - who thinks he won't be home for another month or two. (or other way around with soldier!Clarke)

Alright, let’s do this! Thank you for the prompt and sorry to have kept you waiting. :D

Disclaimer: I’m not from the US, all my knowledge about military comes from movies and fanfics. I’m gonna be really vague. 

Also on AO3

Octavia actually greets him with a fluorescent green sign that says “WELCOME HOME, BRADBURY” and if Bellamy were any smarter, he’d turn around and leave before she can spot him.

But he’s tired and really wants to come home to his two favorite people, Octavia and Clarke, so he just waves at her.

By the time he makes it through the crowd, she’s bouncing on the balls of her feet and the sign clatters to the floor when she tackles him into a bear hug. Octavia doesn’t believe in half-assing hugs and Bellamy thinks his ribs are probably gonna crack.

(That, or his eardrums are going to be pierced because she’s squealing right by his ear.)

“You’re home! You’re finally home!” she shrieks, moving away to search his face for any signs of change. When she finds none, her mouth spreads into a smug grin. “Oh, Clarke’s gonna be so pissed you didn’t tell her.”

Bellamy ruffles her hair, smirking at the green sign by their feet, and says, “God, I hope she won’t. The whole point was to surprise her.”

His and Clarke’s story is - specific, to say at the very least. It all started with the blonde hurricane of a girl smashing a vase over his head (she swore it was an accident but Bellamy knew it wasn’t - no one bites their cheek that hard trying to contain a grin when it’s an accident), continued with the doctor appearing at every barbecue Bellamy’s friends made and ended with the two of them sitting on the porch of Octavia and Lincoln’s house, getting drunk, being bitter and deciding that their lives are shitty so they might as well fuck it out of their systems.

Obviously, it didn’t work. And three years later, they’ve decided to just go with it.

“I locked up all the vases, just in case.” 

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Meow Cafe, part 9

fandom: Stony (Steve x Tony)

universe: Figaro universe, cat cafe!au - Tony works as a barista in a cat cafe and Steve is totally smitten by him and Tony’s overly fluffy cat, Figaro

summary: Tony and Steve are a happy couple again, their friends are getting along and everything seems to be perfect. Yet, the past doesn’t want to leave them.

length: 7 613 words

warnings: this fic belongs to Figaro universe, not focused on tickling, but has some from time to time (this time it has!)

a/n: thanks for being patient with this series!! hope you will enjoy this part! (and the plot twist, because what is a fic without a plot twist, right?) likes, reblogs and feedback means love!


Meow Cafe, part 9

(part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8)

Steve was looking at the closed door, with a metal number 12 on them. It was a nice door, solid and painted white, but he wasn’t here to admire it.


No answer. No sound on the other side.

“Tony, darling… Come on,” Steve asked in a low voice. He knew that Tony could hear him. He gently knocked. Once, twice, three times. He could almost imagine his boyfriend curling in fear on the other side.

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A/N: Fluffy! Spoilers! Short and sweet.


The usual, do not repost!

Home is where the pants aren’t. He even made it into a sign. For you, home was his hoodie, which you promptly slipped into every time he took it off. Along with his scent, it held his warmth, the one that irradiated from his laughter. When he wasn’t smiling or laughing this warmth was only present in the hoodie, you were sure of it. The feeling it gave you was indescribable.

Just as indescribably he felt when he noticed. After hours working on a new robot, he looked up just as you were passing by. You wore his hoodie as usual, but maybe it was the speed of your steps or the light that had been coming into the room or a funky wire in his robot…whatever it was it provoked an electric surge in his heart.

But your legs looked particularly enticing that day. The way your butt playfully peeked from underneath the yellow trim of the hoodie. The sleeves ate your hands and only the very tip of your fingers peeked through. You yawned, looking for something in the living room. Your hair was a glorious mess and your face slightly puffy. 

You approached the bookshelf and tiptoed to look into the higher shelves. Saeyoung felt his heart skip more than one beat. Your legs tensed and your butt perked up. With your back to him, he could not see it, but he was fully aware you were now chewing your lip in that adorable way you did when your impatience started to creep in.

The hoodie was so big. It was the way he liked it on him…and now on you. It’s generosity wrapped around you without pretenses, slouching lazily over your form, letting you be.

Your tiny victory squeal made him smile, as you reached further and grabbed whatever you were trying to find. He shook his head when he saw the yellow bag of chips in your hands. You had found his secret stash. He saw you shyly open it and look around. His heart melted as your eyes met his and he could not help but laugh out loud when your eyes, your wonderful eyes, widened with surprise. Your cheeks burst into flames as you slowly chewed the one chip in your mouth. 

Home, where the love of your life takes your hoodie hostage and scavenges for your snacks. 

Home, where the once empty halls were now filled to the brim with his and your running steps, laughter, and threats of tickles.

With him, to him, you were home.


