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♡ Preferences #1: How the two of you meet [Female Version] ♡

                                     ♡ How the two of you meet ♡ 

Daenerys Targaryen: You first met the Dragon Queen in the city of Mereen, where you had recently been taken after you were stolen away by slavers from your home, the island of Naath. Your master treated you cruelly and beat you, and when Daenerys Stormborn and her Dothraki army took the city, he refused to bend the knee, blinded by his pride. The man died screaming, burnt alive and eaten by her dragons, Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion, who tore at his meat as if it were a mere snack. The Mother of Dragons was instantly drawn to you, unlike most people, you didn’t flinch or look away in fear when saw the dragons, nor when they roared louder than any warhorn and breathed fire and killed your former master and tore him apart. Instead, you found them beautiful, and magnificent. Daenerys Targaryen told you to take off your collar, and to live freely. You shall have no master, she said. Yet  she had saved you from a cruel and merciless fate, you owed your life to her. You vowed to serve her until your death, and the two of you quickly grew close. You soon became one of her closest advisors, and Mereen flourished as a prosperous and peaceful regime under your guidance.

Yara/Asha Greyjoy: You first met Yara/Asha Greyjoy in Volantis, where she and her brother Theon had stopped for food and rest, before sailing East to Slaver’s Bay, where Daenerys Targaryen ruled in the city of Mereen. She’d first noticed you in the crowded market, and was instantly drawn by your radiant beauty, which stood out from the cold, grey crowd. Whenever you’d walk by she’d wolf whistle and eye you up and down cheekily, just to make you flustered as you blushed and hurried off. You were slightly frightened and embarrassed at first, as you’d heard of the ironborn’s boldness, but you became slowly accustomed to her behaviour, and when the two of you finally began talking, you instantly hit it off, and Yara invited you to sail with her. You accepted, as you saw a chance for a more easy and peaceful life, instead of living off stale bread in the dangerous streets of Volantis, surrounded by thieves and brutes. The two of you became especially close when you and her crew sailed out on her Black Witch, where she jokingly taught you how to steer her ship, standing behind you and guiding your hands on the steering wheel, as the wind of the salty sea blew in your hair, which still remained one of your best memories for the both of you.

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Sansa Stark: You first met Sansa Stark in King’s Landing, when you, the youngest Tyrell, travelled with your grandmother Olenna Tyrell, your father Mace Tyrell, your sister Margaery, and your brother, Loras, the Knight of Flowers. Your sister was to marry the King, and the whole way to King’s Landing she’d been ecstatic, already thinking about a dream wedding, whereas you and Loras sulked, dreading stepping foot in the Capital. When you’d finally gotten there, and your sister professed her love for King Joffrey, your eyes fell on his betrothed, Sansa Stark of Winterfell. You instantly felt sympathy for her, her face fell from her usual pretty smile, and she looked as if she were about to cry, lost and confused. When the King called off her proposal, and instead promised to marry the Rose of Highgarden, she practically ran off, tears threatening to fall from her eyes, when you ran after her. When you’d caught up to her as she was on her way to her chambers, you comforted her and reminded her of the cruelties Joffrey committed, and how she wouldn’t be a victim of his evil games, after all, Sansa knew that Joffrey was a monster. She began to feel better, and by the end of the evening she was laughing wildly, which she hadn’t done in months. Since that day, you became one of her only true friends in King’s Landing, and the both of you stayed by each other’s side.

Arya Stark: You met Arya Stark, when you, the daughter of Lord Umber, was staying in Winterfell since your father was Lord Eddard Stark’s bannerman. You were training with Robb in the yard, where many of the Stark children, including Arya, had circled around to watch. The young she-wolf was instantly drawn to you, since you were one of the few people she had ever seen handling a blade so well for your age, and even beat Robb Stark, the Young Wolf, and the heir to Winterfell in combat. The two of you became close when you’d rounded an unknown corner one day, only to find Arya training with a dummy, with a small, thin sword in hand - Needle. When she finally took notice of your presence, she gasped and blushed red, embarrassed to have been seen with a sword, only for you to smile warmly, and correct the way she was holding the blade, before turning on your heel and walking away. Since then, Arya had undoubtedly fallen head over heels for you.

