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“have you ever thought of us being more than just friends?”
have i… you mean… you also…?

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Skateboards and Combat Boots

Here’s the military brat! Trini fic you guys wanted. I don’t have a parent in the military so if I mess something up please feel free to tell me. Obviously it’s gonna be trimberly.
They had been studying in Trini’s room when Kim noticed the boots under Trini’s bed.

They were worn and patched up in some parts. The laces were black and the base color was yellow while the soles were black and white.

“I didn’t know you had a pair of combat boots.” Kim looked up at Trini.

“Huh? Oh yeah, my dad bought them for me when we moved to Hawaii.” Trini explained. Kimberly’s eyes went wide.

“You’ve lived in HAWAII?” Kimberly said.

“I’ve been all over.” Trini said nonchalantly.

“Really? Tell me about it.” Kimberly put her biology book down to give Trini all her attention.

“All right princesa I’ll tell you. I was born in Austin Texas.My dad had enrolled in the Air Force a few years before I was born.” Trini began.

“I lived there for a while until he got deployed and we moved to New York when I was 10. That’s where I learned how to play the guitar. The second time he got deployed we moved to California, I was 14 this time. I learned how to skateboard in California. Then comes Hawaii when I was 15, my dad went away for a while when we moved there, so he bought me something to remind me of him.” Trini took a deep breath.

“I got my first girlfriend in Hawaii. Her name was Nani. My mom caught us surfing at the beach together. The rain caught us and Nani decided to kiss me under our surfboards. My dad got out of the army and my mom made us move. I really hated them both for a while after the whole Nani thing, I stopped wearing them until now.” Trini said.

“Wow. So you’re telling me you can play the guitar?” Kimberly asked.

Trini rolled her eyes.

“Is that really all you got from that whole story Kimmy?” Trini teased.

Kimberly shrugged her shoulders.

“It was a good story though babe.” Kim said.

“But you know what? I’m glad you guys moved here. I don’t know what would’ve happened if i hadn’t met you.” Kim gushed.

“Awe babe. You’re such a softy.” Trini teased.

“Soooo when are you gonna teach me how to skate?” Kim asked.

“Hmmm. When you get cool enough to learn.” Trini snickered.

“Wow. Rude Trin.” Kimberly pouted.

“Come on let’s get donuts nerd.” Trini said.

The girls went downstairs go grab their shoes when Kim spotted Trini’s skateboard in the closet. The color was lightly faded but on the underside you could clearly make out Trini’s name in yellow gel pen.

“Looks like now is the moment to teach me how to ride babe.” Kim smiled.

“Ugh fine let’s go.” Trini groaned happily.

Needless to say, it’s a good thing rangers heal quickly. Because Kimberly went home that night with more than a few cuts a bruises as well as a couple love-bites from Trini.
END Hope you liked.

Stronghold- Loki x Reader(f) x Steve     Chapter. 12

Authors notes: I’m so sorry this has taken so long to get out. I’ve been so busy lately but I stayed up super late last night because I know I left you guy hanging by a thread. So, here it is and hold on to your seats because it gets a little heavy and the next chapter will too.

-A huge thank you to @hymnofthevalkyries for being my Beta on this series! You are the best Momma V!


-Over all: emotional and mental abuse, violence, anxiety and nightmares. There will be fluff eventually, I promise. :)

-For this chapter: Angst!!! Anxiety, Violence, implied smut, mentions of blood, Loki being a twisted piece of crap.

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Steve burst into Thor’s room, the thick doors swinging wide and banging into the wall. Thor sat up in shock and summoned Mjolnir.

 “She’s gone!” Steve strode deeper into the room with clenched fists. “(Y/N) is gone, some one took her!” He stood panicked at the foot of Thor’s bed.

 Bucky and Wanda appeared in the doorway, keeping their distance but witnessing his distress all the same. Wanda searched the palace with her mind hoping to find any sign of (Y/N).

 “I can’t see her.” She exhaled, concerned.

 “When did you see her last?” Thor questioned Steve as he slipped out of the bed and walked onto his balcony. He was searching for any sign of a disturbance in his city below. It was quiet, peaceful and calm. If who ever took her was still here, they were going unnoticed.

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Love your blog, companions reacting to Soul finding pristine and expensive makeup and giving the companion a make over? Everyone including Maxon please

This one was fun, and long, and most importantly, in time for the deadline!

Cait: “What’cha got there Sole?” Cait frowned curiously down at Sole as they sat on the floor, organizing little boxes by color.

“It’s makeup! Come on, sit.” Sole patted the spot on the floor beside them and smiled up at Cait. Reluctantly the fighter seated herself beside Sole and picked up a black box. She pressed a button, and the top of the box flipped open revealing a bright pink powder.

“So, whadd’ya do with this… make-up?” Cait asked.

“You use it to make yourself look and feel pretty! Here, do you trust me?” Sole looked excited when they asked, and Cait gave them a weary expression. Finally, she sighs,

“Sure. Show me how it works.” She conceded.

