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Skinny Love | Jungkook | PT. 1

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Summary: You and Jungkook have been friends for a long time, probably so long that you can even consider one another best friends. You can spot each other in any crowd just by the bond you share, and you communicate sometimes in your own language. But you weren’t content with being ‘just friends’. You wanted more, but what itched at you was the question of if he felt the same.

Potential Pairing: Jungkook x Reader (Female)

Genre: Fluff, Angst, Future Smut, Mature Content—cursing, drinking and obviously sex. College!AU

There will be four(?) parts to this. Enjoy part one and please don’t forget to vote and give me feedback. 


Chapters: 01 | 02 | 03 | 04


You can recall the many times you had the opportunity to tell Jungkook how you felt. There was the time during the twelfth grade trip when you both were sitting next to one another on the bus ride home, he made a blanket for you with his sweater and told you to lean on his shoulder as he attempted to sing you to sleep. He looked like an angel that night, you were both close to the point where you could have whispered to him that you liked him and kissed him.

There was that time when you carried him home when he got wasted for the first time, which he never did again, and he was so out of it you could have confessed to him without actually confessing. He was so drunk that he wouldn’t even remember it the next day, it would save you the embarrassment but the sadness would still be hanging over you.

The memories of all the times he had asked you who you liked came back to you. You really could have pointed to him, looked him in the eye and said, “you. I like you Jungkook.” But life isn’t always like they say in the movies to make things speed up, things like this took time, even four years or so worth of it.

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Other Worldly (Part 6)

Pairing: Dean x Reader (Reverse!French Mistake)

Words: 2,603

Summary: Sam works his hardest to get Y/n and Dean together

Warnings: None

Tags: @fandomcrazedhuman @kyleewinchester @garverygirl139 @thequeenofgood (If you want to be tagged in future updates let me know!)

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A soft knocking on your door alerted you to the visitor. “Come in.” You called, your tears had dried up and you had begun to look like your normal self again, just didn’t feel like it. 

The door opened slowly, revealing Dean with a guilty expression. “Hey Y/n. Listen I’m so sorry about earlier I was just-”

“Tired?” You finished for him, sitting on the edge of your bed. “It’s okay, Cas told me that you have a lot on your mind right now and I understand.”

“Cas?” Dean questioned, glancing around the room for the angel.

You nodded. “Yeah, he left a couple minutes ago. Said he was still looking but that he should find something soon, so I’ll be out of your hair.” You had said it as nonchalantly as you could, though the thought of leaving this place, Sam, Cas, even Dean made your heart ache. 

Dean’s face fell and he turned slightly to cough. “Um, yeah, cool. Well, I just wanted to, y’know,” He started backing out of the room. “Make sure you were okay. I’ll uh, see you later.” 

And again, you were alone.

“Ugh!” You groaned and fell backwards to lay down. You don’t know what you’d thought would happen. Maybe Dean would say ‘oh no, don’t go I want you here!’ or ‘wait, you can’t leave, I love you’. That second one was far-fetched but once a dean!girl, always a dean!girl. “When did everything become so complicated?”

Another knock came at your half open door and Sam peeked his head in. “Bad time?” He joked before coming to sit next to you on your bed. You sat up and laid a head on his shoulder. “Hi Sam.” You sighed.

“Hi Y/n, first of all, don’t lay on me like that, your hair is still wet.” He pushed your head gently off his shoulder with a laugh. “Second of all, we should probably find you some actual clothes shouldn’t we? Because as adorable as you are in mine, we don’t know how long you’re going to be here for and we should be prepared.”

You nodded hesitantly. “Okay, but I’m not planning on being here too long Sam, just until Cas finds a way to send me back.” 

Sam shrugged. “Still, we don’t know how long it will take Cas, could be a couple weeks.”

You winced involuntarily and Sam noticed, giving you a questioning look. “Sorry, don’t get me wrong, I love it here. I love hanging out with you and researching and everything but…”

“What is it Y/n?” He questioned, looking worried.

“I just don’t think Dean wants me here.” You admitted, playing with your hands in your lap.

Sam let out a short laugh. “Oh that’s the problem? Please, Y/n, I sincerely doubt that. Now, get dressed, we’re going shopping.” 