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Ellaria Sand: You first met Ellaria Sand when she and Oberyn Martell had travelled to King’s Landing for your nephew’s marriage, in which he was to wed Margaery Tyrell. You were the middle child of Tywin and Joanna Lannister, and had refused to leave Tyrion alone to face Oberyn Martell, who was known for his hate of Lannisters. You’d entered Littlefinger’s brothel, and of course found the Red Viper himself, and his paramour Ellaria there, surrounded by half a dozen of Littlefinger’s finest whores. You weren’t surprised of this, Oberyn and his paramour were known for their vast sexual appetites, yet what did surprise you was the way Ellaria kept staring at you, instead of Tyrion, or the heavily armed City Watchmen that surrounded them. Her eyes were transfixed on you, as if hypnotised, before she leaned into Oberyn’s ear and whispered something, before they both chuckled and look back at you. Tyrion sighed. “I would appreciate it if you and your lovely paramour would stop eye-fucking my dear sister/brother”. You flush immediately, and gape at Tyrion, while the two lovers laugh, Ellaria still gazing up at you.

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Margaery Tyrell:  The two of you met when you and your family had been summoned to King Renly Baratheon’s tourney, during the War of the Five Kings. As your family was one of his allies, and your father his bannerman, it was only natural that you had to travel to Storm’s End, as much as you didn’t want to. The kingsroad was dangerous, and these were dark times. Despite this, you rode out with your family and guards, dreading the arrival. Storm’s end was named such for a reason. It was known for it’s stormy seas and cold nights. However all this changed when you entered Dragonstone, and were greeted by Renly Baratheon, and his new Queen, Margaery Tyrell. She was beautiful and kind, and instantly made you feel welcome as the two of you chatted amongst yourselves during the tourney. She too, was intrigued by your gentleness and intelligence, and dreaded the time when her husband would call her off to their chambers for the night, wishing she could stay and talk to you for as long as she could before you had to travel back to your ancestral home.

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Brienne of Tarth: You first met Brienne of Tarth during the War of the Five Kings, when she’d returned to the North with Lady Catelyn Stark. You were the child of Rickard Karstark, and had the honour of fighting in the Vanguard, beside Robb Stark and his bannermen. While the bannermen were preparing to attack Jaime Lannister’s forces at Whispering Wood, the soldiers made campfires all around, and were having a pleasant time over food, wine and sharing various stories from all around Westeros. You were having a fairly good time, and noticed Brienne of Tarth standing alone, by herself next to Lady Catelyn’s tent. “My lady, I insist you join us, we have a fire going, and plenty of food and wine”. You said, smiling, yet her calm complexion remained the same. “I swore an oath that I would protect Lady Catelyn”. Brienne was a painfully honourable women, a trait many admired. “We’re not facing any danger, are we? Lady Catelyn has plenty o’ guards defending her should there be any threat. Come, you look hungry, and tired. Some food and the warmth of a fire would do you good”. You weren’t lying. She was clearly tired, and her eyes were slightly red, whether from exhaustion or tears you couldn’t tell. But you did know the death of the King she loved and swore an oath to protect was dead, and it was taking it’s toll. But wordlessly, she agreed and joined you around the fire. You’d filled her a cup of wine, when an obnoxious boy squealed, “Aah! Brienne the Beauty, how does m’lady fair?” He grinned a toothy grin, while the men around cackled out loud. You frowned. You knew that nickname. Brienne the Beauty. It was often used as mockery for the poor woman. And yes, it wasn’t as if Brienne was particularly alluring. Her hair was a nest the yellow colour of straw, her teeth prominent and crooked, her nose had clearly been broken more than once. But her eyes. Her eyes were large, and blue shade of the sea by day. Her beautiful eyes were innocent and pure. “Take a look at yourself, you fucking son of a pox-ridden ass”, you growled, glaring ferociously at him, before he and the other men got up and wandered off, not daring to argue against a child of Lord Karstark. A quiet, timid “Thank you”, arose from Brienne, “for standing up for me”. You smiled. Ever since then Brienne had a soft spot for you, and swore to protect you from any harm.

