yellow lantern batman

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Batman accepting a Yellow Power Ring. However! He uses it for justice.

“Oh please, I don’t fear the Batman. You’ll get thrown into prison for a few years, and come back on the streets in no time. Nothing to worry over,” the thug said.

“You should.” Down from the rooftops, Batman flew. There was a slight, unearthly glow about him. Suddenly, the thugs saw the images of their worst nightmares for a moment, and cowered back. Two punches, and they were down for the count.

Soon, the suspicious and cowardly lot that made up Gotham’s underworld would relearn the meaning of fear. For Batman would bring down a swift justice upon them all, and be called ‘The Demon of Justice’ for years to come.


The Lantern Blanket.

Ugh, I made this over a year ago for a friend. I had to create the pattern from scratch and it took me the whole summer to get it done to the point that I actually liked it.

The entire thing was made with half-double crochet stitches.
Width: 49.5 inches
Height: 50 inches