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How you met Calum:

Coffee had always been your saviour first thing in a morning before your classes. You hated it until you realised that it had magical powers that helped you finish essays at 3am. Although your classes had officially finished for the summer, you hadn’t managed to break the habit.

You smiled at the barista. “I’ll have a large Americano please.”

“What name?”

You told her yours and she told you the price. You reached into your pocket, expecting to find your purse. But you didn’t. You patted your pockets and hunted through your bag frantically. Shit. You must have left it at your parents’ house that morning.

“Let me get this,” the guy behind you said.

You reluctantly accepted his offer and thanked him. The coffees were quick to arrive and you mixed in your usual milk with two sugars.

“You must have had a hectic morning,” the stranger said.

You nodded as you breathed in the rich smell of the coffee.

“Do you want to talk about it? I hear talking to a stranger helps.”

You weighed up your options. It was either you went home and faced the music or sat in a coffee shop with a very attractive stranger who bought you coffee. You gestured to the seats and he eagerly followed you to them. Once you had settled, he waited for you to start talking.

“My sister’s getting married this Saturday and she nearly screamed the house down this morning because she found out I’d supposedly forgotten about the dress fitting last week. So she’s out for my head and my mum is equally as unimpressed with me.”

He sipped his coffee and leaned forward onto the table.

“Why did you miss the appointment?” he asked.

“I had a doctor’s appointment at the same time, I was supposed to get Rose to change dress fitting but I forgot because I hate going to the doctor and I had a final deadline for my coursework.”

You sighed.

“I get it.” The stranger smiled at you. “It’s all piling up against you.”

“Exactly,” you agreed. “But I can’t say anything or Rose will say I’m trying to steal her thunder. She’s turned into a Bridezilla. She screamed at her maid of honour last week for drinking a chocolate milkshake.”

You noticed the guy had a cute smile; he laughed a little then lifted his cup.

“I suggest you go home with bags filled with chocolate and tell her you’re preparing for the wedding.”

“She’d either cry or rip my face off.” You took a mouthful from your cup. “I’m hoping for the latter. The bridesmaid dresses are awful. They’re bright yellow halter necks with full skirts. We’ll be walking targets for every bug outside.”

“They sound interesting. So have you rearranged the dressmaker?” he questioned.

You nodded and looked at your phone. “Rose is apparently sending me a new time.”

Message from Rose:

Rebooked the dress fitting, Mary is charging me extra for this! Be there at 10am or she can’t do the alterations by Saturday. Miss this and I swear I will divorce you as a sister! :) Love, Rosy.

You looked at the time. You were supposed to be there in five minutes.

“Shit,” you muttered.

“What’s wrong?”

“She’s only made it for 10am. The place is across town, I walked here. God, she’s going to kill me,” you fretted with your hand on your forehead.

The stranger stood up and checked his phone. “I can give you a ride there?”

You either accepted his offer or your sister was going to kill you on the basis of you ruining her wedding.

“You are my saviour!” you said.

“I do like to help a damsel in distress every now and again,” he replied.

You followed him out of the coffee shop and he took you to his parked car. You hesitated before getting in.

He frowned at you. “What’s wrong?”

“I don’t even know your name but I’m about to get in a car with you. You might be a murderer or something.”

“I’m Calum,” he informed you. “And I promise I’m not a murderer.”

You told him your name before adding, “And I’m not either.”

You climbed into the car and he drove to the address you gave him. You talked on the way to put yourself at ease.

“Tell me one thing about yourself,” you said.


You saw he was confused. You’d always had this thing as a kid that if you knew one thing about a stranger, they wouldn’t be strangers anymore. It was a strange logic but it helped put you at ease.

“It helps me. It comforts me when I meet new people.”

He nodded but still looked slightly confused.

“I’m in a band with my mates, we’re trying to make it big one day,” he told you. “I play bass. What about you? I want your one thing.”

“Oh?” Nobody had ever asked you before. Usually they just left it in hope that you’d go away.

“Yeah, I want your one thing.”

You nod. “I write poems, songs and stuff. I don’t mention it to anybody because it’s a load of crap mostly.”

“I write songs too.”

He pulled up at the side of the road, outside of the dress shop and got out of the car.

“What are you doing?” you asked him.

“Coming with you to the appointment? I’m guessing you haven’t got a ride home.”

You shook your head. “My car’s in for a service.”

