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Gem Class Analysis: Pearls

Prior to the recent Steven Bomb, some of the most divisive fan theory characterisations have been for Blue and Yellow Pearl. Theories would range from their having a close and intimate relationship with the Diamonds, to their being physically abused, to it sometimes being a mix of both.

And we can understand the source of what seems like a contradiction. That these Pearls, in particular, are serving the Diamonds directly puts them in a very privileged position, not exactly in the modern sense of the word.

That Pearls are in such close contact with the ruling elite makes them privy to the goings on of upper Homeworld that other gem classes would remain ignorant to. At the same time, they’re also living objects, dehumanised and treated as utilities rather than individuals.

It’s a unique position of power and powerlessness and, unconsciously, we as fans pick up on that; hence, the muddled characterisations of what their relationship with their Diamonds would have been like.

In the latest Steven Bomb, we got to see more of all of these characters and we know now that their relationship isn’t one or the other but somewhere in between.

“Oh no. It was very serious. When I still served Homeworld, I saw it myself.”

In that regard, I want to talk about how Diamonds and their Pearls relate to each another, and look at the implications this has for our very own Pearl, who admits she served Homeworld at one point.

1. The function of the Pearl class

To get this out of the way as early as possible, Pearls are being dehumanised. It’s not right to limit an entire class of gems to objects and prevent them from having individual inclinations, when other gems can manage some level of individuality. Pearls are individuals with their own capabilities, thoughts, and feelings.

Even before we knew about the Diamonds, the way other gems like Peridot initially treated our own Pearl showed us that Pearls are one of the lowest classes on Homeworld.

Words like “owner,” “stand there,” and “hold your stuff” were being thrown around. Not much was expected from them.

In light of all the new information received, a consolidated understanding of what Pearls were expected to do on Homeworld would help in the succeeding discussions. And what we know is that Pearls were gems created specifically to serve particular individuals. This service did not entail doing a job like other gem classes.

Other gems serve a specific function in servicing gem society as a whole. Like builders, soldiers, technicians, and leaders.

This public- or collective-oriented approach to organising gem society makes a lot of sense considering the way the gem life cycle is perpetuated.

The reason we don’t have gem classes specifically for private affairs, like the home life, is because their concept of “home” is much different from ours. Gems are born as full adults; they don’t need to eat or sustain themselves physically. That means a lot of our human necessities don’t apply to them.

That in turn puts the service sector of Gem society, where Pearls are, as something extraneous to functioning. 

It’s much the same for social constructs. Would the Ruby Squad consider themselves a “family?” Probably, but not in the way we understand the word. Instead of families, gems are groups into classes. And in these classes they socialise each other on what it means to be the gem they are.

The best example of this would be the soldier gems, who train each other and depend on each other in missions.

Leggy, the newbie “just born yesterday,” according to Rebecca Sugar’s early sketches of the Rubies, was being oriented by her more senior teammates.

Even though we felt threatened by the Ruby Squad, and Eyeball in particular, Leggy had absolutely no fears hiding behind the latter and it’s more than clear their shared experiences made them more cohesive as a unit.

In that way, gems don’t seem to spend a lot of time with gems outside their class.

The very “function” of Pearls is very different from that of other gems. Their work is relegated inward into the private sphere. They attend to very specific individuals. They are always with gems who aren’t like them.

And the key to this is the value system on Homeworld.

I talk about the utilitarian nature of Homeworld a lot of the time. So in a society in which utility is one of the key aspects, having work that is visible, like the creation of buildings or the colonisation of planets, puts a high premium on certain types of gems.

Service is invisible.

It’s not as easy to measure the impact of telling people they’re great everyday has on the rest of their lives. But this is the work Pearls do. Their work makes Pearls appear like they’re of even less use, which in turn puts them lower down in the eyes of individuals.

It’s very similar to how the work of medical nurses wasn’t recognised as legitimate until very late on in the history of medicine. Nurses comforted patients, checked on them daily, and attended to them, while doctors stepped in for a diagnosis and prescribed the treatment plan.

Because one involved something tangible and the other involved the daily grind of caring for another human being, the “usefulness” of latter was taken for granted.

It was (and in many places still is) very difficult to quantify the effects of their contribution and they were viewed lowly.

2. Servicing the Diamonds

Now to the specific question: What exactly do Pearls do?

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A friend pointed out to me that in "What's The Use of Feeling Blue", Champagne seems to know how the song goes, crouching down to prepare for her pose in the "an agate terrifies" line before it happens. Do you think YD has sung this song (or parts of it) before? Or possibly she's referencing some sort of longer mnemonic for keeping track of gem types?

I wonder! I think part of it might be, in general, now that we have more a sample of Champagne’s behavior, it seems like in general she’s very eager to please.

The impression bomb 5 gave me of the Diamond Pearls is that Champagne isn’t just haughty towards Peridot as a way to feel important- but that she seems to really genuinely value her position and YD’s esteem. If YD has a request to make of her, Champagne wants to hop right to it.

