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Went on a Riverdale binge and how am I supposed to ship cinnamon roll, high school journalist, angel on earth, vanilla shake enthusiast, secretly-has-a-dominatrix-bob-wig that is Betty Cooper with fuckboy i-shag-my-music-teacher-in-a-VW-Beetle Archie Andrews when there’s a raven haired, broke-af-but-still-living-in-the-Waldorf-Astoria-and-got-more-pearls-than-an-oyster, double chocolate milkshake enthusiast, hooded-caped new girl, who kissed her the first day they met, send her a vase of yellow roses, scheduled a mani-pedi for two, ordered cupcakes for her from thousand miles away, who forged with her in fire, whose name is Veronica Lodge. HOW.

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If you're not too busy with prompts, Jake x Amy and the phrase "you fight like a married couple". Thank you :)

this is that, but it’s also not that, and the moral of this story is that i’m an insatiable gremlin and i’m also sorry

They’ve only known each other a week the first time someone says the phrase to them.

It’s pretty innocuous, as far as phrases go, but it burrows deep under Amy’s skin, slithering along, clinging to her very bones. Deeper than her new partner’s penchant for mini jelly donuts (which are actually just powdered donuts with jelly beans shoved through the center) and subsequent repulsion to napkins - a dangerous combination that more often than not leads to faintly sticky powdery fingerprints along the edges of her computer monitor and smeared across their shared case files. 

It’s only been a week and she still can’t tell if she even likes Jake Peralta as a human being, let alone as a partner. Her last partner wrote the book on professionalism - they worked together for nearly two years and Amy still isn’t sure what his wife’s name was. Back then, she found it vaguely irritating. But now?

“Peralta.” She growls through her clenched teeth. He continues spinning in his chair, head tilted back toward the ceiling. “Will you just - will you sign this B-and-E report?”

“In a minute.”

“Oh my God, please, just -”

“I’m only fifty-three spins away from breaking my record and I’m not gonna stop now -”

“This is the last thing either one of us has to do before we can go home for the whole weekend, Jake -”

He interrupts her with a harsh, barking laugh, the end of which is lost beneath the screech of his desk legs scraping along the tiled floor beneath them as he shoves his hand against the ledge to build more momentum. “What, you got a hot date with your knitting needles?” He asks, voice light and teasing in a way she’s already far too familiar with. “Oh, wait, no - there’s a new episode of The Price is Right on tonight, isn’t there?”

“I don’t watch Price is Right.” Amy snaps.

Jake snorts. “Sorry, I meant to say Jeopardy.”

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Birthday Part 1 (Bucky x reader)

Good evening everyone! I hope you all enjoyed my smutty oneshot last night. It was a good night. So, this is going to be a two part piece. The second part is going to be smutty as fuckkk. I know I haven’t gotten to many requests lately, but I will be working on getting them out this week. I think I’ve finally worked my way out of this awkward writer’s block. Have a wonderful day everyone, xoxo


Description: You celebrate Bucky’s birthday by sending him on a scavenger hunt throughout the city, which ends in a big surprise. 

Warnings: None. Just cute fluff. 

“Mmm, good morning, babe.” Bucky rolled over to your side of the bed, outstretching his arm to wrap it around you. His arm fell onto the bed. You weren’t there, and the bed was empty. With his eyes still closed, he furrowed his eyebrows, confused. He was so used to having you next to him when he woke up, that he panicked, His beautiful, blue eyes shot open and he sat up in bed. His hands started feeling around the bed and his hand brushed up against thick paper. He looked down. It was a black envelope with his name written in gold on it. His worry washed away when he noticed it was your writing. He opened it carefully and took out the card. It read:

Good morning my love, and happy birthday. I bet you’re wondering why I’m not in bed with you right now. But, I assure you that I’m fine and that you will see me later. I’m sending you on a scavenger hunt for your birthday. ;) Your first stop is where we first met, and sit at our table. And don’t think about having breakfast here at the tower, just get dressed and go. 

All my love, 


He smiled down at the card and got out of bed. He instantly knew where he was going, how could he forget? His bare feet padded against the hard wood floor as he went to the bathroom. He checked the clock, 11:13am. He took a shower and dressed in a pair of jeans and a dark blue long sleeve. He debated whether he should put on his leather glove, but decided not to because he knew you would want him to be confident about his metal arm. He threw on a black baseball cap and went downstairs. Nobody was there, which was odd. There was never a time when nobody was inhabiting the kitchen or watching the news on the TV. But alas, there was nobody anywhere to be seen. He shrugged his shoulders and went outside towards the street. He walked the route that you always took when you visited the little place where you two had met. He stopped in front of a small, outdoor cafe. Each table was draped in a white table cloth with a small flower in a clear vase. Today’s flower was a yellow tulip. He scanned the scene and his gaze landed on “your table”, the table where you two met. There wasn’t a yellow tulip in the vase, but a red rose. He quietly smiled and walked over. When he sat down, a young waitress came up to him. 

