yellow project


When Epsilon-Church is explaining why he hates the director…as he cycles through the memories of all the fragments, each corresponds with their trait.

“I’m here to remember what you’ve done.” That’s Epsilon: Memory.

“He was brilliant….” Delta: Logic.

“…and we trusted him…” Theta: Trust.

“…but he lied to us…” Gamma: Deceit.

“…he twisted and tortured us…” Omega: Rage.

“…manipulated us for his own purposes and for what? For this? This shadow?” Sigma: Creativity and Manipulation.

Homeworld: Entrusts a physically disabled technician with an incredibly time- and resource-heavy project which Yellow Diamond is personally waiting on the results of, giving her ample resources to do her job and self-report on progress. When she encounters adversity, assigns her a war hero as a bodyguard.

Peridot: Flat-out says Amethyst should be in charge of the Crystal Gems taking it as a given that Amethyst has a genetic disorder that has limited her growth, with the idea that a “proper” Homeworld hierarchy would still put Amethyst in this leadership position. In general is incredibly knowledgeable about what environmental factors contribute to such cases and can identify it easily at a glance, does so on two different occasions. Uses unfamiliar but very precise technical terms to assess the health of Gems, suggesting that she has received training in doing exactly that. 

Yellow Diamond: Fails to react to the absence of Peridot’s enhancers, suggesting if at any point in the past Peridot had chosen to take them off and work without them no one would have stopped her- there is no regulation demanding she wears them, and it is her business.

Jasper: In light of the above, immediately takes the removal of Peridot’s enhancers by the Crystal Gems as an attack on Peridot’s dignity and is infuriated on Peridot’s behalf. Keep in mind that Jasper knows Peridot personally and has worked with her- Yellow Diamond does not.

Peirdot: confirms her enhancers are assistive technology specifically given to her to offset a disability.

Peridot: also confirms several times that having technology that makes her taller and can be used to store information and play back audio are things that make her feel good and more confident- but even without them Peridot is repeatedly shown to think highly of herself. 

Said enhancers: are packed to bursting with more functions than Peridot would logically need in any situation other than fighting for her life in the relative inhospitable hellscape that is a CG-controlled Earth. Several of these functions are overtly weapons designed for self-defense, or incredibly easily weaponizable.

A distressingly large part of the fandom: Wow being a defective Gem must be a death sentence on Homeworld, or else completely packed with suffering, I can’t imagine Homeworld would ever be kind at all towards their hypothetical disabled population that we definitely haven’t seen in canon or anything like that. Also I don’t understand why anyone would think it’s a bad thing that the Crystal Gem stole Peridot’s enhancers, I hope she’s never even given the opportunity to have them back.

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