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[24/3/17] Hyper Projection Haikyuu “The Winners and The Losers” - fan report

ハイパープロジェクション演劇「ハイキュー!!」"勝者と敗者" 東京公演初日

*!Spoilers alert!*

*!Accuracy warning!!*

Haisute got upgraded even more! It was three hours long and split into three acts with two intermissions, which means that my 7PM show finished at 10 and my dinner was at midnight. Last time it was only two hours long! I’m going back to catch another showing on the 6th of May again (some things are worth it guys) so then I’m going to compare the shit out of this one and that one. 

Warning: there were no subtitle services this time (guess this is what I get for complaining about them last time) and my understanding of the plot comes from rewatching S2′s eps 19 - 25 two nights ago, plus some short sentences they yelled if the BGM wasn’t louder than them and if I hadn’t been distracted by the overwhelming mini-interactions exploding all across the board. 

First let’s get the stupid out of the way with Nekoma: 

  • There was only two of them and they showed up as Kuroo and Kenma for the most part during intermissions; midway through the Seijou VS Karasuno match when Karasuno players used tricks they’d learnt from Nekoma, or during Nekoma’s match against an unspecified opponent (Nekoma lost) 
  • The rest of the time they showed up as genderbent Kuroo and Kenma Aoba Johsai I mean Oikawa fangirls
  • Not-Kenma looked quite cute I’ll say because Nagato Takato is already small to begin with and he was using a cute shouta voice. Very cute. He wore a daisy yellow spaghetti-strap long dress over a purple long-sleeved shirt… Not the most fashionable, but he sported a pink ribbon over new bangs over his Kenma wig
  • Not-Kuroo was the kind of female that they force male protagonists to kiss as a punishment game. Not cute. At ALL. I screamed because it was the only thing I could do short of throwing something at him. It was funny… and horrifying 
  • But he was acting cute because while Not-Kenma was a general Seijou fan, Not-Kuroo was a diehard Oikawa fan, and he gets excited whenever Oikawa does anything. A few times he successfully caught Oikawa’s attention, to Iwaizumi’s ire 
  • Other times he’ll clap or sway to the beat of the music as the match progresses
  • Not-Kuroo dislikes Iwaizumi because as they’re spectators he often witnesses Iwaizumi physically or verbally threatening Oikawa. One time he made a face of disapproval while pointing at Iwaizumi and made devil horns on his head
  • Not-Kuroo was dressed… In a dark-blue long-sleeved top, with a long billowing beige skirt that extended from his waist. He sported one long braid pinned on the side of his Kuroo wig 
  • He was like a crazy bitch 
  • Like how in the anime the fangirls found themselves moved to cheer for Karasuno even though they’d come for Oikawa, halfway through the second act Not-Kuroo shouted “Good luck, Seijou!!”, then Not-Kenma shouted “And good luck too, black shirt guys!!”, and then Not-Kuroo lifted up his skirt to reveal Kuroo’s uniform underneath and he shouted “Good luck to Nekoma too!!” 
  • Sometimes him and Not-Kenma were required to hold the volleyball net and would enter inbetween the players, and when they’d served their purpose, they’ll run off, and while Not-Kenma just ran with a spring in his step, Not-Kuroo had to sway his shoulders and stick his hands out behind him as he did
  • They were the ones commenting on the match and gameplay techniques this time with Mart-san, who was holding a portable Karasuno “Fly!” banner, making them acquaintances, but at one point, Not-Kuroo suddenly screamed and looked at Mart-san like a pervert?? I couldn’t catch what he said and missed it happening because I was staring hard at someone else instead, but Not-Kuroo looked horrified and quickly ran off the stage, so maybe Mart-san touched him somewhere by accident? No clue, will have to rewatch
  • As to moments where they were legitimately Kuroo and Kenma, it’s always times where Kuroo tries to be cool but yet is just really fucking lame in Kenma’s eyes and Kenma just wants to ditch him and game in peace like please
  • During one scene-swap moment Kenma actually broke the fourth wall and deadpanned “Why is there only two of us for Nekoma?” Kuroo hushed him and dead-insisted that the other guys were still here; then he runs to one side and throws his elbow over his face, all of a sudden imitating Yamamoto and going, “Uh, oh yeah, Kuroo-san? I was just over there…” and then Kenma ditches him on stage 
  • During another scene-swap (after Nekoma’s match ends) Kenma walks onto stage, only somethings off with his wig, and when he turns to start monologuing, he’s got the Not-Kenma pink ribbon and front bangs on. Kuroo comes after him and gently pulls it off and puts it in his bag loll 
  • One time during Nekoma’s match Kuroo got really into it and started to recite Nekoma’s chant but Kenma lied and said “the ball Kuroo!” pointing somewhere behind him so he fell for it and got cut off, to Kenma’s relief  