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“Hey, (y/n)!”
“Peter!”, you exclaimed, clutching your chest. “I told you to stop appearing like that, one day you are going to kill me!”
“Sorry”, he grinned, already holding out the pen you had dropped a second earlier, and waited for you to take it. You snapped it out of his hands, trying to keep an annoyed expression, but you couldn’t help yourself but smile. 
Sighing you closed your notebook and placed your pen on top of it, before you turned to him. “So what’s up?”

“Well”, he started and pulled the yellow rose out of the vase that stood on your table, “I actually wanted to ask you, if you’d like to-”


Peter faltered and his smile vanished at once, while you turned around immediately, your attention now focused on the panting boy standing in front of your table. .
“Tate, what are you doing here?”

“Hey”, he greeted you, shooting Peter a rather annoyed look. “Wow”, he said “I wonder if you’re as fast in anything else, too, as you are in running away.”

And before you could say anything to stop him, he had already continued to speak. “However. (Y/n), I just wondered… can you just… hang out with me sometimes?”

A Very Valentine Surprise

Pairing: Reader x Tom Phillips

Word Count: 2,663

Warnings: Just Fluff.

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Here is my contribution to the 14 Days Of Valentine Challenge. I hope you enjoy! Can be taken as a sequel to Christmas Family Beginnings. ::Tom Phillips One Shot, but it’s not necessary to read it to understand this piece.

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Valentine’s Day was rapidly approaching and this year, a huge amount of forethought had gone into my planning. Because this year, it wasn’t just Valentine’s Day. It was going to be the day that I surprised Tom with the news that he going to be daddy. Starting a family had been something we had been discussing for a long time, though we had only started actively trying a couple of months ago. I was ecstatic about being a mother and it was practically eating me up, not being able to tell Tom. But I was determined that I would tell him in person.

Of course, this was made extra difficult as he was currently on the road. The past few weeks I had been pretending that everything was normal, every single time we spoke to one another. I had almost ruined the surprise one evening, when we were face timing, my morning sickness overwhelming me (and wasn’t that a misleading name, because the sickness was most definitely not confined to just the morning). I had managed to pass the whole thing off as food poisoning, though Tom being who he was, had fussed over me for the rest of the week.

Valentine’s Day though, gave me the perfect opportunity to tell him and I couldn’t think of a better gift for the day. I knew how desperately he wanted to be a father. There had been a few false hopes in the past, the results of the pregnancy tests shattering our dreams and I still could distinctly remember the disappointment in his face, despite his attempts to hide it. Now, that it was all confirmed by a doctor and a midwife, I was ready to tell him. Luckily, while he may have still been on the road for Valentine’s, Smackdown was being taped in a city not too far away and I was travelling up to join him.

Tom had offered to pay to have me flown up there, but I had quickly vetoed that idea, much preferring the option of driving. Admittedly it was going to take me much longer, but at least I had the option to pull over whenever I felt like throwing up.

Obviously by the time I had finished an 8 hour drive with regular breaks, (as Tom kept texting me to remind me) I was absolutely knackered. I only had to pull over twice to throw up though, so I chalked that up to win. On the other hand, I had eaten my way through my entire stash of gingerbread biscuits, the only thing that seemed to help curtail my nausea.

Tom was still at work by the time I arrived at the hotel, but he had organised for a spare key card to be left at the reception desk for me and it was with great relief that I finally entered our room, my suitcase trailing behind me. Kneeling down, I checked that Tom’s gift was still safely tucked away in my luggage. It had taken me some time to decide on how I was going to surprise him, but I had finally settled on something. Besides, I couldn’t just give him the pregnancy stick, I had been so excited at the result, I had accidentally thrown it across the room, breaking the damn thing.

Zipping my suitcase back up, I crawled onto the bed, not even bothering to get under the covers. The bed sheets were cool and crisp underneath me and it didn’t long for the comfort to sink in and lull me to sleep.

