yellow tank tops

every time I see this I feel kind of infuriated because this man is wearing what looks like a skintight pale mustard yellow turtleneck tank top with an 80s style crop top jacket w the fucking sleeves rolled up, popped collar, black fedora, fingerless white gloves. someone slept with this man. someone bore a child by this man.

Okay… So after going back and forth toward my opinion of this drawing I finally decided to publish it on my blog for good ! I’m not that proud of it but I spent some time creating it, so…

The idea was to represent a hypothetic Fusion (think Steven Universe) between two of my favourite human beings : Thomas Sanders a.k.a. @thatsthat24 and @leothegiant, who I really admire for multiple reasons but mainly their kindness and talents. Two beautiful people I wasn’t able to capture that well on my canvas : turns out mixing facial features is way harder using a kind of realistic style than with cartoon characters.

I’m really sorry if this creation didn’t turn out as well as I planned and if it is in any way offensive. I’ll delete it for good if it is so don’t hesitate to tell me, but ultimately I was really willing to draw this out of love and respect.

I wonder how this Fusion should be called ? Leomas ? Thomeo ?

Done mixing watercolour and digital painting.

the signs as aesthetics

aries: Gatsby aesthetic. Gold and black. Angles and sharp lines. Dancing. Flowing fabric.

taurus: teen witch aesthetic. Black sunhats. Glittery eyelids. Chipped nail polish. Human skulls.

gemini: librarian aesthetic. Circular glasses. Candlelight. The smell of old books. Evergreen and maroon.

cancer: techno aesthetic. Hot pink and lime green. Grids. Laptops in bathtubs. Static.

leo: big city aesthetic. Round dark sunglasses. Pencil skirts. Skyscrapers. Museums.

virgo: 40s aesthetic. Victory curls. Denim and cotton. Red and white. Quiet smiles.

libra: space aesthetic. Comet trails. Black holes. Supernovas. Tattoos of the constellations.

scorpio: sk8erboi aesthetic. Loose clothing. Neon and black. The sound of wheels on pavement. Snapbacks.

sagittarius: nature hoe aesthetic. Weeds swallowing up abandoned houses. Mustard yellow tank tops. Wilting sunflowers. Little green beetles.

capricorn: photography aesthetic. Statues of the greek gods. Marble. Fountains. Cheekbones.

aquarius: 70s aesthetic. Turquoise and red. Bellbottoms. Long braided hair. Lava lamps.

pisces: the Plathsthetic. Oversized beige sweaters. Raindrops pummeling windows. Tattered copies of The Bell Jar. Unmade beds.

Sara Harvey:

So Sara Harvey was abducted by Charles. When? The day after Ali disappeared. We know from her friends that her friend Avery saw her the day after Ali disappeared, so therefore that must have been the day she was taken. Ali disappeared and was on the run, someone else was in her grave, so he found Sara, who was very similar to Ali, and took her. He dressed her up in the yellow tank top and put her in the dollhouse.

We saw that she’s been there this whole time based on the scratches on the dollhouse wall counting the days.

We also know that Varjak (who we’re assuming is Charles) had a phone number which spelled out Sara Harvey. Therefore obviously she is important in some way.

We know that Charles is a DiLaurentis. According to interviews with Sasha Pieterse, Ali doesn’t know who Charles is, so we can assume he was sent away when he was still young. It is possible that he lived at Radley, but maybe he started out living with a foster family/adoptive family. Maybe that family was the Harveys. 

If Sara was his foster sister/adoptive sister, it would explain how he knew about her and why he chose her to pretend to be Ali.