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Gem Class Analysis: Pearls

Prior to the recent Steven Bomb, some of the most divisive fan theory characterisations have been for Blue and Yellow Pearl. Theories would range from their having a close and intimate relationship with the Diamonds, to their being physically abused, to it sometimes being a mix of both.

And we can understand the source of what seems like a contradiction. That these Pearls, in particular, are serving the Diamonds directly puts them in a very privileged position, not exactly in the modern sense of the word.

That Pearls are in such close contact with the ruling elite makes them privy to the goings on of upper Homeworld that other gem classes would remain ignorant to. At the same time, they’re also living objects, dehumanised and treated as utilities rather than individuals.

It’s a unique position of power and powerlessness and, unconsciously, we as fans pick up on that; hence, the muddled characterisations of what their relationship with their Diamonds would have been like.

In the latest Steven Bomb, we got to see more of all of these characters and we know now that their relationship isn’t one or the other but somewhere in between.

“Oh no. It was very serious. When I still served Homeworld, I saw it myself.”

In that regard, I want to talk about how Diamonds and their Pearls relate to each another, and look at the implications this has for our very own Pearl, who admits she served Homeworld at one point.

1. The function of the Pearl class

To get this out of the way as early as possible, Pearls are being dehumanised. It’s not right to limit an entire class of gems to objects and prevent them from having individual inclinations, when other gems can manage some level of individuality. Pearls are individuals with their own capabilities, thoughts, and feelings.

Even before we knew about the Diamonds, the way other gems like Peridot initially treated our own Pearl showed us that Pearls are one of the lowest classes on Homeworld.

Words like “owner,” “stand there,” and “hold your stuff” were being thrown around. Not much was expected from them.

In light of all the new information received, a consolidated understanding of what Pearls were expected to do on Homeworld would help in the succeeding discussions. And what we know is that Pearls were gems created specifically to serve particular individuals. This service did not entail doing a job like other gem classes.

Other gems serve a specific function in servicing gem society as a whole. Like builders, soldiers, technicians, and leaders.

This public- or collective-oriented approach to organising gem society makes a lot of sense considering the way the gem life cycle is perpetuated.

The reason we don’t have gem classes specifically for private affairs, like the home life, is because their concept of “home” is much different from ours. Gems are born as full adults; they don’t need to eat or sustain themselves physically. That means a lot of our human necessities don’t apply to them.

That in turn puts the service sector of Gem society, where Pearls are, as something extraneous to functioning. 

It’s much the same for social constructs. Would the Ruby Squad consider themselves a “family?” Probably, but not in the way we understand the word. Instead of families, gems are groups into classes. And in these classes they socialise each other on what it means to be the gem they are.

The best example of this would be the soldier gems, who train each other and depend on each other in missions.

Leggy, the newbie “just born yesterday,” according to Rebecca Sugar’s early sketches of the Rubies, was being oriented by her more senior teammates.

Even though we felt threatened by the Ruby Squad, and Eyeball in particular, Leggy had absolutely no fears hiding behind the latter and it’s more than clear their shared experiences made them more cohesive as a unit.

In that way, gems don’t seem to spend a lot of time with gems outside their class.

The very “function” of Pearls is very different from that of other gems. Their work is relegated inward into the private sphere. They attend to very specific individuals. They are always with gems who aren’t like them.

And the key to this is the value system on Homeworld.

I talk about the utilitarian nature of Homeworld a lot of the time. So in a society in which utility is one of the key aspects, having work that is visible, like the creation of buildings or the colonisation of planets, puts a high premium on certain types of gems.

Service is invisible.

It’s not as easy to measure the impact of telling people they’re great everyday has on the rest of their lives. But this is the work Pearls do. Their work makes Pearls appear like they’re of even less use, which in turn puts them lower down in the eyes of individuals.

It’s very similar to how the work of medical nurses wasn’t recognised as legitimate until very late on in the history of medicine. Nurses comforted patients, checked on them daily, and attended to them, while doctors stepped in for a diagnosis and prescribed the treatment plan.