I must have woken up much later, shadows cascading in through the window, Tom curled up in front of me, his arm slung over my waist.  He was asleep too, his shoes kicked off, his jacket and tie hanging over the back of a nearby chair. His shirt was wrinkled from where he must have crawled onto the bed to lie next to me. I could feel the warmth of his body, crossing over to mine and his deep breaths delicately hitting my hairline, his head resting next to mine. I smiled to myself, just able to see the vase of yellow (my favourite colour) roses perched on the dresser behind him. Those certainly hadn’t been there when I had first arrived.

He looked so peaceful snuggled up to my side, that I almost debated letting him continue to sleep. However, I knew he would undoubtedly be annoyed if he slept through the rest of Valentine’s Day and I was simultaneously too nervous and excited to tell him my news.

I reached out to him, caressing his cheek and whispering his name gently. My fingers trailed down to his lips and I could feel him smile beneath my fingertips, before even opening his eyes. With his eyes still shut, he reached for my hand, pulling it slightly up so he could press a kiss to my palm. Only then did he open his eyes.

“It’s good to see you again, beautiful” he said, smiling widely at my presence.

“Sorry. I really didn’t mean to fall asleep for that long” I apologised, attempting to stretch slightly without moving away from him.

“I don’t think I intended to fall asleep either. Came back from work, to see you curled up on the bed. Just wanted to hold you. I’ve missed this” Tom replied, pulling me further into his arms as if to demonstrate his point.  

“Missed this too. Missed you,” I said. “And thank you for the flowers”.

I felt him press a kiss to my hair and knew he was grinning away to himself. “Just you wait sweetheart. Nothing is going to top what I have planned for you tonight” he told me and I was forced to hide my face in his chest to smother a giggle. Little did he know. Tom may spoil me ridiculously every Valentine’s Day, but this year I was pretty sure, it was going to my news that blew everything out of the water.

“Come on, sweetie” he drawled, poking me in the shoulder as he mistook my movements as not wanting to leave the bed. He checked the watch on his wrist, looking over my head to do so, as he still had his arms wrapped around me. “We need to get ready for our dinner reservation and as gorgeous as I think you are right now and couldn’t be improved upon, I know you’ll want to beautify yourself up a bit”.

Rolling away from me, Tom sat up, beginning to undo his wrinkled shirt. Sitting up on my knees behind him, I pressed a quick kiss to his bare shoulder, feeling him lean back into me slightly, content at my touch.

“Y/N…” he warned, prompting me to laugh as I climbed off the bed, making my way to the bathroom. I felt jittery and on edge, knowing what was to come. I had debated endlessly with myself whether or not to tell him the news before or after dinner. Ultimately, I knew that Tom always made the best suggestions on which wine to go with our meals and I didn’t want to raise his suspicions when I refused anything alcoholic.

Staring into the mirror I ran my fingers through my hair, smoothing it as best as possible and straightened my clothing, so I would at least look presentable for this moment. I wanted him to remember this, in the years to come. Tom glanced up from where he was fixing the cuff of his new shirt, as I exited the bathroom, his face transforming into one of concern.

“Something wrong, darling?” he questioned.

“Nothing’s wrong, Tom. There’s just something I want to give you before we go out” I reassured. I could feel his gaze following me as I walked across the room, crouching to unzip my suitcase. I took a deep breath as I picked up the thin, rectangular gift box. I played idly with the gift ribbon as I turned to face him, smile wide on my face.

“Here” I said, passing the gift over to him. He paused for a moment, taking in my almost shy demeanour, bordering on nervous energy. I just gazed back at him, because I was determined not to miss a single moment of his reaction.

Dropping his gaze from mine, nimble fingers reached for ribbon, pulling the strand until it fell to the sides. In a typical Tom fashion, he neatly folded the ribbon up, placing it to the side and I tried not to shift impatiently on the spot as he inadvertently delayed the moment of the big reveal. Gently pulling the lid he paused for a moment. Inside the box, my gift was wrapped up and hidden by tissue paper. However, I had managed to have a copy of my test results, confirming my pregnancy printed repeatedly onto the paper.

I could see his breath catch, his eyes wide and hopeful as he looked up me, opening his mouth to speak, to question, but I shook my head, gesturing for him to continue unwrapping his gift. His hands were shaky now, being so careful with the wrapping paper, not wanting to destroy it, not with what it had printed across it repeatedly.

The room was completely silent except for the quiet rustling of tissue paper. I felt as though my heart was in my throat, so I couldn’t even begin to imagine what Tom must be feeling now. He was chewing his lower lip nervously, as though this might all be a joke, even though he knew I would never do something like that to him.

