yellow mouse

You know, I was gonna color all of these, but then my table told me to go fuck myself and dove off a cliff into the land of no pressure sensitivity.


In the 1995 comic “The Universal Solvent”, Scrooge McDuck visits his pet inventor, Gyro Gearloose, who has just finished creating a substance that will dissolve any substance except diamonds. While Gyro demonstrates the solvent, his robotic assistant “Little Helper” gets up to some inventing of its own… perhaps inspired by a blow to the head from one of Scrooge’s pennies? In any case, LH clearly isn’t happy with its modification of one of the lab’s robotic rodents. A bipedal mouse in yellow shoes and red shorts? What an absurd grotesquery!

The background gags in Don Rosa comics are definitely my favorite thing about them. Also note the rocket pack and helmet from The Rocketeer in the first panel.

Pikachu Remix!

I know it seems like I’m doing a lot of remixes lately, but working on the baby forms and further evolution of the Gen 1 Pokemon makes me go back and look at some of the work I did almost a year ago now. And as a creative person is usually their own worst critic, I just couldn’t deal with the original glitter squeek.

See the originals here (v1 and here ( v.9, original-original non-textured style).

anonymous asked:

Hello there. Can you find me a sasusaku fanfic? with the storyline like Sakura getting sick, or nearly died so her husband begin worried? Sorry for my bad English, still learning.

A few, but not many! 

and that’s it! also, your english is very good!