“Okay, now look!”

Cait took the mirror from Sole and gazed back at herself through the glass. She gasped. That, wasn’t really her was it? She looked… pretty… She’d never felt this pretty before. She marvels at the sight of her lightly shaded lids and baby pink lips, and then she smiled.

“I love it. Teach me how.”


“Alright, now hold the applicator like this.” Sole held a hand up to their face, curled above one of their eyelids.

“Like this?” Cait furrowed her brows while trying to mimic Sole’s pose. “Ow! Gah! I poked me-self in the eye!” Cait threw down the applicator and rubbed the injured eye.

“Haha! Sorry Cait. Maybe I should just apply your makeup. I think it would be safer.” Sole leaned over and gently kissed Cait’s eyelid for her.

“Actually, I think I’ll put it on by me-self if you’re gonna get this sappy every time I do. Heh heh. But seriously, thanks love. I’m looking forward to more of our little makeovers.”

Deacon: Deacon slapped a small cosmetics bag into Sole’s palm, “Thought you might like this!” He said.

“Are you sayin’ I’m ugly Deacon?” Sole cocked a playfully insulted eyebrow.

“Yeah, well, not everyone can be as gifted as me.” The man flashed a grin at Sole. “Here, let’s do each other’s makeup! It’ll be fun! Like a sleepover right? At least I think that’s what people did in the Old World.” Deacon plopped down beside Sole and unzipped the bag in their hands. “You see boss, this is top quality stuff! Only the best for the Death Bunnies! Now,” He plucked out an eyeliner pencil, “If we’re gonna be an awesome gang duo, we gotta look the part.”

Deacon had allowed Sole to remove his sunglasses and ring his eyes with black eye liner, and he reciprocated the design although with much less finesse than his partner. He chalked his lack of skills up to the shortage of beauty products in the wastes; what a liar.

“Perrrrfect boss! Lovin’ the death metal look. Now all we need are matching spiked collars and a pair of embroidered leather jackets and we’ll be the baddest gang in the Commonwealth!”


“Hey Sole, sorry for calling you ugly.” Deacon apologized.

“Deacon, you didn’t call me ugly. I just accused of calling me ugly. D-do you really think I’m u-ugly?” Sole’s expression collapsed. Of course they were faking, but Deacon didn’t need to know that.

“Hahaha! Haha… uh… Oh. Oh no. No, did you really think? I don’t think you’re- Wait, stop, don’t cry Sole, c’mon. Here, let Deaky hold you! See? Hugs make everything better, and you’re a beautiful person.” Deacon patted Sole’s back and kissed the top of their head.

“Pfffft- hahahaha!” Sole burst out laughing.

“Are you kidding me? Well, that’s the last sympathy hug you’ll ever get from me!” Deacon dumped Sole out onto the floor, but he was laughing too.

MacCready: “C’mon Sole… I’m not a woman, I don’t wear makeup! Besides, not even that many women wear it now anyway!” He was grumbling sure, but he was also perched in front of Sole on a diner stool and letting them paint away at his face.

“OH! This eyeshadow is perfect! The color will really bring out the blue of your eyes!”

Great. That’s just what I wanted.” MacCready rolled his eyes before closing them. He listened to them hum happily as they brushed powder lightly across his eyelids. “This feels really… weird, but also kinda nice. Maybe you could do this more often, just without the makeup part.”

“Shhh! You’re moving your face too much!”

“Okay! Geez!”

“SHUSH!” MacCready felt Sole’s finger push down hard on his lips making him wince a little.



“No! No. You already put it on me once! You smudged it, and that’s too bad. No, you get that thing away from me!” MacCready reared back as Sole jutted the lipstick towards him. The more he resisted the more Sole climbed on top of him. He had to resort to twisting his face to the left and the right like a baby refusing a spoonful of food.

Sole huffed. “Fine. Well then, if you’re going to be that way,” Sole launched forward and smooched MacCready on his smudged lips. “There, now we match!” Sole grinned triumphantly.

“Heh, you’re really something else Sole, but I love you anyway.”

Nick: Now was the time for action! Nick was running his monthly diagnostic tests, so that gave Sole an hour, an hour to do whatever they wanted… And it just so happens that they found a pretty complete set of high quality makeup.

Let’s see now, I bet Nick would look good with a really cool mustache… And ooh! AN EYEBROW PENCIL! PERFECT! Now the detective can have the eyebrows he’s always dreamed of! So expressive! Hm…. Do I go with hot pink lips, or purple mauve? … Hot pink it is!

Sole finishes up with twenty minutes to spare, and kisses the tips of her fingers like a French chef marveling at his culinary masterpiece.

“Never have I done a better deed in my entire life. Now, to go get Ellie!”

“Well, what do you think?” Sole blinked hopefully at the woman.