“I don’t mind waiting with you. I haven’t got band practise until later away.”

You smiled at him. “Thanks, Calum.”

“And I want to see how awful this dress really is.”

Nightmare before Halloween Part 1 of 2

This is going to be a two-shot. It came to over 15k words total, so I had to split it up. The next part will come soon. I just need to finish editing it. :)

Summary: Lucy Heartfilia is excited about the Halloween party tonight thrown at everyone’s favorite restaurant, Fairy Tail. That is, until something strange happens, causing her and her friends to fight for their lives for fear of being hunted down and attacked. Somewhat based on a part of the movie, “Halloweentown II: Kalabar’s Revenge”. Modern AU. I do not own Fairy Tail, Hiro Mashima does. Two-shot!

Pairing: Natsu/Lucy

Rated: T for cussing, slightly suggestive themes and violence.

Genre: Humor, Suspense

Word Count: 8,014

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Nightmare Before Halloween Part 1 of 2

“I’ll be ready by the time you get here,” Lucy said, her phone pressed against her ear as she applied her eyeliner. She wanted to look her best, so she used a steady hand even though her heart beat faster the longer she talked to him.

“I hope so,” the voice of her best friend came from the other end of the line. “We’re on our way now, and you know how fast Erza drives.”

“Yeah, yeah,” the blonde teen laughed, almost messing up her makeup. “I promise I’ll be good.”

“Okay, see you soon, Luce.”

She smiled, loving the silly nickname he gave her. “You too, Natsu.”

Lucy hung up her phone, relieved that now she could apply her makeup without trying to hold a conversation, but worried because she really did know how fast Erza drove. She almost wished the vehicle would suck up some of her energy in the process, since it might slow her down.

When she was satisfied with her face, she stood up and walked over to her full-length mirror. She gave herself a little twirl, smiling that all the hard work she did paid off. Lucy decided this year for Halloween she was going to go as her favorite zodiac sign, Aquarius.

She spent countless hours sewing her costume together, getting stabbed multiple times by her needles as she worked with her raw material to create -in her opinion- a masterpiece. Most of her golden hair was down, while some of it was pulled into two high pigtails. Green bows tied off her hair, matching the rest of her costume. She had sleeves that started halfway down her upper arm, coming down to her wrists. They were the same green as her bows, with yellow ruffles underneath.

A halter top swimsuit adorned her torso. She used a thick material to make the top, so it was warm despite the cold air that came with this time of the year. She drew Aquarius’s symbol right under her collarbone, making sure to get it nice and dark so everyone could see it. She used a special body paint that wasn’t supposed to smudge, so she hoped it would last for the night.

Lucy’s skirt was uneven, part of it coming up high on her upper thigh while the other part came down to her mid-thigh. The skirt was green, with yellow ruffles sewn on the waistband and on the hem. A matching yellow ribbon was tied around her thigh on the part where her skirt came up higher.

Her outfit was complete with a pair of brown strapped sandals. With her lack of pockets, she’d have to rely on Natsu to carry her phone and wallet, but he doubted he’d mind. He was always willing to help.

A light pink blush dusted her cheeks when she thought about her best friend. They met two years ago at a Halloween party. Coincidentally it was also thrown at Fairy Tail, just like the one they were attending tonight would be.

Lucy had decided a few weeks ago that tonight she was going to confess to Natsu Dragneel. She was going to tell him how she felt about him. She was just unsure how much she should say. The truth was the girl was hopelessly in love with the boy, and had been for the better part of the last year. However, she didn’t want to come on too strong. He’d never given her any reasons to suspect that maybe he liked her back, so professing her love for him was risky.

The blonde teen knew the best course of action would be to tell him that she liked him first. It wouldn’t be a lie. Despite loving him, she still liked him a lot. He was a great friend, funny, kind, and so full of happiness. Plus he was hot as fuck! She enjoyed spending time with Natsu, and tonight would be no different.

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There might be a list somewhere that I don’t know about, but for now making reference of favorite outfits/accessories so I don’t lose them/forget who likes what. Will be edited probably semi frequently, depends how fast I’m able to make clothes/accessories. 