Karasuno moments - felt like the story this stage was more re-focused back onto them, since last stage the attention was more shared towards Nekoma

  • Opening: For each of the acts in the stageplay there were different themes, and the in the first act, it was the Seijou orchestra VS the Karasuno band (I think they were a band. Or maybe a smaller orchestra). First we had the two setters on elevated platforms conducting their respective themes. Kageyama was in his King’s cape and crown and was less conducting but more wildly gesturing forcefully with his hands
  • A kagetsukki during the character introductions: after Tsukishima’s introduction it was Kageyama’s turn, and usually the previous member should leave and let the next member have center stage, but Kageyama sort of barged into him and bullied him into kneeling on his hands and knees on the floor so that Kageyama could sit on his back and wave his hands in conducting gestures
  • Kageyama’s deep-rooted fear of Oikawa was the main story in Act One. It got quite bad, so as his performance as a setter deteriorated, his breathing got worse and worse, until finally he hyperventilated on all fours on the ground, deaf to the other members shouting his name
  • When Ukai takes him out to cool his head Hinata tries to cheer him up but comments that his face is just freaking scary. Then he suggests that maybe Kageyama can cheer himself up the way Tanaka-senpai just did, which was to roar and slap both hands onto one’s face. Egged on by him, Kageyama tries it - he roars, and then gently pats his palms to his cheeks. Hinata’s like “Too soft!!!” 
  • Nishinoya has been busy coming up with even more ridiculous names for his rolling receives, and there might have been a Rolling Thunder Spark W one (couldn’t understand what he was saying), but the one he actually used in match was called Rolling Thunder-Angel, and when he said “Angel”, he turned to the audience and fluttered (i.e. hands flapped), and the pink spotlight hit him straight-on. Daichi screamed “Nishinoya!!!” in order to remind him that the ball was coming and he had to save it goddamn it
  • If you’re familiar with this part of the story in the Haikyuu series, it’s the time where the third-years are feeling a little insecure and second-guessing their value to the team
  • To portray this inner conflict on stage, we have the actual actors portraying their character’s brave fronts, while the second-year trios emerge behind them holding face masks (such as Akisawa Kentarou’s face printed on a thick card with holes cut out for his eyes) and confess their inner worries to the stage
  • Ennoshita was Suga, Tanaka was Asahi and Noya was Daichi lol. Aside from portraying the third-years inner worries, the second-year actors also portrayed the third-years when they were younger 
  • They took a lot of gags this time from the anime and visualised them onstage this time, such as: 
  • Kageyama being coaxed by Suga into praising the other members, such as Hinata, and the only thing he could think of to say to was “… Job well done.” And Hinata goes, “What are you, my boss??” That was the first part of the gag. The second part of the gag happens later when midway through the match later Hinata all of a sudden dons a businessman jacket over his jersey (but no businessman pants, so he was still in volleyball shorts) and glasses and praises the whole team, going “Job well done, you guys!!!”
  • Kageyama’s Flying Fish Pun - his first name sounds similar to the Japanese word for flying fish; Suga makes an analogy about him “being a fish out of water” = on stage, as Tsukishima and Yamaguchi are thinking about Kageyama the flying fish, all of a sudden the Karasuno members jump apart and Kageyama Tobio is in a shiny blue flying fish costume 
  • He couldn’t even move in that stupid thing but he still had a match to play. Through the holes for his forearms (flippers) he frantically flapped them (both like a conductor and a fish) while he stayed rooted to one spot. Eventually to wrap up the gag he had to power-jump off the stage and have it removed , and there was a backfin when he turned around. It was so shiny 
  • There were hidden actors!! Two unnamed actors with the body figure of a middle school Kageyama (aka slimmer and smaller than Kimura Tatsunari) came to play him. They didn’t talk, they just wore his clothes and shoes. So at one point there were three Kageyamas onstage - a present-day Karasuno one, the three-years ago Kita-Daichi one, and one more just… sometimes strutting along the perimeter of the stage in Kageyama’s crown and cape
  • Tsukishima and Kageyama had a talk in which the former convinced the latter to let him decide on the spike attacks himself. So Kageyama recedes from the spotlight and lets Tsukishima have more freedom. Tsukishima would strut to different spots in front of the net, spike successfully, then clap his hands twice, summoning his goons (Tanaka and Noya), who would march behind him with their chests puffed out to his next location on the court loll
  • Gentle heart-breaking moments: Sugawara, because sometimes he speaks really quietly, such as when he says “Our team’s players are really strong”, and also “I guess this is my last play for today” 
  • Act 3: Seijou’s theme changed to white silk cloths, which they used to portray blocks or otherwise attacks that Karasuno could not see/keep up with. Towards the middle of it, the Seijou third-years abandoned their cloths and took out two long white ones, which they likened into a rope, and used it to wrap around Suga’s body until he couldn’t move 
  • A touching scene: After the match, Karasuno thanks the audience for watching them - meaning they turn to us and thank us for watching. Hinata had to be lead over because he was shocked stiff from losing. The members bow, but Kageyama barely, and then he runs off before the others have even finished bowing 