It also seems like some of the anxiousness we saw in Message Received is that Champagne is worried about YD more than she is afraid of retribution from YD. If YD was just plain dangerous to be around I don’t think we’d have Champagne happily hopping right onto YD’s hand without a shred of hesitance. So Champagne responding as quickly as she does might suggest just that she’s “in tune” with what YD asks of her- and, again, eager to please, but also a little anxious to please because she knows how little it takes to set YD off at this point, though we’ve yet to see YD direct anger towards Champagne. 

Compare this to Powder, who, I think my impression at this point is Powder is very drawn inwards. She has a lot that she’s thinking about on her own end to the point that she’s not nearly so quick to respond sometimes- and Champagne tries to nudge her into her cue. At this point, I’m not sure what specifically is on Powder’s mind so much, but she was able to notice Greg and Steven, which would suggest that she’s rather attentive to detail in some contexts. 

  • [stuart semple, covered in vivid pink, yellow, and green powder staggers up a seemingly infinite number of steps toward the top of a marble pyramid upon which rests his coveted prize]
  • [he reaches the top, gasping for air. in the middle of the pedestal at the top of the pyramid there is a gaping black hole, endlessly deep.]
  • stuart semple, quietly: what is this
  • [sir anish kapoor, from the bottom of the pyramid lifts his head and gazes upward at semple's back. his face is also covered in pink, green, and yellow. it is unclear how he heard semple's voice from so far away]
  • anish kapoor: it is what you seek
  • semple: it's so
  • sir anish kapoor: beautiful, yes
  • semple, turning his head just enough to look at anish over one shoulder: your reign of tyranny is over, kapoor. youve underestimated me for the last time. i will take the vantablack you so selfishly stole from us and return it to its place in the hands of the people.
  • sir anish kapoor: youre a fool, semple. stop this madness now before it's too late. you know not the dangerous powers with which you toy
  • semple, turning back to face the void: you cannot deceive me, your ploys won't work
  • [semple extends his hands, long pale fingers hovering inches from the inky darkness, hesitating]
  • sir anish kapoor: stuart, no!
  • [semple's hand shoots forward and collides with the vantablack. instantly the void envelops his arm, then his whole body. semple's screams of agony are swallowed in the crushing silence of vantablack and soon the pyramid and sir anish kapoor are also devoured.]
  • semple: ...where are we?
  • sir anish kapoor: we are unstuck from time and space, trapped in a nanotechnological purgatory
  • [stuart semple's lips have been replaced with photorealistic magazine cutouts of other people's mouths, stop-motion flickering through each syllable, none truly belonging to him]
  • semple: how,, how could this have happened?
  • anish, whose entire being has been replaced by a series of clockwork cogs and a single, unblinking eye: you toyed with dangers beyond your imaging stuart. reality itself has been pulled into the vantablack. soon, the whole world will know the void as we do
  • semple, sobbing into his hands which have become splotches of warmth on a heat-vision screen, his body dissolving into salt and sand: i-i didnt know...... how do i stop it?
  • sir anish kapoor, his gears turning and clicking ever faster: the same way you stop a galaxy from expanding, a star from collapsing. the same way you stop human avarice and pride, from one man coveting what belongs to another.
  • semple, weeping: please,,, please tell me
  • [sir anish kapoor's cogs begin to break apart, dividing like so many cells into the vast abyssal plane]
  • [semple, wrought with grief and desperation reaches out to grasp at the eye, which has begun to shrink and disintegrate at the edges. the eye pulses with one last surge of warmth. is it sympathy? is it love? the eye disappears and reality along with it.]
Our Baby Girl - Part 2

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Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Words: 1,463

Forever Tag List: @capandbuck @bummblebeeblue @sarbear429 @bea789 @xtina2191 @lovethefandomsuniverse @evyiione @trustnobodyshootfirst @motleymoose @thegoodhunterrr5 @bookaddictedhedgehog @gurlwitafro @magicalsis11 @aquabrie @fanboyswhereare-you @percussiongirl2017 @dionnemaria @sherlockslove112 @sesshomaru-lover @freaksforthewin @neishax-butler @hi-pixzza @cookee50 @captainidjit @imasunflower13 @clairedelalune @swimmer-sarcasm @lovelife-tothefullest @dylcole @almightyunnie @winchesterswantmypie 

Author’s Note: I hope you all like it! I literally just got done writing it, so if there are any mistakes that is why. I’ll eventually fix those. Also, the tag list is still open!. - Haley xx 

Your name: submit What is this?

“Where did you find it?” I asked Cas.

“On the windowsill,” Cas said, pulling me over to Charlie’s window. “I didn’t notice it at first because there’s no smell.”

I opened Charlie’s bedroom window and saw the yellow powder of sulfur scattered around, but like Cas said, there was no smell.

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Winchester Brothers X Reader!Sister  Spencer Reid X Reader 

Word Count: 784

Requested: Wattpad

Request: Can you do a Spencer Reid x reader? reader is the twin sister of Dean Winchester and gets a job working for the FBI,  when a case comes up that she knows how to handle. Reader’s brothers the Winchesters come to interfere. Spencer finds out about who Reader really is,  but still is in love with her. The type of entity is a demon and it possesses agent Morgan. Reader then exercises the demon,  well tries and gets injured so Sam and Dean finishes it off.

