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Okay so maybe you already answered this in bits and pieces with your other modern grisha hc's but like... in modern day what style/makeup/hair preferences do you see the grisha-soc girl gang having? Sorry I just find that stuff a lot of fun so I was wondering if you had ideas.

aksjdjkas THIS IS SO CUTE AND FUN omg!!
- alina probably has no time or energy for elaborate hairstyles so her hair is always in a messy but or cascading down her shoulders in lazy waves. the most she does for her hair is brush it + dry shampoo it so it makes it even beachier and ~effortless~. same with make up - she’s either bare faced or wearing very very light bb cream + mascara and that’s her regular Day Look™ - the only exception is a white or golden eyeliner she puts in the corners of her eyes and needless to say it goes rly well with her entire sun summoner vibe. her style is minimalistic + simple but sweet - white tshirt, mom jeans, bright yellow sneakers/loafers, lots of colorful chokers, symbolic jewelry - a pair of antlers hanging around her neck, a handful of bangles from inej, a green emerald glimmering on her finger, a pair of earrings in the shape of a lightning bolt
- genya is a MASTER of make up (naturally). she’s not just experimenting but creating her own formula; always messing around with hues and pigments, and everything she does is cruelty free + totally safe for any and all skin type. she’s very informed when it comes to brands/artists and she’d never support the brand if she doesn’t like the people/company behind it. she might take the concept they have and recreate it/turn it into smth better just to prove she can + they’re Not That Special. it’s a slow process but we all know it’s what she does best and the result is always epic, iconic, legendary, spectacular, never the same. eyeliner on fleek, bright ruby red matte lipstick, heavy contour, dramatic eyes, rivulets of ginger hair everywhere; A Vision™!! her sense of fashion is a+ too but she has a thing for gold/red - short vinyl skirts, checkprint leggings, shimmery see-through tops, aphrodite is shaking in her sandals, truly
- zoya is literally the living, breathing definition of Dressed To Kill™. leather pants, deep blue turtlenecks/halter tops, heels longer than any of alina’s love interests’ 🍆, big silver hoops or dangling earrings that reach her shoulders. cat-eye is a must, she always borrows genya’s matte lipsticks and it’s either nudes or deep, dark colors like plump/dark mauve - nothing in between. she’s either going for soft with a touch of danger or deadly with a secret tender side only a few people are privy to. long ink-black hair that holds storms between its streaks, highlighter brighter than my future, filled in eyebroows, long eyelashes, YES M A M A yEs yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssss!!!!!!!!!
- tamar’s style is simple but smart - basic monochrome tshirts that wash & dry easily, distressed jeans, combat boots, lots of chains & studs, maybe a pop of color in her leather jacket - a bright heart-shaped pin here, a rainbow badge there. her lips are always glossy or shimmery, her cheeks are streaked with glitter, her favorite eyeshadow palette is called killer babe and it’s mostly pinks/reds. her hair is either held in a low pony or sticking up in spikes, which makes nadia run her hand through her gf’s hair more, instinctively trying to smooth them down. a part of her outfit always matches nadia’s and alina always notices bc [voice drops to a whisper] she notices a lot of things about Girls™
- nadia is a vision in pastels and vibrant make up that somehow always goes with her outfit despite it being a rather clashing combination. she loves her soft hues - dusty rose, pale lilac, washed out blue. her lips are either baby pink or nude, with a lot of blush that makes her look even more ethereal and her hair is always braided - either up or down, always smth elaborate she’s spent hours and hours looking at youtube tutorials just to get it right. sometimes she’ll let tamar draw little symbols on her cheekbone - an uneven heart, the wlw labrys, a tiny rainbow peaking from behind a cloud, and sometimes it’s just a kiss print left on their way out
- nina is a goddess incarnate. even genya’s super impressed and genya’s like?? a legitimate beauty/fashion expert?? idk if you’ve seen barbie ferreira’s ig but like that is It. that’s nina right there, from top to bottom, down to the toes. her style is bold, edgy, challenging, unapologetic, body-positive, SEXY, beautiful. she has no problem going braless and wearing a semi see-through top, or crop tops that show her entire belly + a bit of underboob, matching pastel sets of ribbed skin tight short +  top, swimsuits tucked into jeans, the iconic stripes + denim combo, A LOT of lace, a lot of healthy, glowing skin. and she loves to wear big, heavy jewelry, the ~femme fatale~ kind - big earrings, velvet chokers that cover her 80% of her neck, body necklaces, massive rings. her hair is loose and you wanna get lost in it, like a sailor driven to madness by a siren’s song. her cheeks are bright and red, her lips are the color (and flavor, probably,,, inej might know best) of sweet cherry, there’s a lot of sparkle going on - on her eyelids, on her cheekbones, on her entire body. she uses a lot of body glitter/shimmer and her style is never boring, never like the day before, always has you on your toes
- and last but not least, inej!!!! her style is what you’d call efficient, humble, simplistic but stylish at the same time - she wears a lot of black and dark tones that help her blend into the shadows so she can become the wraith, but she likes to splash a bit of subtle color here and there - pastel yellow or orange nails, soft blush, pumpkin colored lipstick or lipgloss (nina complains lipgloss is sticky but then inej laughs and suddenly sticky is good, sticky can stay - or be smeared away,, if you know what i mean). she loves light perfumes - something natural, like the smell of forest fruit or an ocean breeze, or freshly picked flowers. she prefers boots all year round - short or open booties for summer, long knee-high boots for autumn/winter. she rarely wears jewelry; her knives are enough. however, alina likes to pamper her the most bc she holds her very dear & close to her heart, so she always surprises her with something dainty and small - her favorite pair of earring is probably two tiny curled knives, no bigger than her nail - they’re made from steel so they can’t cause any irritation and they’re forever, they’re unbreakable, like her. her hairstyle is usually a thick braid - either whipping around her shoulders or curled into a bun. she doesn’t wear a lot of make up either but sometimes she’ll put a bit of deep purple/blue/graphite to go with her outfit. she loves scarves!! all kinds of scarves - big, small, long, short, printed, monochrome, even plain ones that just smell like something fresh and satisfying, like freedom. she loves things with hood - dresses, tunics, tshirts, classic hoodies, jackets, parkas. granted, her style isn’t the ~loudest~ of the girl squad but it definitely makes you pause and turn around - and then she’s gone