And finally my team Aoba Johsai moments:

  • Opening: Oikawa was really something to look at during here, because not only did Asuma Kousuke fill out the suit really well, he was also conducting with a lot more grace than Kageyama did, especially since they were right next to each other lol. Even so, his movements were still really powerful because he was throwing his torso out, so he felt a lot like a mad conductor 
  • His team members alternated between ballet/ballroom dancing metaphors as well as orchestra members. I only remember that Iwaizumi’s was a marching band drum
  • Other introductions: Hanamaki and Matsukawa went to the spotlight together again, jostling shoulders with each other in the spotlight; Kindaichi had a specific “dance move” motion where he bends on his knees and brings his hands together over his head like an onion that grows outwards 
  • Some people were really graceful (Asuma Kousuke) and some people could not dance (Kohatsu Allen and Saito Kenshin) loll. Though I suppose Iwaizumi’s lack of dancing grace fits his character… 
  • Best Legs: Shirakushi Judai as Matsukawa Issei. I think they were even better than Kondou Shouri’s Kuroo thighs, because they were long(est), pale and muscular, and best of all not obstructed by any knee pads
  • After Matsukawa comments about Oikawa’s horrible personality, libero Watari Shinji took it upon himself to act out a skit to give an example of it, so thats when he pulls out the Oikawa-mask 
  • He was acting as Oikawa eavesdropping on their team’s first-year members, Kunimi and Kindaichi, who were gossiping about their senior, Shigeru Yahaba. Kindaichi goes first, he’s like “Hey, don’t you think the way Yahaba-san squeezes his water bottle is gross?” 
  • Next to them, Shigeru Yahaba demonstrates the way he squeezes his bottle - he grins, holds it out and squeezes it, lifts up his right leg, tosses it under his leg to his his left hand, squeezes it, lifts up his left leg, and then tosses it back into his right hand
  • Kunimi goes next, and he says, “Yeah, and don’t you think it’s weird how Yahaba-san is always sitting on the bench but he’s always the most exhausted out of all of us?”
  • The thing is, when Shigeru Yahaba’s on the bench he doesn’t just sit, he’s busy running around with bottles or otherwise just cheering his heart out for Seijou, so by the end of it he’s so done tired he just rolls on his back onto the floor 
  • Flashback scenes with Kindaichi, Kunimi and Kageyama: Since the same flashback scenes occurred twice midplay, the actors involved had to change to different uniforms. On the second occurrence, Seijou Kindaichi remained in the center of the stage, looking bewildered as the flashback sequence started all of a sudden and the other Seijou & Karasuno players started leaving. Then Kunimi walks out - he’s holding their Kita-Dai uniforms. Kunimi walks up to him and gently helps him wear it - he pulls the Kita-Dai jersey over Kindaichi’s stunned face. Kunimi himself was already dressed. And then he gives Kindaichi the Kita-Dai shorts; turning his back to the audience, Kindaichi pulls it over his light-blue Seijou uniform butt and then quickly reverts to Kita-Dai Kindaichi lol 
  • Iwaizumi Hajime: his characterisation is different this stage, and he’s actually a lot more gentle and motherly as opposed to violent and angry. Most of his “violence” are just empty threats. Oikawa doesn’t often genuinely piss him off, but the few times he does during the match, Iwaizumi will roar and chase after him, and then Matsukawa will come and restrain him 
  • Flashback scenes and iwaoi: Kitagawa Daichi Iwaizumi was even more motherly than Seijou Iwaizumi, while Kita-Dai Oikawa was hopeless. When he received the Best Setter award he actually ran around the stage screaming “Yay!!! Yayyy!!” to the audience. Iwaizumi catches him, stops him and says “Not “Yay”, okay? Do it properly,” in a very kind voice, and then zips up his jacket for him. The kindness is lost on Oikawa, who goes, “Iwa-chan, are you my mum?”, which pisses off Iwaizumi “Hahhh??!”, and then they take off in a chase 