Finally pulling back the tissue paper, his hands wrapped around the picture frame that had been hidden within. Best Daddy was emblazoned proudly across the top in gold writing. Of course, there was no picture to be put in it quite yet. Instead, I had placed the appointment card to my first scan inside and Tom’s hand stroked across the glass almost reverently, almost lost in his own world of joy.

“I had it booked for in between shows, so hopefully you can come” I spoke up and Tom finally turned his gaze back upon me. His eyes were glistening slightly and his smile was wide as he approached me, his hands falling to my face, caressing my cheeks gently.

“I’ll be there, I don’t care what it takes. I’m not going to miss a single thing”, he told me, his voice adamant. “I promise Y/N. I’m going to take good care of the both of you”.

Tom grinned even wider then, as if realising what he had just said, his excitable energy practically palatable in the air. “I can’t believe I get to say that now. Both of you”. His voice was growing steadily louder as his excitement overwhelmed him. Strong arms, gently wrapped around my waist and he pressed a kiss to my forehead.

“Thank you, Y/N. Thank you so much. This is the best…” he trailed off, his voice becoming strangely emotional. I bit back a laugh, choosing to pull him into a quick kiss instead, his lips warm and steady against mine.

“It’s not like I did this all by myself. This baby is a part of you too” I reminded him. I felt the heat of his cheeks as he unexpectedly blushed, while laughing slightly to himself.

I could feel his hands timidly trace down my body to rest over my stomach. Fingers again, brushing almost reverently over my skin. There was nothing much to feel yet, but that didn’t seem to be stopping Tom, his hands continuing to caress my stomach. It made me unbelievably happy to see the awe cross his face.

“I still can’t believe it” he murmured softly.

“Me neither” I admitted, leaning up on tiptoe to press a kiss to his lips. His hands immediately gripped my hips, holding me steady as if pregnancy had suddenly negated my sense of balance and coordination and leaving me vulnerable to hurting myself and our baby. I was more amused than anything else at his sudden warped over-protectiveness and smiled against his lips. Tom pulled back, chuckling slightly to himself, seeming to already know what I was thinking.

“Don’t start, okay? Just let me have my stupid over-protective quirks” he said, his hands once again trailing to rest on my stomach.

“I don’t think it’s stupid” I murmured. If I had been nervous at all about starting a family, his need to protect would have erased any doubts.

“Damn, I have so many questions. How far along are you? When’s the baby going to be due? When did you find out?”. His questions poured out one after the other, his excitement becoming clearly evident in everything he seemed to do. I laughed, feeling myself get swept away by his enthusiasm.

“I’m 7 weeks along. We should find out a more specific due date when we go to the scan” I told him, enjoying the way his eyes seemed to light up at the extra information.

“And I found out two weeks ago, I wanted to tell you sooner, but I also wanted to tell you face to face. Surprise you” I explained.

“Well you definitely did that. Finding out you’re having our baby…. It’s just amazing” he responded with a wide grin.

I watched as he gently fell to his knees, this time pressing a quick kiss to my stomach. “Your mummy can be awfully sneaky when she wants to be” he whispered against my stomach, my hands falling to his hair, softly stroking over the strands as I listened to him continue to talk. “I’m your daddy, little one. I just want you to know, that I already love you. Did you hear what I promised your mummy earlier? I meant it. I’m going to take real good care of you. Of the both of you. You two are the best thing that’s ever happened to me”.

My eyes began to water at his sweet words and I tried to wipe them away before he could notice, inwardly cursing my hormones. Tom stood up and looked at me in concern, hand cupping my cheek.


“I’m fine. Just my hormones. They’re all up in the air” I explained, sniffing quietly to myself as I regained my self-control. Tom was silent, letting me take the time I needed, though he never ceased touching me, his hands always soothing and comforting.

I saw him looking back at his watch, a panicky expression taking up residence on his face. “Damn, we missed the reservations. Oh God, wait I’ll fix this. Damn, you’ve just given me the greatest gift possible and I’ve just messed…”

“Hey, it’s fine. I distracted you, okay? Besides it’s not a competition, I just want to spend time with you. That’s all that really matters to me” I reassured him, forcing him to meet my gaze. His eyes were warm and affectionate as they focused on me and I couldn’t help but revel in the way he made me feel.

“I love you, Y/N” he whispered to me, creating a closer atmosphere between us.

“And I love you, Tom”.

