yellow no. 5


How do you get her to leave?

Does your pearl always walk next to you?

You are so patient with her. How do you do it?

Do keep up, pearl.

Steven Bomb 5: What is grief?

The differences in how grief is portrayed between Yellow and Blue Diamond in the new Steven Bomb is really interesting to me. They’re both such uniquely different, yet so familiar expressions of grief (albeit exaggarated for the purposes of the show).   

We quickly see that Blue DIamond is the one who is grieving the most conventionally (i guess), weeping, visiting Pink Diamond’s “grave”, or at least the place where she was killed. 

“Oh, Pink… I’m sorry,  I’m so sorry, I should have done more… Yellow says it’ll all be over soon, i wonder what you would think…”

It’s a very typical “having lost a family member” kind of grief. We see BD looking tired, grief stricken, hunched over and wheeping. We see her wishing above all to perserve their memory; perserving her creations by emloying the Quartz soldiers (even perserving a room of bubbled Rose Quartz-gems), . Collecting the things PD loved by bringing new human(s) to the zoo. 

Meanwhile, Yellow Diamond’s type of grief is recognizable as well. I’ve seen her catching a lot of flack for “not allowing BD to have feelings” - a too narrow view of her character in my opinion. (IMO, one of the best things this steven bomb did was taking the diamonds from scary bad guy “gods” to something much more human).

“Let’s make a plan of attack, start looking forward and stop looking back”

YD exhibits the type of grief where you just want to keep moving, keep busy in order not to look back. The song even alludes to this; “yes, of course we still love her, and we’re always thinking of her, but now there’s nothing we can do, so tell me what’s the use in feeling blue?”

Her grief materialises mainly in the wish to exact vengance upon the gems who caused PDs death, as well as the entire subgroup of quartz that she belonged to. If not for BD’s wish to perserve everything that belonged to PD (because ”they were hers”), she would have eradicated the entire cut of Rose Quartz in their possession. 

We even see it in the rehtoric (can i call it rethoric?)  she uses on BD, pushing her to see a picture bigger than her own grief, 

”Where’s their diamond when they need her, Blue? You’ve got to be a leader, Blue!”

It’s even shown in their composure; BD hunched over, head bowed, weeping, YD straight-backed, head rarely bowed (until that one, fantastic moment from the song where we see her composure break just a little). 

Steven Universe shows us something that is important to remember. Grief doesn’t always look like bowed heads and tears and laying flowers on graves. Sometimes it looks like squared shoulders and stubbornly not looking back because what lies behind you is too painful.

Steven Universe is great because it shows depth to even the most terrible of villains, and I just fucking love this show man. 

No one has said this yet, but gems ARE coming back to Earth. When Sapphire talks to Blue Diamond, Yellow Diamond states, “is that what you want?” … “there’s still time then.” They’re going to go to earth for more humans.

So how about that Steven Bomb, eh? (As a quick reminder to every, do be sure to also watch when it airs, if you’re able! And, of course, if you haven’t seen the leaks, spoilers ahead.)

That said, I want to discuss a few little things leading up to one bigger one.

First, I find it really interesting how every Amethyst– and most Jaspers and Carnelian(s?)– are so much like our Amethyst. We’ve known Our Jasper was Different than most since we saw the Beta Kindergarten, and that feelings of vengeance toward the Gem who shattered her Diamond fueled her aggression. Seeing this paints her as the outlier among Earth Gems. This is more interesting when coupled with:

Yellow Diamond claims “this entire cut of gem” should be destroyed, regarding the other Rose Quartzes, but Blue insists that “they were hers”. Which makes it sound like Pink didn’t only reign over these gems, but that she may very well have designed them. Designed this cut.

So questions:

  • Are all Rose Quartzes similar at least in many ways to the one we know, to the extent that Rubies and Amethysts are similar? Were they all passionate, driven gems fueled by a spirit of curiosity and a yearning for Experiences? Did most or all have healing and/or dream powers?

  • Do the other Diamonds know what Rose Quartzes can do, on a broad scale? “An army has a use, it can go and fight a war. A Sapphire has a use, she can tell you what it’s for.” This bit gave me the impression that Blue and Yellow aren’t entirely sure what RQs were made for, only that they can be dangerous. Which lends even more to the feeling that they were a personal project of Pink’s.

  • If that’s the case, did Pink design all the cuts grown in the Alpha and Beta Kindergartens? Did she design the whimsical Roses and the rowdy Amethysts– gems that don’t seem to ‘fit’ with the spirit of Homeworld in general?

  • Considering all of that, one has to wonder… what sort of Gem was Pink if she did design these more spirited Gems? …Weeeelll…..

Did you guys ever see or do you remember the theory that Pink Diamond herself was made on earth? After this bomb, with the added emphasis that Earth was her planet, I feel this is more likely than ever. And what all that adds up to is…

I feel very strongly that while Blue, Yellow, and White are peers of sorts, whether they’re most akin to sisters or comrades or friends or lovers, Pink was different. Pink was, as much as a Gem can be, a child. Fully formed upon emergence, of course, but young and naive and full of a sense of wonder that the other Diamonds don’t have.

Which would mean…

Pink Diamond was to the other Diamonds what Steven is to the Crystal Gems, and Blue’s thousands of years of grieving and Yellow’s fierce spirit of retribution are not the feelings of peers who lost an equal, but parents who lost their child.

what's the use of feeling blue x it's over isn't it
  • what's the use of feeling blue x it's over isn't it

Who am I now in this world without her?
Petty and dull with the nerve to doubt her?
What does it matter, it’s already done
Now I’ve got to be there for her son

How can you stand to be here with it all?
Drowning in all this regret?
Wouldn’t you rather forget her?
Won’t it be grand to get rid of it all?
Let’s make a plan of attack
Start looking forward and stop looking back

Little theory about Rose’s healing powers ??
I think Blue Diamond took the task of bubbling all the rose quartzes, of course to preserve part of Pink Diamond, but maybe also for their healing abilities??? Maybe Blue thought if she had enough rose quartzes, they could fix Pink.