yellow scenes are the devil

David's unreliable narration (is everything a delusion?)

OK so I decided to make this because it’s been bothering me every since Legion premiered (and ‘cause this series got me obsessed and I have rewatched both episodes several times). And we need to cheer up this fandom more!

Episode 1 

Weird thing #1

Ok, so is that toy next to the pink Rabbit (I think its a rabbit) the devil with yellow eyes??? It looks like… more so if you compare it with this next image. 

Weird thing #2

So in this scene we see the Devil with yellow eyes (again) on the back, while David was committing suicide. You see, here that thing is tall, and wearing a long shirt, similar to the toy from the first image. I think this Devil is someone David its trying to block. 

Weird thing #3

Sooo…. is there a relation between the screaming people at David in his memories (which probably are some split identities of his? or just everyone’s thoughts?) and that frankly weird-ass picture of a blurry man screaming in Doctor Kissinger’s office?  

Weird thing #4 

A Dog Statue??? Next to CWPH… is that the same Dog the Eye used to threaten David… and the one they have locked up in a small-ass cage?

Weird thing #5

During this scene we can see David’s bloody hands (from hitting Dr. Poole) and him eating the recordings of his sessions. What happened to David here? Is he the Devil with Yellow Eyes? Another personality… or is it Fiend? (a coverup of a traumatic experience of his father’s death).

Weird thing #6 

Syd’s not really there?? 

In the scene were Syd go to David’s room at night to say she’s gonna be released… we can see the door opening and immediately after it closes…. nobody enters (nobody) and suddenly Syd is there… so she is not really there. I think Syd is one of David’s personalities, the one that made him escape from Clockworks. The talk they had was David’s consciousness saying he was going to escape the next day. 

Weird thing #7

The technology?? 

Isn’t it supposed to be the 70s? 80s maybe… everything indicates so, but the technology is so advance… like this paper-thin screens and the ever changing clip-board of the interrogator? Is this and x-men universe thing maybe? 

And I will make part two later! There is still so much to say about this two episodes! It’s so exciting! Can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode, it’s gonna be dope for sure.