“How about a trip to the store for some food? We could have an indoor picnic” Tom suggested next and I grinned at his idea, an idea of my own already forming in my mind.

“As long as we pick up some gingerbread biscuits, you’ve got a deal” I replied, grinning further as I noted the look of slight confusion cross his face at the mention of my condition.

“For the nausea” I explained, watching his face clear and he leaned down to press a kiss to the tip of my nose, causing me to laugh slightly.

“I think we can arrange that” he told me with a low chuckle, reaching for my hand and holding it in his, already reaching for his car keys.

title: Flowers

summary: Sasuke doesn’t pay much attention to other people…mostly because if he did, he would get jealous a lot more often…

pairing: sasusaku

Sasuke heard her footsteps before she even hit the pathway leading up to the front door.Sakura walked into the house with her arms bursting with flowers. They were white and pink roses. Baby’s breath dappled in between the bigger blooms. The entire thing was held together by a thick green ribbon wrapped around the stems.

Sasuke finished typing up the rest of his sentence before he swiveled around in his chair and stood to go greet his wife. There was an odd crick in his neck from staring at the screen for so long. He began rubbing at the area just as Sakura walked into his study. Her cheerful face poked out from the bouquet as if she were a flower herself. The tip of her nose was a little pink from the brisk air outside.

“There you are! Working hard?” she greeted him with a brilliant smile. Sasuke couldn’t help but somewhat return the expression. His hands slipped into his pockets. She rose on her tiptoes and so he bent his head to accommodate her for a kiss.

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The Rose

Originally posted by fantasyimagine

Requested? Yes. “@green-spotlight said: Hi :) so, can u do a Bucky x reader? Like, Steve brings Bucky to the tower and you two meet, he likes you instantly and gets overprotective, and doesn’t let anyone get too close to you, even Steve :’) But you understand him because you love him (??? Thank you loooves”

Warnings: bad words and a little violence

A/N: This was adorable im gna cry (also didnt proof check this), I changed a little bit of ur request so forgive me for it x

Pairing: Bucky x Reader 

Prompt: As soon as Bucky meets the reader he feels infatuated towards her, he fears anyone who gets too close to her, afraid of losing his dearest.

Word count: 1397 (shit sorry)

Bucky had no idea why, but as soon as he saw her, as soon as he heard her voice and looked at her in the eyes, he couldn’t help it but care intensely for her and stay near her, protecting her whenever she needed.

He met her when he was walking down the streets of New York City, trying to find the most beautiful arrangement of flowers he could possibly get. Furthermore, as he walked by a small floriculture, almost hidden between the tall buildings and large stores that circled the city, he saw just the perfect bouquet he needed and not only that, but he found her.

She was smoothly running her hands through a bouquet of lilies as she tried to contain a smile from the soft touch of the petals, and as she accidentally giggled loudly at the tickles on her hand she looked up and ran her eyes around the little store, trying to see if anyone caught her. And someone indeed did, Bucky did.

He was only there to get some damn flowers and head back to the Avenger’s tower where Wanda was celebrating her birthday with the other heroes and waiting for him to cut the cake, but he couldn’t stop staring, and she noticed it, because she smirked at him. Not in a malicious way or anything like it, but in an “I know you’re staring and I actually don’t find it creepy” way.

The girl suddenly remembered she worked there and the man, who looked contemplative, was a costumer. Which meant she had to be of help instead of playing with bouquets that gave the floriculture a delightful scent.

She walked until she was standing in front of him and said hi, presenting herself and the little shop, asking him excitedly if he needed anything. Though he was infatuated with her bubbliness and beauty, his volatile self was panicking inside and couldn’t speak at all, or smile. Scare her was the last thing he needed, so he just pointed at the delicate white vase with red and yellow roses inside.

She felt a little blue over his indifference but she remembered why she was there for and quickly got the bouquet he asked for, and when she turned her back to get the flowers, he mentally slapped himself thirty-seven times for not being able to say a fucking hello to a cute girl who he had shamelessly taken interest in.

“Red and yellow, jovial and happy feelings.” She spoke quietly the meaning of the colors he had just picked, speaking more to herself than to him, but he heard. She walked then to the cashier as she fixed the bouquet and tried to make it look prettier.

“Is it for a birthday? I assume you would’ve picked the entirely red ones or the red and white if it was for a lover.” She immediately realized how wrong she sounded and tried to fix herself but nothing she said made any sense, so she just stopped talking and muttered an apology. “That will be $23, Money or card?” The girl asked ashamed, not looking him in the eyes after not receiving a proper answer from the man, her boss would kill her if he was there.

