yellow raincoat


I now remember why I don’t make these very often x_x They take forever to make and I had to keep going back to fix stuff that wasn’t lining up right.

Anyways, I wanted to make an open raincoat just as something cute for my mayor to wear, and figured I might as well share it. It features the leaf symbol as patches on the sleeves, and the animal crossing background pattern is on the shirt with a button up denim skirt. Enjoy! (Just don’t claim it as your own design please.)


picture of six with the geisha lady when run down the hall, only time we see this picture of them together.

Also from the other paintings of the lady it shows her without her mask, it seems the lady has one eye ball where six has normal face and has two eyes, unlike her mother..?

can see the bottom painting in the lady room of six in her yellow raincoat, that her eyes have been scratched out in the painting by the lady i assume. Because she was jealous six looks more normal and pretty then her.