“I think… It’s perfect! And I also think we shouldn’t mention it when he wakes up.” Ellie gave Sole a sly smile, and they returned the gesture.


“What is so dang funny you two? You’ve been snickering all day. Are you in on something I should be aware of?” Nick frowned at Ellie and Sole who were hiding mischievous smiles behind their hands.

“Oh no, it’s nothing Nick. Just some idle gossip, that’s all.” Ellie assured the detective.

Nick hummed accusatorily at the duo and went back to his files, but then he glanced his reflection in the file cabinets.

“Wha-“ Nick rubbed his lips, and some pink good came off on his fingers. “Sooooole…” Nick said in a low, intimidating voice.

“Bye Sole!” Ellie quickly left and slammed the agency door behind her.

“Heheh… So, like the makeover?” Sole shrunk away from the synth.

“Sole, Sole, Sole. These lips were made for one thing, and that isn’t lipstick.”

Sole smiled. “Well then, what are those lips for detective?”

“Get over here and let me show you.”

Danse: So, what can Sole do with a full spread of makeup and a passed out Danse. Surely applying a gaudy layer of periwinkle eye shadow, cherry red lipstick, and thick clumpy mascara would be the best use of their resources. Oh! And what’s this? A camera? Hmm… Surely Sole knows a few people who would love to memorialize this moment in time. For posterity! Yes, of course. Posterity.

“What! What is-“ Danse snatched a poster from a lamp post in Sanctuary. “Is this… me?” Cait snorted as she walked past him.

“’Ey soldier boy! That’s a good look on you!” She cackled.

“Who did- Sole.” Danse growled. “SOLE! GET OVER HERE RIGHT NOW!”


“Oof!” Sole felt the breath get knocked out of them as a livid Danse tackled them to the ground.

“Sole! This is ridiculous and childish! You will remove those posters at once!” Danse screamed, and spit a little, into Sole’s face. Sole would be scared out of their mind, if they weren’t laughing at Danse’s wildly inaccurate blush and lush eyelashes.

“What are you-“ Sudden realization swept across Danse’s features, and he slapped a hand to his face. After dragging it down his cheek, his fingers come back with various colored powders on it. “Argh!”

“Hahahahaha!” Sole’s muscles relaxed from laughing so hard. “You’re- hahaha- so pretty- hahaha- Danse. Kiss me!”

Danse sighed. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em, he figures, so he obliged Sole with a messy, lipstick-smearing kiss.

Curie: “Oh! Make up! Zhis is what women wore before the war yes? To be pretty! Oh, put some on me Sole! I want to look like zhose girls on zhe Nuka-Cola bill boards!” Curie laughed and clapped her hands, ecstatic over the fact that Sole found a full spread of high grade cosmetics.

“Heh, I’m glad you’re excited Curie. I’ll do my best for you!” Sole beamed at the scientist. Curie smiled back, and then leaned forward with her eyes closed.

“Okay Sole! I’m ready! And Sole, please let me wear zhe yellow eye shadow! It is my favorite color!” She sighed dreamily, imagining the way her face would look when Sole was finished.

For Curie, some light pink blush, some glistening lip gloss, a touch of mascara, and the prettiest pastel yellow eye shadow. Sole nodded their head upon finishing, proud of their masterpiece. “Okay Curie, look!”

Curie gasped at the sight of herself in the handheld mirror.

“Sole, I love it! Thank you; this makes me so happy!”

“No problem Curie, as long as you’re satisfied, I’m satisfied.”


“Okay Curie. You’re too cute, so now I have to kiss you.” Sole states seriously.

Curie laughed. “Sole! You know you do not have to ask for kisses. I love receiving smooches just as much as you love giving zhem. Now come ‘ere, I want to kiss you too!”

Curie giggled into the kiss, and when they parted she gasped.

“Look! Now we both have zhe lipgloss on!”

Preston: Preston grimaced at the array of compacts, brushes, and eye shadows Sole had meticulously arranged across the table. “General, I don’t really want to do this. It seems a little weird.” Preston frowned at the corner of his mouth when Sole picked up some steel-blue eye shadow.

“Aw C’mon Preston! It’s just for fun! Let me do this one time, and then you can take it off as soon as we’re done. Please. It would really mean a lot to me. Y’know, leading the Minutemen is a very stressful obligation, and something like this would really lighten the burden I think, and-“

“OKAY! Okay. Fine. One time,” Preston held up his pointer finger in front of Sole’s face, “and then it comes right off. You’re lucky I’m so agreeable.” Preston chuckled and shook his head. “Alright,” He sighed, “do your worst Sole.”


“Oh my goodness! You’re so pretty Preston!” Sole sang.

“Yeah yeah, yeah, now hand me the towel.”


“Sole… Hand. Me. The. Towel.” Preston held out his hand and looked at Sole with a blank expression. Sole was trying to hold in a grin, but the tense curve in the corner of their mouth gave it away. “Sole.” Preston warned again.