“Don’t worry, doll. It is indeed for a birthday, you’ve done nothing wrong to be apologize.” He said as he took his wallet from his pocket, taking the right amount of money. “I’m Bucky.” And he fucking smiled. He smiled so sweetly at her she swore she felt all her muscles soften.

She not only felt relived for not creeping him out but she felt happy, she felt her good mood coming back, not containing a smile.

“I’m (Y/N).”

Bucky was taking (y/n) for the first time to the Avenger’s tower to meet his friends, she had never met any of them and everyone was in eager to finally look at the cause of Bucky’s sudden good mood with their own eyes.

“Are you nervous, baby?” He asked her as they entered the elevator.

“Not much, how are you feeling?”

“I’m great.” He said smiling down at her, but truth is Bucky was a little nervous. He didn’t know how they would react and he wanted them to absolutely adore her. He started picturing what could happen, pleasing scenarios and not so pleasing ones. As they waited for the elevator to reach the floor where they were supposed to meet each other, Bucky found himself imaging a disturbing scene. One where they hated her and somehow hurt her.

He also started picturing what putting her in his life could do to her, how hazardous he was, how catastrophic his work could be and he felt nauseous. A bloodbath involving her was the very last thing he wanted ever to happen.  

But the elevator doors opened and as Steve, Tony, Vision, T’Challa, Peter, Wanda, Natasha, Clint and Sam – almost fucking everyone - stood in front of the elevator, he realized he couldn’t take her away from there now. Sure he was overprotective, but it was only because he knew how the world worked, how HYDRA worked and how obnoxious and evil people could be. And that world was not somewhere he wanted you to live.

The Avengers almost exploded in contentment, they were finally meeting her, and as Steve came towards the couple to give (Y/N) a proper welcome, Bucky felt his fear spreading through his veins and before he could realize what he had done, everyone looked terrified and Bucky was shielding his now frightened girlfriend with his back.

The Winter Soldier came to say hello and Steve was on the floor, bleeding.

And as everyone got defensive and ready to attack (Y/N) did something no one ever thought they would see. She managed to bring Bucky back by touching his arm.

“Bucky, Steve is not gonna hurt me, no one will, it’s okay.” She said caressing his cheek as a wave of gentleness invaded his empty alarmed eyes.

He immediately started apologizing and helped Steve to get up, but Steve knew it happened sometimes and he knew it wasn’t his fault so it was alright and he wasn’t offended or anything alike.

He apologized repeatedly to everyone as the girl looked at him lovingly, he didn’t need to apologize for something he could not control, but he still did, he still felt guilty.

Bucky relaxed as he saw everyone smiling sweetly at you and welcoming you to the family, everyone seemed to love her and (y/n) quickly bonded with them. It made him feel safer about the entire situation.

As they walked back to her apartment after saying their good-byes, Bucky felt like it was the turn to apologize to her, but she didn’t take it, any of it.

“James don’t you dare apologize about this, you can’t control it and it’s okay! Those awful people did that to you and they will pay for it, but you have to stop blaming yourself for the things The Winter Soldier did. You got scared, you lost control, and I don’t blame you for it.” She said, tugging on his hand as they kept walking home, the sun setting in front of them, the sky becoming a shade of pink.

He only smiled sadly, not knowing what to say, kissing your temple passionately.

When they got home, the apartment was fully pink from the glimpse of the sunset the big windows allowed to enter. As she admired it, Bucky got one of the red roses placed over the table and handed to her, waking her up from her trance.

“A girl said once to me as I helped her put flowers in vases that red roses meant passion, love, beauty, courage and respect.” He said smiling as he wrapped his arms around her waist.

“She did? That’s really interesting.” She grinned as she smelled the nectarous fragrance of the single rose, “What else do they mean?”

“They mean I love you, silly girl.” He said laughing as if it was obvious he was completely in love with her.

She instantly turned around and jumped in his arms, saying it back and laughing with him as he twirled with her around the room. She kissed his entire face and he didn’t contain himself from giggling like a little kid. He felt delighted and so did she.

Hope you enjoyed this :)

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love has a quiet voice

Hi @shadowfauxe! It’s me, Cynthia, your secret Valentine! I’m sorry I’m late, but here I’m with a long-ass fic choosing from one of your favourite tropes: FLORIST KILLIAN! 

