yellow tie dye

The Signs colours
  • Aries: maroon
  • Taurus: pale yellow
  • Gemini: tie dye
  • Cancer: dark blue
  • Leo: aqua
  • Virgo: lime green
  • Libra: indigo
  • Scorpio: neutral colour like grey
  • Sagittarius: white
  • Capricorn: black
  • Aquarius: pink
  • Pisces: sparkles (to pisces its a colour)

So, once upon a time, I had to make a Walmart run during staff training to buy ice cream. And, because of who I am as a person, I was dressed for a theme day because we were dressing up to get used to the idea. And as I was at Walmart, I was looking around, thinking, “Man, there are some weird people here at Walmart.” Then I remembered I was wearing a red-orange-yellow tie-dye t-shirt cape, a turquoise tie-dye “hug life” t-shirt with a giant gangster cat on it, a wood cookie, and my peace and love bandanna. So, long story short, I was the weird person at Walmart.


Chalk Farm Road. Under the Camden Lock train bridge. Fabric wall hangings. I think it is from the Farcyde store under the bridge.


etsyfindoftheday | shop suggestions | 12.5.16

rainbow-glazed tie-dye flower ceramics by zernoderevo // cup | bowl

UGH. i need this pair of pride-lovin’ ceramics in my life!! love the vibrant rainbow glaze hues that look like the best kind of tie dye, and the organic flower-inspired shape of both the cup and the bowl.