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So a bunch of people have irrational fears, me included, one of the most irrational happens to be fear of the dark (whoops, if that ain’t me) but imagine the reactions aliens would have to this human among their group who all are reckless and will go up to a furred monster that could kill them easily, and mimicking the actions the creature makes in order to initiate playful actions and befriending them, but this human, this one human just can’t take the darkness, and no one knows why. So bear with me I’m gonna go story mode.

Zeren sat settled in xeir sleeping pod ready to enter into their sleep cycle. From the other side of the room xe heard the sound of breath hitching. Worried, xe climbed out of their pod and moved nearer to the sheet of soft cushion the humans typically slept on. Xe adjusted their eyes to see the room better despite the utter darkness bathing the room.
Upon the bed sat Kiki, more upright than she usually is when on the said bed. Zeren moved themselves to the chair nearby and sat facing them. Xe saw Kiki tense up and attempt to scan the room, clearly looking for danger. It was unclear, but it looked as though she was crying, her breath was shaky and her general appearance looked disheveled.
“Human-Kiki are you alright?” Zeren asked cautiously, as they adjusted themselves on the seat. “Zeren?” The distressed human responded, their voice cracking slightly, “I’m fine, I’m just scared.” The response baffled Zeren, Kiki was the most brave human on the ship, constantly finding themselves in dangerous situations for fun.
“I don’t understand, are we in danger?” Zeren inquired, confused. “No,” Kiki reassured, “it’s just, really, really dark in here.” Zeren tilted their head in confusion, “it was my understanding that humans are typically soothed by dark spaces, and find it easiest to sleep when it’s dark.” Kiki wiped their face, confirming that she was crying, “to most humans it is sure, but it just really scares me.”
“If it would put you at ease I could activate my biolumecent patterning to provide more light.” Zeren offered, straightening their back. Kiki nodded, “yeah, that would be nice.” As discussed, Zeren’s skin began to light up a soft yellow tone, lighting up the room slightly.
Kiki stepped off her bed and moved towards Zeren. Before xe could ask what was happening, Kiki pulled Zeren into a hug. “Thank you.” She sobbed as she held onto Zeren’s larger form. “You’re welcome.” Xe responded, softly patting Kiki’s back. They both returned to their sleeping areas, the light spilling from Zeren’s sleeping pod, and they both slept soundly.
The next morning Zeren found Kiki within the group of the other humans, “Human-Kiki, if it would make you more comfortable would you like me to contact one of the engineers to put in a light that activates during night cycles?” Xe asked while approaching. One of the others, Finn, snorted a short laugh, “wait hold on, Kiki are you afraid of the dark?” He chuckled, “what are you five?”
He was stopped by a swift push from Carol, “shut up Finn, it’s very common for adults to be afraid of the dark.” Zeren wrote that down, to inform the captain so they can update their guide for human care. “Yeah, I think it would be cool if you’d do that.” Kiki told Zeren, before leaving to grab breakfast.

This is just one irrational fear idea, if anyone else has some good ideas for aliens dealing with irrational fears I thing they’d be awesome to read.

I am not use to writing love poems
But since I met you
All I want to write about
Is the softness in your chocolate eyes
Or the way the wind catches your hair
Tousling it in a way I want to do with my
The air I breathe is sweeter
The colours, more vibrant,
I wake up in the morning excited for the day
Where once I use to dread
the pale yellow light
Pooling into the room
Flooding it in a golden hue,
I find it beautiful
I can appreciate the warmth
The comfort of his arms wrapped
Protectively around my waist
Nose nuzzled into my neck
His soft breath tickling my hair.
Before I met him,
I use to fear water
But now all I want to do is
Maybe love is breathing. Maybe love comes quietly. Maybe love has steady hands, doesn’t talk much, finds solace, sleeps well. Maybe love is not hungry. Between every inhale, that pause, that falling chest. Maybe love is warm, and a little tired, and doesn’t want to go out in the cold today, even if the mail has arrived. Maybe love is abundant. Maybe love is unconcerned with proving its points. Maybe love has no chorus, maybe love encompasses. Maybe love is 70% water and idly wonders how it will die, all the while feeling that it won’t die, not really. Maybe love feels it has time. Maybe love moves like warm things move in their beds, safe and not entirely awake, adoring its own softness. Maybe love intends to be soft. Maybe love reaches for another blanket. Maybe love likes snow days. Maybe love stretches and feels its bones crack and sighs, rubbing itself, taking care. Maybe love is grateful. Maybe love radiates. Maybe love hums. Maybe love wears thick socks. Maybe love is a yellow light in a familiar room. Maybe love tells itself, knows itself by heart. Maybe love remembers you.
—  Benjamin Clime, Winter Letters.

11/07 Hey guys! This is the first desk picture in weeks. My finals ended and I enjoyed my vacation last couple of weeks. Maybe you read that I did a summer school in Barcelona. It was a great mix between vacation and uni. You can read all about my summer school adventures on my blog. So after a little bit of chilling with my friends and doing a summer school in Barcelona, I decided to clean up my desk at home. I’m planning on studying this summer so stay tuned for more desk pictures! 

You for you

Jimin x Reader 

Genre: Angst, Fluff

Summary: Sure you had your own insecurities, but he had his too

Word count: 1731

Originally posted by gzbrin

Being in a relationship with an idol is difficult, and you admit to that. There were ups and downs and lefts and rights, but you two always stuck together through everything. It’s been a little over a year since you two began dating and now it’s gotten to a point where you two owned a shared apartment. Sure, Jimin had spent most of his nights at the dorms since it was closer to the dance studio, but every week he made sure to come home and spend the night with you at least once or twice.

You laid in bed all snuggled up in your comforter inhaling the scent of lavender and just a tinge of Jimin. He spent the night with you yesterday, so his scent lingered on the sheets. It was raining out, all gloomy with no sun to be seen, and on days like this, you liked to cuddle with your boyfriend. Unfortunately, he wasn’t here right now. You fully understood the different aspects of being in a relationship with an idol, so you accepted the lack of his presence. Just knowing that he loved and cared for you was enough.

After getting yourself in a comfortable position, you reach over for your phone which sat atop the nightstand next to your bed. You scrolled through the various types of social media you had, but the only thing you could see on almost every post was something along the lines of “JIMIN DATING!!” or “PARK JIMIN OF BTS RELATIONSHIP CONFIRMED”. 

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