I had an amazing time talking to you and hope we continue to do so. Happy Valentine’s Day and I hope you enjoy this <3

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She sees him on a Tuesday, her breath hitching and her eyebrow quirking up involuntarily as she runs her gaze over him from head to toe and back up, settling on his face. Emma Swan isn’t the type to ogle men, at least not real and present ones (give her pictures of celebrities, and she’ll happily stare at every perfectly polished and photoshopped image).

The man across from her is dressed in casual jeans and an army green coloured jacket, a grey scarf around his neck, adding perfectly to the already grey and gloomy weather. It isn’t his insanely good looks which stop her mid-track though, it’s the huge collection of flowers in his truck which he picks up along with another man and carries them inside the tiny store.  

Time escalates again as she breaks away from her ogling as a little hand tugs at hers, making Emma looks down. Her son mutters something, and she finds herself shaking her head, her mind still lost with the man and his flowers.

“Sorry Henry, Mama got lost in her head. What did you say?” she asks him, her little boy, his head reaching just above her knee like this, his dark hair ruffled from his chubby hands running through them, and his big brown eyes staring up at her. Even though he’s only four (or will be in a month), she still feels he’s growing up too fast.

“Flowers!” he points towards the truck, back to the man she was just admiring or rather ogling.

Of course he’d noticed those; her son loves flowers, thanks to her best friend. “You’ve been spending way too much time with Mary Margaret, kid” she mumbles under her breath as she picks him up, his tiny hands coming around her shoulder, and carefully crosses the street.

She lets Henry down once they reach the footpath. He grabs her hand and pulls her towards the truck, Emma’s heart thudding in her chest as she comes closer to the man. Oh god Emma, you’re 26 not 13! she scolds herself, not understanding her reaction. It’s not like she’s never been attracted to someone – she has a kid, hello. Or rather, now that she thinks about it, since the train wreck with Neal which ended up with her knocked up and almost in jail, there was Walsh who ended up being a creep, and since then…well no one.

Until now, it seems like.

Instead of stopping at the truck or with the two men standing by it, Henry drags her to the outside of the store, kneeling in front of a glass vase with yellow roses in it. Emma warns him not to touch the flower as the boy leans towards the rose, scrutinizing it closely.

“Hello” she hears a voice beside her speak, and turns her head to find him standing there. His dark hair is swept to one side and oh god his eyes are really really blue, and his strong jaw line is covered in scruff, and his eyebrows are thick, and his lips are rosy and Emma stop!

“Hi” she replies softly, “You leasing this store?” she asks, darting her eyes towards Henry to check whether he is still heeding her instruction to not touch the flowers. He is; she raised him well.

“Aye, love. Just rented it last week for six months” he smiles, and of course he has a stupid British accent.

“Your lad seems particularly fond of flowers?” he continues, raising an eyebrow at her and she looks down at Henry who is now looking at the white flowers behind the yellow roses.