Because one involved something tangible and the other involved the daily grind of caring for another human being, the “usefulness” of latter was taken for granted.

It was (and in many places still is) very difficult to quantify the effects of their contribution and they were viewed lowly.

2. Servicing the Diamonds

Now to the specific question: What exactly do Pearls do?

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anonymous asked:

A friend pointed out to me that in "What's The Use of Feeling Blue", Champagne seems to know how the song goes, crouching down to prepare for her pose in the "an agate terrifies" line before it happens. Do you think YD has sung this song (or parts of it) before? Or possibly she's referencing some sort of longer mnemonic for keeping track of gem types?

I wonder! I think part of it might be, in general, now that we have more a sample of Champagne’s behavior, it seems like in general she’s very eager to please.

The impression bomb 5 gave me of the Diamond Pearls is that Champagne isn’t just haughty towards Peridot as a way to feel important- but that she seems to really genuinely value her position and YD’s esteem. If YD has a request to make of her, Champagne wants to hop right to it.

It also seems like some of the anxiousness we saw in Message Received is that Champagne is worried about YD more than she is afraid of retribution from YD. If YD was just plain dangerous to be around I don’t think we’d have Champagne happily hopping right onto YD’s hand without a shred of hesitance. So Champagne responding as quickly as she does might suggest just that she’s “in tune” with what YD asks of her- and, again, eager to please, but also a little anxious to please because she knows how little it takes to set YD off at this point, though we’ve yet to see YD direct anger towards Champagne. 

Compare this to Powder, who, I think my impression at this point is Powder is very drawn inwards. She has a lot that she’s thinking about on her own end to the point that she’s not nearly so quick to respond sometimes- and Champagne tries to nudge her into her cue. At this point, I’m not sure what specifically is on Powder’s mind so much, but she was able to notice Greg and Steven, which would suggest that she’s rather attentive to detail in some contexts. 

I work at a gas station.
We keep one of our date gun (the gun that puts date or price stickers on product) in a cubby under the customer microwaves so it is near the sandwich cooler.

A customer found and was playing with the date gun while heating his food. Started putting stickers everywhere until I yelled at him to stop and put it back. It’s not a toy. And then I pelle off the stickers and went back to work.

The dude finished heating his food and rushed out. He was quick enough that I thought maybe he stole. But my coworker said he paid for his food, so I went back to work again.

A minute later…. smoke was billowing out of the microwave. I opened it and there is a fire… and the date gun.

So I grabbed the fire extinguisher and put out the fire. Got yellow powder all over my face from the blowback…which proceed to fucking burn until I got it washed off.

Had the fire department and the police…. and the dude was stupid enough to use a credit card to pay for his shit, so we have his name.

But omg… Wtf. Put me so behind on my work having to clean all that up.

