yellow parrot


Conures… are the very best. Really.
Here we put them into a biiiiiiig aviary (4 meters large/23 meters long). Ten conures together (they aren’t all on the photos).
You can see, in order of appearance :
- Ieppa (frontalis) and Karma (yellow sided/savage) on the first and second photos.
- Pink and Capsule, the two cockatoos.
- Sigrinn (yellow sided).
- Luciole (yellow sided turquoise) and Sigrinn.
- Crocus (pineapple) and Maya (pinapple blue).
- Karma on the three following photos.
- Maya.


My boy’s ‘feather profile’.

As you can see, he really gives his tail torments ;) He broke so much of his first rectrices, I’m just good at fixing feathers and glued them after he molted them. Also look how they’re got much thicker, despite getting darker. Currently he’s entering in third generation - yet blacker and longer tail, much more shine. I hope he won’t damage them so much so I could update!