yellow jaquet

Bumbleby book store AU

“Ehh…” Blake sighed as another day without a client or any guests passed

Her dream of making her own book store in the city was turing out to be a failure, no one buying her books and the people that borrowed some never gave them back

“Mhh…maybe it’s better if I sell this place when it’s still worth something..” the black haired girl thought looking outside of the window the heavy rain falling from the sky

“The weather sure doesn’t help”

At that moment she heard the door of the store open

“E-Excuse me is it open?” A blonde girl slowly entered, her long golden hair soached from the water as well as some of her clothes

“T-Thank you for helping me…” the blonde said as she

“Oh god are you ok?

"Y-Yeah the weather just…just took me by surprise..” the blonde said blushing slightly

“Let me get you to the bathroom” Blake said as she got closer to the girl

She was weaping a skirt, a yellow jaquet and a pair a glasses, but blake couldn’t take her attenction off her cute liac eyes