Agate- White Cat Ears, Apron Skirt, Eye Patch

Angela- Blue glasses (all), Blue Work outfit, Pink Casual Outfit, White Doctor’s Outfit

Corona- Gardening Outfit, Purple Striped Jacket

Dessie- Ruby Cheongsam, Apron Skirt, Nordic Dress

Eda- Blue Work Outfit*

Elise- Sailor Scarf, Ruby Cheongsam, Pink High Neck Jacket, Red glasses (all), Red Chef ‘s Uniform, Nordic Dress, Pink Casual Outfit, Strawberry Hoodie, Magical Girl Outfit*, Black glasses (all)*

Fritz- Emerald Cheongsam, Green and Cream Apron, Black Poncho

Giorgio- Yellow glasses (all), Alpine Skirt, Aqua Coat


Iris- Monocle, Nordic Dress, Gardening Outfit, Purple Striped Jacket

Jonas- Gardening Outfit, Purple Striped Jacket

Kamil- Casual Shortalls, Casual Rocker, Blue glasses (all), Alpine Skirt, Blue-Green Girls’ Jumpsuit, Sky-blue Raincoat, Blue Work outfit, Cobalt Hoodie, Work Apron, Aqua Coat, Stylish Blue Jacket, Aqua Tailored Jacket

Klaus- Alpine Skirt, Eye Patch, Black framed glasses (all), Work Apron

Licorice- Short Cheongsam, Monocle, Emerald Cheongsam, Green and Cream Apron, Green Hoodie

Lillie- Crimson Knickerbocker, Apron Skirt, Nordic Dress, Pink Casual Outfit, Red Poncho

Lutz- Kerchief, Sailor Scarf, Casual Shortalls, Checkered Vest

Margot- Black framed glasses (all)

Marian- Work Apron

Maurice- Ruby Cheongsam, Girl’s Jumpsuit, Eye Patch, Strawberry Hoodie

Melanie- Ruby Cheongsam, White Cat Ears, Pink High Neck Jacket, Nordic Dress, Pink Casual Outfit

Mistel- Sailor Scarf, White Cat Ears, Blue Work Outfit, Round glasses, White Doctor’s Outfit

Nadi- Boy’s Overalls, Green Hoodie, Black framed glasses (all), Wild Farmer, Black Cat Ears

Otmar- Short Cheongsam, Red Farmboy Duds, Red Poncho

Raeger- Yellow Halter Top, Yellow glasses (all), Ruby Cheongsam, Red Chef’s Uniform, Boy’s Jumpsuit, Red Farmboy Duds, Checkered Vest, Yellow Sweater

Veronica- Blue glasses (all), Alpine Skirt, Blue-Green Girls’ Jumpsuit


*found with help on Fogu

11. (Part Two)

Soul Food


I was all the way confused, since when did Taylour get an invitation? “This my boy Marlon, don’t know if y'all ever got the chance to meet,” Laith said while dapping me I shook my head no. “I’m Jermaine,” I stated dapping him & stepped to the side and let everyone in.

“Jermaine,” Taylour spoke I breathed out shaking my head while grilling her.

“I’m letting you know right now Taylour don’t start no shit, know whose house your in. My aunt will fuck your ass up, shit my mother too,” I warned her she waved me off.

“Whatever, I never came here for you Jermaine, Angela invited me,” she shrugged walking off I sucked my teeth and met Ciara’s eyes.

“You can say hi you know,” I said walking up to her. “Hello Maurice, where’s your friend?” she asked me I chuckled.

“You would want to know right-” I started to say but there was a knock on the door.

“Hold on,” I said walking over to the door. “Yo,” Trey said as he, Lauren & Tae walked in.

“Why these niggas call me talking about there’s gonna be a fight?” he asked as I closed the door I laughed shaking my head.

“When you walk in there you’ll see,” I said slapping his back as we walked in the living room.

“Damn, who we betting on?” Trey asked after dapping Uncle Nas.

“What you mean, my money on Rae & Ciara who else should it be on?” Ty asked.

“What about Cat though?” Trey asked.

“Who she gon fight?” I asked looking over at him. “Ciara, Taylour you pick,” he said I waved him off.

“I wouldn’t even let the fight between her and Ciara go down. Now her and Taylour is a different story,” I said as we all laughed.

“Hey Trey,” Cat greeted him. “Wussup ma,” he said giving her a hug.