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You had been working with BAU for a while now most of the time you were dealing with normal cases, your brothers were actually a lot happier with you having a normal job, friends and a boyfriend, even if he was a little bit strange. You were called out on a case you were looking over the crime scene, you noticed a yellow powder on the floor and frowned “What that?” JJ asked.

“Sulphur.” You frowned.
“How’d you know that?” she asked.
“Oh, I don’t it’s a guess.” You smiled.
“Spending too much time with Spencer.” You laughed as she gestured for one of the forensic team to come over and take a sample.
“Were there any witnesses?” You asked.
“The caller was the neighbours she heard the crashing and then saw the dad leave the house covered in blood,” JJ explained.
“So he’s not trying to hide then?” You asked.
“Not by the looks of it,” JJ answered, you looked outside to see a commotion by the police tap, you looked at JJ and who was looking at you. You both walked towards the tape and soon you both recognised your brothers. You sighed and glared at them. “Are those-”
“Yup.” You answered. “What are you doing!?” Sam and Dean both looked up at you and their eyes widened.
“(Y/N)!?” Dean asked.
“Yes.” You nodded and he looked over at JJ who he tried hitting on before he was informed that she was married and with a child. “What are you doing?” You asked again.
“Oh um, we were um coming to see you at work.” Sam lied.
“I’ll be right back.” You said JJ who was on the verge of laughing. “Don’t encourage them.” You walked over to them ducking under the tape and leading them away from the crime scene.
“This isn’t a normal case,” Dean said immediately.
“I know there’s sulphur in the house and the Dad walked out covered in blood.” You explained.
“So let us handle it,” Dean said.
“This is my case.” You glared.
“I’ll find the Dad exercise the demon.” You said.
“No, I’ll do it.” You assured them.

You managed to find the Dad pretty quickly you walked into the interrogation room while the others were tying up loose ends. “I know what you are.” You glared.
“And I know who you are, Winchester.” the demon mocked. “You can’t get me here, you never even told them.”
“You know what you wrong about that-”
“Detective we’ve got to close up.” One of the officers said. They were moving him tomorrow so you were planning on coming back later to get rid of the demon.

You were sitting in the Hotel room with Spencer when you heard his phone he reach over for it as you sat up and looked over at him “everything okay?” You asked.
“Yeah, Derek wants us to meet him.” Spencer and answered.
“Where?” You asked.
“His room,” Spencer answered. You got up and stretched before pushing your hand out to Spencer who took it after he stood up. You walked into the room to see Sam and Dean had Derek tied to a chair. “What are you doing!?” Spencer glared.
“Oh look it’s to boy genius, he holds you in high regard,” the demon said through Derek.
“Okay Spencer I know what this looks like but I need you to trust me, that’s not Derek okay?” You asked pulling his attention to you, but you flung across the room before you could say anything more.
“She’s right I’m what they call a demon.” he sneered.
“Okay time to go.” You glared.
“I’m not finished yet.” the demon again flung you against the wall this time, however, there was a loud enough crack that everyone else in the room flinched, Sam then launched into the exorcism and the demon was gone in second, Dean then called on Cas to help heal you once you came around. As soon as you were aware of your surrounding you kicked Dean’s feet out from underneath him.
“I was handling it.” You glared at your twin.
“Does someone want to tell me what ‘it’ is?” Spencer asked and you looked at him and sighed. You then explained everything that your family did and everything that had happened before coming to work with him at the BAU. Spencer didn’t say anything for a long time, Derek was back to normal and didn’t remember anything. You were on the jet back when he decided to talk to you, you were looking out the window and he cleared his throat, you looked over and he leant towards you “I still love you.”
You smiled “I love you too.”

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5, 8, and 15? 😄

5. what are the correct pronouns to use for you?

for me you can use any at all, mix em up if you want (i like that) use they or she or he exclusively, or depending on clothing whatever you want to, its quite literally impossible to misgender me so whatever you feel like X) 

8. what has helped you accept yourself as non-binary?

i think the acceptance of friends ive come out to as well as the fact that all my eating disorders and body issues just went “poof” when i thought of myself as not a woman ^_^

15. if you could describe your gender with a colour/s what would they be?

the first thing that comes to mind is yellow (like minky blanket soft/powder yellow), but also i think of dirty denim jeans and angel aura colored glitter? idk. its weird man. O_o

