yellow shit storms

The wizard of Oz made a stop here today while I was working. I had to cram 4 residents who are wheelchair bound, nonverbal, and in diapers into a small bathroom until the tornado warning passed. Not fun when two of them have crapped their pants and three of them are yelling because they’re just as unhappy as I was about being stuck in the bathroom for a half hour. Shit came in fast too. I had one resident sitting outside just before the rain started suddenly and I had to hurry to get her inside before she got carried off over the rainbow. She was mad at me about taking her inside too and kept wanting to go back outside even though the flying monkeys were still out there. Meanwhile during this yellow brick shit storm my kids are repeatedly calling me freaking out because my husband decided to leave them home alone to go fix some asshole’s computer. Power went out before he got back and I was sitting there weighing my options of just saying fuck it then go outside. I need a hard drink the size of a fucking lion right now. -Abby