yellow ppl


When you’re standing next to the team and healing them as fast as you can yet everyone keeps crying for more! 

Thanks for the prompt, @pencilstab! I had lots of fun with this one :D

I’m still open for Emoji Challenge prompts, folks! Feel free to send me a character and a number-letter, I’d love to hear from you <3

stop! drawing! characters!!! yellow!!!!!!!! skin has blood underneath it!!! literally nobody is an actual yellow color unless they arent human or have a blood disease!! even ppl with yellow undertones will have warmth to their skin bc of bloodflow and how skin is translucent, ppl with yellow undertones are not literally yellow and its rly gross when i see artists on tumblr draw specifically east asian characters with yellow skin its just straight up racism(:

we know rose quartz couldn’t sneak around pink diamond’s crew

but couldn’t a pearl? Does anyone else think Pearl shattered pink diamond and rose quartz took the blame after stories got exaggerated. rose also probs felt guilty as leader of the resistance… we def see steven has a lot of guilt and it doesn’t look like he got it from greg. plus, we know pearl’s good with swords, and it adds another layer of reason behind her immense and complicated devotion to rose

The thing about the new pride flag, aside from it being ugly, is that it’s supposed to “include” black and brown people in the LGBT community………they’re already in it. There are literally gay poc, you can’t integrate them into a community they’re literally already a part of. Only thing gay poc need is probably more representation in media and adding two musty stripes to the pride flag isn’t gonna affect that lmfao.


ok but before i go to mobile

did y ou kno………. i actually have set differences for them eyes…………