“Preston, you know I love you, right?” Sole asked, holding the towel away from his reach.

“Yes. Yes I do.” Preston smiled at them, but was gritting his teeth.

“Great!” Sole quickly smooched Preston’s brightly colored lips. “Love you too! Have fun training the new recruits!” And then Sole darted out of the Castle’s war room. Dang, Preston thought, shoulda seen that coming.

Piper: “I appreciate the offer Blue, but I’m not much of a makeup girl myself.” Piper leaned back in her chair tentatively as Sole came at her with a blush brush.

“Aw, C’mon Piper, it’ll be fun! I already have a smoky eye look I want to try on you and everything! Please.” Sole pouted at the reporter. Piper pressed her lips together and huffed a breath out of her nose. She took a few moments to contemplate the idea, and then finally caved.

“Alright Sole, have at it. BUT, you better enjoy this while it lasts because this is the only time you’ll ever get to doll me up. Got it?”

“Yes ma’am!” Sole saluted her, and Piper rolled her eyes. What had she just gotten herself into?

“Wow, I clean up good.” Piper smirked at her reflection. She had to admit, the dark, smoky eye shadow really brought out her hazel irises. “Y’know, maybe this whole makeup thing isn’t such a bad idea after all. Mind if I swipe some of it for myself?” Sole caged the cosmetic products protectively against their chest.

“No. I think I like doing your makeup more than you would enjoy doing your makeup yourself, so I’ll hold onto it for now okay?”

“Pfft. Fine. Whatever ya weirdo.”



Sole blinked awake at the sound of something small hitting the floor. The looked up from their pillow to find Piper picked up a compact off the groud.

“Piper?” Sole asked groggily. Piper whipped her head around and froze.

“I uh, I… Yeah, I got nothin’.” Piper admitted. “I guess I just wanted to have the smoky-eyes again.” She shrugged. Sole smirked.

“You aren’t putting those bedroom eyes on for someone else, are you?” They queried.

Piper laughed. “Nope. This is all for you Sole. Now let me put this style to the test.”

Hancock: “What’ve ya got there partner?” Sole watched in the mirror as Hancock sauntered up behind them, a curious look on his face. Sole had just been swiping the last few layers of mascara onto their eyelashes, but they stopped to answer Hancock.

“It’s makeup!” The smiled, “People in the Old World would wear to look and feel pretty.” After finishing their explanation, Sole resumed the clockwork application of their mascara. Hancock let out a thoughtful hum and sat down beside Sole. He observed them, mesmerized by the way they smoothed the powders over their face.

“Hey Sole, mind tryin’ that stuff out on me? Heh.”

“Oh, sure thing! Didn’t really take you for the makeup type though to be honest.”

“Well, you said it made people prettier yeah? This mug could sure use some of that.” He joked. Sole turned to the ghoul, a hurt look on their face.

“But you’re pretty already Hancock.”

Hancock smiled. “Shucks… Thanks Sole.”


“But seriously, it looks like fun. Let me have a crack at it.” Hancock grabbed at Sole’s makeup.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to do it?” Sole questioned, unsure of Hancock’s makeup application skills.

“Yes! Now are you gonna let me try or not?”

Sole chuckled. “Okay Hancock, give it a whirl.”

“Well, at least the blush is in the right place… sorta.” Sole laughed weakly.

“Aw, is it that bad?” Hancock picked at Sole.

“It’s fine. You’re still pretty enough to kiss.” Sole bantered back.

“Then what are you waiting for? An invitation?”

Sole didn’t need to be invited twice.

X6-88: “So you’re telling me that you would wear this to intimidate rivals?” X6 stared blankly down at the palette of eye shadow. Sole had to purse their lips to keep from laughing and nodded in confirmation. “Interesting. Does this mean it is a variant of war paint?”

“Yep! Absolutely! With this, no one would dare to mess with you.”

“No one messes with me anyway.”

“Well then, just think of it as overkill. You like overkill, right?”

“Well, you’re not wrong.”

“Great! Now, take off your sunglasses!”


“Fine.” X6 took off his sunglasses for Sole and closed his eyes. He felt their hands buzz around his face, brushing his cheeks, smoothing down his eyelids, drawing on his lips. “Am I more intimidating yet?” He asked.

“Yep! Take a look!” Sole held up a mirror for the courser. He stared back at the blue-lidded, cat-eyed, red-lipped face, and had only one comment.

“Damn I look good.”


“Don’t you want to say something Sole?” X6 looked at them for a second before readjusting his gaze to admire his own image. Sole sighed and rolled their eyes. No need to feed his ego anymore than he already was.

“Someone with a face like this deserves to be praised, don’t you think?” He continued. When Sole refused to respond, he grabbed them by the chin and kissed them. Talk about a hardcore blush; Sole’s entire face was now redder than a bloodbug’s abdomen. X6 admired the coloring.