  •  ^ There were three people in that scene, Kageyama, in full Kita-Dai jersey, and Iwaizumi and Oikawa, who simply wore a smaller sized Kita-dai jacket over their Seijou uniforms lol. It was intentional to show that this was a flashback as opposed to present time, and all three were talking in high-pitched childish voices. I gotta say they really felt like middle-school students 
  • When Kageyama asked him to teach him serves, they were standing quite far apart (as compared to the anime, where Kageyama was within punching distance). But when Oikawa started to lose it the lights turned red, and when he tried to hit Kageyama, he lunged forward about to tackle him, but Iwaizumi catches his middle and throws him to the ground
  • Kageyama’s entire body flinched hard on the spot (which is probably why present-day him was so scared of Oikawa) but he was too scared to even move. Iwaizumi apologised to him in a gentle voice and told him that today’s practice was really over 
  • This whole scene was played out twice, in the first act from Kageyama’s perspective and in the second act from Iwaizumi’s perspective, which meant no Oikawa monologue 
  • When Oikawa falters and messes up his serve towards the end of one match, it was because he was momentarily impacted by the sight of Ushijima Wakatoshi in his head - Ushiwaka’s shadow flashed on stage for a moment! Iwaizumi perceives this (even though it took place inside Oikawa’s head!!) and scolds him for thinking about other opponents instead of focusing on the ones standing in front of him 
  • Some third year moments: When Oikawa calls Iwaizumi out on overexerting a brain he didn’t have, Iwaizumi throws his bottle at him but Matsukawa, in-between them, catches it with a perplexed and mildly judgmental face 
  • Oikawa gets headbutted by Iwaizumi a number of times, and once, Hanamaki was close by and extended a helping hand, only to walk off immediately when Oikawa reached for it 
  • Iwaizumi and Oikawa; and then Matsukawa and Hanamaki hugged after the Karasuno match. Not excited hugs, but happy, satisfied, really chill hugs
  • In the end, Seijou loses to Shiratorizawa (Shiratorizwa being portrayed as just a blank screen that the Seijou members were facing), and Oikawa falls to his knees on the ground. Hanamaki, Matsukawa and Iwaizumi helped him up; afterwards he held onto Iwaizumi’s shoulders as he limped off the stage 

Extra opinion from me: 

  • Could have been sadder come on the audience can handle it. Specifically the part where Mart-san talks to Yamaguchi after the match (Yamaguchi messed up his only play in the game) and asks him “Was it fun, Tadashi?” It was nearing the end of the stage and the scene felt a little rushed… 
  • Oikawa monologue :/ I was expecting more from the most relatable character in the series! They probably had similar number of lines, though, him and Iwaizumi, but the difference is that when Iwaizumi was talking in his scenes, there weren’t less plot mechanics/other characters/interactions happening on the stage, so it was less distracting
  • (again) Guilty of staring way too hard at one character again. My subconscious must really think he’s hot. And when Iwa-chan’s not the main focus at that plotpoint it’s not as though he does much of anything beyond high-fiving the members… Next time I vow to pay more attention to Tsukishima, Ennoshita (?? even less visible this time), Yamaguchi, Yahaba, HANAMAKI, Nishinoya, Kageyama, Daichi, etc. 
  • If you’re interested in the live-viewing report of the previous run, “Karasuno, Revival” which had full Nekoma and Date Tech, it’s here 
  • I should be either buying another pair of player bromides or getting the pamphlet next time 
Chirin no Suzu

Chirin’s Bell (Ringing Bell)
by Yanase Takashi

This post is very image-heavy.