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Ygritte: You first met the wildling girl during an expedition beyond the wall. Your hard work had payed off well, and you were picked as a ranger, and part of a small scouting group sent beyond the wall to search for Benjen Stark, the First Ranger.. When camped out at the Fist of the First Men, you had run into a dozen of wildlings. Jax, Emmet, Fornio and you were forced to kill nine of the wildlings, who refused to drop their weapons and attempted to attack you, but managed to capture three. One of whom was a quick-witted, bold redhead, who had teased you nonstop the entire time. By the time your brothers were asleep, you were still awake, listening to her voice, teasing you of your commitment to the Night’s Watch, joking that you couldn’t take a woman, reciting lines in a deep, gruff voice such as “I am the sword in the darkness”, or “I am the watcher on the walls for this night, and all nights to come”, before giggling at her own banter. As much as you tried to find her aggravating, she brought a ghost of a smile to your lips, and instead you found her amusing. Everyone had made out the free folk to be savages, and brutes, thieves and murderers, rapists and beasts, yet here was one of them, with you wrapped around their finger.

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Cersei Lannister: The two of you first met in King’s Landing, where you travelled in stead of your father, Prince Doran Martell, to a grand tourney, in the name of the new ruler, King Tommen. As much as Cersei longed to hate a Martell, she couldn’t bring herself to do so. When Cersei watched you step out of the carriage in front of the Red Keep, she took note of your grace and beauty, but did not expect for you to be hand-in-hand with her daughter, Princess Myrcella. Cersei gaped, eyes open wide with shock as if she were a deer caught in the headlights, wondering if she was dreaming or if her daughter, the one she hadn’t seen in years, was standing there, a mere few metres away from her. Getting over her initial shock, she ran over and hugged Myrcella as if her life depend on it. “My sweet baby lioness”, she whispered, stroking Myrcella’s blonde Lannister locks. “It is an honour to meet you, your grace. I hope you are not angry with me for bringing Princess Myrcella, I thought the two you would want to see each other.”, a sultry voice called out. Cersei turned around and met with those wild Martell eyes. “Yes, thank you, Princess/Prince. I appreciate your kindness to reunite me and my daughter”. Cersei kept her cool complexion, yet beneath that cold exterior, her heart was pounding fiercely with longing. She was enchanted, and wished to get to know you better.

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Title: There’s Some Darkness In You

Pairing: SidLink 

Rating: Everyone 

Tags: Angst, Angst and Comfort, Comfort, Emotional Hurt and Comfort 

A/N’s: Thank you for the request! I actually don’t know that much about Dark Link but the research I did described it as ‘Link’s dark feelings manifesting’ so I went with that. Anyway, sorry this took so long and hope you like it! 

This has been cross posted on AO3 so if you’d prefer to read it over there! Reblogs, kudos and comments are very much appreciated! Thank you! 


For a moment, his mind couldn’t comprehend what his eyes were seeing.

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That’s My Girl -- Bughead Au

Word Count: 1,828

Rated: PG-13

A/N: Because Protective!Juggie is something we could all use a little more of in our lives. (Also on AO3)

Jughead Jones found his fortune at the bottom of whiskey bottle. The new bartender at his usual spot already knew his order, double shot of Jameson and Coke. All he had to do was sit down at the far end of the bar and the blonde haired bartender was already pouring his drink. Tonight was different.

“You drank us out of Jameson last night, Mr. Jones.” The young woman behind the bar rested on her elbows on her side of the bar. There was only one other person sitting halfway down from Jughead in the small, desolate bar. “You want me to get you something else?”

“Just get me some of your cheapest whiskey. And I told you, call me Jughead. Mr. Jones is my father’s name; I’m far too young for that.”

“Coming right up, Mr. Jones.” She teased.

The girl, Betty, took her time. She didn’t have to reach for the cheap bottle of whiskey on the bottom shelf. Jughead watched as she mixed the two brown liquids and placed a yellow straw in the drink. She returned with the drink, but instead of going back to work, she hopped up to sit on the bar in front of Jughead.