“I suppose that is praise enough.” The courser smirked wryly at the flushed vault dweller. “Praise enough indeed.”

Dogmeat: Sole thought coloring in some human-like eyes onto Dogmeat’s welding goggles would be hilarious. They were wrong. It was just creepy.

Codsworth: “Sir/Mum, pray tell, what are you doing back there?”

“Nothing! Nothing at all! It’s just, uh, you had something stuck to your back… Yeah! Gimme a second and I’ll have it off in a jiffy!”

In all honesty, Codsworth did have something on his back, but Sole didn’t feel the need to tell him it was them who put it there. And they definitely weren’t taking it off. It fit him really, the cute little cartoon face with a monocle and a classy mustache. Now Codsworth really did have eyes in the back of his head… er sphere… yeah.

Codsworth later admires his new face in the mirror. Of course he knew what Sole was doing when he asked them earlier, but he just found it so cute that he didn’t mind. He’ll never wash the face off because he noticed that Sole will smile whenever they catch a glimpse of their handiwork. Plus, he kind of likes it too.


Sole did not go near Strong with that makeup.

Maxson: Oh yes! Jackpot! Sole picked over their new bounty of beauty products: lipstick, blush, eye shadow, eyeliner! Sole’s lips curled into a smug smile thinking about the perfect victim-er… client.

Maxson didn’t even feel the offer dignified a response. He didn’t scoff; he didn’t even glare, well, more than usual anyway. As if Maxson was going to let Sole put makeup on him! But Sole didn’t let that stop them, oh no. They just had to wait for the perfect opportunity…

Who knew Maxson was such a loud snorer? Hm… a little bit of foundation… some blush… yeah, definitely more blush… and some cherry red lip-stain. Oh yes, try and get that to wash off Maxson! Now, let’s see, lime green eye-shadow would be perfect!

The next day…

“WHERE IS SOLE!” Maxson tore through the Prydwen, knocking over tables and chairs in his wake. One of the newest recruits began shaking when Maxson grabbed them by the front of their shirt. “WHERE ARE THEY SOLDIER?”

“T-They said they were taking a p-personal day sir!”




“Wow Maxson! You’re so pretty!”

“Is that right? Well then tell me, HOW PRETTY AM I SOLDIER?”




Sole proceeded to show Maxson how beautiful he was with a kiss.


It’s fucking real. It’s happening. This is real. This really happened.

Pearl has put Earth and the Crystal Gems in danger, repairing the message to Yellow Diamond, solely so she can continue exploiting Garnet’s body and mind to ride the high of being Sardonyx.


Forget Malachite, forget the fusion experiments.


deekonfleek  asked:

Companions reacting to SS finding a functioning car, restoring it and then asking them if they would like to go on a road trip with them from good old commonwealth to the New Vegas Strip? or just stealing a vertibird. whichever sounds more fun.

I love this I love this I love this I love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the idea of a vacation with the Commonwealth family, but we all know the only way they’re all traveling together is if they drive a bus >:3

On a side note, this reaction helped me realize just how much I love companion-companion interaction.

Nick: “I have no idea how you managed to find an intact school bus, and much less of an idea as to how we were able to fix it up. You’re lucky the old Nick had a thing for cars.” Nick puffed proudly on his cigarette, gazing upon his banana-yellow work of art. Sole grinned. “That’s great Nick! Because I thought you could maybe, uh, drive us? After all, you’re the only one here other than me who knows how to drive a car.”

And that’s how Nick ended up as the gang’s designated driver. It’s perfect because as a synth he doesn’t have to eat, sleep, drink, or go to the bathroom! Since the front of the bus became his new place of residence, Nick took to decorating the dash with bobble heads, trinkets, and even a pair of fuzzy dice to hang over the rearview mirror. “It’s what all the cool kids are doing nowadays, right?”

Of course they don’t force Nick to drive the entire time, otherwise he would never be able to have fun; it’s his vacation too after all. Danse is usually the one to relieve him. On his breaks Nick likes to sit on one of the couches in the back and watch the landscape pass him by. The old Nick loved to sit and admire the horizon on long car rides, and the new Nick guesses that’s just another thing they have in common.


On lazy afternoons when Danse takes charge of the driving, Sole joins Nick at the back of the bus and lays their head down in his lap. Typically they doze off after several minutes as Nick gently strokes their hair, careful not to catch the strands with his metallic joints. Altogether the melody of Sole’s breathing combined with the rumbling of the bus’s engine pulls Nick into a trance, filled with daydreams of Sole.

Deacon: “Just like a limousine eh boss?” Deacon was almost tempted to take his sunglasses off for dramatic effect. He inspected the big yellow behemoth inside and out before coming to a conclusion. “Hey, didn’t some limousines have hot tubs at the back? We should totally build one.” Deacon wiggled his eyebrows at Sole who excitedly wiggled theirs back.

