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Diamond Authority Theories

Thanks to Stranded, we have had our first initial look at Pink Diamond and who she was in the Diamond Authority. I’m piggybacking off my previous theory and initial thoughts about Pink Diamond with this.

Who is Pink Diamond in the Diamond Authority?

Pink Diamond acts more like a child from what we’ve seen so far of her - demanding things, throwing a tantrum and being scolded for her misbehavior by Yellow Diamond, and acting impulsively to vent her frustrations by cracking the glass of the Moon Base window. I had thought it was an odd choice to use Dr. Maheswaran as the comparable analogy to Yellow Diamond in the flashback dream Stevonnie had, but it does allow us to imply the type of relationship that Yellow Diamond and Pink Diamond have. I initially said that they had a very strong sibling dynamic, like an older sibling and younger sibling, but the more I examine the interaction, and the more I recall Blue Diamond and her grieving process, it only makes me think more that Pink Diamond took the role of a daughter-like figure, and less of a Sister, to the two Diamonds we currently know.

Consider: Yellow Diamond (through Dr. Maheswaran) talks to Pink Diamond with Parental authority - answering her questions when she is asked, scolding her for tampering with something that doesn’t belong to her without permission etc - but ultimately treats her differently than how we see Yellow Diamond treat other gems beneath her in status. She doesn’t threaten to shatter her on sight, and she gives her a level of patience that we don’t really see with Yellow anywhere else. She seems irritated by Pink’s presence in the Control Room, but it kind of gives me these vibes of a parent preparing dinner or working at home, and having a young child interrupt their work because they are being nosy.

This makes me think that Pink Diamond, in terms of power in the Diamond Authority, had very little - at least at this point in time. She has no colonies to control, no armies under her wings, nothing. It makes me wonder exactly how old Pink Diamond was in the flashback dream, or I guess the better way of saying it is how new is Pink, as she doesn’t seem to know much about anything that Yellow Diamond is doing. (i.e. She asks about the transport ships, etc.)

Now, lets think back and look at how Blue Diamond has been shown in the series so far in regards to Pink Diamond. Blue has been shown to still be grieving over Pink after all this time - after all these centuries - without any change. We know that Blue and Pink Diamond, according to Blue, were very close, so it makes me wonder if they had a very maternal-familial relationship, similar to what we see with Yellow in Jungle Moon. Blue has been shown to be much more patient and willing to listen rather than Yellow, who is very quick to action and short-tempered, as see in The Trial. The way that Blue Diamond has been portrayed grieving over Pink Diamond also somewhat mirrors behavior that a Parent might display over the loss of a young child:

Visiting their grave (i.e. The Palanquin in Korea)

Maintaining their bedroom after their passing (i.e. The Human Zoo) 

…and Being reluctant to get rid of their belongings (i.e. Destroying the Rose Quartz Gems). 

I might be wrong or quick to assume, but I feel like Blue’s behavior is far more synonymous to a grieving Mother, rather than say, a sibling or other less direct relative. And when I draw parallels to Pink being very young, I definitely think that Pink Diamond and her existence was exponentially shorter than any of the other Diamonds. We know that all the Diamonds are millennia old, but Pink Diamond seems relatively fresh, as if she was just made recently. The conversation over the phone that Dr. Yellow Maheswaran has, as well as previous dialogue from Yellow Diamond from her debut tells us that the Diamonds don’t really care about the organic life on the planets they colonize. They are simply creatures that need to be removed so they can get to the resources they really want - but Pink Diamond has a space station specifically made for housing Humans. She wanted to preserve Human Life on Earth, but why? What reason did Pink have to want to do that, other than just because she wanted to? It doesn’t entirely line up with how a Diamond should act, which directly parallels how Yellow yells Pink that she should start acting like a Diamond if she wants to be treated like one.

We also know that the Prime Kindergarten was the first Kindergarten created on Earth when it was colonized by Pink Diamond, but what I find interesting to think about is that the Prime Kindergarten, according to Period, was primarily used to manufacture Quartz gems. Homeworld implements Quartz gems as soldiers - they are inexpensive and sturdy gems that can be made easily and numerously to use in armies - which parallel real world Quartz gemstones well. Quartz is easily the most common type of gemstone to find and is relatively inexpensive to purchase and mine. Don’t you find it interesting that Pink’s first kindergarten on Earth was used to make perhaps one of the easiest and most abundant types of gems? If you’re teaching a child how to do something, usually you don’t start them off trying to make something incredibly complex and expensive, it make much more sense to start off with something basic and simple. It also could potentially explain why the Rose Quartz gems were created - they were specifically made by Pink Diamond - perhaps so she could have a specific type of Gem she could claim dominion over? 

All this is speculation, at this point, but I keep thinking about this in this manner because I have been so curious to know about the Diamonds and their origins. Where, exactly did they come from? We know that gems on Homeworld, and all over the galaxy, are made from the resources on other planets that Homeworld colonizes, and that they are made from injecting materials into the earth on those planets, to which Gems are created - but the question then is:

Who Made the Diamonds?

If White Diamond was created either naturally, or by some kind of outside force (Not Snake People, but maybe Snake People) then, could we assume that White Diamond created Yellow and Blue Diamond? Could we then further assume that Pink Diamond was created with the assistance of or the materials used to create Yellow and Blue Diamond? Colored diamonds are created by impurities found in the minerals surrounding the diamonds upon formation and white diamonds are of the highest purity, so it could be possible. The more you derive from something, the less more it becomes or the more potential for variations of that thing are, so it could be possible that the vein of Diamond that Yellow, Blue and Pink diamond were created from was a less pure version of White diamond and her source material. Maybe that is why the Diamond Authority tolerated a potentially defective Diamond like Pink. Her temperament and her supposed appearance definitely imply that she was defective when she was created, but because she was a Diamond, and perhaps Diamond resources are incredibly difficult to obtain or the process to create a Diamond is incredibly extensive by Homeworld standards, that they just had to put up with her.

Or maybe we are looking at this all wrong…

Maybe Pink Diamond is not imperfect and she was exactly as intended, but her properties as a Pink Diamond make her much different in terms of personality than the Diamonds we currently know; We don’t actually know what White Diamond looks like yet so we don’t know what her gem is supposed to look like, however, we do know what Yellow and Blue Diamond look like and what their gems are cut like… And they’re not exactly the same either. They both have different cuts, despite the initial thought that they are the same.

Yellow Diamond has a perfectly symmetrical diamond facet.

Blue Diamond has a vertically inverted kite-shaped facet.

Pink Diamond has the shape of an upside down, five-sided diamond with multiple facets on the bottom.

Maybe White Diamond will have a Brilliant Cut Diamond facet on her forehead when we meet her. The other reason I say this is because if we look at the revised Diamond Authority logo from after Pink Diamond’s era, it shows three colored, inverted Triangles, which is still is a common shape for Diamonds, as they mimic the silhouette of a Brilliant Cut. Its just a thought!


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