60 Questions Tag

Tagged by @marylandkookie ty friend!!!!!❤️❤️❤️

1. Nickname(s): Karls, Karls jr, Kar

2. Bias: Jimin+Yoongi

3. Blood type: tbh I have no fucking idea -__-

4. Relationship status: Single

6. Zodiac sign:  Cancer

7. Pronouns: She/her

8. Hair length: Medium but I really want it to grow out…

9. Height: 5′1″-5′2″ (~156cm)

10. A crush: Can’t call him a crush yet but I know a guy

11. What do you like about yourself: My love for animals. Pure af.

12. Right or left handed: Right handed but I once wrote a whole lab report with my left hand bc I’m extra.

13. List of three favorite colors: Yellow, powder blue, mint Yoongi

14. Right now eating: Salad for breakfast lol

15. Right now drinking: H2O

16. I’m about to: Catch up on 2 weeks of homework…

17. Listening to: Good Day (日本語 Bangtan)

18. Kids: Ooo I saw a Bangtan post on this the other day. Apparently Kook wants 1 boy 1 girl just like me lmaoooo. Yoongi just wants 1 boy, which I can stand by, but I think Jimin wants like 3 boys?? Like babe, we gon have to talk about that…

19. Get married: Preferably to Yoongi or Jimin but we’ll see hmph

20. Recent phone call: idk i don’t really call people?? Phone calls highkey give me anxiety…

21. Have you ever dated someone twice: Not even once lmao✌️

22. Been cheated on: Nah

23. Kissed someone and regretted it: Nah

24. Lost someone special: Of course

25. Been depressed: Sad and confused but not depressed

26. Been drunk and thrown up: I don’t drink. I’m a good kid.

27. Had glasses or contacts: Glasses but I only wear them for distance.

28. Had sex on a first date: What first date

29. Broken someone’s heart: Pretty sure I haven’t lol

30. Turned someone down: Lowkey yes but they were dumb shits no offense.

31. Cried when someone died: Of course

32. Fallen for a friend: Lowkey in the process but he has a girlfriend so.

33. In the last year have you made a new friend: Yessss~ It’s actually super hard for me to make friends…

34. Fallen out of love: Kind fell out of love with Sehun /: But I still really care about him and EXO…

35. Laughed until you cry: idk about that fam.

36. Met someone who changed you: Not to start some philosophical shit, but we’re all shaped by each other in some way or another. bOOM.

37. Found out who your true friends were: My cat yes.

38. Found out someone was talking about you: People have mouths. They gonna use it💅

39. Lips or eyes: Eyes. Like. Have you sEEN PARK JIMIN’S?? Okay to be fair he has beautiful lips too…

40. Hugs or kisses: Hugs for now

41. Shorter or taller: Taller. I’m pretty short so.

42. Romantic or spontaneous: I’m not really a romantic *writes fluffy shit on a daily basis*

43. Sensitive or loud: Sensitive

44. Hookup or relationship: Relationship

45. First best friend: My cat. I was five.

46. Surgery: Wisdom teeth! I was pleasantly surprised with how quick and painless the recovery stage was lol. My cheeks didn’t even swell up o.o

47. Sports I joined: I did taekwondo a long time ago… a dark past indeed. I got my black belt tho ^^

48. Do you believe in yourself: Working on it

49. Miracles: Yes gurl yaaaas

50. Love at first sight: YES. I had something similar with pARK JIMIN but not exactly lmao.

51. Heaven: I mean.

52. Do you have any pets: 1 cat aka the love of my life, 2 dogs who are little shits but I still love them

53. Do you want to change your name: idk I’ve never really liked my name… especially the spelling. Yalls best believe starbucks fucks it up 16/10 times. But I accept it and I’d never change it. Ooo but I do really love my last name even though everyone fucks that up too~ Would I give it up for Min or Park tho? That would be really tough.

54. What did you do for your last birthday: Did I even celebrate that?? How old am I what.

55. What time did you wake up today: 8:30AM

56. What were you doing last night at midnight: Homework I thinks… That or writing.

57. Something you can’t wait for: Graduation omFG. Two more years…

58. Last time you saw your mom: A week ago

59. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life: I wish I was more talented in the arts -__-

60. What’s getting on your nerves: School 

I recently tagged a bunch of ppl for similar thing so I tag @ anyone who wanna fight me. Yalls already know who you are. I’m calling you out🔥🔥🔥

A selfie from 2014… but I kind of miss the short hair. I think that lipstick is Kat Von D’s Exorcism? Maybe? That was also back when I used the Anastasia Beverly Hills brow pomade. And when I thought yellow undereye powder looked good on my pale skin. This goes to show that you’re always learning. No matter how long you’ve been doing makeup.

Barbies on a Budget

I’ve been getting a lot of asks about how to look like a Barbie when you’ve got a limited budget (I certainly do)! I’ve had to adapt to keeping up appearances while spending little money. I’m going to make a list of Barbie-essentials: the best (and usually most expensive), some good alternatives (for those on a “medium” budget), and then some great hidden gems for those of us who are poor. I’ll also list items that are not worth splurging on, and items that require some cash to be worn right. I apologize ahead of time: the prices and availability I’m listing are based on living in the U.S. If anyone from outside of the U.S wants to add to this list or convert the cost on some of this stuff- that’d be great! Here we go:


Extensions: (these are in no way a Barbie essential, but having unicorn hair down to your ass can certainly aid in doll-like aesthetics):

$$$ Best: Salon-quality, permanent extensions. Fused, sewn, taped- you name it. Prices can range anywhere from about $500 to $5,000. I have no personal experience with these types of extensions. 

$$ Great: Clip ins! These are an investment, but if you take really good care of them, they can last you half a year- a year (depending on how ratty you’re willing to wear them…) HeadKandy is my favorite ($200 without shipping for 24-26 inches- the longest length). LuxyHair is also good, $160 without shipping for medium-thickness of 20 inches- the longest length). I hear great things about Bellami as well but have no personal experience. 