“Y'all want anything to drink?” Ravyn asked stomping her way over to us.

“Rae what the hell is your problem?” Cole asked her.

“You would ask a stupid as question like that right?” she huffed rolling her eyes.

“Damn they starting already?” I asked with a slight smile on my face, she nodded.

“Oh I can’t wait to eat,” Ty said Rae shook her head and stomped off. We in for a treat tonight, and as long as I’m not it for any reason I’ll be enjoying everything that goes down tonight.


“Hi Aunty,” I smiled kissing her cheek and walked over to Mama J. “You okay?” Mama J asked me I nodded.

“I’m fine ma, I’m just real hungry that’s all,” I smirked wiggling my eyebrows she chuckled grabbing a biscuit shoving it my way. Damn I remember when this used to happen to me when I was little. I turned my head and motioned for Laith to come over, he hasn’t exactly met Uncle Nas yet and it’s important to me that they do. He’s basically my father, so he has to meet Laith.

“Why do I feel like I haven’t seen you in forever Cici? You and Rae hardly come over anymore,” he said after our hug I smiled shrugging. “We just been busy,” I stated letting my eyes wander, I haven’t seen Rae since coming in the house and I did want to talk to her.

“Yea whatever, you can never be to busy for family. Now where is this guy that is keeping you away from me?” he questioned. I turned around just in time because Laith just made it behind me.

“Laith this is Uncle Nas, Unc this is my boyfriend Laith,” I smiled watching them. “Laith,” he paused. “Walk with me, talk with me. You drink Hennesy?” he asked him Laith nodded then looked back at me before disappearing into his office.

“Oh you trust for them two to be alone?” Aunt Nia asked me I nodded. “He’ll be fine,” I assured her and just like clockwork Rae walked up.

“You still mad at me?” I pouted she chuckled shaking her head. “I was never mad at your annoying behind Ci, you meet her yet?” she asked me I shook my head no.

I don’t even know why I went off the way I did when Rae told me about her meeting Cat. I guess it caught me off guard that Jermaine even brought her to meet Rae. I just felt like that didn’t need to happen, but it did and I can’t change it. If Rae is anything like she explained I see no reason why we can’t be cordial with each other. If Jermaine is happy with this new girl in his life I’m happy for him, for them.

“She’s in the living room,” she said I nodded. “But yo, why your best friend and her battery pack here?” I laughed at the mug Rae placed on her face.

“You ain’t one ounce of shit Ci, wasn’t y'all just all buddy the other day at the boutique. Y'all got real acquainted that day right?” she said as we bust out laughing I can’t take this girl man.

“But seriously though, when me, Marlon, and Laith, walked up the stairs I turned around and they was right behind us. I’m like who invited them, Taylour tried sending me the death glare,” I laughed shaking my head.

“Mama invited Angela, you know the whole baby situation so I guess she invited Taylour,” Rae said as we walked towards the living room.

“Oh they tryna start some shit,” I said she nodded. “In whose house though? These bitches don’t know so let them show out,” Rae chuckled as we walked up to Yana & them.

“So y'all really trying to mess up Uncle Nas & Aunty Nia house tonight right?” Tae asked shaking her head.

“We was just talking about that man, they funny real funny. Angela already started with the stares and shit when she was talking to my aunt and Mama J, she know she lucky,” Rae gritted I shook my head.

This is what I have no time for, girls like Taylour and Angela are very basic and are obvious to read at that. Hence being basic, they came here with one motive and one motive only. And that was too start some shit, they must think we’re stupid or something but we’re two steps ahead of them. Even with whatever plan circulating in their basic ass heads they better know whose house they’re in and whose kids they’re about to start quote on quote disrespecting. Both Mama J and Aunty Nia will lay a quick hand on them after asking the lord to forgive them and then follow with kicking them out.

I’m ready for this and will enjoy this night, even though I know they’ll try their hardest to shake me.

“Can you not Tremaine,” I laughed looking at Trey. “Damn Ci why you gotta throw the government out like that? Can I start calling you Joy?” he questioned I grilled him.

“No you cannot, now shut up,” I said he put his hands up and walked away from me. I smiled shaking my head and noticed Cat sitting by herself. I haven’t exactly introduced myself or been introduced for that matter and with Jay no where in sight might as well take my chance.

