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This video is cute and sexy, but it is also very campy.  You may want to watch it without sound.

Tough Mudder Wager

SUMMARY: Reader wagers with husband, Jensen, for a tropical island vacation.

CHARACTERS: Reader, Jensen, Jared, Gen, Rich, Rob (mentioned), Jason Manns (mentioned), Osric (mentioned)

WARNING: insecure reader, mild language, PDA, fluff


You had no idea what you were getting yourself into, but your husband, Jensen had appealed to your competitive side, and you could not turn down a challenge.

You were also doing this to shed the rest of the baby weight you had gained since giving birth to your second son nearly three months ago.

You had heard of the Tough Mudder obstacle course before. Jensen, Jared, and other cast of Supernatural had done it the year before. You, of course, could not join the group since you were in the middle stages of your pregnancy.

Jensen promised that if you completed the entire course that he would take you on that vacation that you had been begging for since before you got pregnant with Jax, your three month old.

You were also joined by your best friend, Gen Padalecki, Jared’s wife. The two of them had their own running bet for this challenge.

Gen and you decided to take a separate vehicle, because the guys’ truck was full. You sat in the passenger seat, as your phone began sing that familiar jingle you had specifically picked out for when your hubby wanted to FaceTime. You immediately pressed send, and was welcomed by a car full of your husband’s co-workers, and his best friend, Jason Manns.

“Hey, baby,” Jensen greeted you with a smile.

“Hey, handsome.” You smiled back.

“Every one say hi to Y/N.” He then focused his camera to the back part of the truck.

You were greeted with waves from Jason, Rob and Osric, while Rich gave you the “call me” sign.

You giggled softly.

“I am here too.” Gen said from her spot in the driver’s seat, and you turned your camera to her.

The guys gave Gen the same welcome.

“Babe, I hope you are not driving.”

“I’m not.” He said, turning his phone to Jared, who was in the driver’s seat. “Gigantor is.”

Jared turned to look at the camera and gave a wink.

“Jensen that is not nice.” Over hearing, Jensen’s insult, Gen scolded your husband.

You looked at your husband, who looked a bit annoyed and you suppressed a giggle.

“Sorry, Gen.” He apologized.

“Ha!” You could hear Jared scream in the background.

“I got your back, baby.” Gen yelled loud enough so Jared could hear her.

Obviously, Jared heard, because he returned back with a “thank you”. You and Jensen just give each other a look, that told each other you needed new friends.

“Uh, anyway,” Jensen focused his attention back on you. “You ready for this, sweetheart?”

“Can you say tropical island?” You wiggled your eyebrows, and he rolled his eyes. “Don’t roll your eyes at me, Ackles. You made a promise.”

“Don’t get snippy with me, Ackles.” He retorted. “I know what I promised. But you know what you have to do.”

“I know. I got this, baby.” You said, way too overconfident of yourself. You were freaking out on the inside, but you didn’t dare let your husband know.

“Ok, so, we’re almost there. See you soon, sweetheart. Love you.”

“Love you more.”

You blew your husband a kiss, before the call was disconnected.

When you and Gen arrived, it was at the same time as the boys, and she parked the car right next to Jared’s truck.

Before you could unbuckle your seat belt, Jensen was opening your car door. He grabbed your hand, helping you out of the car, wrapping his arms around your waist.

“You ready to do this, baby?” He popped a kiss on my lips.

“Again,” another kiss, “if you can say tropical island.” You booped his nose.

“Shut up.” He kissed you again.

You pulled away from your husband’s beautiful mouth, running your fingers through the hairs on the nape of his neck. “I am getting my vacation whether you like it or not.”

“Uh huh.” He mumbled, moving his lips to your neck.

“Babe,” you mewled as he hit your spot, “we have an audience.”

Jensen stopped his assault and turned to see Jared, Gen, and the guys staring at the two of you.

“Can I help you?” Jensen questioned.

“We’re, you know, just waitin’ on y’all.” Jared said, his arms wrapped around Gen’s shoulders.

“They have rooms, you know.” Rich joked.

“Shut up.” Jensen glared at your friends, before closing your door, and grabbing your hand.

One hour in and you wanted to die. Your entire body felt like it was going to fall apart, and not to mention you were covered in sweat and mud.

In the beginning, everything was exciting, and your adrenaline was pumping. And when the race began, along with everyone else, you took off, prepared to beat everyone there. Of course, that was your head getting you all gassed up. But now, you were trailing behind the guys, as they jogged to the next obstacle course. You had just finished climbing over some kind of weird wooden wall that you’re pretty sure you got splinters from. Gen, the petite thing she was, was up at the front of the pack, along with her equally active husband.

You were internally cringing, because it seemed as if the more you walked, the further your tropical island vacation was slipping from your grasp.

Goodness you were out of shape.

“Hey,” you turned to see Jensen now jogging beside you. He was also covered in mud. “C’mon, baby, you got this.“ He gave your ass a hard smack to get you motivated, and you really just wanted to collapse.

You looked your husband in his beautiful candy apple green eyes, and you poked your bottom lip out, wanting to give up. He then stuck out his hand, and you reluctantly placed yours in his. He gave you a wink and a smirk, and that was the motivation that you needed. The two of you then started jogging to catch up with the rest of the guys.

Two and a half hours later, you crossing the finish line. You were so proud of yourself for making it through till the very end. But you also felt like you were going to collapse at any second.

Your lungs burned, your limps ached, and you had reactivated an injury in your ankle from a previous dancing incident. At that moment, Jensen had piggy backed you to some of the obstacles.

But goddamnit, you made it.

“You did it, sweetheart.” Jensen picked you up, and you wrapped your tired legs around his waist. “I am so fucking proud of you.” He kissed your neck, before putting you down. “How’s your ankle?”

“It’s ok, now.” You shook it out for emphasis, feeling a slight twinge. “But,” you wrapped your arms around his neck, “you know what that means right? Tropical. Island. Vacation.”

Jensen groaned.

You then cupped his jaw in your hands. “Think about it. Me, you, no kids, secluded island…”

He kissed your lips. “I can get into that.”

“We need to get you a speedo.”

He shook his head, mood changing. “I’m not wearing a speedo.”

“Maybe yellow.” You pretended to ignore his remark about not wearing a speedo.

“I told you I am not wearing a speedo.” He repeated, gruffly.

“Maybe with polka dots.” Again you ignored your husband, but you squealed as he pulled you closer, grazing his teeth across your neck.

You were happy because you finished the obstacle course. You were getting your tropical island vacation, and you were going to convince your husband that he was wearing that speedo.

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