$ Okay Alternative: Sally’s! This is a good alternative if you’re on a budget and want a quick option or don’t want to pay for shipping. Your nearest Sally’s Beauty Supply should have a selection of extensions for around $90. In my experience, quality is surprisingly awesome. Problem is- if you’re a blonde, the color selection sucks and you’ll probably want to color them yourself. The longest length available is also only 14 inches. 

Color: (Obviously coloring your hair is not part of being a Barbie, but it’s something many of us do! Blonde hair, especially very light blonde, is the hardest to maintain- so that’s what I’m talking about here).

$$$ Best: High-end, trusted salon with great reviews. Well-trained and professional colorists who are experienced in hair coloring. They will get you to a blonde shade with the least amount of damage, as well as the most natural looking color. High-end salons also offer some really top-of-the-line hair treatments to keep your hair hydrated and healthy-looking despite the trauma you’re putting it through. I paid about $200-$300 every 6-8 weeks to maintain my hair at such a salon. 

$$ Great: Get on Google and read reviews for salons near you. Locate a salon and stylist with good reviews, and bring in a picture as well as a good idea of what you want. Your color will not look as natural, and the process may be a little dirtier and more painful- but I personally always come out very happy. At the high-end salon I had gradual highlights using foils. I now go to a hairdresser who just bleaches my roots- no foils. No expensive conditioning treatments. However, my hair isn’t too damaged, though this route is a little less predictable. Your hair may be brassier than you’d like at times with a less-experienced stylist (but this is easily corrected with some toner or purple shampoo). I pay $70 every 8-10 weeks and this is what I currently use to maintain my bleach blonde hair. 

$ Okay Alternative: DIY! This is a super tricky process (especially if your roots are very dark, like mine). If you can, enlist in a friend to help you (though it is possible to do yourself). Watch as many YouTube hair coloring tutorials as you can. Results can be unpredictable (but almost every mistake can be corrected). You’ll want to get your supplies from Sally’s, and they’ll probably include a bucket of bleach, developer, toner, a mixing bowl, foil, and some gloves. All should cost under $30. Put baby-powder, white/yellow eyeshadow, or root-covering spray (I found some at Walgreens) over your dark roots if you can’t afford to touch them up as often. 


$$$ Best: You get what you pay for with these. Online you can find many high-quality wigs. Look for a lace-front, made of human hair (so you can heat-style it). These can be incredibly expensive. Typically over $1000. I have no personal experience with these wigs, but they’re what you see celebrities sporting. 

$$ Great: Still pretty expensive. As said- you get what you pay for. Go to a local wig-shop and try some on. You still want to be looking for a lace-front, though the hair will probably be synthetic. Make sure the wig you purchase isn’t too “shiny” looking. The shinier the hair, the lower-quality the wig. I paid $250 for my wig, and I am happy with it. Whether or not you can tell it’s obviously a wig is debatable. 

$ Okay Alternative: If there is a cheap alternative for wigs- I have not found one. If you buy a cheap wig, it will look like you are wearing a cheap wig. There are tons of wigs on the internet for as cheap as $30. Proceed with caution. 

Colored Contacts: 

I’m not going to discuss ocular implants in this section, as I have no personal experience and they are not yet available in the U.S. However, as mentioned by some followers in previous published asks: there is a procedure that permanently changes your eye color, like a permanent colored contact (though the color can be taken out and changed). Natural-looking. Cost at around $3500. This would probably be ideal for an eye-color change if you have the funds for a procedure and for travel. 

$$$ Best: FX Eyes. These are the colored contacts most celebrities opt for. Almost all are $475 without shipping. I have no personal experience with this brand of contacts, but they are apparently natural-looking and comfortable. These are the best-quality lenses you will find. The downfall is the obviously high price, and the fact that contacts need replacing and tend to be fragile. 

$$ Great: Desio eyes. They have an awesome Instagram page. This is the brand you see models/makeup artists/YouTube gurus sporting. Desio eyes are becoming ever-more popular. They are an Italian brand, and the price is about $54 without shipping. The downside is: It takes a month to arrive in the U.S! For this reason, I have not ordered from Desio (but plan to as my next purchase). 

$ Okay Alternative: Turtle Contacts! Despite the name, these are delivered relatively fast in the U.S. My favorite is “Dual Color Sky Blue”. $50 without shipping. The website seems kind of sketchy, but I’ve ordered from them a handful of times with no trouble. Contacts are not as natural-looking or as bright as Desio. Comfort is good. 


I have not personally found a brand I find to be superior to MAC. There are many brands of expensive designer makeup (Dior, Chanel, YSL, etc.) However, I would not label any of these brands as the “best”. For this reason, I’m only going to list “Great” and “Okay Alternative”, as MAC is in the “medium-budget” range.


$$ Great: I have not tried a MAC powder I didn’t love. The one you pick will depend on your skin-type. Around $27. 