Scratching my head a little I trekked my way up to her and realized how pretty she is, she’s real attractive in fact. She wore a pair of white gold chain giuseppe zanottis on her feet with a pair of black skinny jeans topped off with a yellow midriff halter top and her hair in a slick bun. I commend Jay on becoming friends with someone who has their own, because Taylour. I mean I don’t exactly have to get into that.

“Cat,” I called out standing in front of her, she looked up with a smile on her face. “Yea,” she answered.

“I’m Ciara,” I smiled slightly holding my hand out she grabbed it and nodded. “Kind of figured that, it’s nice to meet you,” she said.

“Nice to meet you as well,” I said letting her hand go it was an awkward silence between us before she spoke up.

“I’ve heard a lot about you,” she stated I chuckled. “All good things I hope,” she nodded quickly before continuing.

“I’m not trying to get in your business or anything but Jay does love you, a lot. When we’re together you’re all he talks about,” I smiled shaking my head.

“I’m sure, things didn’t exactly end well between us I just wish he’d move on,” I said shaking my head.

“I completely understand,” she said I raised my eyebrow looking over at her which caused a chuckle to fall from her lips.

“What I mean is we have the same story Ciara, I’m going through the same as you. Trying to move on, while the ex keeps coming back,” she said.

“Really?,” she nodded. “Yea, and my way of moving forward is just focusing on my work. I own a salon downtown Los Angeles and that’s my relationship,” she shrugged.

“I understand that, so you and Jay aren’t working on getting together?” I asked her she laughed shaking her head no.

“No way, he’s attractive I mean we both know that but he’s lock down even though he’s not with you Ciara. I would never do that to myself anyway, besides I can never see myself with him, more like a best friend maybe,” she said as we shared a laugh.

I’m real disappointed in myself, I judged the girl before actually getting to know her. Rae was right for real, she really is a cool girl, I can see us becoming friends some where in the near future.

“I must admit, I thought for some reason I wasn’t going to like you,” I said she smiled shaking her head.

“I came here with my guard up believe it or not, not trying to sound cocky but I kind of knew and I’ve been there. It’s hard seeing your ex with somebody else even after moving on from them, don’t even trip. It’s no hard feelings on my end,” she shrugged I nodded.

“I like you Cat,” I chuckled shaking my head.

“Okay, time to eat,” Mama J announced. “Damn,” I mumbled watching as everybody ran to the table and smiled watching Laith and Uncle Nas walk out his office with smiles on their face.

“Your Uncle is a funny guy,” Laith said as we sat down. My mouth watered at the sight of every dish layed out on the table, Mama and Aunty out did their selves today.

The tension in this room was thick as hell, so I could just tell this night was not about to end with a few laughs and sending everyone home with to go bags. Somebody will get knocked out before dinner is even finished I know it.

The silence was so awkward you wouldn’t know exactly where to start your conversation at. This is ridiculous and nerve racking.

“The yams are banging ma,” Jermaine spoke she smiled his way and turned her attention to Angela. If it’s one thing I noticed is that Aunt Mia does not like her off rip, while Mama J she’s trying to give this girl a chance.

“Angela I know we spoke a little, but how did you meet Dominic?” Mama J asked. I smiled looking down at my plate, mama is so shady in the sneakiest ways ever. I shook my head looking over at Ty and Cole watching the smiles spread wide on their face looking between Mama and Angela. It’s going to be a long night.


Pulling up to Ravyn’s aunt house I sent a text to Dom letting him know I arrived and turned my attention to Taylour.

“I can’t believe your ass got me out here Ang,” she chuckled grabbing her bag. I shrugged pulling my key out and dropped it in my bag.

“Ain’t no going back Tay, besides I need you,” I smiled at her and got out my car. “What do you have planned Ang? Why you coming to these people house to start some shit?” she asked with a smirk on her face.

“Are you going to stop me?” I asked her. “You know I’m not. Oh look whose on the stairs,” she pointed.

“Who is that?” I asked her. “Laith, Marlon, and Ciara,” she scoffed at the sound of her name which caused me to laugh.

“You really hate her,” I said. “As much as you hate Ravyn,” she said as we walked toward the house. Once we made it up the stairs we got looks from all three of them, including a confused yet smirked face Ciara. I looked at Taylour to see her grilling Ciara and just coached her to chill we have all night to do this.