  • [stuart semple, covered in vivid pink, yellow, and green powder staggers up a seemingly infinite number of steps toward the top of a marble pyramid upon which rests his coveted prize]
  • [he reaches the top, gasping for air. in the middle of the pedestal at the top of the pyramid there is a gaping black hole, endlessly deep.]
  • stuart semple, quietly: what is this
  • [sir anish kapoor, from the bottom of the pyramid lifts his head and gazes upward at semple's back. his face is also covered in pink, green, and yellow. it is unclear how he heard semple's voice from so far away]
  • anish kapoor: it is what you seek
  • semple: it's so
  • sir anish kapoor: beautiful, yes
  • semple, turning his head just enough to look at anish over one shoulder: your reign of tyranny is over, kapoor. youve underestimated me for the last time. i will take the vantablack you so selfishly stole from us and return it to its place in the hands of the people.
  • sir anish kapoor: youre a fool, semple. stop this madness now before it's too late. you know not the dangerous powers with which you toy
  • semple, turning back to face the void: you cannot deceive me, your ploys won't work
  • [semple extends his hands, long pale fingers hovering inches from the inky darkness, hesitating]
  • sir anish kapoor: stuart, no!
  • [semple's hand shoots forward and collides with the vantablack. instantly the void envelops his arm, then his whole body. semple's screams of agony are swallowed in the crushing silence of vantablack and soon the pyramid and sir anish kapoor are also devoured.]
  • semple: ...where are we?
  • sir anish kapoor: we are unstuck from time and space, trapped in a nanotechnological purgatory
  • [stuart semple's lips have been replaced with photorealistic magazine cutouts of other people's mouths, stop-motion flickering through each syllable, none truly belonging to him]
  • semple: how,, how could this have happened?
  • anish, whose entire being has been replaced by a series of clockwork cogs and a single, unblinking eye: you toyed with dangers beyond your imaging stuart. reality itself has been pulled into the vantablack. soon, the whole world will know the void as we do
  • semple, sobbing into his hands which have become splotches of warmth on a heat-vision screen, his body dissolving into salt and sand: i-i didnt know...... how do i stop it?
  • sir anish kapoor, his gears turning and clicking ever faster: the same way you stop a galaxy from expanding, a star from collapsing. the same way you stop human avarice and pride, from one man coveting what belongs to another.
  • semple, weeping: please,,, please tell me
  • [sir anish kapoor's cogs begin to break apart, dividing like so many cells into the vast abyssal plane]
  • [semple, wrought with grief and desperation reaches out to grasp at the eye, which has begun to shrink and disintegrate at the edges. the eye pulses with one last surge of warmth. is it sympathy? is it love? the eye disappears and reality along with it.]
WASHI TAPE GIVEAWAY TIME (gabellestudies x missrosieshop)

(Sorry that the old post got deleted. The reblogs from that have been noted and will be entered into the long list of entries)

I’m here to bring you an amazing colours of the rainbow washi tape giveaway with missrosieshop.

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Closing date is 25th August.

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Cross that Line(The Darkside-Part 2)

Word Count-901

Characters-Sam, Dean, Reader, Lucifer/Vince, Astra, Castiel

Warnings-Kidnapping, angst, broken Sam

Summary-Possessed and kidnapped by Lucifer, the reader makes a discovery as to why he wants her so badly.

A/N-Part 2 of 3 or maybe 4.  

The Darkside     Series Masterpost

     They had locked you in a windowless room, you had no clue where you were or how long you had been there. Astra had kept you locked in a prison in your mind until she’d smoked out leaving you here alone.  Meals were brought to you at random intervals, you ate them knowing you had to keep up your strength.  Lights were the same, going on and off randomly,  giving you no way to tell if it was day or night.  When they went out you slept; when they were on you did what you could for exercise.

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Winchester Brothers X Reader!Sister  Spencer Reid X Reader 

Word Count: 784

Requested: Wattpad

Request: Can you do a Spencer Reid x reader? reader is the twin sister of Dean Winchester and gets a job working for the FBI,  when a case comes up that she knows how to handle. Reader’s brothers the Winchesters come to interfere. Spencer finds out about who Reader really is,  but still is in love with her. The type of entity is a demon and it possesses agent Morgan. Reader then exercises the demon,  well tries and gets injured so Sam and Dean finishes it off.

Originally posted by liberty-53000

You had been working with BAU for a while now most of the time you were dealing with normal cases, your brothers were actually a lot happier with you having a normal job, friends and a boyfriend, even if he was a little bit strange. You were called out on a case you were looking over the crime scene, you noticed a yellow powder on the floor and frowned “What that?” JJ asked.

“Sulphur.” You frowned.
“How’d you know that?” she asked.
“Oh, I don’t it’s a guess.” You smiled.
“Spending too much time with Spencer.” You laughed as she gestured for one of the forensic team to come over and take a sample.
“Were there any witnesses?” You asked.
“The caller was the neighbours she heard the crashing and then saw the dad leave the house covered in blood,” JJ explained.
“So he’s not trying to hide then?” You asked.
“Not by the looks of it,” JJ answered, you looked outside to see a commotion by the police tap, you looked at JJ and who was looking at you. You both walked towards the tape and soon you both recognised your brothers. You sighed and glared at them. “Are those-”
“Yup.” You answered. “What are you doing!?” Sam and Dean both looked up at you and their eyes widened.
“(Y/N)!?” Dean asked.
“Yes.” You nodded and he looked over at JJ who he tried hitting on before he was informed that she was married and with a child. “What are you doing?” You asked again.
“Oh um, we were um coming to see you at work.” Sam lied.
“I’ll be right back.” You said JJ who was on the verge of laughing. “Don’t encourage them.” You walked over to them ducking under the tape and leading them away from the crime scene.
“This isn’t a normal case,” Dean said immediately.
“I know there’s sulphur in the house and the Dad walked out covered in blood.” You explained.
“So let us handle it,” Dean said.
“This is my case.” You glared.
“I’ll find the Dad exercise the demon.” You said.
“No, I’ll do it.” You assured them.

