yellow hook neckties

Capping off a long, hard week.

This tie from Yellow Hook Neckties may be my favorite from the batch. An unlined, six fold construction wool in a gentle brown plaid is a staple, and this is as well made as it gets.

Brunello Cucinelli suede elbow patched cotton SC
Finamore blue
Yellow Hook Neckties brown wool tie
Vineyard Vines piped PS
J. Crew cotton cashmere cardi
Yves Saint Laurent M7
J. Crizzle khakis, Bowery fit
Alden shell pennies, Aberdeen last

The heavy rain this morning made me want to just reach for a bunch of textural, warm fabrics. Luckily, Rob at Yellow Hook Neckties sent me this tie, called the “Wooly Mammoth”. Ordinarily I don’t go for these dense woolen ties, but the unlined three fold construction on this didn’t make it feel so bulky.

Vintage cashmere SC
Mattabisch by Kiton shirt
Yellow Hook Neckties “wooly mammoth” tie
Robert Talbott silk pochette
Acqua di Colonia Firenze

My friend Rob over at newly minted Yellow Hook Neckties, knows well my penchant for distinctive neckwear. He sent a few my way for some test drives, so here’s the first. Ill post some thoughts later on in the week after they’ve got some traction. Feel free to comment, too.

Also, the rare quadruple pattern…

Isaia Corrallorosso brown flannel suit
Finamore shirt
Yellow Hook Neckties wool/cashmere houndstooth tie
Ralph Lauren Purple Label ancient madder PS
Bandit de Robert Piguet

Today’s tie is from the forthcoming Spring 13 collection of Yellow Hook Neckties.

The tie is made of Tom Ford silk (not quite sure of the mill), which is quite thick and textural. While I love Tom Ford, I don’t really wear the neckwear because they tie ESPN announcer thick knots which I don’t like.

Rob thankfully made these ties in an unlined six construction, allowing for smaller knots. It’s also a 3.5" width, much more practi than the TF 3.75"..or 5" width. I’m looking forward to the other assortments of these silks that will come.

Vintage Tom Ford designed, Zegna made, Gucci pinstripe suit
Borrelli FC
Yellow Hook Neckties
Ralph Lauren Purple Label Irish linen hank
Odin No. 3