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A few little things to do for the Autumn Equinox

🍁 Bake apples filled with butter and cinnamon.

🍁 Craft decorations for your front door out of colored leaves, pine cones, nuts and acorns.

🍁 Honor the birds and small animals in the wilderness or by your home by making a bird feeder filled with seeds and grain.

🍁 Fill a basket with pine cones, fruits, colorful dried leaves, wheat, acorns, and fallen pine branches and leave it by your altar or door.

🍁 Make some Mabon soup using carrots, onions, potatoes, radishes, corn, pumpkins and other autumn vegetables.

🍁 Have a home cooked meal with a group of friends and loved ones to celebrate the abundance of the season.

🍁 Scatter offerings in harvested fields.

🍁 Do a thanksgiving circle, offering thanks as you face each direction:

For home, finances, and physical health face North
For gifts of knowledge face East
For accomplishments in career and hobbies face South
For relationships face West
For spiritual insights and messages the Center.

🍁 Make wine.

🍁 Make a dried flowers/leaves mobile. ( I’m currently working on this and I can’t wait to show you when it’s finished)

🍁 Take a walk through nature and spend time appreciating your surroundings.

🍁 Decrorate your home/room with autumn themed things, candles that smell like autumn, flowers of bright orange and yellow, tartan throws and pillows, fairy lights and orange/yellow/red crystals, autumn wreaths etc.

🍁 Meditate.

🍁 Spend time with people that bring a positive engery into your life.

🍁 Make magic apple cider.

So someone sent me a message with a link to a Vanity Fair article stating that Cher’s outfit was actually from Dolce and Gabbana. I honestly think it’s a misprint! 

I think Cher’s blazer looks EXACTLY like the one from Jean Paul Gaultier. I’ve also never seen anything similar to this in Dolce & Gabbana collections from ‘94-95.

It could have been custom made for the movie, but I doubt it. Everything seems store bought. 

If anyone knows better than I do please feel free to correct me


★2017 Tartan school series★

*Reservation: 29th August 2017 ~ 15th September 2017
*Production: 16th September 2017  ~ 18th October 2017
*Shipping: 19th October 2017 ~ 30th October 2017

★Tartan A line écharpe op(260USD)-one size,M~L size
★Tartan square neck Jumperskirt(210USD)-M,XL size
★Tartan Apron skirt(160USD)-one size, M~L size
★Tartan school beret-65USD
★Tartan school headbow-45USD
★Tartan school pin set-30USD
★Tartan écharpe-45USD

Yellow / Red / Green

*Tartan A line écharpe op size
M~L One size, Front open, 2 pockets
-Bust(cm) Approx.~107cm
-Sleeve length(cm) Approx.64cm
-Total length :Approx.95cm

*Square neck Jumperskirt
JSK SM / LXL size: back zipper, 2 pockets
-Bust(cm) M(Approx.94cm) XL(Approx.106cm)
-Waist(cm) M(Approx.80cm) XL(Approx.92cm)
-Upper length(cm) M Approx.37cm /XL Approx.39cm
-Skirt length : Approx.58cm

*Apron skirt one size(M~L)
One pocket
-Waist(cm) Approx.68~83cm
-Skirt length 60cm

-Shell Fabric: Cotton 100%
-Iace: Polyester 100%

★Care Instruction★
Dry Cleaning please
Cold water wash


Please send any inquiry/order to
※If there is a simultaneous inquiry or order, the email inquiry/order takes the priority.
———- Order Form ———-
** Please note we do not accept cancellations under any circumstances - all orders are final**
1. Name
2. Postal address
3. Zip code and country
4. Contact phone number
5. Order Details
6. PayPal account email
7. Additional comments

Fools Fall in Love (Trixya 50s AU) 6/8 -Vixen

So its been a good while since I updated this, and for that I apologise. Work has consumed my life more than I imagined, and I find myself not having much time for myself at all. Id like to thank the people that are still interested in this fic, and if this delay has turned you off, then Im sorry. I have incredible self doubt so I hope this was worth the wait. Only 2 chapters left to go guys, I hope you enjoy this one. As always, if you have any feedback/critique feel free to message my sideblog or on here, it inspires me to write <3 -Vixen

Katya’s Dress Trixie’s Dress Trixie’s Sparkly Dress 

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Here’s another art I also did myself

[image desc: stipling of cher from clueless in a heart with text saying “it doesnt say rsvp on the statue of liberty” and rvsp in larger font with yellow tartan pattern]

anonymous asked:

hello! do you know where i can finding matching skirt/crop top sets where the top has short sleeves as opposed to thin straps?

Hi here are some for you…

Blue Gingham Matching Set

Pink Gingham Matching Set

Red Gingham Matching Set

Sunflower T-shirt Set

Rose Skirt Set: Top & Skirt

Paisley Short Set: Top & Shorts

Ditsy floral:  TOP &  SKIRT

Blue floral set: Top & Shorts

Sunflower set: Top & shorts

Flower knot set: Top & Shorts

Power puff girls set: Top & skirt

Textured Floral Print set: Top & skirt

Blue & white Floral Print set: Top & Skirt

Pink tartan set: top & skirt

Yellow tartan clueless set or redpink & blue

Pink floral set

Houndstooth set

Cow print set

Pink blue tartan set

Tartan top and shorts set in black red or grey

Pink Furry set or white

Watermelon set

Wallflower Skirt Match Set

Phoebe Lace Set


The New Lotus Exige Sport 350

As the ultimate incarnation of the world famous Exige, Lotus has revealed the Sport 350, the latest version of the class-leading and award winning sports car, that’s lighter and faster than ever before.

  • 51 kg lighter than previous Exige S
  • 345 hp and in excess of 300 hp/tonne
  • 0-60 mph in 3.7 Seconds and top speed of 170 mph
  • Heritage Tartan interior and new colour and trim options

The new Exige Sport 350 is the next model in the range to mark the reintroduction of the renowned ‘Sport’ naming designation. It joins the recently announced Lotus Elise Sport and Elise Sport 220 – delivering a lighter and even more performance-focused driving experience.

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Style & Fashion Drawings: Dressing for the Rain

The rain in Kobe this past weekend didn’t stop people from coming out. On the contrary, the streets seemed busier than ever, with most people sheltering themselves under colorful canopies and protecting their feet with ankle-length rainboots. Some even matched their umbrellas to their outfits, which made me wonder how many umbrellas they must have at home. Walking around, I spotted more than a few people who managed to look well dressed in spite of the weather. 

This guy sported a 1960s look with his maroon velvet coat and Monkee-esque hair. He paired the coat with a low-key, navy wool sweater and dark grey, skinny-fit jeans, which made his retro-inspired style feel more subtle than overbearing. He reminded me of the Japanese musician Keigo Oyamada (aka Cornelius).

I spotted this man ducking under an awning to catch a smoke. His style was simple, but well executed – a nice, down coat paired with stone washed denim and short rain boots. He was mainly wearing blues and grays, which made the flash of yellow around his collar stand out in a nice way. As he was lighting his cigarette, I noticed that he had a Zippo lighter. 

It’s easy to rely on just blues and grays, even when it’s sunny, but the rain this past weekend didn’t stop this man dressing colorfully. As he was running across the street with his son, I spotted him in a yellow tartan jacket, mustard yellow pants, and a Kelly green sweater. In his hand, he was carrying a fantastically bright, multi-colored umbrella. Maybe it was his brown cap that helped ground everything, or the black boots matching the grey scarf, but his outfit somehow worked. His son was also wearing a clear blue raincoat and bright green boots – colorful choices that either showed his father dressed him or that boldness is genetic. – Graeme