yellow head wrap

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I want some angst shit about White being awfully typical "bad guy", who killed Green. And, after that, Green's moms are going to wreck White. Like, REALLY wreck. Yellow will be a true fury.

I’m questing why I wrote this and why it’s so fucking short. -Mod Caz

A golden hand clenched around the emerald green shards, sharp edges cutting through the fabric of her glove and into her flesh as the diamond clawed at the splintered remains of her daughter with her other hand.

‘Get up Yellow.’ White Diamond sneered, kicking at the queen with a shard dusted boot, sending Yellow flying into a stark, white wall.

‘How could you…’ Yellow tilted her head, wrapping the green shards in a bubble before glaring at White with a fire that roared for vengeance. 'She was my daughter!’

White let out an apathetic laugh, silver eyes sliding down and across to the diamond lying before the rubble from the impact. 'Oh Yellow, I thought you knew I hated that little child of yours, made through that pitiful organic mating ritual you and Blue shamelessly performed. She was no diamond. A mere disappointment to the authority.’

'You fucking bitch.’

'Why thank you. I’m sure Blue will be delighted receiving a pretty bubble with the shards of you and your hideous daughter after I’m done with you.’ White smirked, stalking towards the queen with menacing and deliberate steps.

With that Yellow rose up, bolts of lighting circling her body, golden eyes burning with rage. Lifting a gloved hand the pulsing energy shot forwards, colliding with White’s body.

The attack barely fazed her, passing through the light projection without doing any damage.

Though a skilled fighter Yellow stood no chance against White, the matriarch knocked out Yellow with ease. Reaching into the iridescent gem on her forehead White pulled out an axe, raising it above her head White stood with the power of a leader of Homeworld.

'Tell Green I said hi.’


'Oh Blue~’

'Yes Yel-White, yes?’

'I have… A gift…’


Steph Rewatches Suits - Mike and Harvey Moments, 1.01 Pilot (6 of ?)

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I cant get behind almost all of Rebecca's looks because most nights she look A+ but there was a weird tea towell she once wore around her head that I really hope she burnt

Oh yes, the yellow head wrap. 

I mean, I think she still looked 100% stunning in it, but yeah, I wouldn’t have worn that myself. 

I have this headcanon that Rebecca buys a lot of her fancy clothes online from obscure shops and that she gets really excited when they arrive. Like squeally excited. ‘Chrissie, look what I just got, isn’t it BEAUTIFUL!!!’ excited.

And you just know Chrissie gets dragged over to see whatever it is, and that she thinks it is hipster rubbish, and that she rolls her eyes and says something like ‘well at least it’s not as bad as the yellow tea towel monstrosity’ and Rebecca just beams at her (because from Chrissie that’s sort of a compliment).

Chrissie’s always getting at her like: ‘you do realise this is a small Yorkshire village and not Shoreditch, don’t you?’ 

But Bex does not care AT ALL and dresses in the most colourful, floaty, pretty things she can possibly find. She’s always dying to get a chance to style Chrissie and make her ‘softer’ but Chrissie would literally rather choke than dress in florals, so Bex has to settle for painting her big sister’s nails dark, deep red for her instead. 

(She’s still determined to braid Chrissie’s hair, though. Potentially while she sleeps at this point.)