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-POST AoU HeadCanons

  • Steve sends Laura a vase if pink and yellow roses as well as a bunch of other flowers that mean gratitude and asking for forgiveness and friendship and appreciation. And Clint has no FUCKING idea what any of it means and he’s like “Is Cap hitting on you? Why are you laughing Laura? LAURA! HE’S OLD ENOUGH TO BE MY GRANPA! WHATS SO FUNNY!?!?!”
  • Shortly after his return to the farm Clint goes to town for supplies and gets a slightly panicked text from Laura to home as quick as he can. He calls and asks if she’s okay, if the kids are okay, is the baby okay? She’s like “we’re fine… just… you… you gotta see this.”
  • He grabs his stuff, goes home and just about runs into a ditch on the side of his driveway when he notices a figure FLOATING above his property. Or more accurately, TWO figures floating above his property.
  • When he gets out of his truck he realizes it’s Vision and Wanda.
  • They come down and talk to him (Clint can see Cooper and Lila watching from the hayloft in the barn) Vision brought a gift from Tony; and he materializes a brand new tractor. (the kids squeal and duck when Wanda squints at the barn.) And Wanda was setting up wards to protect her “friends”. Friends were something that she and Pietro never thought they would have. And now they… she has them, and she wants to protect them.
  • Sam stops by and has a long talk with Laura. “Yeah, you got more of them in your lap than I did. But did you have Hydra all up in your grill? Girl, we need to exchange tips on handling our supers.” They are instant BFF’s.
  • Tony insists on building a bunker under the house in case something should ever happen/tornados. “really Barton; you settled down in Tornado Alley? Did you want to go to Oz?”
  • A few days after Nathaniel is born there is a great commotion outside. Clint gets his bow to go and see who or what it is and he sees Thor and the four people from New Mexico carrying what looks like baskets and Thor is holding a bassinet over his head and laughing at something the big chucky one is saying.
  • Thor brings them an Asgardian Bassinet. He even sets it up in his room, and it’s a thing of beauty. Not one to leave out the rest of the kids he brought them gifts too (no swords; Lady Sif promised.).
  • Thor took Laura aside and apologize for his behavior when he had seen her last. He had seen a vision most disturbing and had needed to sort himself out. Laura accepts his apology and he gives her a massive hug.
  • Fandral tries to kiss her hand but Clint calls out. “Hey, she’s married. No flirting. I’m the only one that gets to his her hand.” 
  • Fandral and Volstagg play with the kids, rolling down hills and just doing kid things like hide and seek.
  • Grimm checks the perimeter, looks at their garden, their livestock and takes Clint aside to give him tips and things.
  • Lady Sif stays with Laura and they both watch out over the children, the big ones and the little ones. “Thor has told me much of your Hawks troubles and tribulations from whence they first met. He worried overmuch that he might not have the comfort and care needed to recover. The relief he expressed upon his return was great; that his Hawk had found a proper nest.” Laura blushed furiously. “I-I do my best.”
  • Wanda and Nat are the worlds best babysitters. (Clint helps Laura learn Russian cause the kids are picking it up.)
  • In the winter Clint doesn’t have to worry about snow cause suddenly snow doesn’t stick to his driveway any more. (Or it dos until Vision’s bright glowy light of doom hits it.)
  • The kids are homeschooled, and sometimes they get special teachers like Mr. Dr. Banner, Mr. Lieutenant Colonel Rhodey, Mr. Sam, Mr. Iron Man, Mr. Cap, Ms Auntie Tasha, Ms. Aunti Wandi, Ms. Autie Pep, Mr. Barnes, and Vision. (Clint starts having to read up on what they are learning. Some of it he gets, and some of it’s freaking Tony Stark.)
  • When Wanda learns about Nathaniel’s middle name she drops to her knees and presses her ear up to Laura’s bump and whispers “Hello little one. Don’t you worry. Your mother and father are going to keep you safe. And when they cannot, I will in their stead.” In Russian. Clint goes a little pale and tells her she doesn’t have to do that. But she insists she does.
  • Wanda ends up having a room of her own in the house when she visits.
  • The family is such a well kept secret that their house is like a safe house of it’s own. 
  • Even when members of the Avengers go rogue they never go after the Bartons. It’s like hallowed ground.
  • Lila takes after Clint. Cooper is a writer/web designer like his mom. And somehow Nathaniel ends up the family engineer. (Clint glares and the Science bros whenever it comes up.)

I’m sure i’ll think of more.

Blind Date

Daniel came back to Lima, Ohio his home town, the summer between his freshman and sophomore year of culinary school. He’d spent the first year of college in Paris, France. He came home for two reasons. First his aunt was having her knee replaced and he was coming home to run and manage her restaurant while she healed. The second was he had had a really bad break-up. Basically he found out his now ex-boyfriend was cheating on him with multiple people. He needed to get away and heal. So that’s how he ended up back in Lima.

Daniel had been home for three weeks. He had only worked at the restaurant, hung out with his brother and his best friends Kurt and Blaine, and taken care of his aunt after her surgery. Then one day his best friends announced they had set him up on a blind date. Appartenlty his date was in glee club with Blaine and was in between his junior and senior year. That meant they were only two years apart in age which worked for Daniel

Now it was the day of the date. Daniel had spent hours choosing his outfit. He finally decided on dark wash jeans, a green button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up and black steel toed boots. He added a black belt and Ray-Ban sunglasses to complete the look. He just hoped his date liked it. 

Once he was at Breadsticks he was seated at booth waiting for his date, Ryder. He had a single yellow rose in a vase on the table which is what he’d told Kurt to tell the other man. Soon he saw a man coming toward his table. He really hoped this was his date. He was really hot. As he came closer his heart beat faster. He stood up and smiled. "Are you Ryder? I-I-I am Daniel”, he said nervously holding his hand out to shake.

Every Rose Has Its Thorns - Part 13

Surprise! New chapter! Even though I said there wasn’t going to be one! Is this a good surprise? I hope so!

God bless hartnilsen for this idea because I was so stuck. You’re a true friend, and my new muse 😘 Everyone go send her a thank you for me because without her idea, you would have been without a new chapter for many days!

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy, and dat’s all, folks!

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