yellow no

things people do that I adore-

when folks sit on counters or tables or other things that aren’t meant for sitting on

when someone is reading a book and their eyes light up just a little bit more, and they look up at read aloud lines or even paragraphs they love

“look at the sunset” “look at that dog” “look at this flower” ppl who see beauty everywhere make my heart smile

people who hand out cookies to their neighbors???????? so pure?????

when someone sends you or shows you something and says “this reminded me of you”

when somebody catches you saying something you don’t usually, like “you said ‘anyhow!!!!!’ you always say ‘anywho’!!!!!” and it’s like?????? you noticed that???????

when they’re applying hand lotion and they spread some on ur hands

when somebody smiles at you and your heart just goes !!!! hello!!!!!! Yes!!!!!! I love you!!!!

when people interrupt you to give you a compliment and then are like “sry to interrupt, please continue’

when they take rando photos of you out of the blue

when they’re trying to explain something they’re passionate about but they keep getting distracted and cutting themselves off and they’re so excited and it’s adorable

My illustration for the @zenfanzine ! This is what happens when you’re extra greedy and you want Zen to have his hair slicked back AND his hair down AND a man bun. And glistening abs. 
It was a fun project and I hope everyone was as excited to see all the pieces on paper as I was!  
Also tfw you look at art from months ago and just. wtf was I thinking


I don’t think I’ll ever be able to stop making stupid redraws of pictures of shit like this with Aizawa.
My life’s gone. I can’t draw anything else tbh.
Source of image to whoever dudes made this sleeping bag or w/e IDC it’s just for fun getoffme
the 3rd one from the left makes me laugh the most. he looks so SNEAKY
I don’t think this has been done before if so whoops