You managed to find the Dad pretty quickly you walked into the interrogation room while the others were tying up loose ends. “I know what you are.” You glared.
“And I know who you are, Winchester.” the demon mocked. “You can’t get me here, you never even told them.”
“You know what you wrong about that-”
“Detective we’ve got to close up.” One of the officers said. They were moving him tomorrow so you were planning on coming back later to get rid of the demon.

You were sitting in the Hotel room with Spencer when you heard his phone he reach over for it as you sat up and looked over at him “everything okay?” You asked.
“Yeah, Derek wants us to meet him.” Spencer and answered.
“Where?” You asked.
“His room,” Spencer answered. You got up and stretched before pushing your hand out to Spencer who took it after he stood up. You walked into the room to see Sam and Dean had Derek tied to a chair. “What are you doing!?” Spencer glared.
“Oh look it’s to boy genius, he holds you in high regard,” the demon said through Derek.
“Okay Spencer I know what this looks like but I need you to trust me, that’s not Derek okay?” You asked pulling his attention to you, but you flung across the room before you could say anything more.
“She’s right I’m what they call a demon.” he sneered.
“Okay time to go.” You glared.
“I’m not finished yet.” the demon again flung you against the wall this time, however, there was a loud enough crack that everyone else in the room flinched, Sam then launched into the exorcism and the demon was gone in second, Dean then called on Cas to help heal you once you came around. As soon as you were aware of your surrounding you kicked Dean’s feet out from underneath him.
“I was handling it.” You glared at your twin.
“Does someone want to tell me what ‘it’ is?” Spencer asked and you looked at him and sighed. You then explained everything that your family did and everything that had happened before coming to work with him at the BAU. Spencer didn’t say anything for a long time, Derek was back to normal and didn’t remember anything. You were on the jet back when he decided to talk to you, you were looking out the window and he cleared his throat, you looked over and he leant towards you “I still love you.”
You smiled “I love you too.”

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Got your back

A little something for @winchesterprincessbride celebrating reaching 2000 followers! So for her reverse gif challenge I got given a gif and had to do a story based on said gif! Sorry it took me so long but I had to go back and watch the episode a few times!

Word count: 551

Characters: Dean, Sam, female Reader (have tried to leave it as neutral as possible so it can be read however you wish IE friend, girlfriend, sister)

Obviously a big chunk of this comes from the episode and so credit for all of that goes to the writers etc of Supernatural

Gif and story below!

Walking into the warehouse you quickly stick your badge back into your pocket. You might have gotten past the rather bored looking security guard but you still didn’t want to risk anyone taking a closer look at these badges, unsure just how good of a copy Sam has managed to do. After all, being homeland security was a new one for you guys.

Leaving Dean and Sam to check out the other side of the warehouse you try to find anything out of the ordinary. You soon get distracted however by the Winchesters.
“What is that?” You hear Sam ask.
Glancing over to where they’re stood you see Dean with earbuds in. You smile slightly as you realise what he’s doing.
“It’s an EMF meter. Reads electromagnetic frequencies.” comes Dean’s reply.
“Yeah, I know what an EMF meter is, but why does that one look like a busted-up walkman?”
“Cause that’s what I made it out of. It’s homemade.” Dean can barely keep the grin off his face.