“Is there something you want from me?” Jughead asked, taking a swig of his drink.

“Not a thing.” Betty responded. “As you can see, there’s not much going on in this shit hole.”

“So what are you doing working in this dive then?”

“What are you doing drinking in a dive like this?” She threw back.

Jughead grinned, this girl was sharp. “I asked first.”

Betty paused before answering and took a drink from a glass of water from under the bar. “The last place I worked shut down. This job is just a filler until my next opportunity comes around.”

“And what would that be?”

“I could show you sometime.” She teased. Hopping off the bar, she pulled a pen from behind her ear and started scribbling on a napkin. “Stick around until close and I’ll give you a private show.” Jughead raised an eyebrow as Betty slid the napkin to him, revealing ten digits of a phone number. “I’m a dancer, you could say.”

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Know that the present, worldly life is but a play, vain talk and ostentation, and mutual boasting among you, and competing in wealth and children it is like when rain comes down and the vegetation grown by it pleases the farmers, (but) then it dries up and you see it turn yellow, then it becomes straw; and in the Hereafter, there is a severe punishment, but also (there is) forgiveness from Allah and His good pleasure (which are everlasting), whereas the present, worldly life is but a transient enjoyment of delusion.
—  Holy Qur'an, al-Hadid 20

tea time for anon. prompt: getting old

“What’s this?” Levi squints at the grocery receipt, because if Levi is anything, he’s thorough. Nothing slips by their finances. He’s in the off season, and they’re living off of savings and Erwin’s salary. There’s a reason for the organized coupon folder. Each tab is an aisle, sorted then by expiration date and coupon type. He makes sure they only go to grocery stores that double them, has loyalty cards to all of the local chains. They have a stockpile large enough to live on for six months, because it’s a real possibility. Teachers don’t make much either.

“What, hun?”

Levi grabs his highlighter, fluorescent pink and wide tipped. He streaks it across the line item, and then pushes it across the table toward Erwin. “That.”

Erwin leans over, sticking a piece of toast into his mouth as he skims across the receipt. “Let me see… Oh… Oh.” He looks up at Levi, his cheeks growing noticeably red.

“I know what it is.”

“I should have asked.”

“Yes, you should have.” He takes the receipt back and files it into his monthly budget folders. “I have a coupon.”

“Are you mad?”

“I’m confused.” Levi motions Erwin to come closer, and like a good husband, he obeys. Running his hands through Erwin’s hair, hair that is already styled and sticky with pomade, he tugs stiffly at the roots to pull him in for a closer look. Eyes narrow, fingers curling and piling strands of hair about like a big nest of yellow straw. “How can you tell?”

“I already used it.”

Levi pulls on Erwin’s hair, makes Erwin whine against hair that threatens to be pulled out. “But you’re blond. Blond as the fuckin’ sun. How could you tell you were go–”

Erwin pulls aways even though his hair is still tangled in his husband’s fingers. “I’m going to be late.”

“No no no.” Levi gets up and follows. He’s a whole foot shorter than Erwin, but he nearly climbs on top of him to continue combing his hands through his hair. “Are you really going grey?!”

“Stop it, Levi!” Erwin tries to shoo him away, nearly trips over his feet as he tries to pry his small husband off of him.

“I can’t believe you give a shit!” Levi says, finally giving Erwin a rest. He stands in the foyer entrance as Erwin slips on his work shoes. He crosses his arms and plays with the plush fuzz on his robe. “You know I don’t care, right?”

“Yes, I know that.” Erwin doesn’t look at him. He stands up and looks at himself in the mirror above the entryway table. He tries to push his hair back into place, but can’t seem to get a few of the strands to stick down. Sighing, he grabs his leather satchel and slings it over his shoulder. “I’ll see you tonight for dinner, darling.”

Erwin turns to go for the door, but Levi tugs his arm back so hard that he spins into his arms. They nearly stumble into the stairs, but Levi is a dancer–he has enough muscle for the both of them. He pulls Erwin down, kisses him deep, mussing his hands in his husband’s hair again, smiling coyly against his lips as they part. “Old men are kinda sexy, you know.”

