yellow resin

Aegis with the head of Sekhmet, unisex. 

The collars worn by both Egyptian men and women were composed of two main parts: in front, a broad collar (called “wesekh”) decorated with floral elements, and a v-shaped counterpoise (called “menat”) falling behind the neck to balance the weight of the collar. Such a combination was not only used as decoration but also as a ritual instrument by holding the “menat” in the hand and rattling the beads of the collar.

The three-dimensional depiction of “wesekh” and “menat” combined with a divine head became an important symbol. The head of a feline goddess atop this model collar indicates that it is intended as a personification of her powers, conveying in its decoration the ability of the lioness both to protect and to nourish the king. Her dual nature is evoked by her stern and watchful face on the front side, and by her representation as a mother suckling a young prince on the reverse. This precious object may have been produced for someone of the royal family.

The aegis is made from hammered gold sheet. The edges of the gold sheet are cut using a chisel. The head and disk are raised and the halves soldered together. The head is filled with a bulked unidentified resin. The resin is yellow in color. The bulking agent is probably calcite.


Heads for Sale!

I painted and brought these to Resin Rose, but sadly they didn’t find someone to go home with - so here they are!

All heads are legit, and they have been painted by me, Semiotickitten, using doll safe materials and MSC. They will be packed safely and shipped 2-day Priority, with full insurance, for domestic, and EMS for international. I will NOT underdeclare or ship without insurance, sorry! I do not charge paypal fees.

Please read everything carefully and feel free to ask questions! I will not offer refunds or returns, everything is sold as-is.

Fairyland Feeple Nanuri 2016 elf head in NS. Will not come with any neckpiece or donut, head only. She has beautiful gold accents on her upper lip, eyeliner, and freckled gold across her cheek and temple. 200usd, US domestic shipping included.

Doll in Mind 2009 Event Head. This head is quite old and has some staining, but I feel like I really brought out how cool he can look! His previous owner called him a Cruel Prince, and I definitely see it! He is unfortunately not fitting in around here, so I’m hoping someone will find him as cool as I do! Asking 60usd, US domestic shipping included.

April Story Eternal Winter Sleeping head, is a really stunning androgynous looking sculpt, so I tried to paint them in a way that could read that. They do come with their CoA card, I can take a pic if you need it. 150usd with US domestic shipping.

SoulDoll L-Heart head, this head is discontinued and probably yellowed, but in really great shape! He does have a CoA, pics upon request. 150usd, US shipping included.

Doll Chateau Hugh in the old resin yellowed WS. This has has seen some better days, and is old, but has a cute, fresh faceup to help him find some love! Please be warned, there is some staining and stuff in his lips and the tear ducts, if you remove the faceup. This is not a new head! 60usd with US domestic shipping included.

I live in a non smoking house with pets, I do not have a car, and work nights, so shipping and replies may be slow.

No trades or layaway at this time, thanks!

Boosting appreciated!! 💖

Loving the sun ritual

The sun is not often paid as much attention as the moon in witchcraft. Yet the sun is so vital to our very existence, so vital to the health of crops and so vital to the flow of energy on our planet. The sun brings us precious vitamin D, which is really important for those who suffer from depression and osteoporosis, keeps us warm, and brings us blessings of the harvest. If you live in the city, it’s very hard to know and understand how important the harvest time is. Most of us live in cities where vegetables and fruit are no longer seasonal but are available all year round, and super markets are chock-full of produce all the time. We no longer hunt and gather, and most of us no longer live on farms and rely on the crops for our sustenance in the same way we used to. It is only when we give offerings to the sun and meditate on it’s blessings daily that we can come to be mindful of how lucky we are to have the sun and how much it controls our life even if we live in a city. We can not escape the flow of nature, even in a city. Unfortunately many of us living in cities have become out of touch with the natural cycles of this earth simply because of where we live.

This is a simple ritual to get you more in tune with the energy of the sun. Do this daily in view of the sunrise and outside if possible. If your home prevents you from seeing the east, or you simply cannot get up at sunrise without 5 million cups of coffee, then you can build a little shrine to the sun using a mirror and some objects that remind you of the sun and perform the ritual at this shrine when you wake up. If it is easier for you all together, you can switch to performing this ritual at sunset.

You’ll need:

A yellow candle

Copal or Frankincense resin (if you have incense sticks that is fine too)

A small amount of citrus fruit, water, and rice (or bread) to give as an offering

1. Facing east (or west if performing this at sunset) light your candle and the resin and allow the air to become fragrant. Allow the smell of the incense to fill you and bring you a sense of happiness.

2. Meditate for a few minutes on how the sun blesses you every day. Think of how the sun is busy throughout the day growing your fruits and vegetables, growing your wheat and rice, creating rain, keeping you warm and helping plants create fresh air for you to breathe. 

3. Offer the food and water to the sun with gratitude. Bow deeply and thank the sun for all it does through the day to help you live happily. 

You will begin to learn through this ritual how incredibly blessed you are. You have some of the simplest reasons to be happy because of the sun!

Count your blessings! Be thankful! Start with thanking the sun! 


When the frame for Walter Brackett’s Trout (1867) was undergoing extensive treatment in preparation for loan (discussed in a recent post), the painting itself also was getting conservation attention: its old, discolored varnish needed to be removed and replaced with a new one. Paintings conservators carefully weigh the importance of treatments like this so that the “varnish cycle” of removal and replacement doesn’t occur more often than necessary. Records for Trout indicated that it had never received a varnish treatment at the Brooklyn Museum, although structural repairs had been performed; its natural resin varnish was probably over 100 years old. The original goal of the varnish would have been to saturate colors and provide a consistent, low-gloss surface. At this stage of degradation, it was no longer providing even saturation, and the natural resin content had yellowed to the point of obscuring the painting’s true colors and flattening out the imagery.

The aged varnish was carefully removed with solvents. In choosing a replacement varnish, the original aesthetic goals mentioned above remain. Additionally, in order to elongate the varnish cycle, chemical stability and non-yellowing characteristics are crucial. A low-molecular weight, synthetic resin capable of accomplishing all of these goals was selected. Dilute in an appropriate solvent, it was brush-applied overall and then quickly buffed (pictured above) to achieve the correct sheen before it dried. The final effect shows a more appropriate representation of the artwork: bright whites and crisp colors on the fish and a cool, misty background return the sense of depth and freshness to the painting.

Now Trout and its frame are looking their best for display!

Posted by Jessica Ford