After 100000 years, I’m finally done translating this book. 

A quote mentioned by Kaneki during Arima’s death and the quote used for that one illustration of Arima, which you can view here, is from the book version and the line wasn’t really in the movie. There are also a couple of differences between the book and movie which you’ll notice as you go along the story.

This is a children’s book btw. Trust me, it is.

I will not be putting the full images here for certain reasons but if you want to purchase the book, you can do so here

Keep reading


Just finished the sewing on the shirt for my n52 Red Robin cosplay! It went so much better than I expected, and I love the result (there’s a red strip on the back but the picture I got for it was meh, and it’s going to be mostly covered by the cape anyway so *shrug*).

Up next, the red patches on the pants, and the whole entire cape (showgirl wings ftw)!!

then I just have to figure out how I’m doing the yellow straps *weeps*

when I feel defeated and sad I imagine I’m putting my hand through my chest and reaching deep down into my stomach and grabbing hold of some hard ball of energy and even though it’s counter-intuitive I imagine closing my fist around it hard and yanking it up towards my chest and it makes me feel stronger and good and idk? sometimes you just gotta do weird things like that to get on

IKEA taps Off-White's Virgil Abloh to re-design its iconic FRAKTA bag

After teasing a potential collaboration with Off-White’s Virgil Abloh, Abloh has finally revealed his take of IKEA’s iconic FRAKTA bag at Democratic Design Days in Sweden. Made entirely from cardboard with tape placed at the seams, the re-designed tote features the word ‘SCULPTURE’ written on the side, combined with yellow and blue straps to reflect the Scandinavian furniture giant’s classic colour scheme. You can watch Democratic Design Days here, with Abloh coming on at around the nineteen minute mark.


So, I made a halloween skin for Junkrat. It’s called Beelzebomb… Pretty proud of that one. Anyway, here are some misc. notes about the skin.

  • The hair and spirit bombs have colored particles that come off of them.
  • His teeth are like Winston’s, the bottom fangs come in front of the top ones.
  • The fresh cut on his chest glows like magma, as do his horns, pegleg, hand’s vial/tubes, and the core of his wheel.
  • The little pouch on his leg strap has gunpowder in it. Or, maybe some magic demon dust?
  • The round red/yellow thing strapped to his hip is a concussion bomb.
  • Patches include his edited logo, biohazard, and that… skip icon? You know, the one from uno. Does that symbol even have a real name?

Thanks for taking a look! If you’d want it in the game, please spread Beelzebomb around. :)

Edit: if you have a reddit and feel like doing so, you can upvote my thread!

He Really Loves Cuddling [a Barry Allen AU] (Part 12)

a/n: not a request, but i feel like u needed more; i needed more after a day of mid-terms

| Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11 |

Mornings seem to envy Barry. He feels your arms shift around his torso and does his best to stifle his whines, forcing his eyes to stay closed for just a little longer. He doesn’t want to get up and take his pill. He hates pills! And it’s so warm in your arms… Maybe if he holds your limbs to his just a bit tighter…

“Barr, we gotta get up, sweetheart.” you mumble behind his ear, reaching your arm up to stroke the growing hair on his pale cheek. His lips pucker into a pout at he nuzzles his face into the light blue pillow case. A sigh drops from your mouth; it’s always tough getting him out of bed. “It’s Eddie’s birthday today… Do you wanna shave?” you ask in a gentle tone.

He shakes his head on the pillow, fluffing his milk chocolate locks in the process. Another sigh flutters past your lips while you heave him up in a sitting position, much to his disappointment. His shoulders slump but he manages to get his legs untangled from the sheets. He knows that if he doesn’t get up, you will pull him out of the bed, like you did a few days ago.

Smiling proudly, you grab his lanky hand, leading his long hairy legs to the bathroom. He sleeps in his dark gray boxer briefs and a ratty old CCPD shirt. Your penguin pajama bottoms sway against your skin and your bare feet come into contact with the warm baby blue bathroom tiles.