“Lee.” Erwin groans.

“You’re stuck with me, babe. Just like I’m stuck with you.”

“This isn’t helping.” But Erwin’s smiling. He pecks Levi’s lips and nuzzles his nose against his cheek.

“I don’t ever want to see hair dye on our grocery list again, you hear me?”

“Yes, dear.”

“Good.” Levi pushes himself away, waits for Erwin to turn before slapping a broad hand across his ass. “Don’t rob any cradles with your geriatric good looks.”

“I hate you.”

“I love you.”

They smile at each other. Erwin puckers and blows a kiss as he leaves out the door, and Levi catches it tightly in the palm of his hand and sticks it in the pocket of his robe.


George Harrison and Ringo Starr, backstage at the Olympia Stadium, Detroit, Michigan, 13 August 1966

Photos: Bob Bonis

“The [suits, from Hung On You] were in a very light grey, with thin orange stripes running down them.

To go with the new gear the boys chose an assortment of new shirts in a cool crepe finish. No ties this trip. The shirts were orange, yellow-striped, straw and maroon - colours which seemed to be suitably inerchangeable with either set of suits.” - Neil Aspinall, Fab 208 magazine, 1966, quoted in Fab Gear: The Beatles and Fashion [x]

interitusrot  asked:

ooooooh boy hi!! so happy requests are open! could i have blind ignis with a fem s/o who made a lot of drawings for him, and hes sad that now that hes blind he cant see them. To be able to make art for them again their s/o takes up sculpting. Like surprising him with a clay sculpture of him. Thank you sm! :)))

This is by far one of my most favorite requests to date, thank you.  I hope you enjoy this love!

Tagging some babes: @ultimoogle @sonsoflucis @insomniascure @fieryfantasy @itshaejinju

You had met Ignis during an art showcase.  It was nothing large scale, just a little event held at one of the galleries as a way to raise money.  At first you had been apprehensive about showcasing your work, but the week before it was to be held you finished what was easily one of your favorite works to date.  You weren’t quite sure how you’d come up with the idea, but whatever muse that had decided to gift you with this painting was truly a savior.

Call it pride or vanity, but you had ended up staring at your painting for a good portion of the night.  As you studied your work, you’d become completely oblivious to those around you.  Your eyes were too caught up on the way the painted light caught the hair of the woman within your painting; how you could have better designed the background; how you should have used red instead of brown, or green instead of yellow.  

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rooftop proposal (jared kleinman x reader)

wc: 1173

a/n: tbh i have no idea what this is but i wrote it at 2 in the morning lol enjoy

It had been a long week. You know those weeks where everything seems to be going in slow motion and you just want to go to sleep and wake up when it’s the weekend? It had been one of those. But, it was finally Friday night, and that meant no responsibilities.

In celebration of the end of the heinous week, my best friend, Jared Kleinman, invited me over to “rave til dawn”. I guess his definition of ¨raving¨”was to climb up on his roof and sit in plastic beach chairs with Capri-Sun pouches in our hands. Not exactly what I was expecting, but I wasn’t too upset about it.

“What are you talking about?! Mario is clearly better than Luigi! I mean, Luigi is literally referred to as ‘the green mario’.” Jared explains, waving his grape Capri-Sun around in the air as he defended his argument.

“When have you ever heard someone call Luigi ´the green mario´ outside of memes?¨ I exclaim.

¨Um, tons of times!¨ Jared says, taking a sip of his drink.

¨Okay, give me one.¨ I retort. He sits there for a second, deep in thought.

¨Okay, fine! No one really calls him that.¨ Jared concedes after a minute of thinking.

¨Ha, told you so.¨ I brag, smiling at my small victory. We sit in silence after that, sipping our juice and observing the night sky.

¨Hey, Y/N?¨ Jared mumbles.


¨Do you ever wonder if you’ll find someone?¨ Jared asks.

¨What do you mean?¨

¨Like, you know, do you wonder if you’ll get married and stuff?¨ He explains, fiddling with the yellow straw of his Capri-Sun.