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If you're still interested in writing outtakes for "build me up, buttercup," I'd be really interested to read about taekook's first real kiss?

it strikes like a snake, silent and sudden and deadly.

they were in the forest that day, a brief period of time when taehyung fell into one with nature and faded his hair back to brown with just a shallow dusting of emerald across his bangs, looking very much like some type of woodland fairy or otherworldly nymph if not for the bright yellow loafers he insisted on wearing for their outing.

“i can never turn down the chance to make the world just a little bit brighter,” taehyung had said, and even if jungkook had a voice he wouldn’t have argued it.

his soulmate’s optimism and sunshiny attitude towards life was maybe kinda sort of starting to grow on him.

“jungkookie!” the call comes from above his head, and jungkook looks up from the little patch of green clovers to see taehyung perched on the highest branch of the birch tree, only several yards up but with the branches so thin, jungkook has to shove down the little inkling of fear and worry that screams at him to demand that his soulmate come down right now, or so help him god.

instead he settles for crossed arms and pursed lips, standing up and extending a hand with a four leaf clover pinched between the pads of his fingertips as enticement to descend to the ground.

he should’ve known by now that with taehyung, nothing ever really goes the way he expects.

“kookie, i’m stuck!” taehyung hollers, and jungkook can’t see his face what with the sun situated behind him like a damn halo but he can certainly hear the barely-there waver in his voice that taehyung always tries to hide, the brief slip in confidence that gives away his complete and utter fear of heights (but not adventure, never adventure). jungkook can almost feel his stomach drop somewhere by his feet as he releases the useless clover and braces his hands on the bark, climbing up the tree without a second thought.

it’s a bit difficult, the smooth tree not giving him much purchase but jungkook has never been much of a quitter, climbing until his shoes are scuffed and hands are calloused and until he could finally see taehyung’s wide blinking eyes a little bit better, until he could see that taehyung was good and fine and okay.

he finally reaches the branch and he doesn’t really know what to do next, swinging his legs over with a quiet oof and facing taehyung who is backing up slightly to make room. which isn’t much, because taehyung’s interpretation of personal space differs vastly from most people’s, and jungkook finds himself almost chest to chest with the tan boy, back pressed against the trunk of the tree and tries looking anywhere but at the smile in front of him.

i’ll go down first, he tries to gesture, cursing at his lack of hindsight to keep his phone on him at all times in taehyung’s presence. i’ll go first, just don’t look down and I’ll catch you if you fall.

jungkook’s not sure if he actually understood, but taehyung nods with that same tiny, unreadable smile on his face and as he turns to make his way down, it happens.

it’s chaste, just a brief, thankful peck, nothing he hasn’t received from his mother when he was five but this is his soulmate, this is taehyung and the heat that creeps up his neck and ears and shadows his face comes alarmingly quick, his heart thudding out of control and through his (daze? surprise? embarrassment?) jungkook wonders vaguely if taehyung could hear it beating wildly out of his chest.

“was…was that okay?” taehyung whispers, the most vulnerable jungkook has ever seen him. it takes a while to respond but jungkook nods almost instinctively, letting his heart guide his hand as it slides up the lapels of taehyung’s shirt, tugs slightly at the black choker around taehyung’s neck, draws him in for something that they’ve both been dancing around for too long.

it’s slow and awkward but natural and lovely, intoxicating in its juxtaposition. it tastes faintly of cherries, a kind of woodsy nature that clung to taehyung’s skin from rolling around in the dewy forest grass all day. it tastes of truth and sunlight, a heady combination that made him dizzy and if he ever had a doubt in his mind that taehyung wasn’t his soulmate, that taehyung wasn’t created just for him

well. they’re all gone, now.

The woman on the corner in the short skirt and ripped stockings helped me wash my knees in the sink after the businessman in the navy suit cut too wide for his narrow frame didn’t care to see me,
and the woman on the corner in the thick eyeliner and cracked heels helped me wrap my hands in scarves when they’d started to turn blue after the corner store owner in the heavy wool sweater didn’t want me scaring away his invisible customers,
and the woman on the corner in the low blouse and heavy necklaces helped me carry my sister to the sidewalk after the taxi driver in the scuffed brown loafers saw yellow and thought green, 
and I’ve watched the women on the corner fade and disappear and die and no one looked for their bodies and no one went to their funerals and no one even noticed that their corners were empty for a day or two
‘til another woman on the corner appeared and she wore a short black skirt and her stockings were ripped above the knee
and her eyeliner was thick to hide the bags under her eyes and her heels were cracked where the glue had failed 
and her blouse showed more than she had and her necklaces were a rope hanging her by the beam of busy people with busy lives 
and she helped me dry my hair with paper towels after the construction worker in the neon vest poured lukewarm coffee over my head and laughed with his mates.