When you turn the sink handle, you peer up at your boyfriend, who stares at you with tired eyes. Giggling faintly, you wet a washcloth, reaching up to wipe his face. “Someone’s sleepy.” you grin, seeing him blink at the cool dampness. The wet washcloth thumps on the counter. Your pale yellow spaghetti strap tank top brushes in front of him when you reach for the two toothbrushes, handing him his.

After the daily routine, you drag him back to the bedroom, standing in front of the small closet. Barry sighs, bringing a shaky hand up to scratch his jawline. He pulls on a pair of jeans, follows by an oversized red speckled sweater, plopping on the bed while you shimmy on a pair of black skinny jeans and a striped blue long sleeve shirt. “D-do we go-gotta -”

“We’re going, Barry.” you say curtly, gesturing to head downstairs. His polkadot socks pad down the stairs very slowly, followed by your neon purple socks. When he heads to the living room, you grab his bicep, yanking him to the kitchen. “Pill time.” you mumble, opening the cabinet to get the bottle.

The brunette whines in protest, eyeing the water filling up the glass. But, when you fork over the pill, he takes it ‘like a man’. It still tastes awful. His face scrunches after he drinks the water, giving you the the glass back; he almost drops it. You save it just in time. “S-sorry…” he frowns, corners of lips dropping to his brown scruff.

You shrug it off, setting the glass on the counter before walking to the door. Slowly, he slips his shaky feet into his black and white converse. You know he’s trying to be late; you know your Barry. When you get on your black Vans, you notice he still doesn’t have his shoes tied. “Here, sweetheart.” You bend over, quickly knotting the laces.

A blush morphs on his cheeks and he pecks your lips when you stand up. “I-I lo-love you.” he hums, grinning when he feels your hand on the side of his face. He loves your touch. It comforts him.

“I love you too, my pretty boy.” you beam, adoring the way his face flushes. “Now, come along, handsome.” You grab Eddie’s birthday present and keys off the side table before going out the door. Barry’s twitching hand takes the bright yellow sparkly bag, letting you unlock the car. He opens the driver’s door for you, allowing you to slide into the leather seat before climbing into the passenger seat.

Through the drive, his left hand clasps your right, thumb doodling on Y/C/S. He pays attention to your quiet singing and feels his chest loosen, letting him breathe. Yet, when he sees the lineup of cars at Eddie and Iris’ house, he has to grip your hand tighter, making sure you’re still here. Parking, you lean over, kissing him deeply, “You’re gonna have fun, trust me, pretty boy.” you promise, popping open the door.

A huff dangles from his lips and after staring at the gift for a minute, he exits the car, following you up the stairs. Your knuckles rap on the oak door and you smile from ear to ear as soon as it swings open. “Happy birthday, Eddie!” you yell, hugging the young detective, scrunching his dark green Henley.

Eddie puts on a goofy smile, rubbing your back shortly before pulling away. “Ah, thanks Y/N!” he says bashfully, peering over your shoulder, “Barr! So glad you made it, buddy! Everyone’s here!” he exclaims, tugging your boyfriend inside the cosy home.  

You trail behind the duo, eyes widening a fraction when you realize the size of the party. Practically the entire CCPD is here! Oh no, your Barry… You can see him shake like a leaf as Eddie talks with the other police officers, arm around his shoulders. “Y/N! You guys made it!” Iris shouts, one hand on your forearm and the other on your upper back, lips cracked in a perfect smile.

You chuckle awkwardly, fixing your hair, keeping an eye on your tall brunette. “Yeah, I’m really excited to be here! And not just for the cake!” you joke, toying with the end of your sweater while she leads you to the back, “Oh! Hello! I’m Y/N!” you grin, introducing yourself to a group of people.


Okay, you got too into the conversation and now you can’t find Barry. “I, um, need to use the bathroom?” you ask more than state, excusing yourself. As you brush by a few people, you notice Eddie laughing at the dinner table, finishing off his last piece of cake- by the way, the cake was delicious. But, no Barry with him.

“- shaved? Soon you’re gonna lose your boyish charm, Allen. Maybe even your girl… Still got that twitch, I see.” You hear a few gruff laughs and your blood starts to ignite. Oh, nobody says something like that to your boy!