$ Okay Alternative: I currently wear Loreal True Match and love it! It’s just a nice, reliable powder. Medium converge, keeps shine away. Does what a powder needs to do. About $9. 


$$ Great: MAC Snob is the best Barbie-pink for any skin tone. (Saint Germaine is a very Barbie-pink as well, but also a little dramatic and not flattering on everyone. MAC Russian Red has been, and always will be, THE best red lipstick. $16. 

$ Okay Alternative: I have yet to find a good drugstore dupe for “Snob”. Ulta or Sephora may have some okay dusty pinks, but they won’t be much less expensive than MAC. I suggest splurging on “Snob”. Drugstore lipsticks are going to be around $7-$12 anyway, and I’ve not tried a drugstore lipstick with a texture I didn’t hate. However, Revlon’s “Certainly Red” is a great and vibrant color (and apparently a favorite of Alena Shishova). $8.


$ Okay Alternative: In this case, the cheapest is the best. This should not be “okay alternative”, this should be labeled “only logical choice”. Maybelline Falsies is the best mascara. Ever. Handsdown. No debate. $7. 


$$$ Best: A good, old-fashioned spray-tan. They’ve really improved in quality over the past 5-10 years. (If any of you got your first spray tan for the middle school dance back in 2006 and ended up being nicknamed “Pumpkin Girl” for the rest of the year- you know just what I mean). No, the modern spray-tan is great. I’ve basically tried every single provider, so I’m not even going to differentiate between salons/brands. I’ve also gone to a personal spray-tanner (i.e, done by a human and not a machine) and the results have always been equally as good. Spray-tans are nowadays a reliable way to get an even, dark color. They last about two weeks. Downside is, they cost about $20-$30 per session, and at the end of the first week, can get sort of splotchy in places (exfoliate beforehand)! Also, standing naked and being sprayed by cold liquid for 15 minutes either by a scary machine or a person is not pleasant. The chemical smell and sticky-feeling over the next day is not ideal either. I prefer the cheaper alternatives. Though it is worth noting, this is the only option that can quickly cover the entire body and is almost guaranteed not to be streaky. For this reason, I suggest a spray-tan for occasions/outfits where you’ll be showing a lot of skin (i.e the beach, a revealing prom/pageant gown, etc.). Self-tanners are difficult to spread evenly on the back and torso. 

$$ Great: XenTan. Been using this one for five years now. Love it! I spread it on my face, neck, chest, and arms. It’s tinted, so you can see where you’re spreading and smooth out streaks. I’m never streaky with this lotion and it is never orange. $40 for a bottle that lasts me a year- year and a half. The only downside is that it takes a lot of lotion to get the legs, and can be time-consuming to apply if you’re tanning your whole body. Ideal for an every-day tan that requires little effort/time and you’re only going to be showing your chest/arms. One application lasts at least 2 weeks. 

$ Okay Alternative: Sally Hansen leg makeup! This stuff is amazing. My favorite drugstore product of all time. Severely underrated. It’s not a self-tanner, but a makeup. You spray it on your legs (I do a little on my arms sometimes as well, or upper-back), and immediately you have a dark, even tan. It’s water-proof and I haven’t had a problem with it coming off on my clothes (however my boyfriend has been unhappy with me for it ruining his white jeans). $13 at any drugstore. 


(Of course just painting your nails like everybody else is always on option- but where’s the fun in that?! I’m going to be discussing fake nails/acrylics. They’ve become really popular in recent years- as seen by all those fierce talon-nails plastered all over every Rosy blog in existence). 

$$$ Best: Salon acrylics. This is the obvious best option. If you’ve got the time and the money- go to a salon. Your nails will look beautiful and perfect. Downside is, it requires maintenance (also remember acrylics will damage your natural nail- making the upkeep of acrylics essential, as your natural nails will not be pretty to look at without them)! Salons typically charge somewhere between $20-$40 for acrylics. You also will need to revisit the salon as your nails grow to get the acrylics filled, which costs about $15. 

$$ Great: At-home acrylic nail kit. I found one of these at Walgreens. This kit costs about $25 and comes with many long, plastic “nails” and the tools to make your own acrylics. Downside is, though cheaper and saves trips to the salon- you must cut/shape the nails yourself. They are not going to be as beautiful or polished-looking (sorry) as what you’ll get in a salon. 

$ Okay Alternative: Drugstore acrylics. I know, I know- you totally associate these with the tacky gems that completed your glam-trash prom look way-back-when in 2004. They’re not all bad. I personally love the plain, french manicured sets. They take only a few minutes to apply, and last up to a week and a half. $6-$8. Downside is, they tend to pop off easy. I suggest carrying the small tube of nail glue in the package with you everywhere. There is nothing worse than sporting half french-manicured- perfection and half mangled-naked-nails that look like they’ve been stuck into an electric pencil sharpener. 