The door opened and while I wished Dom was standing there it was Jermaine. I chuckled at his facial expression when he noticed Taylour, everyone is real pressed that we’re here right now. But do I care? Hell no.

Looking around the room I noticed Dom sitting on the couch laughing and talking with everyone around him. I’m sure they’ll be just as happy to see us.

“C'mon Tay,” I sighed grabbing her hand. “He tried himself warning me Angela,” she gritted I waved her off and tapped Dom’s shoulder.

“I know I told you I was downstairs,” I said once he turned around he sucked his teeth shaking his head.

“And I see you found your way, so what the fuck you texting me for?” he questioned as a bunch of snickers scattered throughout the room.

“Is something funny?” Taylour asked. “Oh girl please, I mean damn y'all walked up on my brother like this was y'all house or something. Where are your manners I know ya mama taught you hoes when you were younger,” Tae spoke I chuckled waving her off.

“Yo just come the fuck on,” he gritted as both Taylour and I followed behind him. I smiled when I saw Ravyn in the kitchen, she chuckled when she saw me and went back to what she was doing.

“Ma, aunty this is Angela, and Taylour,” he said in a dull tone.

“Ugh, who’s bothering you Dom?” he breathed out shaking his head and walked over to Ravyn. I rolled my eyes watching him kiss her hoe ass.

“Um hello, not over my food. Dom get out of here please,” his mom said he chuckled. “My fault ma,” he smiled walking past me I found myself grilling Ravyn and scoffed as she winked my way with a smile on her face and went back to whatever she was doing.

She likes being a hoe I guess.

“Is something in your throat baby?” his mom asked I shook my head no. “Oh girl you can call me Mama J, and this is Aunty Nia,” Mama J said I nodded with a smile on my face.

“Tell me how far along you are sweetheart,” Aunt Nia said

“I just hit two months,” I smiled in Ravyn’s direction rubbing my stomach. “Oh the early stages, enjoy them while you can baby,” she said as we shared a laugh.

“Well congrats on your bundle of joy, I’m sure you’ll be a great mom,” Mama J added. “Thank you Mama J, but not as good of a father Dominic will be. When we found out he was so excited, spent nights talking to our baby, he’s so attached it’s the cutest thing ever,” I smiled looking over at Ravyn.

“You kno-” Ravyn paused mid-sentence when her Aunt and Mama J looked at her. “I’m just going to go see if they want anything to drink,” she gritted walking out the kitchen.

“What is wrong with her Nia?” Mama J asked. “I could think of a couple things but we don’t need to discuss that right now,” Aunt Nia said side eyeing me I thought nothing of it though.

“Oh I know,” Mama J did the same and sent a sly smirk my way.

“How would you ladies like to help set the table?” Mama J asked. “Sure, can I wash my hands?” Taylour asked she nodded sending us both to the sink.

My mouth watered looking over every dish and the very satisfying scent each dish let off. I haven’t had a home cooked meal like this in a while, so I’m enjoying every moment of this night, and the food while I can.

“Okay, time to eat,” Mama J announced my eyes almost popped out of my head watching everyone rush to the table. I made sure Taylour and I were across from both Ravyn and Ciara when we took our seats.

It was awfully quiet while everyone was eating and the tension in the room was thick as hell. You could tell that some people wanted to talk but just didn’t know where to start.

“The yams are banging ma,” Jermaine said she smiled his way and turned her attention to me.

“Angela I know we spoke a little, but how did you meet Dominic?” she asked me a few forks dropped causing me to turn my head in the direction of the noise and saw two big smiles on Cole and Ty’s face. They were obviously in for a show, so a show is what I’ll give them.



I shook my head after Mama asked that question. What exactly is the reason of knowing that bit of information, it’s not like Angela and I are together. We’re just having a baby together, potential baby.

“Well I’ve known Dom for about two years, we were very good friends,” she smiled looking my way.

Jermaine and Tae both gave me confused looks which I ignored, I already know dessert from Rae is out the window. So I don’t need to hear shit from them.

“Wow and now y'all having a baby together. How does that happen?” Ty asked her. I love this nigga like he was my blood brother but he can be a fucking ass hole.

“Michael that is none of your business,” Mama scolded Angela laughed a bit letting Mama know it was okay.