Stomping into the living room, your ice colored shirt sways against your stomach and your heart drops when you see Barry. He’s slumped on the couch with his head ducked down, hands curled into tight fists at his sides. “Oh handsome!” you call out, causing his head to snap up, “I wanna go home and cuddle.” you pout, making the ‘come here’ motion with your index finger.

A couple of the guys’ mouths drop to the floor. “O-okay!” he shouts, hopping from the couch and racing toward you, stumbling a lot. But, cuddles! Oh boy, he loves, loves, loves cuddling with you! “I-I ge-get c-c-cuddles?” he asks, mocking a puppy as he bends over, arm outstretched due to your fast pace.

You nod, waving goodbye to Eddie. “Uh-huh, you get all the cuddles!” you say in a cheerful tone, masking your anger while you hop down the porch steps. Dropping his hand, you pull the keys out of your pocket, unlocking the car.

“Y-Yes…” he hums under his breath.

My 2016 Fic Masterlist

here it is, everything i’ve written this year! from longfic updates to short little twitter oneshots, all of it is listed below. each twitter prompt ficlet includes the tumblr and twitter link. hope you enjoy, and thank you for everyone’s continued support!


instagram account


it’s lonely on jupiter (almost completed, chapters 19-24)

“It isn’t often that someone comes along and surprises Iwaizumi. He’s not easily caught off guard, not at all. Or at least that’s what he likes to think. So, when Oikawa Tooru shows up, a living, breathing oxymoron strutting about on two solid legs, he must admit that he’s a little impressed.”

or: oikawa’s always loved aliens but never thought he’d actually fall in love with one


things you said after it was over + aged-up + olympic boys (twit prompt)

So this is it.

The game is over- the Olympic finals are over- and they’ve won. Kageyama has always had confidence in their team but having the medal, holding it with his own two hands, is a surreal experience. Victory hasn’t felt real until now, a few hours after the awards ceremony, as the players finishes their celebration dinner and prepare to return to the hotel.

Kageyama hesitates near the restaurant entrance, fingers fiddling with his medal. The excitement of the day lingers in his bones, and, for some odd reason, he doesn’t want to be alone.


things you said under the stars and in the grass + aged-up reunion (twit prompt)

Five years.

Has it really been that long since Killua last saw Gon? For him, at least, it feels like five excruciatingly long years since they parted ways, since they exchanged their goodbyes.


✰ don’t come morning, don’t come light (completed, twoshot)

Kanda is used to creeps hitting on him in this ratty hellhole of a bar. Not that he enjoys it, of course. That is until someone shows up with a brilliant (yet troublesome) solution to both of their problems.

“You have an interesting way of dealing with them,” he says by way of greeting. A strand of white hair falls in front of his eyes, and he flicks it away.

Allen Walker.


things you said when you were scared + joui 4 verse (twit prompt)

Gintoki slashes through yet another Amanto soldier, grinning as the dead body drops to the ground. He’s lost track of the number of alien scumbags he’s killed over the course of this fight. At his side, Sakamoto takes down a smaller, lithe Amanto and lets out one of his signature war cries.

They’ve been at it for… hell, Gintoki doesn’t know how long they’ve been out here, cutting down these bastards.


things you said i wish you hadn’t + joui 4 verse (twit prompt)

Katsura can’t believe this.

Well, to be completely honest, he can because this is Gintoki we’re talking about here. And Katsura should know by now that trying to predict his actions never ends well.


chandelier + modern!au (short oneshot)

Kyuubei blinks. And blinks again. They rub their eyes, squint, lean closer, but the image doesn’t change.

“So, you see, I think it’d be the perfect fit for our new place!” Otae announces, hands on her hips. Decked out in one of her favorite orange sundresses, complete with tiny yellow sunflowers and spaghetti straps, she stands proudly in the middle of IKEA like she owns the store.


things you said at 1 am + garrison days (twit prompt)

Hunk groans and drops his notebook on his chest.

The numbers on the page are starting to blur into gibberish, like formulas for creepy black magic spells. Which, considering it’s physics, black magic doesn’t sound too far off base. He and Lance have been studying for a few hours now, and he’s certain he’s starting to lose his mind. At least a little.


things you said when you were scared + flashback (twit prompt)

Shiro presses his back against the cold cell wall, inhaling the sharp odor of blood and sweat lingering in the air. His metallic fingers twitch restlessly at his sides. They drum aimless rhythms against the floor.

