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So, I made a halloween skin for Junkrat. It’s called Beelzebomb… Pretty proud of that one. Anyway, here are some misc. notes about the skin.

  • The hair and spirit bombs have colored particles that come off of them.
  • His teeth are like Winston’s, the bottom fangs come in front of the top ones.
  • The fresh cut on his chest glows like magma, as do his horns, pegleg, hand’s vial/tubes, and the core of his wheel.
  • The little pouch on his leg strap has gunpowder in it. Or, maybe some magic demon dust?
  • The round red/yellow thing strapped to his hip is a concussion bomb.
  • Patches include his edited logo, biohazard, and that… skip icon? You know, the one from uno. Does that symbol even have a real name?

Thanks for taking a look! If you’d want it in the game, please spread Beelzebomb around. :)

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To explain what happened to me today…The wind was not a problem. At least not whit my jump. I was waiting up there so long that my legs fell a sleep and at the moment I decided I can’t take it no more the light went yellow. When you are strapped in the ski jumping equipment it is not really comfortable. When I came to the table and started to push my muscles did not work. At that moment I knew I just have to save my self. For the future I think there should be a strict maximum how long a jumper can wait for his jump.

Jernej Damjan via Facebook

being luke’s wife that loved to craft, you always had at least one scrapbook going. your camera was literally always present, the yellow Nikon strap around your neck more often than most people wore necklaces. luke hated the pictures at first, but had grown used to them in the time you’d been together. you had a special room in the house filled to the brim with scrapbooking supplies from all over the world, luke always picking out new sheets and stickers just for you when he was out of the country.

luke tried his own hand at scrapbooking once, burning himself with the hot glue gun and cursing loudly, but not opening the door to let you investigate. you retreat back to the bedroom, reading more of your book while luke worked happily. you heard him singing from down the hallway and that signalled that he was finished with whatever he was working on. he went down the stairs and you sneak down to your scrapbook room, looking to see what luke had done. 

pictures from your wedding were strewn all over the work area and various ribbons were everywhere else. glue was covering everything and there was a container of glitter dumped out on the floor. you knew luke hadn’t intended to make a mess, since he was literally so clumsy he had no idea about his surroundings. you finally noticed what he’d done, and it took your breath away with its simplicity. 

he’d stuck a picture of you two kissing at the afterparty of your wedding on a piece of blue polka dotted paper. around it were tiny flowers and ribbons. the entire page was covered in glitter and he’d scrawled out something in his scratchy handwriting, and you squinted to read it.

“the happiest day of my life” luke had written on the paper, making your heart swell. he came back into the room and saw you admiring his work with fond eyes. 

“i mean it, y’know? you’re my life, forever and always.” luke smiled as you met his eyes, tears brimming in yours. you ran to him, wrapping your arms around his broad body, willing you to be even closer to him. he kissed the top of your head.

“i love you, even if you’re shit at scrapbooking and you made a mess.”

How I made my Papyrus cosplay!?!

So I may not be the best Papyrus cosplay,but some people have wondered how I made my Papyrus and I want to help people who want to know how to make something of similar quality for roughtly $25!

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quality clothes for cheap

hey guys so my followers have been asking me where to find nice quality clothes for cheap so i’ve mad a list of some really cute finds you can get at shein

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Bottoms: | Black High Waist Pleated Skirt $6.17 | Blue Elastic Waist Shorts $8.99Black Slim Elastic Leggings $8.99 | Army Green Ruched Bodycon Skirt $9.99 Light Blue High Waist Ripped Denim Shorts $9.90 | Black Slim Gun Print Leggings $9.99 | Wine Red Slim Bodycon Asymmetrical Skirt $10.99 | White Black Striped Pants $10.99 |

Dresses: | Wine Red Burgundy V Neck Striped Mini Dress $7.90 | White Spaghetti Strap Backless Striped Dress $7.99 | Black White Deep V Neck Dress $7.90 | Turquoise Spaghetti Strap Hippie Floral Beach Dress $8.99 | Grey Short Sleeve Striped High Low Dress $8.99 | Dark Green Long Sleeve Designer Casual Dress $15.99 |

Riley had woken early and since she couldn’t cuddle for an hour before beginning to get up - she hopped up and began to deep clean the apartment, yellow rubber gloves strapped up her arms as she scrubbed the oven, counter tops, power clean the couch covers and reorganised everything that was mildly untidy. The place smelt like a new hotel room and she hopped on the ground beginning to polish to the hardwood floors before hearing him stir in the bedroom. She returned to her feet and began making coffee for him so it might start the day off right. @bodhidaniels