You chuckle quietly as you walk over to join the guys. You remember the weekend Dean spent building that thing. It had taken 5 walkmans before he’d gotten one to work and he’d practically turnt the air blue with all the swearing he’d done. But you had to hand it to him it definitely came in handy.

“Yeah, I can see that.” The sarcasm drips of Sam’s voice as he looks towards you. You’re looking at Dean, and as the smIle on his face drops, you roll your eyes and turn towards Sam.
“Well when we need a replacement we’ll let you be in charge of design. So long as it does the job it’s good for me. Now, stop posturing and start looking. I’ll keep my eye out for any unwanted visitors.”
As you turn to walk towards the door, you catch Dean mouthing the words ‘thank you’ out of the corner of your eye. ‘Any time’ you mouth back with a quick wink.

Minutes pass, and as the guys linger over a door handle, you spot two men in much smarter suits then your own headed towards the warehouse’s office.
“Guys? We’re about to have company, so whatever you’re doing, do it quicker.” You rush over to them, arriving just in time to see Sam put a bag of yellow powder in his pocket.
“All done.” Sam says as he puts his knife back in his other pocket.
“Emergency exit over there” You knew Dean would have a way out planned for you all.

The three of you casually walk across the tarmac outside of the hanger, not that anyone else is around. Next thing you know, an alarm starts blaring and Sam and Dean take off at a run towards the gate. You’re about 10 paces behind, keeping up rather well despite the stupid heels you’re having to wear. As you reach the fence you can see that Dean’s chucked his suit jacket over the wire at the top of the fence and is at the top, leaning down to grab your hand and pull you up. Climbing down, Sam rushes to the impala to start it up while Dean grabs his jacket.
“Well, these monkey suits do come in handy.”
“Guess they do. Hey, Dean? Thank you.”
“Any time.”

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Our Baby Girl - Part 2

Originally posted by helpimanspnfan

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Words: 1,463

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Author’s Note: I hope you all like it! I literally just got done writing it, so if there are any mistakes that is why. I’ll eventually fix those. Also, the tag list is still open!. - Haley xx 

Your name: submit What is this?

“Where did you find it?” I asked Cas.

“On the windowsill,” Cas said, pulling me over to Charlie’s window. “I didn’t notice it at first because there’s no smell.”

I opened Charlie’s bedroom window and saw the yellow powder of sulfur scattered around, but like Cas said, there was no smell.

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ACOTAR characters as colors

Describe characters/ celebrities in 2 colors

(Stolen from @aroyalbluedragon ;p )

Feyre: navy blue and silver
Nesta: grey blue and stormy grey
Elain: dusty pink and cream
Tamlin: grass green and gold
Ianthe: azure blue and dark green
Lucien: burnt orange and muted yellow
Rhysand: eggplant and midnight blue
Cassian: deep red and leather brown
Azriel: pitch black and baby blue
Morrigan: bright red and pale gold
Amren: blood red and grey
Tarquin: aqua and silvery white
Thesan: warm brown and light pink
Beron: soil brown and orange-yellow
Helion: dark brown and bright yellow
Kallias: powder blue and medium cool grey
Vivianne: periwinkle and shimmering white
Amarantha: red wine and obsidian black
Hybern: stone grey and kettle black
The suriel: grey-brown and fern green

Should I do one for Throne of Glass??

A pop culture part binding part strength and release spell to free yourself from the effect of someone who’s tried to harm or control you.

This spell should use a lot of colors.

Listen to Kesha’s “Praying” while doing this spell.

A candle of every color in the rainbow
Black and white ribbons.
Herbs and stones*
Pen and paper
(Write down the name of the person and their crimes and burn it. These ashes go into the jar first.
Place the rest of the herbs into the jar in this order
*black salt
Layer of purple wax
Blue wax
Banishing oil
Green wax
Fire salt
Lemon rind
Yellow wax
Chili powder
Orange peel
Orange wax
Dragons blood
Garnet chips
Rose petals
Red wax
Sea salt

Close it off and tie the black ribbon around the jar tightly to bind them to their crimes. Tie the white ribbon around the jar loosely so that you may be free. Place the jar on your altar or where ever you charge your spells.