Sitting along the opposite wall, Matt draws his legs into his chest and sighs. He buries his face in his knees, muffling his voice. “Hey, Takashi?”


‘Shiro and Keith’s Kickass Fighting Techniques’ by Lance Sanchez (long oneshot)    

'And, really, it’s a pretty brilliant idea. Until Shiro’s Kickass Fighting Techniques quickly becomes Shiro and Keith’s Kickass Fighting Techniques.

That’s when things start going downhill.

Because soon enough, the bulleted list consists of more than just fighting techniques.’

or: lance starts with one role model and ends up with two, a myriad of confusing emotions, and a notebook filled with condemning evidence which hunk must never see

kissing 101 (oneshot)

'The room erupts into frustrated exclamations all at once. Keith is the only one to remain silent. Lance purses his lips and folds his arms across his chest. “Okay, hear me out! So, since it’s been a long time since I’ve actually kissed someone, I was thinking I may… need a little practice beforehand. To avoid uh. To avoid embarrassing myself.”’

or: lance wants to practice kissing before he kisses allura, and things get complicated when keith mistakenly volunteers himself for the job

thanksgiving ficlet

Keith blinks slowly in wonder at the object in his hands.

“Well?” Lance is practically sparkling, grin wide and contagious. “What do you think?”

things you said when you were crying + canon verse (twit prompt)

Lance has never had anything against crying.

From a young age, his mother urged him to cry whenever he felt the need. She said it was only proof he was human. She said releasing pent-up emotions was a lot healthier than holding them in, letting every ounce of frustration and melancholy build until a horrifying crescendo of sobs comes bursting out. Lance doesn’t believe in that whole “crying is for the weak” bullshit.

things you said after it was over + older Power Couple™ (twit prompt)

Even after all the shit he’s been through, Lance is content with his life.

Years of travelling the universe have given him the opportunity to see everything he’d ever hoped to see, to experience every adventure and wild ride he’d fantasized about as a child. He’s met alien races he hadn’t known existed and learned about hundreds of galactic cultures. Really, it’s been incredible.

things you said that i wasn’t meant to hear + canon verse (twit prompt)

Keith is tired.

But not the usual sort of tired he experiences after a difficult mission. He feels this exhaustion in his bones, with every fiber of his being. And, worst of all, his brain feels like it’s been dragged through the wringer.

things you said while we were driving + undercover fake dating + canon verse (twit prompt)

“This is so… weird,” Lance mumbles. Because there honestly isn’t a better word for what’s happening.

Decked out in a classy jet black suit and crisp blue tie, he’s pressed against the back of none other than Keith, who is wearing a similar suit and cherry red tie. They’re on a hovercraft, an almost identical model to Keith’s. In the middle of a desert that also feels achingly familiar.

things you said when you were drunk + canon verse (twit prompt)

Keith is going to kill Lance.

He’s said it, thought it, screamed it many times in the past. For the most part, he’s meant it as a joke, but now… now, he isn’t so sure.

things you said when you were scared + galra!keith (twit prompt)

How many times have they been in a situation like this?

Keith rushing ahead, Lance following quickly on his heels. The rest of the team can only watch and scream protests into their comms as the two boys dart off toward danger like overeager immortals.

things you said too quietly + canon verse (twit prompt)

Lance knows he didn’t hear Keith right.

Even in the silence of the room, with Keith sitting only a matter of inches away, he’s sure his ears are playing tricks on him. You see, meeting in Lance’s room after particularly grueling missions has become a habit of theirs over the last couple months. It started after Lance nearly died trying to steal information from a Galra base and neither seem to have the courage- or desire, to be honest- to put an end to the strange little tradition.

The Farmer’s Daughter part I - Bucky Barnes AU

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Female Reader

Rating: Explicit

Genre: Romance

Warnings: Female masturbation (more warnings to come in the next part)

Plot: There is something about the farm hand that works on her father’s farm that Ashlynn cannot resist. She is a woman who has almost no interaction with men outside of the men in her family. So when she is forced to spend the night alone with the man who stirs all kinds of feelings in her, Ashlynn is not sure if she will be able to handle the man known as Bucky Barnes.

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