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Ode To The Street Cat: ‘Kedi’ Follows Istanbul’s Famous Felines

In the new Turkish documentary Kedi, which is rolling out around the country, filmmaker Ceyda Torun offers a new look at the city of Istanbul by focusing on its vast number of street cats. Critic John Powers says:

Kedi’s stars, of course, are cats, and the film glides around Istanbul’s back alleys, boho enclaves and rat-infested piers to show us the range of these characters.

These include Sari, a yellow-and-white tabby who’s all about food — stealing it from shops, begging for it at restaurants, carrying it back to her kittens. There’s Gamsiz, a carefree black-and-white shorthair who climbs trees and awnings so that he can demand admission into second-story apartment windows. And there’s the mask-faced little demon fondly known as the Neighborhood Psychopath who controls her turf with the prickly explosiveness of a feline Tony Soprano.

Torun also shows us the people who love and indulge them, from the mechanic who gets blissed out brushing a longhair’s fat belly to the boatman who became a cat fan when one of them led him to a wallet full of money.”

laadgovernorjalebis  asked:

Ooooh I agree so much on mamiji's outfit for the Sangeet and that green yellow sari lmao, it's not that sunny here tbh still pretty rainy, but yesssss I'm off school at least ;) I think we're doing mini trips around Europe in August which will be fun :D Have a good Sunday PS ❤❤

Hey @laadgovernorjalebis :)

That sounds so awesome!

I hope you have a great day to0o0o0! It’s about halfway through Saturday at the moment for me :)

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Hello:D my summer holidays started today ;) so for bottom 5, how about: outfits in ipkknd?

Hello @laadgovernorjalebis :)

I hope you have some very exciting things planned for your summer holidays!! It’s still winter here and so cold and I have no holidays planned … I’m jealous!

This one was hard because I don’t have much that I disliked!!

In no particular order:

  • Shyam’s outfit during the second reveal
  • The yellow and green green sari Khushi wears when she imagines life married to Shyam and then Arnav
  • Arnav in cravats (I like him in ties a lot better)
  • Mami-ji’s anarkali suit when she was playing Khushi at Arshi’s Sangeet
  • Lavanya’s sari on Teej (she looked awesome, I just don’t like it)

Thanks for asking!

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