“It’s fine I can answer. Like I said we were very good friends, and we started growing feelings for each other. And after finally breaking things off with Rae we finally became a couple,” she smiled.

“What?” Ravyn, & Lauren questioned. “Yea, you do remember right Dom? I mean that is until she came back into our lives. I can’t believe he left me for her,” Ang said.

“Excuse me?” Aunty Nia and Ravyn now questioned. “No offense to you or your niece-” Ang started but Ravyn stopped her.

“Angela I dare your ass to let one name that will disrespect me to fall out your mouth. I dare you to, your face ain’t pregnant so try me. Please try me,” Ravyn spoke calmly.

“Aw shit,” Trey and Cole both said. “Ravyn calm down, ain’t gon be no fighting here. I would love to see if she’s bold enough,” Aunt Nia said I shook my head just watching this all go down.

“I am bold enough, your niece is a hoe. She fucked other dudes when she was with Dominic and then she knew I was with him but she still slept with him,” Ang blurted out.

“Just like Ciara,” Taylour added she just needed to add fuel to the fire.

“You would try your life again right Taylour? We all know I’m capable of killing you with my bare hands, try your luck with anything you see on this table,” Ciara smirked at her, I looked over at her in shock and just as I turned my head back to Ravyn her glass hit Angela right in the face making her fall to the floor.

“Ahhhh,” Ang screamed while on the floor. “I warned this bitch I know I did,” Ravyn yelled getting up out her seat walking over to Ang. Both me and Uncle Nas jumped out running after her.

“Stupid ass bitch, you think I won’t beat your face in,” Rae yelled grabbing Ang up by her hair. “Beat her ass Ravyn, beat her ass,” Ty and Cole yelled. I sucked my teeth grabbing Rae’s waist just as she swung at Angela.

“Damnn!” Ty & them yelled when Angela hit the floor I shook my head trying to drag Rae out the house but heard Taylour yelling coming our way.

“Dominic Lamar Alsina if this bitch hits me, you gon get it worst then what you was already getting when we get home,” Rae yelled I sucked my teeth and turned around too see Ciara pulling Taylour down on the ground.

“Open the door,” Jermaine yelled grabbing Ci.

“Get the fuck off me Dominic,” Ravyn yelled I sucked my teeth slamming her against the car. “Calm the fuck down Ravyn,” I yelled.

“What the fuck is wrong with you she’s fucking pregnant,” I yelled in her face. “I don’t give a fuck Dom, I hit her in her face she’ll be up soon. You can go cater to her though, since she’s all you’re concerned about,” she yelled.

“Are you fucking serious that could be my baby Ravyn shit. You damn fucking right I’m concerned,” I yelled.

“Then go wake her up and take her ass home. You been with the bitch for the past two years right?” she said pulling away from me.

“What are you talking about?” I asked her. “Do not play dumb with me, your fork dropped when Mama asked her that question and from there you been shitting bricks since Angela opened her mouth,” she paused breathing out.

“You did good with hiding her Dom I give you that, you don’t have to hide anymore though,” she said

“What are you talking about?” she walked away from me and towards Ciara.

“Can y'all take me home please?” she asked her Ci nodded.

“Nah Ravyn what are you talking about?” I yelled this time.

“You don’t have to hide anymore Dom, go be a family with her. That is your baby right, y'all been together for two years right?,” she paused pulling the ring off her finger.

“It’s my payback for sleeping with you those nights, I can’t be mad at nobody but myself though,” she said placing the ring I gave back to her this morning in my hand.

“Ci,” she said getting inside the car with Laith and Marlon.

“You was really with that bitch behind Rae’s back bro?” Cole asked as he, Ty, Jermaine, & Trey walked up to me.

“You played yourself yo, I’m starting to think you wasn’t even really that mad about what Rae did. Your dumbass probably wanted out,” Trey said.

“And that’s why you was so hesitant to break things off with Angela. It’s cause you love her Dom, and I asked you too,” Jermaine chuckled shaking his head.

“You foul bro, Rae don’t deserve none of this shit,” Ty added as they all walked away from me.

“You better come get this girl out my house Dominic, I’m not about to stop Nia either,” Uncle Nas called out I sighed walking towards the house.

What is there for me to say right now. Everything said tonight is the truth.