Hunter’s Moon

Blurb: Red’s once thriving town has been plagued by wolves for years, but the attacks keep people away and Red and her mother struggle to make their Inn pay. On her way to visit her grandmother she happens across the wolves’ latest victim, who is miraculously still alive. 

Loki is roaming, searching for someplace to call home, but the small mountain town was only supposed to be a stop on his journey,not his destination. Loki knows more about the wolves than the townsfolk do and in return for Red’s compassion, he feels compelled to stay long enough to help them. 

Is Loki the answer to Red’s prayers, or is he as dangerous as her friend says he is. 

Based on the following imagine: Imagine Loki being a werewolf, and falling for Red Riding Hood. 

Chapter One

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I remember reading that during WWII, people scared of the Nazis confiscating their gold and stuff dissolved it in some kind of solution and then got the gold back out of it after the war. (you can tell I know a lot about chemistry lol). Are there any other valuable metals / mineral / gems that can be 'hidden' in a similar manner, then brought back when it's safe?

There appears to only be one well-documented case of this tactic being put to use, but what a case it was! The items to be hidden were not only precious metals, but in fact a pair of very precious medals – the 1914 and 1925 Nobel Prize medals awarded to Max von Laue and James Franck. Their medals had been given to Niels Bohr for safekeeping during the war, and he was keeping them at his Institute for Theoretical Physics in Copenhagen. When the city was captured by German forces in 1940, the medals needed to disappear before they could be confiscated. Bohr asked one of the chemists working at the institute (George de Hevesy, who also happened to win the 1943 Nobel Prize in chemistry) to quickly hide the medals in such a way that troops searching the building would not be able to find them. De Hevesy’s solution was in fact a solution – he would dissolve the medals and hide them in plain sight.

The Nobel medals were made of 23 carat gold, and gold is notoriously inert and difficult to dissolve; there isn’t a single concentrated acid or base that can do the job alone. However, there is a mixture known as aqua regia (literally royal water or king’s water) that is known for its ability to dissolve ‘noble’ metals such as gold. Aqua regia is a 3:1 mixture of concentrated hydrochloric and nitric acids, and it is only with this combination that you can get a decent amount of gold to dissolve. The nitric acid can oxidize very small amounts of gold up to the aurous ion (Au3+), and with an excess of free chloride it will form the tetrachloroaurate anion, AuCl4-. This ion is stable in solution and can even be precipitated out as solid tetrachloroauric acid, HAuCl4. Once de Hevesy had dissolved both medals, he left the beaker on a shelf – the German troops ignored it during their search – and when he came back after the war all he needed to do was precipitate the gold from solution and send it back to the Nobel Foundation, where it was recast into new Nobel Prize medals for von Laue and Franck.

One detail that this story omits is how dangerous it is to even make aqua regia, let alone use it. I can tell you from personal experience that it is quite an active mixture; the two starting acids are both clear and colorless but the solution immediately turns yellow when they are mixed, and about five minutes later it turns a deep red color and begins evolving four different toxic gases: chlorine (Cl2), nitrosyl chloride (NOCl), nitric oxide (NO), and nitrogen dioxide (NO2). Once you start dissolving things like gold, you generate even more NOx. If you’re planning to have your characters use this technique without heavy-duty ventilation (e.g. a fume hood or acid-gas respirator), you should probably also be planning to deal with the potentially fatal pulmonary edema that sets in a few hours after exposure to the fumes.

To get to the actual question at hand, what else could be hidden with this trick? If you’d like to hide a precious metal and get it back afterwards, then you’re in luck. Aqua regia is good for dissolving gold and platinum, and plain nitric acid will take care of copper, silver, and many other metals with fewer toxic byproducts – just keep in mind that it might take a few hours for a large object to dissolve. In all of these cases the dissolved products are stable in solution, and if they did precipitate out they would not be recognizable as the starting metal. All of this chemistry relies on oxidizing the metals into a soluble form, and therefore getting them back later only requires adding a suitable reducing agent. For precipitating gold out of aqua regia, the standard reducing agents are iron (II) chloride, zinc metal, or oxalic acid (C2H2O4), each of which will donate electrons to the Au3+ ions and turn them back into elemental gold, which falls out of solution as a yellow powder. This is actually one of the primary methods for reclaiming gold from electronic waste, though there are additional purification steps to remove other unwanted metals.

As for hiding gemstones (which are really just shiny minerals), that’s a little more difficult – and getting them back afterwards is not going to be easy. The reason for this is that most gemstones are some form of metal oxide arranged in a particular crystal structure. The four “precious” gemstones include diamond (carbon), ruby/sapphire (both Al2O3), and emerald (Be3Al2(SiO3)6), and for good measure we’ll also consider opal and amethyst which are various forms of SiO2. You can dissolve everything but diamond in one type of solution, but as we’ll see in a moment it would be better for everyone if you didn’t. Diamonds are the odd gem out in that they are made only of carbon; no known acid or base will attack them, but diamonds are not forever and will indeed burn in air above 850 °C. To get the other gems into solution you’ll most likely need to resort to hydrofluoric acid, that most terrible substance that would just as soon kill you as help you smuggle your valuables. Hydrofluoric acid (HF) is phenomenally good at dissolving metal oxides by forming soluble metal fluorides, so dissolving the gems isn’t the problem. There are even commercially viable methods of reclaiming the metal from the solution of metal fluorides – virtually all aluminum is produced this way – but turning that metal back into a gemstone is really rather difficult. As it turns out, gemstones usually take a very long time to form naturally (sometimes on the order of millions or billions of years), and recreating that process on a timescale shorter than your average human life can be tricky. It can be done (check out hydrothermal growth for quartz or the Verneuil process for ruby/sapphire), but it generally requires rather expensive equipment and a lot of time and energy.