After quickly discovering that installing a hot tub was beyond their combined engineering skills (and on-hand water purifiers), Deacon decided to do the next best thing. He ripped out the last several rows of benches at the back of the bus and bolted down couches and chairs in their place. Deacon then added his own personal touch: a gently revolving disco ball suspended from the roof. On the outside of the bus, Deacon was able to convice Sole to let him spray paint, in an obnoxiously loud color, “Dee’s Official Party Wagon!” Actually, Sole only okayed the “Party Wagon” bit; he added “Dee’s Official” in really tiny letters right above it and hopes Sole doesn’t notice.

Whenever Deacon’s not sitting at Hancock’s bar and chatting up the other companions, he’s lounging in a chair at the back of the bus with a book in his hand. He typically has a pen lying nearby and intermittently scribbles in the margins of the novel he’s reading each time an epiphany hits him.


Whenever Deacon reads on the couch, Sole tucks themselves under one of his arms and leans their head against his chest. Deacon will scan the pages of his book and occasionally lean down to kiss the top of Sole’s head. If everyone else has gone to sleep for the night, Deacon will quietly read some of his favorite stories and poems out loud to Sole. It’s much more subdued than his usual bombastic chatter, and Sole loves the way his voice warmly reverberates against their ear.

Danse:”What a phenomenal waste of time. However, I have to admit that I’m somewhat impressed soldier.” Danse really downplayed his excitement. He hoped Sole didn’t notice the twinkle in his eye as he imagined what it would feel like to sit behind the wheel of a real, honest-to-goodness drive-able car; just like in those old world posters, he thought. “So, uh, are you going to show me how to operate this vehicle?”

Danse is usually the one to relieve Nick of his chauffeuring duties, but whenever he settles himself in the tattered leather driver’s seat, everyone knows to start putting away the spillables: any and every bottle, cup, and can. Poor Danse, he loves driving, but there’s definitely a lack of finesse in his use of the breaks.

On the other hand, when Nick is at the helm, Danse will order a beer or two from Codsworth. He drinks enough to let a buzz roll over him as he stares out the window at the world passing by. It’s sort of entertaining, the way his head swims at visions of blurry trees and buildings. He’s never been more relaxed in his life as he is right then: traveling with friends, safe from the world outside, and for a moment Danse feels he’s getting a glimpse of pre-war life, and that makes him smile.


It’s super easy to make Danse laugh when he’s been drinking, so Sole loves sitting with him at the bar on his breaks. They have their favorite ways of making the paladin giggle, including small kisses applied to his neck and gently gliding their fingers up and down his arms. One thing’s for sure, no one had ever seen Danse act like such a little school girl until they took that fateful bus ride with him and Sole.

Hancock: “Well well, wouldja look at that.” Hancock lifted his hand over his eyes like a visor, gazing up at the alarmingly gaudy vehicle. “Never thought I’d see the day when one of these pre-war rust buckets was street worthy again.” Hancock explored the hulking vehicle inside before returning to Sole. “You know what this ride needs? A bar. Yeah, I like the sound of that. The Commonwealth’s very first traveling bar!”

Surprisingly, Hancock did indeed fit a small bar into the bus after ripping out most of the seats in the middle. He enlists the help of Cait and MacCready who were all aboard for a mobile bar, literally. Hancock smiles, extremely proud of his handiwork, and is thoroughly convinced that this bar is the most ingenious thing he’s ever come up with. With a few barstools bolted around the counter, he’s ready to knock back a few with the rest of the crew.

And that’s exactly how he spends the majority of the trip. Luckily for everyone aboard, Hancock is a fun drunk to be around, and the party seems to rock around the clock as long as Codsworth is still tending the bar.


Sole enjoys watching Hancock enjoy himself. The journey between buzzed and giggly to full on table-top dancing is quite the ride, Sole observes. Sooner or later Hancock invites Sole up onto the bar to groove along with him, and Sole happily obliges. They have loads of fun until Danse slams on the breaks and sends them crashing to the floor together. Danse has to go to timeout after that.

Cait: “What’s this then? Are you meanin’ to tell me all of us are gonna be fittin’ into that thing for the next few weeks?” Cait wanted to complain, but then saw the rabid excitement buzzing in Sole’s eyes as they nodded their head furiously. “Ah, I guess we’ll all be gettin’ ta knowin’ one another a little better  then, eh?”

Once Hancock mentions the addition of a bar to the bus, Cait more than happily parts with a third of her stash to stock it with the best drinks the wasteland had to offer. She is also the one to go out and scavenge the barstools since she was familiar with most of the bars in the Commonwealth.

Wow, Cait and Hancock make one hell of a team! Between those two, most of the booze is depleted two days into the road trip. It’s worth it though, to watch them both belt out bar songs at the top of their lungs and laugh at all the lewd jokes they can remember off the top of their heads. Needless to say there is never a dull moment aboard (Dee’s Official) Party Wagon!


