yellow scout

Green: So. Who broke it?


Green: I’m not mad. I just want to know.

Yellow: I did, I broke-

Green: No, no you didn’t. Gold?

Gold: Don’t look at me! Look at Silver!

Silver: What? I didn’t break it.

Gold: Huh, that’s weird. How did you even know it was broken?

Silver: Because it’s sitting right in front of us and it’s broken.

Gold: Suspicious.

Silver: No, it’s not.

Red: If it matters, probably not, but, Blue was the last one to use it.

Blue: Liar, I don’t even drink that crap!

Red: Oh really? Then what were you doing by the coffee cart earlier?

Blue: I use the wind stirs to push back my cuticles, everyone knows that, Red!

Yellow: Okay, let’s not fight, I broke it, let me pay for it, Green-

Green: No, who broke it?

Gold: Green, Crystal’s been awfully quiet.

Crystal: Really?!

Gold: Yeah, really!

[Everyone arguing in the background]

Green: I broke it. It burned my hand so I punched it.

Green: I predict ten minutes from now they’ll be at each other’s throats with warpaint on their faces and a pighead on a stick.

Green: Good. It was getting a little chummy around here.

ui-ru-su  asked:

For that fanfic prompt thing; #38 for Ereri/Riren, please 🙏🙏🙏

I just want to say I’m really really sorry for taking so long. My writing is shitty but I hope you won’t be disappointed. Again, forgive meee.


It was a peaceful afternoon. The sun was setting, giving the sky a dreamlike glow as it filled it with rays of orange and yellow. The Scouts were training, punches flying, kicks landing on skin.

It was fairly quiet and everyone was in a good mood which, to be fair, was extremely rare these days.

Levi was watching them spar, trying to seem disinterested as Eren’s hair glowed bathed in golden light. The boy looked ethereal as he danced around with his friend and later his sister, his green eyes determined as always, reflecting the sinking sun.


He shook his head as if to clear his thoughts as the brunet smiled at his sister and turned around, making his way towards Levi. He opened his mouth to address him when his eyes rolled back and his legs gave out beneath him. Levi’s eyes widened and his heart skipped a beat as he watched Eren fall on the ground. Time slowing down as his brain caught up with his eyes and he rushed to catch him just before his head hit the soil.

Everything had stopped and all the people around paused their movements only to look at Eren in surprise. Levi paid the worried stares no mind.

“Eren?” he called softly at the boy in his arms. His eyes had fallen shut somewhere in his fall and Levi felt a wave of worry wash over him.

As Eren’s eyelids flattered open to reveal a confused pair of forest green pools, Levi breathed an inaudible sigh of relief. “Lev- Captain?” he asked, blinking rapidly, trying to make sense of why he was on the ground having Levi’s arms around him. “What happened?” he uttered, his eyes returning to Levi.

“You fainted…straight into my arms. You know if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go to such extremes.” He joked softly but worry was still swimming in his eyes. “What was that?” he asked and finally noticed how Eren’s eyes weren’t as bright as they usually were, how there were faint bags under them.

“I – it’s nothing really. I’m just a little tired.” He replied, quite obviously avoiding his boyfriend’s gaze. Levi frowned and grabbed Eren’s face, forcing the younger man to look at him once again.

“It’s the experiments, isn’t it?” he asked, his eyes turning cold and Eren felt himself shrink back slightly.


“No more experiments until you can actually stand on your feet and not fall on your face.” he cut him off and although Eren knew he wouldn’t be able to argue and win –

“But-” this time he glared and the emerald eyed boy shut his mouth. He knew he wasn’t going to win this one.

“No. How many has it been this week? Eight?”

Eren avoided his eyes again as he answered quietly. “Twenty.”

“Twenty.” Levi repeated.

His head suddenly snapped to the direction Hanji was. They looked a little terrified as his glare fell upon them and if he was being honest, a small part of him quite enjoyed it.

The other, bigger part was simply furious.

“Twenty fucking experiments in a week?” he asked in barely controlled anger and noted that by now most, if not all, of the people that were present a couple of minutes ago had disappeared, not exactly keen on coming face to face with the Captain’s wrath.

“I really needed these experiments and Eren is truly fascinating-” they started but Levi cut them off.

“Eren also has limits and he is human. You can’t keep this up. You’re overexerting him.” he snapped and turned to help Eren sit up slowly.

“Levi, I’m fine, really.” He said softly, making Levi scowl.

“No, you’re not.” He replied firmly.

“It’s okay-”

“No, it’s not!” Levi yelled, his grip on Eren’s arms becoming tighter. “You can’t keep pushing yourself like this, it’s killing you.”

“Levi-” Eren tried.

“Don’t ‘Levi’ me, I’m not losing anyone else I care about, much less from overexertion!” he retorted, sounding desperate. “Promise me you will take care of yourself.”

There was a pause and the Captain’s heart skipped a beat. “Promise me damn it!”

“I promise.” Eren whispered, leaning in to wrap his arms around Levi’s waist as the Captain’s came to snake around his shoulders.

I promise.