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i voted for astraldans (that's a super cute url) 🌼

thank you!!

color: champagne pink | canary yellow | periwinkle | powder blue | indian red | celadon | forest green | lavender

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Mauraders' April Fools Day, ready, set, go!

First rule of April Fools’ Day: don’t talk about April Fools’ Day.

Marauders don’t do the grand, elaborate pranks, like some might expect. Child’s play, really, the tricks people try. No, the Marauders are entirely too distracted to worry about any goings on outside their immediate circle.

These boys are normally each other’s biggest advocates, cheerleaders. Brothers. Always have each other’s backs.

All that gets blown to hell on April 1st. It’s worse even than that one game of Monopoly they tried sixth year which required Lily’s intervention before it came to blows.

Alliances have been made – and broken – so they don’t bother anymore.

On April 1st, it’s every man for himself.

It started third year when they’d made a simple resolution: don’t make a big show, leave it to the amateurs.

And they felt rather noble, giving the common people a day to shine. Twenty-four entire hours when everyone else could perform various shenanigans without them, the Marauders, stealing the show.

Problem was, each boy had decided on his own to prank the other three instead:

Remus charmed James’s glasses, and his backup glasses, and his Quidditch goggles, to a slightly different prescription, Sirius’s hair a violent shade of purple, and Peter’s robes a garish shade Hufflepuff yellow.

Peter left itching powder in the other boys’ beds, trunks, and spare sheets.

James charmed his mates’ textbooks, seemingly at random, to sing bawdy songs when opened, but timed them to correspond to the class schedule.

Sirius vanished everyone’s shoes and socks. He slipped love potion into James’s drink. The object of his affection was a busty seventh year Ravenclaw who was also dating that Ravenclaw Quidditch captain.

End of the day casualty count? Three detentions – two for pranks they hadn’t even performed, a busted pair of glasses, two slaps, and a broken toe.

On April 2nd, they carried on as if nothing happened, but they’d all learned that April Fools’ Day was the one day when you couldn’t trust even your brothers.

It was also the one day grace period in which one could do whatever the hell he wanted to his mates and it’d have to be forgiven the next day.

In every year since, they’ve worked hard not only to out prank and outwit each other, but to raise the bar higher. No one comes out the victor, but they have fun trying.

Now, four years later, it’s all-out war. April Fools’ is in two days, and each of the Marauders are on high alert.

To help you lot out, they shared with me a list of lessons they’ve learned:

  • Nothing is sacred. Nothing is safe.
  • Find a hiding space for anything you don’t want messed over.  It’s essential to use a different hiding place than what you, or anyone else, used any previous year because once discovered, it’s ruined forever.
  • Trust no one.
  • Keep your friends close, but keep them closer for the last two weeks of March. If someone wants to be alone, even in the loo,there’s a sinister reason. Any request for either the cloak or the map for at least two weeks before should be treated with utmost suspicion. After all, that’s when your mates get an advantage. Hogsmeade solo runs? Out of the question.
  • Don’t get completely sloshed at James’s birthday party because your mates will take advantage of your hangover next morning to mess with your stuff or sneak away.
  • No showers. Toiletries of any kind are asking for trouble. If a shower cannot be avoided – if one has a girlfriend, for instance – transfigure toiletries into something innocuous in the common room, sneak out very early, and try in the other team’s Quidditch changing rooms or the Prefects’ Bathroom.
  • It’s best if you don’t have a girlfriend on April 1st. Ask Peter.
  • House-elves can be bribed to perform any number of tasks. However, the same house-elf may be working for more than one party.
  • Best to keep spare clothes hidden sporadically throughout the castle.
  • And glasses, if you’re James.
  • And a book of spell reversals, if you’re any of the Marauders.
  • Don’t trust the Gryffindor girls.
  • And, bleeding traitors, other Gryffindor boys.
  • It’s bad form to utilize someone from a different house in a prank against your mates. Marauders don’t exactly play nice though, especially with other Marauders, so it’s not entirely unexpected.
  • Don’t ingest any food that you did not personally purchase and can account for. Sealed bags of crisps and sealed bottles of Butterbeer only.
  • You’re going to land at least one detention for something your mates have set you up for.
  • No hard feeling afterwards.

I hope this has been informative.

I’d wish you luck in surviving the day, but as none of you are Marauders at Hogwarts, your chances of escaping unscathed are pretty damn good.