Cait pretty much forces Sole to sit with her at the bar once she gets fairly smashed. She’s pretty rough and loves to crush Sole to her side with a hooked elbow and some drunken cheer! Much to Sole’s embarrassment, Cait constantly deals out sloppy kisses all over their cheeks and neck in front of everyone, leaving glossy tracks of saliva all over them.

Curie: “Oh how marvelous Sole! It has been so long since I’ve seen a functioning vehicle! I cannot wait to ride in it!” Curie bounced up and down beside Sole before crushing them in a hug. The last time Curie had been in a vehicle was during her transit as a Miss Nanny bot to Vault 81, before the bombs fell, but now she gets to experience a car ride in her new synth body.

Curie so loved the idea of traveling with everyone. Before the bus, Sole has always taken just one person at a time with them to go on escapades across Commonwealth. To ensure everyone’s safety, Curie outfits the bus with two first aid kits: one at the front and one at the bar. Honestly, the bar first aid kit is probably going to be used at least once during the trip. Additionally Curie decorated the bar with a couple vases of hubflowers, but the poor scientist has to constantly replace them at each stop every time Danse drives.

During the ride Curie will join Dogmeat in sticking her head out of the window, which makes Sole and Nick a little worried sometimes (they make her sit all the way inside when Danse drives). The little scientists just ignores them, absolutely immersed in the sensation of wind rushing over her cheeks and the sun beaming down on her face.


Concerned for Curie as she leans out of the small windows, Sole sits wearily next to her, holding her hand the entire time. Whenever they pass by a tree, even at twenty feet away, Sole instinctually tightens their grip on Curie. Despite worrying over her possible beheading though, Sole has to admit that the beaming smile on Curie’s face is the most adorable thing they’ve ever witnessed.

Piper: “Oh wow Blue! Nick helped you with this?” Sole nodded at the journalist who pensively held her chin between her thumb and forefinger. “You know, we can cover a lot of ground with this thing, which could mean a ton more stories for me!” Piper hopped onto the bus and appreciated all of the work the others had already put into the vehicle; she just had one more little detail to add.

On the smaller portion of the L-shaped bar, Piper set up a typewriter. It became her makeshift office while on the road, and she loves to commemorate all of the gang’s memories to paper. For the majority of rides the crew could find Piper glued to her station. Later she intends to compile all of her entries into a scrapbook.

Whenever her fingers need a break, Piper will head to the lounge at the back of the bus. Deacon gladly offers her a book out of his collection to read which she very gratefully to accepts. Writing’s nice, it’s her passion for goodness sakes, but sometimes she’d just rather be tucking into a good story than weaving one of her own.


During the moments where Cait and Hancock aren’t bringing down the house, Sole will sit behind Piper while she types and play with her hair. Piper loves the tickly feeling that crawls up and down her neck as Sole continuously braids and unbraids her hair. If it’s late and Piper is tired, she sometimes falls asleep in the middle of Sole’s braiding and slowly falls backwards onto them. Sole catches her and chuckles, then settles the both of them into one of the few surviving bus seats for the night.

MacCready: “W-ha-wow! Oh man Sole! This is amazing!” MacCready lit up with a smile at the bulky electric-yellow bus. Giving it a once over and seeing all of the modifications the others had put into it sparked a kid-like giddiness inside of the mercenary. While sitting and admiring the bar, MacCready happened to look up and see a small square door on the ceiling. He pointed a finger straight up, “Hey, Sole, does that go where I think it goes?”

Once MacCready discovered the hatch to the roof, he brings in wood from the scrap pile to construct a sniper’s nest on top of the bus. Sole helps him affix it to the roof, and MacCready couldn’t be happier with the finished product. However, a few patrons of the bar are a little annoyed that he has to use the countertop as a stepping stool to reach the hatch. But, stocked with a full ammo box, a stack of magazines, and a stash of Fancy Lad snack cakes, the mercenary ignores Cait’s angry grumbling and perches himself happily atop his post.

After a few hours in the nest, MacCready will climb back into the bus to grab a drink. For kicks he’ll hop down directly from the hatch and land pretty as you please on one of the empty barstools. It kinda hurts his bottom, but he doesn’t show it; can’t impress people with a grimace on your face. One time though, he wasn’t looking and ended up crashing down into Piper’s lap. Can you say black eye?


With so many people crowded into one vehicle it can get a little noisy. MacCready uses the nest as an excuse to escape the absolute chaos generated by drinking buddies Cait and Hancock. Sole will often join him and bring up a blanket for them both to snuggle in. MacCready will then fish out a comic for the two of them to share, and they take turns reading alternate pages out loud, funny voices definitely included.

Preston: “Oh wow General! Did you ride in these before the war?” Preston gawked at the bright yellow bus. “I did when I was in school, but for now this is probably the only vehicle that can fit all of us at once.” Sole answered. Preston smiled and climbed aboard.

