yellow footed tortoise

anonymous asked:

This isn't necessarily a question but. You know what is severely fucked up? I thought there was something wrong with my tortoise because she doesn't have pyramiding. Most of the tortoise pics I see online have it, and mine's always been smooth (she's a yellow footed tortoise.) Anyway, now I know there is NOTHING wrong with her, and I wanted to thank you for your efforts with both your blogs in weeding out incorrect information on pet care. On a side note, how long do these tortoises live? (1/2)

2/2 I “inherited” her from my grandparents, they estimate she’s 25-30 ish? In any case I’m sure I’ll be able to care for her as long as she lives, I’m just curious.

That is fucked up! I’m very happy that your tortoise is healthy, though! And tortoise lifepsan varies by species, but yellow foots live to be about 30-40 years.