MUFON Report: 76141

2015-09-14, OH, US

East of Westerville, Ohio

Sept. 14, 2015 - 10:05P EST, I observed the SAME bright light approaching from the North, that I had seen just a few nights prior, AND I had NO camera with me! The craft entered my frame of vision from the West (skimming Tree Tops), turned 90 degrees (on a dime), and the craft was moving directly at me. The Navigational Lights were that of a jet, but the headlight was 10x brighter than a typical jet headlight. I had just taken my camera in from my night of sky gazing, took the dog out, took her back in, and started to lock up the door for the night when I got a ‘psychic’ message to return outside and to stand by a particular tree, which I did. Very STRANGE! Sure as the devil, that’s when I spotted the craft approaching from the west and just north of me. I backed away from the tree and boldly stood as the craft centered directly between my eyes and came overhead at an est. 15 – 20 mph. or less. It presented what appeared to be a Full Display of Lights, including a Ring of Brilliant Red Individual Lights, dead center in the belly of the craft. It was lit like ‘Times Square’ and utterly silent. Another Triangle, but this time, just over my head! This time, left light red and right, green; different from prior, higher slightly higher altitude sightings of 2 Triangles together, with red and white lights, only, from days earlier. The head-beam was brighter than the moon, and cast for a couple miles forward, at least, and came over at an est. 100 feet – 125 feet at best. It was VERY LOW and Slow. I know I said 15 – 20 mph. but in reality it may have moving at 5 mph. for all I know. I was hypnotized by the green light and a feeling of peace and love came over me. Again … VERY STRANGE! ‘They’ (Whoever or Whatever They are) allowed me to see the entire craft. I was in absolute Awe! AND … I wasn’t the least bit frightened! I know the light mesmerized me as I stood smiling at the craft approaching me! If it were any lower, I could have hit it with a rock. As it passed overhead, I was dead center with the brilliant red belly lights. If they wanted to abduct me, they would have! As it was about to exit our property, the only sound it made was a low crackling sound. The back edge was trimmed with yellow-orange oblong ports. I got a GREAT look at the craft, but missed a sensational photo op! This struck me as a total Anti-Gravity craft, as the giant Equilateral Triangle barely moved through the air, with no wind or air disturbance being generated whatsoever. 

Kittyinva: 1924 c. Flower embroidered and beaded afternoon/informal dinner dress. Made of ecru cotton with beading in an abstract pattern and embroidered yellow and green flowers. Trimmed at the shoulders and sides of the skirt in yellow stripes. From Guermantes Vintage, Etsy.

gansey & noah are super good and gansey&noah is super good so, like, consider this: 

the night is oppressive in monmouth – the high ceilings eat up both sound and silence, and all the beautiful big windows are now one-way glass, letting the world see in but not the other way around,
so when gansey wakes up from a nightmare, he just lays there in the quiet, trying to come out of the dream but struggling to distinguish the hum of the air conditioner from the buzz of hornets,
and noah can sense it, so he slips out of his room and flips on a light and silently urges gansey over to sit on the floor with him, and gansey pulls himself up and puts on his glasses,
and together they sit in silence among the streets of little model henrietta;
gansey’s shaking hands finding purpose in carefully aligning cereal boxes to create familiar buildings,
noah helping to hold things in place and find supplies while gansey focuses,
and they sit knee to knee, occasionally bumping elbows, and noah’s cold in a way that is so grounding, so real -
it reminds gansey that it is not that sweltering evening when he took reprieve in the forest during a game of hide-and-seek, when he stepped on the hornets nest, when he died, and-
noah can feel gansey start to spiral so he takes gansey’s hand and starts to decorate him, as though gansey is another signature piece of henrietta, because he is, because gansey belongs here as much as nino’s pizza, as much as monmouth, as much as the auto repair shop where adam works and the curious neighborhood where 300 fox way is located,
so noah tapes colorful paper to gansey’s hands, creates makeshift nail polish out of glitter glue, paints simple silly designs up gansey’s arms,
and with noah’s help, gansey is able to replace lingering memories of hornets and stings and swelling and death with the reality of soft, cool hands and tacky paint and gritty glitter and the subtle, focused smile of one of his best friends,
and noah stops only when gansey has started smiling, too,
and noah finally breaks the silence as he fiddles with some yellow construction paper, trimming and folding it into the shape of a crown,
saying, “you know, being dead kind of sucks, but if i was still alive, you wouldn’t be, and we never would’ve met, so i guess it’s worth it”
and gansey doesn’t know what to say, doesn’t know what to do with this - the knowledge that noah values him so highly that he doesn’t mind having died in his place,
and noah just smiles and carefully places the paper crown on gansey’s head, smoothing his messy hair down, tucking it into place around his ears and touching, just once, just lightly, the spot on gansey’s cheek where his own was caved in,
and gansey has learned not to trust his words, because too often they come out all wrong and he doesn’t want to mess this up, 

so he just leans in and kisses noah instead.