He loves what everyone had done to the place. A lounge, a bar, flowers, bobble heads, fuzzy dice, Piper’s office supplies, and … a disco ball? Everything looks great, but Preston still feels as if something’s missing. All at once it hits him. He tells Sole he’ll be back in a minute, and then returns with a big blue minuteman flag. He and Sole proudly hang it across the back window. Now it’s finished. Now it’s home.

Whenever MacCready doesn’t mind the company or is away from his post, Preston likes reclining in the sniper’s nest. Shielded from the wind, he takes pleasure in feeling of the sun beaming warmly across his face. It prickles a little as he tans, but the sensation is subtle and satisfying. Life has never been better.


On quiet afternoons, Sole lays beside Preston in the nest and tans with him. Their breathing eventually synchronizes, and oftentimes they both fall asleep under the bright blue sky. They both dream happy naptime dreams, fantastical and adventurous, far away from the wasteland, but not far away from each other.

X6-88: “Impressive sir/ma’am. Last week it seemed like you’d never be able to fix this sorry excuse for a vehicle. I’m glad my first impression was wrong.” Even though the comment, like all of X6’s other comments, came off as a backhanded compliment, Sole grinned smugly at the courser. Wordlessly X6 stepped into the bus to survey the interior.

It was acceptable. Not exactly on par with Institute standards, but nice enough for a hodgepodge of Commonwealth ingenuity. Of course, he did have the smallest amount of courtesy not to make that remark directly to Sole. X6 didn’t really see how he could improve the place, so he just gave everything a short nod of approval.

X6 can get a little antsy after sitting for a while on the bus. Cait convinces him to chug down a couple of beers to relax, so he sits at the bar most of the time. Despite how inane he believes Hancock’s and Cait’s behavior to be when they’re drunk, he actually finds their antics both distracting and slightly amusing. It helps to take the edge off.


Sole will join X6’s audience of one from time to time and help him watch whatever the drunken duo decide tonight’s entertainment will be. X6 sits idly on the stool, beer in one hand and Sole’s hand in his other. When things are like this, he can almost understand why pre-war people took vacations.

Dogmeat: Yes! Dogmeat lets his tongue flop around in the wind as the bus chugs its way down the road. He has to admit, sticking his head out of an actual bona-fide vehicle is a lot more fun than careening down a hill in some rusty old shopping cart. Looks like he does get to learn about the simple joys of riding a car after all. He likes that Curie joins him outside the windows, and makes sure to keep an eye out for her head as well as his own.

Codsworth: Codsworth is so proud of his master, and compliments them on a job well done, “Sir/mum, I couldn’t be more proud of you if I tried!”

Now Hancock would tend to the bar himself, but he’d much rather be on the receiving end of bar service. So, he offers the job to Codsworth; he reminds him a lot of Whitechapel Charlie back in Goodneighbor, so the ghoul thinks it’s a fitting choice. Codsworth happily agrees to be of use on the bus, and he does his best to help his travel-mates have a good time, but also limit their alcohol consumption to a safe level.

Strong: Strong can’t really fit inside the bus, and doesn’t really want to either; it reminds him too much of a cage. Instead, Nick and Sole modify an old side car to attach to the side of the bus, and Strong rides in it while they’re on the move. He always carries a board or baseball bat with him so he can smash things as his sidecar zooms by them. WHACK! “HAHA! PUNY DEATHCLAW IS NO MATCH FOR STRONG!” “Nice one Strong!” MacCready will yell at him from his sniper’s nest. Between the two of them, no enemies ever come close to the bus.

mr-mikail  asked:

So $50 bucks says White Diamond shattered Pink and Yellow is just a red herring. You?

i was talking about this w/ people today n
theres no other way i could see it– what would be the point of keeping white diamond a mystery for so long and reveal this plot twist now before she’s even introduced and have yellow diamond solely responsible for pink diamonds shattering???


Well, I did said I’ll make a cleaner version of my StreetPerformers AU! ;D

More headcanons ! Feliciano really REALLY can hit those freaking high and long notes like OMG Feli is soooo good at singing (especially in O’ Sole Mio) ! And Lovino is actually super proud of his brother’s talents (but he never told him that because he wants to be cool and stuff ;u;). Lovino; who is always grumpy and hot-headed, surprisingly, cooled down and and gave the brightest smile for their audience ! Feli kinda freaked out at first but he put a thought that Lovi just wants to appear more friendly for the ladies audience. The truth is, Lovino LOVES to perform, he feels comfortable and happy when singing and performing. It’s his happy place (ಥ‿ಥ). More ! When they are performing, ladies, be prepared for some interactions with these two ; they will give out winks, flowers and blow kisses at you, sometimes wrap their arms around you too ! (人´∀`*)(their confidence level is very high lol)

And beside Volare, Funiculi’ Funicula’ is also their ‘must-perform-song’ because it keeps the audience dancing ! 

( song names are in the captions ! )

( i even have a song playlist for this AU. omg help me _(┐「ε:)_ )