I shrug, ¨I don’t know. I haven’t really thought much about it.¨ He nods, staring at the ground.


¨I don’t know. It was a stupid question.¨ He says, scratching the back of his neck.

¨Do you?¨

¨Um, yeah, I guess.¨ He chuckles dryly, ¨I mean, what if I never find the right person? It sounds pretty cheesy, but I want that life. I like the idea of having someone always be there for you, right by your side through thick and thin. Someone you love with all your heart and someone who loves you back.¨ Damn, he must have thought a lot about this. ¨And the sex would be a plus, too.¨ He finishes, regaining his normal cocky attitude.

¨Oh my god, Jared! It was so sweet up until the end!¨ I groan. He chuckles, flashing me a smile before returning his gaze to the empty sky in front of him.

¨Tell you what.¨ I start, ¨If neither of us find ‘the right person’ by the time we’re 35, then we’ll marry each other.¨

¨What?¨ Jared laughs, shocked at my statement.

¨We’ll have, what, 18 years? And if we don’t find a partner by the end of those 18 years, we can marry each other.¨ I explain. I was pretty shocked by the words coming out of my mouth myself. I mean, I didn’t like Jared, he was just a friend. This proclamation was just a product of the week’s stress and my exhaustion… right?

¨… Okay.¨ He agrees, ¨I’ll do it.¨ I can’t help the smile that spreads across my face at his words, grateful for the darkness to prevent him from seeing it. We sit there in silence, both smiling at the new deal.

¨Wait, does this mean we’re engaged?¨ I ask after a couple minutes, breaking the silence.

¨Maybe, engaged to be engaged?¨ Jared offers, ¨Or just engaged, whatever works for you.“ 

                                             TEN YEARS LATER

¨Jared! Get your cute ass in here, I’m starting the movie in five!¨ I yell as I place a bowl of M&M’s on the table. I stand back and admire my handiwork. I had been in charge of date night this week and had chosen to rent a movie we had been meaning to watch for the past month. Bowls of candy, chips, popcorn and pretzels took up the whole table while Netflix loaded on the TV.

I feel a pair of arms wrap around my waist before I hear the familiar voice, ¨Woah, I didn’t know the whole state of Florida was coming to eat with us tonight.¨

¨Go big or go home.¨ I retort, pulling my boyfriend onto the couch and starting the movie. I settle into my usual spot, head on his shoulder with his arm wrapped around me, and grab a bowl of popcorn from the table.

The movie was pretty dull and I got bored after about fifteen minutes. I look up at Jared, whose blue eyes were trained on me.

¨Like what you see?¨ I ask. He chuckles lightly, turning his gaze back towards the screen. I do the same but feel his eyes on me again a few minutes later.

I turn towards him, ready to tease him but he interrupts me.

¨Marry me?¨ He asks. Everything seems to hold still, his words making me freeze in my movements.

¨Shit, I fucked that up.¨ He mumbles, standing up. He pulls a small black box from his back pocket and gets down on one knee, ¨Well, I guess I kind of already asked this.¨ He runs a hand through his hair, a thing he only does when he’s nervous, ¨But… I love you so much. More than I’ve ever loved anyone or anything in my whole life. I mean, you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me. You’re the person I know will always be there when I need a shoulder to cry on or a hand to hold and… I want to be with you for the rest of my life.¨.

I don’t know when I started crying but they’re not stopping anytime soon.

¨So, um, Y/N Y/M/N Y/L/N, will you make me the happiest man in the world and marry me?¨

I fling myself at him, wrapping my arms around his neck and nodding vigorously, ¨Yes! Yes!¨

¨Oh, thank god.¨ He pulls me tight to him, kissing my neck.

After a half hour of hugging and crying, we end up back on the couch in our original position, the movie still playing in the background.

¨You know, I bought that ring after our second date.¨ Jared says, smiling as he plays with the ring around my finger.

¨Really?¨ I giggle.

He nods, ¨Technically, I bought it 6 years late if you count our rooftop engagement.¨

I chuckle at the memory, ¨We were on a sugar rush from those stupid Capri-Suns and we were only 17.¨

¨Still counts.¨ He retorts.

¨Whatever you say, fiance.¨ I say, kissing his cheek gently as I curl up against his chest.

¨I love you, Y/N¨ Jared whispers as I fall asleep.

¨I love you more, Jared.¨

The grass crunches under my feet
Like yellow straw in the autumn air
I am thirteen and at
Recess I play touch football with the boys
Brandon cries every time he falls down even though
He is the fastest and
The most popular
I ask Erika to play because she’s the only other girl who likes
Football and sometimes we both are better than the boys
She looks at me like she’s uncertain
She’s been acting strange since the summer
When she started wearing lip gloss and a training bra
I still get mistaken for a boy sometimes when I
Decide to cut my hair
“It’s kind of weird for us to play now”
She says
And I don’t know why
So I go back to the boys, frowning when
She starts to laugh with Kelly about something
And it takes me an hour to realize that
I’m not sure that something isn’t me

My palms slip on the chain link fence as I
Scale up the side and onto the roof of the dugout on the baseball field
I am eighteen and it
Took me a long time to realize Erika thought I was weird because
I like girls the way she and Kelly like boys
Or one girl in particular, who cups her palm over her eyes to shield the sun
And look up at me when I stand
With my arms in the air and yell that I’m Emperor of the Baseball Diamond
Bow Before Me
She laughs and it makes my heart thump like bat against ball
Knocked right out of the park
“You’re kind of weird”
She says
“But I like you anyway”
And I only hear the second part
Because I like her too
And it takes me a long time to realize
That I should’ve known then that
It wasn’t going to work out

Rain splatters against the window
And I touch my leg to hers under the comforter
I am twenty-three and on
Days like this I am both too old and too young
I’m thinking about student loans
But she’s humming some Disney song under her breath and I feel
Ten again
There’s a freckle on her nose that drives me wild and it
Distracts me so I press my cheek to it
And tell her I’m cold and springtime makes my allergies
Flare up and I sniffle
She keeps humming and I feel her eyelashes
Flutter against my forehead
“You’re weird”
She exhales against my skin and I
Almost cringe, can feel the clenching of my wisdom teeth behind my smile
“And I love you”
And I pull away but she moves so her nose
Is still touching my cheek and her laughter fills
The spaces between my ribs
And my allergies and my emotions
Flare up and I am so happy
It didn’t take long at all to realize
I love her too

—  i’m sorry it took me 2 stanzas to realize i was saying thank you // a.d.c. // 4.2.17
Merry-Go-Round (Talk Me Down)

James is determined to stay away from short, freckled redheads. Lily, having had enough drama for a lifetime, is equally resolved to avoid dark-haired troublemakers. But he rarely does what he ought, and she is too stubborn for her own good. It should be an interesting year.

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Chapter Ten or Merry-Go-Round // One of Those Nights

Christmas holidays passed as they usually did with turkey for Christmas dinner, Petunia’s entertaining commentary and a drunk Uncle Walter shouting at the telly. They’d already been back at Hogwarts for a full week, and yet Lily’s mind remained in Cokeworth. Or, at least, that’s what she told herself.

In reality, the things she could not, for the love of anything, stop thinking about were things that had indeed happened over break, but not in her hometown. As usual, James Potter was the one stuck in her brain because he really was a confusing creature, wandering around with his lopsided grin and crooked glasses, strutting like he owned the bloody place.

She had met up with her friends on the twenty-third, and it had been inside a slightly chilly Leaky Cauldron that Mary had told them that she’d broken things off with Bertram.

“Oh, thank Merlin,” Marlene had sighed, causing Lily to whack her on the arm. “I’m sorry, Mary. It’s just that… well, he’s a dick. And you deserve better.”

“I know,” replied Mary. She twizzled the yellow straw between her thumb and her forefinger and, looking down, she added “Took me long enough to realise, eh?”

“Getting out of a rubbish relationship is always hard, Mary. Please don’t beat yourself up about it,” assured Lily, placing a comforting hand on her friend’s shoulder.

“Thank you, girls.”

That had been sound advice. Solid, non-offensive, and supportive.

She should have quit while she was ahead.

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